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Choosing party leaders: Britain's Conservatives and Labour compared


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Choosing party leaders: Britain's Conservatives and Labour compared

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How political parties choose their leaders, and why they choose the leaders they do, are questions of fundamental importance in contemporary parliamentary democracies. This book examines political leadership selection in the two dominant parties in recent British political history, exploring the criteria and skills needed by political leaders to be chosen by their parties.
While the Conservative Party’s strong record in office owes much to ability to project an image of leadership competence and governing credibility, the Labour Party has struggled with issues of economic management, leadership ability, and ideological splits between various interpretations of socialism. The authors argue that the Conservatives tend towards a unifying figure who can lead the Party to victory, whereas the Labour Party typically choose a leader to unite the party behind ideological renewal.
Exploring the contemporary political choices of leaders like Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, this book offers a timely insight into the leadership processes of Britain’s major political players.
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