A Heck of a Life


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A Heck of a Life

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In 1967 the UK government (OSAS) posted Brian to the Copperbelt Province of Zambia at a time when the southern borders were being closed, thus threatening food shortages.

Zambia was emerging from a recent past of torrid racial discrimination engendered by its association with the Apartheid regime of South Africa. The abiding love between Jo and Brian gave them the strength to transcend the obstacles encountered such as the mistrust of white faced authority, intractable government regulations, and highly organized poaching of Game. Jo and Brian were in pursuit of their lifelong dedication to save wildlife. Brian had been an Honorary Wildlife Ranger for 16 years, and became the Copperbelt Chairman of the Wildlife Conservation Society of Zambia.

Brian shares his witty and informative memoirs alongside a colourful cast of friends and acquaintances. Indeed a life out of the ordinary.

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