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The Prince and the Producers

The Prince and the Producers

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The Prince and the Producers

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May 27, 2020


About The Prince and the Producers
Popular reality TV show Prince Charming is gearing up for its best season ever (Season 16 is when reality TV shows are known to hit their stride). Super Producer Caroline Billing is sick of Prince Charming, so to entertain herself and tank the show, she's hired a new producing partner, Laura, to take over her daily duties — but not before selecting The Prince herself.
Bode Whittock is self-absorbed, boring, and a total player. And he just so happens to be Caroline’s pick for this season's Prince Charming. As Laura scrambles to keep the contestants interested in this less than charming Prince, the women find themselves falling in love — but not with Bode.
Will Laura be able to keep the show going as more and more contestants leave Prince Charming in the dust for a new kind of romance?

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May 27, 2020

Über den Autor

Lydia Westing is usually a comedy and pop-culture writer for websites like Reductress, Bunny Ears, Cracked, and The Modern Rogue. She has a small dog and a large husband, and they all live together in Nashville, Tennessee. She played roller derby for several different teams on and off for over five years. She’s much better at writing than she ever was at roller derby.

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The Prince and the Producers - Lydia Westing

Part One: The Passionless Princess

The fairy lights were twinkling, the wine was flowing, and the horse turds were just out of frame. Everything was camera ready for season sixteen of Prince Charming.

Producer Laura adjusted her headset and whispered into it, OK, the carriage is in place. Do we have our Prince on his mark?

An intern appeared in front of her. I was just about to go get him. Do I need to curtsy or anything? No one gave me any instructions on how to act around, like, actual royalty, the intern continued. I don’t want to make an international incident or anything.

Laura ripped off the uncomfortable headset and stared daggers at the young girl. "Word of advice, hon, do some research on the show you’re going to be working on. He’s not an actual prince. It’s just the terminology we use on the show. He’s a prince, and the women are all princesses. You think we really went out and found twenty-five members of nobility to make this show work? You think we did that for sixteen seasons? How many real princesses do you think there are in the world?"

The girl looked like she was going to cry, so Laura immediately softened her tone.

I’m sorry. That was a little harsh. I’m just very stressed because it’s my first time show running. This is one of the most popular series on the network, and it’s my job to keep it that way. And the Prince… well… let’s just say he’s definitely not a real prince this season. He’s an aspiring professional vaper, but if anyone asks, we’re just saying entrepreneur. OK?

The intern nodded vigorously. Entrepreneur. Got it.

Good. So, go get him, and please do not curtsy. Oh, and binge watch all fifteen past seasons in your spare time, so you know what to expect, okay? I need every member of the cast on their toes.

With a very serious thumbs-up, the girl jetted off to procure the Prince.

Prince Bode, Laura muttered to herself. God, help me.

Bode appeared on his mark with the intern. Showing up was the only thing he was consistently good at — that, and looking incredibly handsome in a very conventional sense. He came from money, and it showed. He radiated the kind of confidence that comes from growing up rich. With his blonde hair and blue eyes, he definitely had the whole Abercrombie And Fitch approved package. It was only when he opened his mouth that there was a problem.

From the other side of the carriage, her producer, Marco, loaded in the contestant.

Okay, Laura directed. First up, we have Daisy. She’s a chef from New York City. Great personality, super bubbly, a real you-can-bring-me-home-to-mom vibe. I’ve got her pegged as final four material, so let’s make this a good one. Here we go.

The carriage door opened, and Daisy stepped out. Like all the contestants, she was gorgeous, with shoulder-length black hair, tan skin, and eyes a shade of blue that matched her clingy dress almost exactly. The Prince was clearly impressed. Their eyes met across the heavily decorated driveway, and the heat in their shared gaze was so palpable that the cast and crew could instantly feel it.

The moment was interrupted by a crash, followed by the thud of a body hitting the ground near Daisy. One of the cameramen had gotten tangled in a cable and stumbled, landing on his back to save the equipment.

Shit, I’m sorry, he said from his landing spot atop Daisy’s carefully selected stilettos.

Are you okay? Daisy asked, leaning to help him up. She paused for a moment, a puzzled look crossing her face. Wait a second. Did you go to West Williamson Middle School?

I thought that was you! the cameraman replied. Daisy Burk, right? Wow, I never thought I would see you again.

Sam? Sam Nelson! Daisy squeaked. You work here?

Sure is. It’s the only way a black man is getting on this show, right? he replied with a wink.

Daisy laughed. Oh, wow. You know, I was devastated when you moved away.

She and Sam had been best friends during one of the most tumultuous times of her young life. Her family had moved from the small Nebraskan town where she’d been born to Columbus, Ohio in fifth grade. At the time, the culture shock of going from a school with 200 students to over 2,000 was a lot, and Sam had been the one who helped bring her around to city life.

Reset, Laura yelled angrily.

I’ve gotta go, Sam said. He looked Daisy up and down involuntarily as he righted himself. You look good.

Those three little words from a boy she hadn’t thought of since she was twelve years old made her heart speed up — probably because he didn’t look so bad himself. As a kid, Sam’s parents had made him keep his head completely buzzed. She remembered that he’d hated that. Now, his hair was a little long on top, and he had a close-trimmed beard that suited him, as well as strong arms — from lugging around all that camera equipment, she guessed. When he’d looked her over, she noticed that his brown eyes still had little flecks of green in them. That was the one thing that hadn’t changed since she saw him last. After all these years, she’d never forgotten Sam’s eyes.

As she watched Sam leave, Marco, the producer, came around the side of the carriage and asked her to get back in.

We don’t usually reshoot things unless something technical happens, he said. But on occasion, if we don’t get the light or whatever, we take the whole thing over.

Once again, Daisy entered and then exited the carriage, made eye contact with Prince Charming, and strolled across the driveway, doing her best to enchant not just him but the audience watching at home.

Her friend Mariah had convinced her to audition for the show, and by the time she found out she’d been chosen, she had nothing better to do with her time. Her career was over, and bagging a man seemed like as good of an alternative to her dream job as anything.

Now, when Daisy reached Prince Charming, he took her hand and kissed it softly.

Yo, what up, he said. I’m Bode.


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  • (5/5)
    Lydia, you’re a treasure! At last, a comic voice in romantic comedy. More output, please!
  • (5/5)

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    Adorable and romantic. It's exactly the right amount of deep sighs and romantic giggles.

    4 Leute fanden das hilfreich