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The Cool Kid


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The Cool Kid

Länge: 210 Seiten3 Stunden


What is the outcome of the pursuit of power and recognition? Or better yet, what is the outcome of power and recognition if it is to be gained by the compromise of one’s self and morals and by the destruction of others?

These are the questions that Taylor fails to ask himself before embarking on his dark journey. And so, because of his lack of answers to these questions, his journey to the fulfilment of his deep lust for glory, is one laced with nasty surprises and even loss.

Maybe if he had gone about things the right way or realised that his ambitions were taking control of the innocent soul he once was... Maybe then he wouldn’t have had to go through all that he did.

Perhaps if he had realised that he already had it all, then he would’ve been able to keep it all.

But, he didn’t...

An interesting, emotional and educational story about the consequences of one’s actions.

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