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Immortal Descending: Volume 2

Immortal Descending: Volume 2

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Immortal Descending: Volume 2

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Jun 6, 2020


AD 2012, October 1st. NASA received a set of data from a satellite. After deciphering it, it was found to be a picture of the Earth.

Jun 6, 2020

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Immortal Descending - Zhou Shao



It seems that he really didn't wrongly accuse the two of them! Looking at the empty space in front of him and Mu Lang, Lee Fei thought that these two people had really done something unfavorable to him. It was just that Lee Fei did not understand that he did not have any conflict with these two men! So what were they doing it for? Lee Fei really didn't understand why a sect like theirs would dare to risk offending an expert like him and go against him.

Shua, shua, shua. Four figures landed on the ground. After they landed, Lee Fei also started to size them up.

One of them looked to be at least over a hundred years old, but Lee Fei knew that he definitely wasn't just over a hundred years old. If that was the case, then the cultivation of someone at the late stage of Nascent Infant, which was similar to his, would have sold him out. Beside the old man was a middle-aged man. This middle-aged man had a cultivation at the middle stage of the Nascent Infant, and behind the two of them were two other men.

Sect Leader, Great Elder, Master, Martial Uncle! Seeing the people who had come with empty eyes, Mu Lang shouted happily. Seeing them arrive, Mu Lang's heart finally stopped beating a little. At this moment, his gaze towards Lee Fei was no longer as respectful as before.

Trash! Looks like he should be their master. Just now, in the air, they had heard the loud voices of Mu Lang and empty eyes begging Lee Fei for mercy. Facing a demonic cultivator like Lee Fei, begging for mercy, this made that person lose some face, and begging for mercy was his land! Although the Sect Leader and the others didn't say anything, that person still felt very uncomfortable. How did he teach these two disciples?

Master! Hearing his master's words, both Mu Lang and Liu Kong lowered their heads. They didn't dare to look at the four anymore.

Alright, let's finish this first. We can talk about other things when we get back, the middle-aged man from the middle stage of the Nascent Infant said to his master. From the looks of it, his cultivation was probably the sect master of the Divine Sword Sect.

There were already two experts at the Nascent Infant realm in the sect alone, and one of them was at the late stage of the Nascent Infant. Lee Fei had determined that even if the Cultivation Realm on Earth wasn't at the peak, it would definitely already belong to one of the upper echelons.

Yes, Sect Leader. Hearing his Sect Leader's words, the arrogant Mu Lang's master respectfully replied to the middle-aged man.

Then, the four of them looked at Lee Fei. They knew that this was the person who had caused a sensation in the Cultivation Realm, and also the reason why they came here from so far away.

Those four people were sizing up Lee Fei, but wasn't Lee Fei also sizing them up? Honestly speaking, Lee Fei only furrowed his brows slightly at the start towards the few people who came, but later on, he did not change anything. If he did not reach the Void Discerning Realm, then it was naturally unworthy for Lee Fei to pay too much attention to them.

It had to be known that Lee Fei was in the late stage of the Nascent Infant. Because the toughness of his body could completely be compared to the early stage of the human Immortal Cultivator s' Void Discerning, and with the added benefits of Heaven-killing, although it couldn't be said that he could fight against the human Immortal Cultivator s who were in the middle stages of the Void Discerning, it was still possible to suppress Lee Fei who was in the early stages of the Void Discerning.

You are Lee Fei? They did not even introduce themselves, it seemed like these few people had already determined that they would take care of Lee Fei, and they did not want to waste their breath on a dead person. Unfortunately, if they were to meet a normal person, that kind of thought would naturally work, but if they met Lee Fei, that would naturally lead to quite a different result.

That's right, I'm Lee Fei. What's wrong? Lee Fei looked at them meaningfully and asked with a smile.

Hand over the Small Tripod, and we might have mercy and let you go, if not, hmph! In his eyes, even though Lee Fei was also a member of the late stage of the Nascent Infant, he still had two Immortal Cultivator s of the middle stage of the Nascent Infant with him. That way, it wouldn't be too difficult for him to eat Lee Fei alive.

Small Tripod? Lee Fei was puzzled, how did they know about the Small Tripod?

Why are you still pretending to be stupid? You cheated your teacher and annihilated your ancestors, and actually crippled your own seniors before leaving with your treasures, how can our Immortal Cultivator accept a scum like you? The Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader looked at Lee Fei with a righteous expression, but anyone could tell that he was saying those words not for Lee Fei's sect master, but for his so-called treasure, which was also the Small Tripod.

Not long after Lee Fei and the others left the Flying Sword Sect, Lee Fei's master, who was also the Sect Leader of the Flying Sword Sect, sent out a message, saying that Lee Fei had deceived the sect master and killed his ancestors.

They all expressed their sympathy to the Flying Sword Sect and said that they would kill Lee Fei, but no one said that they would return the treasure to the Flying Sword Sect after killing Lee Fei, they all had the intention to kill someone for their own treasure, and the patriarch of the Flying Sword Sect definitely did not care, he understood that if he did not reveal the true identity of the Small Tripod, would these people really do such a righteous deed?

There was no need to think too much, it was naturally impossible. If there were no benefits, how could they do it, and the Flying Sword's leader was a Immortal Cultivator with Later Period of Golden Core Stage, then that meant that Lee Fei, this so-called traitor, was at least in the Nascent Infant realm!

If there really were no benefits, then would these people offend a Nascent Infant realm expert for no reason for the sake of a small Flying Sword? No one would do such a foolish thing. The Immortal Cultivator was a place where people fought with their lives, and had already seen through the wisdom of the world, if there were no benefits, they would never do it, so the so-called help the cultivation sects to eradicate the traitors was all just talk, the most important thing was Lee Fei and the Small Tripod in the Squeak's hands.

Master of Flying Sword Sect did not know where he found out the true secret of the Small Tripod. Furthermore, he even revealed the secret of the Small Tripod to the public. Who wouldn't be moved by this kind of thing!

It was the same for Divine Sword Sect. After finding out that Lee Fei and Squeak Squeak possessed such a treasure, they immediately told the disciples that as long as they found Liu Tie and Squeak's figures, they would immediately report them. Of course, Master of Flying Sword Sect provided the portraits of Lee Fei and Squeak, and there were also the Cloud Patterned Panthers by Lee Fei's side.

Since they found out it was Lee Fei, then Eyeless and Mu Lang would, of course, immediately report back to the sect, and then, the Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader would immediately bring the sect's experts over, which would lead to this scene, and it was just that they truly did not know, that they had travelled tens of thousands of miles just to send themselves to death, that a demon cultivator comparable to the Void Discerning Realm was standing right in front of them. Furthermore, this demon cultivator was a killer, if they wanted to die, there would be no one from Divine Sword Sect that would be able to survive.

Since you want to kill me, of course, you have to pay the price. Lee Fei's famous saying was, if people don't offend me, then I won't offend them. If they offend me, then I'll kill your entire family. Since Lee Fei's sword was named the Heaven-killing, he would even dare to kill it that day, let alone a few people.

Lee Fei, quickly hand over the Small Tripod! The head of the Divine Sword Sect shouted at Lee Fei once again. Seeing how obviously impatient he was, he guessed that if Lee Fei said no, they would definitely not mind if they attacked together and killed Lee Fei before snatching the Small Tripod. Killing people and stealing the treasure was a common occurrence for them, so they did not mind Lee Fei too.

You want me to hand over the Small Tripod, do you have the ability to do so? Lee Fei taunted and said, he did not think much of these small characters, although killing them was not as easy as the few people from Flying Sword sect, it was not too difficult for Lee Fei. The Heaven-killing had drank so much of the Demonic Beast's blood, it seemed like it was time to drink the Immortal Cultivator's blood, and the Heaven-killing also seemed to understand its master's intentions.

Since you are courting death, then don't blame others. The Sect Leader fiercely said to Lee Fei, and as he spoke, the four of them seemed to have come to a tacit understanding, actually summoning their own enchanted tools at the same time. The four of them were all Flying Sword s, nothing new.


Attack! The Cultivation Realm was usually used to refine Flying Sword s to attack from a distance, but Lee Fei felt that even if they used all of their strength up to ten levels, because Flying Sword were long-ranged attacks, when they truly attacked the enemy, their power would at least be weakened by one or two levels, and they could not completely unleash their strength. Thus, Lee Fei preferred to fight hand-to-hand, only in such a battle would he be able to display his full strength.

Seeing that the Great Clan Elder had made his move, the other three people of Divine Sword Sect also summoned their Flying Sword and attacked Lee Fei. The four Flying Sword's were all aimed at Lee Fei's head, heart, and dantian, and the last one was actually … It was actually thrusting towards Lee Fei's lower body. Even if he couldn't find a place, he couldn't just go and ask for it! The four Flying Sword were all the same, so no one knew just who was so evil …

All of you, go to the sky! Seeing that the Flying Sword was attacking, Lee Fei turned around and muttered a few words to Zhi Zhi, and then welcomed it with the Heaven-killing sword in hand. The combination of the four of them was enough for Lee Fei to use his full strength, Lee Fei felt as though the blood in his body was boiling, and that insane fighting spirit rushed towards the Divine Sword Sect cultivators.

The powerful aura actually caused the clothes on Lee Fei's body to flutter. Looking at Lee Fei, his eyes started to turn red from excitement, and he licked his lips with bloodlust. Lee Fei leaped up, raised his Heaven-killing sword, and slashed towards the four Flying Sword s.

Humph! From his point of view, Lee Fei's and his cultivation was just average, it was already enough for him to suffer if they were able to take down his Flying Sword alone. However, Lee Fei actually wanted to take on one of the two Flying Sword s at the middle stage of Nascent Infant at the same time, which was still too arrogant of him, the Great Clan Elder thought that Lee Fei would be blown away with blood all over his body after receiving that attack, and as long as Lee Fei was severely injured, they could definitely kill Lee Fei with confidence. By the time of the Primordial Small Tripod, it would be theirs. But since Nuwa was involved, it meant that she was no longer a weakling.

Bang, bang, bang, bang. The Heaven-killing in Lee Fei's hand had already slashed onto the four Flying Sword s, and four loud sounds echoed in the quiet forest as two of the Flying Sword s fell back. Two of the Flying Sword s were directly cut to the ground by Lee Fei, and at the same time, the two Middle Period of Golden Core Stage Immortal Cultivator s took two steps back.

Lee Fei had steadily gained the upper hand, while the Divine Sword Sect's Great Elder and Sect Leader looked at Lee Fei with disbelief. They could not understand how a late stage Nascent Infant cultivator could have such a strong battle strength, but they were just surprised, and did not feel any fear. They had only released seven levels of primeval essence just now.

They had only used seven levels of primeval essence, then did Lee Fei use his full strength? Looking at Lee Fei, he actually descended from the sky so easily after repelling the four Flying Sword. It was such a pity that there were no other women here besides Zhi Zhi. If there were any, they would have been deeply attracted by Lee Fei's current appearance.

Is that all you have? If that's the case, not only will you be unable to take away the Small Tripod, you will probably have to leave your little life behind for me," Lee Fei purposefully incited the four of them. He knew that the four of them did not use their full strength, but he was only out of the seventh floor, so even though he and Divine Sword Sect were almost out of the seventh floor, Lee Fei was one against four.

Humph! Just a moment ago, it was only to warm up. Since you want to die that badly, we'll grant your wish! "The Divine Sword Sect's Sect Leader heard Lee Fei's words and could not help but say angrily. He was already used to being aloof, when would he be said like this.

Is that so? But I can't even warm up?" Lee Fei said with a smile. He did look like he was very relaxed while attacking them; he was very calm, but could the Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader still calm down?

Little brat, watch me take care of you! Master of Flying Sword Sect shouted furiously. The Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader once again summoned his Flying Sword and attacked Lee Fei. That Great Elder did not even have the time to stop him before Master of Flying Sword Sect had already made his move.

Sigh …! Seeing that the Sect Leader had already summoned his Flying Sword, the Great Clan Elder could only sigh. The strength of four people was only a draw against Lee Fei, and they were even at a disadvantage. If he was not looking for a beating by himself, then the Great Clan Elder could already imagine how the Sect Leader would be injured.

The Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader's Flying Sword brought along a burst of strong gales and rushed towards Lee Fei. It seemed that the Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader had used a ruthless method, seeing that Lee Fei did not get angry, and instead smiled. Lee Fei held the Heaven-killing sword horizontally in his right hand, waiting for the Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader's Flying Sword to come.

The sound of wind breaking had already reached Lee Fei's ears. The corner of Lee Fei's mouth rose slightly, and he then raised the Heaven-killing sword in his hand and hacked down fiercely, without holding back, this time Lee Fei directly used 10 levels of Force. Since this was a household that could heavily injure their opponent, how could Lee Fei let them go? Lee Fei understood that being merciful to his enemies was akin to being cruel to himself, so he wouldn't give up any chance to injure his enemies.

Break for me! Lee Fei suddenly shouted, and the Heaven-killing Sword slashed towards the Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader's Flying Sword.

As Lee Fei flew backwards in retreat, he discovered that although there were a few cracks on the Flying Sword, they quickly reformed. It seemed like Master of Flying Sword Sect was practicing the Heartsword Art! The Flying Sword that was connected to his mind was not only more powerful this way, but as long as he did not die, the Flying Sword would never be damaged, but its weakness was also very obvious. If you could destroy the Flying Sword, then the master of the Flying Sword would also be severely injured.

The Divine Sword Sect Elder spat out a mouthful of blood. Lee Fei's attack caused him to suffer some serious injuries, and he finally realised that Lee Fei was an expert at the late stage of Nascent Infant, and his strength was far above his. Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible for him to even win against Lee Fei, let alone Lee Fei, who was of an inhuman level.

Looking at Lee Fei, the Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader's eyes had a hint of anger that was hard to hide. How many years had it been, how many years had he not been injured?

Lee Fei, you must die today! The Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader looked at Lee Fei and said fiercely.

There's nothing new. You've already said that a few times. If you say it like that, then I'm tired of it. Lee Fei said contemptuously. Originally, he thought he could start a fight now! However, Lee Fei only felt bored when they started fighting. It would be better to find a Demonic Beast to fight with in the Wilderness.

Set up the array! The Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader did not refute Lee Fei's words, but spoke to the Great Clan Elder and the others beside him.

Understood! Hearing the Sect Leader's words, the other three also didn't hesitate and left after a single word of agreement.

It wasn't that Lee Fei didn't want to destroy it, it was just that Lee Fei had already taken his place when he saw them. At this moment, if they were to head over, they would be able to immediately counterattack, so he might as well finish setting it up. Lee Fei also wanted to see what the difference was between the two of them.

They and Lee Fei fought one-on-one, so even if they met some pack Demonic Beast, they would just pounce on them together. How could they set up a big array? Now that he had the chance to take a look, of course he would not let this chance go. Lee Fei stared unblinkingly at the few of them to see how this great formation was laid, not because he wanted to steal their teacher. Lee Fei could not possibly set up any great formation by himself, it was just out of curiosity.

Among the four of them, the Great Elder stood at the very front, while the Sect Leader and the other two stood behind. Among the four of them, the Great Elder stood at the very front, while the Sect Leader and the other two stood at the very back.

Heaven's End Array! After taking his position, he saw the Great Clan Elder softly spitting out these words, following that, the three of them started to emit bursts of light rays that converged onto the Great Clan Elder, and after the Great Clan Elder received the light rays, his aura started to rise, Lee Fei had already started to grip onto his Heaven-killing Sword tightly, and at this moment, he could charge up to the Great Clan Elder at any moment.


Lee Fei, have a good taste of our Supreme Heaven Formation's power! The Sect Leader of the Divine Sword Sect shouted confidently from behind.

Humph! That Great Elder has become much stronger, but if you want to defeat me, Lee Fei, just like that, then you guys are way too arrogant! " With a cold snort, Lee Fei dashed away and ran towards the formation. He didn't want to wait any longer.

Lee Fei was like a wild horse that had escaped its restraints, and he directly rushed towards the four people from Divine Sword Sect, while the Heaven-killing sword in his hand was also raised high, and slashed down. Seeing that Lee Fei had come, the Great Elder also summoned his Flying Sword and attacked Lee Fei. And behind him, the three Sect Leaders of Divine Sword Sect were still sending out their energy to him.

First slash of the Heaven-killing! After speaking softly, the raised Heaven-killing sword finally hacked down, and a sword light shot straight towards the four people from Divine Sword Sect. After the sword light shot out, Lee Fei did not stop, and continued to rush forward.

Seeing Lee Fei's attack coming, the Great Elder immediately made a hand sign and the Flying Sword flew out to attack the attack.

Great Elder Peng's Flying Sword and Lee Fei's sword ray clashed, causing a powerful explosion. However, Lee Fei's sword ray immediately dissipated, while the Great Elder's Flying Sword continued flying forward.

The place where the explosion took place was filled with smoke, so Great Clan Elder and the rest were unable to see what exactly was happening, but they knew that Flying Sword had defeated the Sword Qi Great Clan Elder. The Great Clan Elder could not see Lee Fei's figure clearly because of the smoke. He was just about to retrieve his Flying Sword, but suddenly, a ray of light came from the smoke.

Get the hell back! An angry roar sounded and a blinding light appeared from the smoke. Lee Fei once again forced out a sword ray from the smoke and shot it straight at the Flying Sword.

After the Flying Sword flew out of the smoke, Lee Fei's figure also came out from the smoke. Seeing Lee Fei rushing over, the Great Clan Elder made a hand sign and wanted to command the Flying Sword to attack Lee Fei again, but the Force was too heavy for the Flying Sword to retreat so for a time, the Great Clan Elder was unable to control the Flying Sword and could only watch Lee Fei approach them.

Haha! It's over! " When they got close, Lee Fei laughed out loud and leaped up. He raised the Heaven-killing Sword and chopped down towards the Great Elder. If he were to slash the Great Elder into two, he would definitely be cut into two by Lee Fei.

Looking at the Great Clan Elder, he did not panic, he only continued to form hand seals in order to control the Flying Sword, and it was as if he did not see Lee Fei's attack at all. Although he was suspicious of the Great Clan Elder's actions, Lee Fei did not think too much, and Lee Fei continued holding onto the Heaven-killing sword and continued slashing.

The Heaven-killing Sword in Lee Fei's hand was about a meter above the head of the Great Elder, as if it met some kind of obstruction and could no longer slash. Lee Fei was also bounced back, looking at the heads of the Great Elder and the rest of them, there seemed to be a curtain of water, and Lee Fei's attack just now caused a huge disturbance in the curtain of water, but in the end, it still could not break the curtain of water.

So that was the reason why the Great Elder was so confident, and it was because of the water screen. Seeing that the doubt in Lee Fei's heart had been resolved, he was confident that he could break through the water curtain with just seven layers of Force and launch one more attack.

Now that your attack is over, it's time for us! Seeing Lee Fei being sent flying, the Great Elder coldly said.

Looking forward, it turned out that the Great Clan Elder had already made contact with his Flying Sword, and was controlling the Flying Sword to attack him again. Lee Fei was in the middle of the air, and had no way of borrowing any strength, so it could be said that his old power had weakened.

Seeing that the Flying Sword was about to attack him, Lee Fei had no other choice. Normally, as long as he had something that could let him borrow strength from its toes, it would be easy for him to dodge the Flying Sword's attack. Unfortunately, he didn't have anything at the moment. Could it be that he was stepping on ghosts!

He was getting closer and closer to Lee Fei, and at this moment, Lee Fei was already falling and did not continue to fly backwards. Seeing that he was still seven to eight meters away from the ground, Lee Fei did not know whether he should land on the ground or the Flying Sword strike him first, but Lee Fei knew that as long as he could land back on the ground, as long as he could do so, he would be able to escape in a second.

Lee Fei was descending, and the Flying Sword was also attacking towards Lee Fei at a shocking speed. At this moment, the two were competing in speed. Looking at the ground, then looking at the Flying Sword, Lee Fei felt that he could come into contact with his own body on any side, but the result of that contact was different. Contact with the Flying Sword meant that he was injured.

Just when Lee Fei was less than a few centimeters away from the ground, the Great Elder's Flying Sword arrived first. Lee Fei was knocked down to the ground by the Flying Sword, leaving a deep crater on the ground. Lee Fei fell back, but Lee Fei was still in the crater. The surface of the crater was shaped like a human.

Humph! I think you're crazy. You've still been beaten to the ground! Master of Flying Sword Sect said happily. He believed that since Lee Fei was hit by that attack just now, he must have sustained some serious injuries.

Eh …! After about a minute, Lee Fei finally crawled out of the pit. At this moment, Lee Fei's face was covered with dirt, and those who didn't know it would think he was a scavenger, as the clothes on his body was also shattered by the Flying Sword. A few pieces of rags were hung on Lee Fei's upper body, and after coming out, Lee Fei directly tore the rags down.

Luckily, the Great Elder didn't attack Lee Fei's lower body just now. Otherwise, even if Lee Fei was able to withstand that attack, Lee Fei wouldn't be naked from the waist down right now. At that time, the Ruyi Jingu Bang would still be dangling below.

Lee Fei indeed suffered some injuries from that strike, but luckily, Lee Fei's body was tough enough so the Inner Mansion didn't suffer too much damage. He was only shaken to the point where he spat out a few mouthfuls of blood.

Eh? His defense is too amazing! The Great Clan Elder looked at Lee Fei, who was currently standing there as if nothing had happened, and said in surprise. He was the clearest about the power of that strike just now, how could the Immortal Cultivator at the late stage of Nascent Infant endure it without suffering any serious injuries. Other than shattering his clothes and causing him to spit out two mouthfuls of blood, his expression did not even change.

As the Divine Sword Sect people were sizing up Lee Fei, Lee Fei also looked at them. He pointed his Heaven-killing Sword at them, I'm really angry!

Angry? So what can you do about it? When the Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader heard Lee Fei's question, he didn't care about it at all. From his point of view, Lee Fei was just giving them face. Lee Fei didn't have the strength to even touch them.

How is it? I'll let you see what I can do now! Lee Fei said coldly as he pointed his Heaven-killing Sword towards the sky.

The Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader still wanted to mock Lee Fei, but before he could finish his sentence, he stopped abruptly. He noticed that Lee Fei's aura once again soared, and this time, the momentum was so crazy, so fast, that it gradually caused the two Middle Period of Golden Core Stage practitioners to start suppressing their emotions. They looked at Lee Fei, and their eyes were filled with shock.

Humph! The Great Clan Elder harrumphed, and once again used his hand sign to command the Flying Sword to attack Lee Fei.

Seeing the Flying Sword attack again, Lee Fei's eyes showed a hint of anger. Lee Fei actually dared to make himself fall into the ground, and in front of his woman! If I don't teach you a lesson, you'll think I'm a soft persimmon.

Lee Fei made his move, and with a few quick steps, he ran towards the people from Divine Sword Sect, while Huo Huo Huanghun, who was waving the Heaven-killing in Lee Fei's hands, said that Lee Fei was not showing off his strength.

Looking at the Flying Sword that was attacking him, Lee Fei was now less than ten meters away from the Flying Sword, Lee Fei jumped up, then the Heaven-killing sword that was originally waving in his hand brought up a tornado, Lee Fei directly sent the tornado flying towards the Flying Sword, although the tornado Lee Fei made was relatively small, but it was not weak either, many of the surrounding trees were directly sucked into the tornado, and looking at this scene, the Divine Sword Sect felt inconceivable once again, the sword could actually be used like this, they had never even known it before.


The Flying Sword that the Divine Sword Sect Great Clan Elder summoned started to sway under the attack of the tornado. The Flying Sword could not take another step forward, and the Great Clan Elder was trying his best to control the Flying Sword from behind.

The tornado and Flying Sword had reached a stalemate, but Lee Fei took advantage of this time to circle around and continue walking towards Divine Sword Sect's group. Seeing Lee Fei walk over, the few of them did not think too much about it, as they did not believe that Lee Fei could break through the water curtain defense outside.

Humph! Since you all think that I can't break it, then I will surprise you all once again! " Seeing that Divine Sword Sect and the rest were not prepared to attack them at all, Lee Fei knew that he was underestimated, but he was also happy to see such a situation. Since you guys aren't prepared, then of course I won't waste this opportunity.

The Divine Sword Sect people were about to break through the tornado, and they were still madly sending in their True Essence. Last time, Lee Fei was shot by the water curtain after being thrown out, so the few of them wanted to act out that good show again, but could they really use one move twice? And would Lee Fei give them the chance? Of course it's all one word, no.

First slash of the Heaven-killing! With all of his Force, Lee Fei raised the Heaven-killing Sword high up and struck towards the Divine Sword Sect people's protective water curtain. This was Lee Fei's strongest attack, and Divine Sword Sect people were still waiting to see Lee Fei become a joke.

The Heaven-killing Sword and the water screen intersected, both sides swayed, Lee Fei tightly gripped onto the Heaven-killing Sword, not wanting him to waver in the slightest, while the people from the Divine Sword Sect also forcefully channeled their true essence, in the beginning, Lee Fei was just about to shatter the water curtain, but the people from the Divine Sword Sect quickly realized that something was wrong, and sent their true essence into the water curtain as if it was not worth their money. At this moment, Lee Fei also found it hard to let the Heaven-killing Sword further into the water curtain.

Ah! With a loud roar, the power in Lee Fei's hands increased again, while the Heaven-killing Sword also pressed down once again. The water curtain was starting to crumble from the Force, as though it was on the verge of collapsing.

This is bad! Hurry up and channel your true essence! The Great Clan Elder already felt that the water curtain might break at any time, and immediately shouted anxiously, but it was already too late. Lee Fei increasing the Force once again caused them to not be able to save him in time.

With a ka sound, something shattered. Hearing that, Lee Fei's lips rose slightly, and the faces of the people from Divine Sword Sect turned pale. They clearly knew what this sound meant.

Go to hell! With a loud shout, the Force did not slow down at all after Lee Fei broke the water curtain and continued to hack at them. As for the few people from the Divine Sword Sect, they were just unable to gather their true essence to protect themselves, and they did not even have time to move, Lee Fei's Heaven-killing Sword had already reached the head of one of the Middle Period of Golden Core Stage's Immortal Cultivator s.

Lee Fei directly split the person into two, and all of that person's internal organs flowed out onto the ground.

Let's go! The grand elder shouted as he grabbed a person with one hand and quickly retreated backwards. It was not the time to be in a daze because the grand elder knew that if he were in a daze, the next person in his group would be split into two.

Lee Fei did not give chase because they did not run away. They were only on their hind legs. He looked coldly at the few people who retreated, Lee Fei's Heaven-killing Sword tip touched the ground and blood flowed down along the sword blade.

After drinking the blood of the Immortal Cultivator for the first time, the Heaven-killing Sword seemed to be very excited and started buzzing without Lee Fei's call. It lowered its head to look at the Heaven-killing Sword, and there was a hint of happiness in Lee Fei's eyes.

They all looked at Lee Fei with lingering fear, of course, excluding the Great Elder, he had an angry look on his face as he looked at Lee Fei. Just now, the True Essence in his body couldn't circulate, so he was unable to save that person in time, and when he recovered his True Essence, Lee Fei had already killed someone.

Lee Fei, my Divine Sword Sect will not stop until you die! The Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader looked at Lee Fei and said fiercely.

From the moment you started fighting me, we didn't stop until we were killed. Don't you think it's a little unnecessary to say these words now? Lee Fei sneered and returned to the Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader.

Hearing Lee Fei's words, the remaining three people from Divine Sword Sect were speechless. They were the ones who started the battle. From the moment they fought Lee Fei, it showed that only one side could survive.

Originally, they were full of confidence and thought that they would definitely be able to kill Lee Fei if they joined hands. However, the result was unexpected. Lee Fei only suffered a few minor injuries, but one of the people with Middle Period of Golden Core Stage directly died.

After he said that, Lee Fei raised the Heaven-killing Sword and charged towards the few people from the Divine Sword Sect. Seeing Lee Fei kill his way over, the remaining people from the Divine Sword Sect also started to form their own sword techniques to fight Lee Fei. With one person missing, their formation could no longer be set up anymore, and now, they could only fight against Lee Fei head on.

Three Flying Sword flew towards Lee Fei with a strong killing intent, while Lee Fei continued to swing his sword in the middle of the three Flying Sword s. The heavy sword in Lee Fei's hand was like a roaming dragon, and every time, it would melt the three people's attacks away, and after a year of constant fighting, Lee Fei's close combat skill was already at the Grandmaster Realm. If the three of them did not try to harm him, Lee Fei might not even be slightly injured, but if they did not set up a large array, Lee Fei might not even be able to suffer any injuries.

Bang, bang, bang, bang. Lee Fei continued to protect himself as he approached the three people from Divine Sword Sect. Unknowingly, Lee Fei was less than ten meters away from them.

Using this chance, Lee Fei did not hesitate anymore and rushed towards the three people of Divine Sword Sect. The three people of Divine Sword Sect desperately used their sword techniques, hoping that the Flying Sword would be able to help them in time, but unfortunately, their speed of controlling the Flying Sword was not as fast as Lee Fei. In just a blink of an eye, Lee Fei had already arrived in front of them, and when Lee Fei arrived, the few people stopped summoning the Flying Sword.

The Great Clan Elder and the Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader both took out a set of Talisman Seal s from their bosom and began to recite.

The sky darkened and bursts of lightning appeared within the dark clouds. Seeing the lightning, Lee Fei's figure stopped for a moment. At that moment, the lightning struck towards Lee Fei.

The Great Elder and Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader roared out at the same time. Originally, it was only a bolt of lightning that struck towards Lee Fei, but the lightning within the dark clouds seemed to have received the Great Elder and the Divine Sword Sect, as the Sect Leader summoned the lightning to strike at Lee Fei, seeing so much lightning striking at him, Lee Fei did not dare to be careless. Raising his Heaven-killing sword, he slashed at the lightning, but Lee Fei was not a god, so much lightning still struck his body. Although the lightning did not deal much damage to Lee Fei, the fact that the lightning struck Lee Fei's body temporarily numbed his movements.

Attack! Suddenly, the Divine Sword Sect Great Clan Elder shouted loudly, and Lee Fei turned his head, only to see the three Flying Sword s shooting towards him. Lee Fei wanted to dodge, but due to the numbing effect of the lightning bolt, he was too slow, and watched helplessly as the three Flying Sword s shot towards him, a trace of unwillingness appeared in Lee Fei's eyes.

The lightning did not do much damage to his body. The main thing was to slow his movements. Lee Fei's anger rose up again as he saw the lightning still striking down from the sky without end.

The top of Lee Fei's shirt was torn open. It wasn't hit, but it was shattered by Lee Fei himself. And on Lee Fei's back, there was a miniscule Azure Dragon swimming on it.

Heaven-killing Dragon God Slash! Lee Fei roared as he waved the Heaven-killing Sword, releasing his strongest move towards the three people from Divine Sword Sect. With a flash of his sword, a terrifying might was released from the Heaven-killing Sword in Lee Fei's hand.

The Flying Sword was their only offensive and defensive magical equipment, so in order to face Lee Fei's attack, they could only give up on attacking and take back the Flying Sword. It was just that sometimes the passive defense was not the best way, and attacking was the best defense.

If the three of them were to continue using the Flying Sword to attack Lee Fei, they might be able to directly break Lee Fei's strongest attack. Unfortunately, they gave up on this opportunity, and even the middle stage Void Discerning Demonic Beast was directly smashed into pulp by Lee Fei's attack, they did not even have Void Discerning.


Puff! The Great Elder sat on the ground powerlessly as he spat out blood towards the outside.

It was not that he did not want to move, it was that he did not have the strength to move anymore, and the meridians in his body were directly broken. Normally, he could just use a little of his true essence to heal such injuries, but at this moment, their bodies did not even have a sliver of true essence left, and moving a finger would be a kind of extravagant hope.

As for the one with the Middle Period of Golden Core Stage, uh! It seemed like it was gone, and was directly smashed into pieces by Lee Fei's Heaven-killing Dragon God Slash. Looking at the ground, it seemed like there were still some clothes on, this should be the only thing that remained of him.

Just a moment ago, he was barely able to use the Heaven-killing Dragon God Slash, but now he was at the end of his wits. Previously, when Lee Fei released the Heaven-killing Dragon God Slash, he almost failed due to his entire body being paralyzed, but if he really failed, then he would be bitten back then.

Lee Fei and the Divine Sword Sect Great Elder looked at each other from afar. They wanted to draw out a bit of energy to deal with the other, but they didn't have the energy to do so. They could only stay where they were and look at each other.

Seeing that Zhizhi and the two leopards had descended, the corner of Lee Fei's mouth curled into a smile, while the Divine Sword Sect Great Elder's face turned deathly pale. He understood, that he and the Sect Leader were probably buried here today, and they are currently just sheep waiting to be slaughtered by others. Any normal person would be able to kill them, not to mention the two energetic Demonic Beast s in front of them, killing them would be as easy as flipping his palm.

Haha! I said it before, your Divine Sword Sect would definitely be destroyed by me, Lee Fei! " When Lee Fei saw the Divine Sword Sect Elder's expression, he started to laugh maniacally. He was happy.

Go, kill those two! Lee Fei gave the order to the Cloud Patterned Panthers. Hearing Lee Fei's order, the panthers didn't hesitate at all and immediately pounced towards Divine Sword Sect's Great Elder and the half-dead Sect Leader.

Fei, are you alright? Zhizhi walked over and helped Lee Fei up. Earlier, she had always wanted to come down and help Lee Fei, but she understood that if her strength was involved in the battle with Lee Fei, then it would just be a sacrifice. So Zhizhi didn't go down, and she didn't let the Cloud Patterned Panthers go down either.

Don't worry! This small injury is nothing serious for me! " At this moment, the two leopards had already arrived in front of the Great Clan Elder and the Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader. They seemed to have a tacit understanding, one of them rushed towards one of the two, the attacks of the two leopards were very simple, the sharp claws directly broke through their dantian without any pain, and the Divine Sword Sect Sect Leader and Great Clan Elder died just like that, but a trace of unwillingness flowed out from their eyes.

They did not care about Lee Fei's unwillingness to die. They probably never dreamed that they would be killed by a Demonic Beast of a lower level than them! To the two Nascent Infant realm Immortal Cultivator s, killing them could be said to be a huge irony. If someone had told them what had happened today, they probably wouldn't have believed it at all, but until now, they could only accept it with their own deaths, because it had really happened.

Originally, Lee Fei was prepared to let the two Cloud Pattern Leopards take them and leave after killing the two of them, because of the great turmoil that had occurred here, and the Immortal Cultivator s would probably come over to check at any moment. However, Lee Fei was shocked by the following scene, because the Cloud Pattern Leopards actually swallowed the Divine Sword Sect of the Great Elder and the Sect Leader, one person for each of them, and in the future, they would smash their large mouths as if they were very satisfied.

Hehe! Demonic Beast s can devour Immortal Cultivator's Jindan Nascent Infant to increase their cultivation, but I don't know if the two leopards can devour two Nascent Infant's Nascent Infant this time, and progress from Middle Period of Golden Core Stage to Later Period of Golden Core Stage, Seeing Lee Fei looking at the two leopards with suspicion, Squeak Squeak explained for Lee Fei who was beside him. After speaking, Squeak Squeak also looked at the two leopards with some curiosity, if the two leopards' strength could go up another level, then their Cultivation Realm would be even safer.

Oh! Lee Fei recalled that he already knew about it long before he entered the Wilderness. However, he only heard about it and didn't see it back then, but now that he did, he was very shocked inside. This was the first time Lee Fei saw such a thing.

Alright, although the two leopards have already devoured their Nascent Infant, they still need a period of time to refine it. Also, your injuries also need a period of time to recuperate, so let's hurry up and find a place to recuperate! Squeak squeak.

Yes! Lee Fei immediately called over the Cloud Patterned Panthers and supported Lee Fei onto the Cloud Leopard. He then rode the Cloud Patterned Panthers out of the forest. This place was already a bad place and could not be left for long.

Lee Fei and the others did leave, but they seemed to have forgotten something. No, it should be said that they forgot about two people.

Less than a minute after Lee Fei and Squeak left the forest, a lot of Immortal Cultivator s came to the forest one after another. Everyone looked at the forest in shock. At least, Golden Core Stage was definitely impossible, so did that mean that this place had just been battled by Immortal Cultivator s of the Nascent Infant realm or higher?

In the Cultivation Realm, those who had truly reached the Nascent Infant stage could already be considered experts. Those with such cultivation had status in the Cultivation Realm, and were known by everyone. Now, all the powers wanted to know which sect's Nascent Infant realm experts were fighting here.

Of course, they knew that it was impossible for them to take revenge for the other party, but rather for their own benefits. If they had a Nascent Infant rank expert with them, then the benefits to their faction would not be small. Therefore, many powers had already started to think. If they found the people who fought this battle, and the Nascent Infant rank expert of that power died, then they would naturally go and divide up some things.

They had long since hidden themselves far away from the start of the battle. After Lee Fei had taken care of the four great experts of Divine Sword Sect, they had hidden themselves secretly and did not dare to reveal themselves after Wu Tie had hurried off to heal his injuries. Thus, the two of them had escaped this calamity.

Are you people from the Divine Sword Sect? A middle-aged man asked Ming Kong and Mu Lang, and why did he ask them that it was because of the clothes they were wearing, every force had clothes of their own, and Divine Sword Sect was also a pretty good sect, so their clothes were obviously known by the other people in Cultivation Realm.

Hm! We are disciples of the Divine Sword Sect … Mu Lang was still in shock, but only his vision was a little better. After calming down, he replied that person, but from the constant beating in his chest, it could be seen that he had not completely recovered from his panic.

How could the Sect Leader and the Great Elder, as well as their Masters and Uncles, be calm so quickly when they saw it with their own eyes? It was already good enough that they could still reply to the middle-aged man.

What happened here? the middle-aged man asked.

Senior, you must avenge our Divine Sword Sect! You must help us take revenge! That man suddenly crawled up to the middle-aged man's feet and grabbed his pants and shouted crazily.

Tell me what it is first! Although the middle-aged man was somewhat disgusted by this action, since there were still a lot of people around, he could not directly open his eyes to the sky, and could only feign a very cordial expression and ask about the space.

It's that Lee Fei, just now my experts in Divine Sword Sect met Lee Fei here, and in the end, after one battle, Lee Fei killed my Patriarch, Great Elder, and even my Master and Senior Master, they advanced and died. The man cried as he spoke to the middle-aged man. After hearing the man's words, the middle-aged man seemed to understand the whole situation.

Many of the surrounding people had already started to think of an excuse to take a share of the spoils from the Divine Sword Sect. Listening to what Su Yun said, the four strongest experts of the Divine Sword Sect had already died, so the Divine Sword Sect was now just an empty shell.

Priest Xuan Mingzi of Kunlun Sect is here! At this time, a person suddenly shouted towards the sky.


After Xuan Mingzi arrived, everyone immediately greeted him respectfully. Xuan Mingzi seemed to be used to being treated like this and responded to everyone with a smile. However, he didn't say anything and just walked to the front of Xuan Mingzi.

Young man, what's going on here? Seeing the empty air and Mu Lang kneeling on the ground while Mu Lang's eyes were glazed, Xuan Mingzi could only ask the empty air. Seeing the empty air and Mu Lang kneeling on the ground while Mu Lang's eyes were glazed, Xuan Mingzi could only ask the empty air.

Oh! That's right! This Lee Fei is really a scum of our Cultivation Realm. Not to mention betraying our sect, he actually dares to trouble fellow sect members of our Cultivation Realm! Xuan Mingzi said indignantly after hearing what Ming Kong had said.

That's right! This evil thief Lee Fei is too bold. Not only did he destroy the Flying Sword sect, he even killed several of our fellow cultivators from Divine Sword Sect.

Exactly! This Lee Fei should be eliminated, otherwise, our Cultivation Realm will only harm our other fellow sect members" Another person chimed in, and then, everyone started to criticize Lee Fei, and all of them had an expression of wanting to quickly eliminate Lee Fei.

Hearing everyone's words, he thanked them one by one. Unfortunately, he did not know that none of these people would sincerely chase and kill Lee Fei for his Divine Sword Sect. All they wanted now was to divide up the Divine Sword Sect.

Alright, everyone calm down! At this moment, Xuan Mingzi raised his right hand and said. Seeing Xuan Mingzi's action of pressing down, everyone stopped and looked at

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