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Becoming: A Friends to Lovers Romance Collection

Becoming: A Friends to Lovers Romance Collection

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Becoming: A Friends to Lovers Romance Collection

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Jun 5, 2020


Four stories of friends becoming something more ...
It wasn't love at first sight. Falling in love with your best friend is different: It happens slowly—and then all at once. But when it happens, it seems like it couldn't have been any other way. From childhood friends to roomates, follow these stories of friends as they find love is closer than they ever expected.

This collection includes:

  • "Closing Time" by Wendy Dalrymple
  • "Morning-After Muffins" by Ariana Kell
  • "Before" by Imogen Markwell-Tweed
  • "Hearts Aflame" by Brigitte Delery
Jun 5, 2020

Über den Autor

Wendy Dalrymple crafts highly consumable, short and sweet romances inspired by everyday people. When she’s not writing happily-ever-afters, you can find her camping with her family, painting (bad) wall art, and trying to grow as many pineapples as possible. Keep up with Wendy at!

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Becoming - Wendy Dalrymple


Hearts Aflame

by Brigitte Delery

Lila Moore stood at the edge of a crowded dance floor, playing with the flame of a candle on the table next to her and wondering whether being dumped during a masquerade was reason enough to leave the party early. Her now ex-date had disappeared into a back room with a woman dressed like an emaciated swan. Or perhaps an angel. Lila wasn’t sure. Her own red-and-yellow flame-themed mask hung loosely from her left wrist as she continued to flick her fingertips to make the candle flame dance in time with music from the stage.

Why so glum, firebird? Gabrielle Cunningham, Lila’s roommate and best friend, plucked the mask from between her fingertips and twirled it in front of her face. The dyed feathers adorning the sides of the mask rustled together in an imitation of real fire. Shouldn’t you be wearing this? Rules say masks on until after the late-night buffet is served.

Hey, Gabs, responded Lila with a shrug as she tugged the mask back into place, pushing aside a few strands of golden-blonde hair that had escaped from her complicated updo. Dude just did the dude thing and left me for a swan.

His loss. Gabrielle reached over to tuck a strand Lila had missed behind her ear. Dude coulda had a genuine phoenix.

Lila smiled at that. Gabrielle always knew just what to say to make her feel better. Best friends since practically forever, they knew each other better than pretty much anyone. Even when Lila had gone away to study magic in an exclusive program that took up nearly all her time, they’d stayed close.

When Lila had returned to New Orleans to join the local witch coven and take a job as a city-sponsored fire witch, she and Gabrielle became roommates in a swanky Marigny apartment where they could gossip, cook delicious meals from Gabrielle’s Cuban grandmother’s old cookbooks, and swap stories about their disastrous dates.

You should come outside and dance. The band playing in the garden is much better than this one. Gabrielle swirled around as she spoke. The silvery material of her sleeveless jumpsuit shimmered in the glow of the chandeliers hanging above. Her tight brown curls bounced in time with her motion, and her dark eyes sparkled through the holes in her own mouse-shaped mask.

The mask was a joke, Lila knew. Her roommate was a minor shifter, one of the supernatural categories considered harmless by the city government and therefore out of the coven’s official jurisdiction. She could transform into a small furred creature that fit somewhere between a house mouse and a hamster taxonomically. Gabrielle’s discerning palate and predilection for creamy dairy-based treats made for a lot of great wine-and-cheese parties at their apartment. In general, though, Gabrielle preferred to stay in human form, so she had spent long hours learning to master her shifts so she didn’t change unexpectedly.

Lila’s own outfit included a knee-length feather-bedecked cocktail dress in fiery tones that complemented her lightly tanned complexion. The phoenix comment had been appreciated mainly because that was exactly the impression Lila intended her look to convey. While she often bemoaned the fact that her natural affinities lay in fire spells rather than the healing powers she’d hoped for, Lila had recently begun to take more pride in her flame-oriented abilities. Her best friend’s constant efforts to boost her confidence helped a lot with that, Lila suddenly realized.

Gabrielle’s light-brown skin had a sheen of perspiration indicating how much she’d already been dancing, but she cajoled Lila again to come join in the fun. Delighted to see the joy on her roommate’s face, Lila let herself be convinced. Then she hesitated.

"Wait, where’s your date?" asked Lila suspiciously.

Gabrielle fluttered her hands in the air. Off chasing after some lawyer she’s had her eye on. It’s no big deal. I wasn’t here for her. I just brought her as a favor because she couldn’t score an invitation on her own. Now forget about my non-date and about your stupid swan-chaser and come dance!

Lila reluctantly allowed herself to be led out of the ballroom into a fragrant garden bedecked with fairy lights. She marveled at how quickly her best friend put her at ease. Just moments ago, she’d been considering heading home to contemplate her endlessly awful romantic choices while drowning her sorrows in mint-chocolate-chip ice cream and bad ’90s sitcoms. Now Gabrielle had shown up and turned everything around. Just being near Gabrielle cheered her up. Lila wished she could feel that way all the time instead of constantly worrying about people who weren’t worth it.

Gabrielle kept hold

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