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Immortal Descending: Volume 4

Immortal Descending: Volume 4

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Immortal Descending: Volume 4

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Jun 14, 2020


AD 2012, October 1st. NASA received a set of data from a satellite. After deciphering it, it was found to be a picture of the Earth.

Jun 14, 2020

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Immortal Descending - Zhou Shao



It's been so many years since I last fought! A hint of excitement flashed across Nie Feng's eyes as he looked at the descending lightning.

This Nie Feng actually attacked. I just don't know if his strength is as strong as the rumors say! Dong Fann looked at Nie Feng and said harmoniously. However, his words were no longer as relaxed as before.

Could this Kunlun Sect Master be very strong? Lee Fei looked at Dong Fann and asked.

Glancing at Lee Fei, Dong Fann nodded, En! The Kunlun Sect is not lacking in experts, for example, the two old men who were standing behind Nie Feng previously are probably not weaker than Xuan Dao, and with their strength, they would be extremely respectful to Nie Feng, it is not difficult to imagine Nie Feng's strength, and there is also a terrifying rumor that says that Nie Feng's strength is extremely strong! " Speaking of this, even Dong Fann began to feel a bit depressed.

You mean that? Xuan Dao asked Dong Fann.

Yes! Dong Fann nodded in agreement. However, their singing made Lee Fei even more speechless. Until now, he still didn't understand what the two of them were talking about. What he wanted to know the most was the rumor about Nie Feng.

Seeing Lee Fei's anxious face, Xuan Dao smiled, but there was a trace of helplessness in his smile. Although this Nie Feng is a Rogue Immortal, it's said that his fighting strength is definitely not any weaker than a super Divine Beast of the same level, perhaps even stronger! Xuan Dao first explained, but just as Lee Fei was about to continue asking, Xuan Dao once again spoke," It's said that Nie Feng went out on a journey in Demon Realm for a period of time, and that Liu Tie was a Six-tribulation Rogue Immortal.

The Three Sovereigns? Lee Fei didn't know what this was.

They are already close to the dragon, and their strength is also very strong. And those three Emperor Mang were all in Six-tribulation Rogue Demon back then, when they teamed up with me in the past, they did not dare to take it head-on. The only thing they could do was to avoid it, and that time, Nie Feng and the three Emperor Mang started a battle because of their different races! Speaking of this, Xuan Dao stopped once again. His eyes shot a ray of light towards Nie Feng. That man had always been the one he wanted to challenge the most. Unfortunately, Xuan Dao knew there was still a big gap between them.

And then? Lee Fei asked impatiently.

Later? Xuan Dao said with a sneer, "Afterwards, not only was the three Emperor Mang's Nascent Infant destroyed, even their physical bodies were eaten by Nie Feng, but it is hard to say whether all of this was real or fake, because the Demon Realm seemed to have disregarded this matter as a humiliation, but they did not react. Since my understanding of them was this way, then this matter is most likely going to happen.

Hearing this, Lee Fei seemed to have a little more understanding of Nie Feng's strength.

Nie Feng was not only a powerhouse that could fight above his level, but he was also even more terrifying than Xuan Dao when it came to fighting above his level. Nie Feng's fighting strength could actually surpass his level; no wonder Xuan Dao could not even compare to him.

Looking at Nie Feng, Lee Fei's body started to emit a wild fighting spirit. That fighting spirit was directed at Nie Feng.

Nie Feng, who was in the distance, was also feeling Lee Fei's oppression. He looked at Lee Fei and a sneer appeared on the corner of Nie Feng's mouth. That smile seemed to want to freeze Lee Fei to death.

Boom!" The lightning finally reached Nie Feng's head. However, Nie Feng didn't raise his head to look at the lightning again.

So noisy! Nie Feng let out a soft roar and a blue light suddenly appeared in his hand and soared into the sky. The blue light naturally met the heavenly thunder very quickly.

At first, everyone thought that such a casual attack was too child's play. Although Nie Feng Qiang was not a pushover, the heavenly thunder was not a trivial one either. However, everyone soon realized that they were wrong, and extremely wrong.

The blue light silently pierced through the sky and dispersed the strike before continuing to fly higher into the sky.

Boom!" The thunder cloud also seemed to be angry, not expecting its attack to be broken by the opponent with a wave of its hand. In an instant, a bolt of heavenly lightning that was larger than the previous one fell straight towards the blue light.

Everyone below looked at the golden lightning bolt and the blue light in the sky. They all wanted to know what miracle this blue light would bring about once again.

The two beams of light met in the blink of an eye, and the golden light disappeared. Only the blue light that was left in the sky continued to soar high into the sky.

So powerful! Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air and looked at Nie Feng.

Nie Feng, who hadn't fought for who knows how many years, was the same as he was back then, shocking everyone.

Lee Fei also looked at Nie Feng, but there was no fear in his eyes, only endless excitement. On the other side, Nie Feng also looked at Lee Fei with the same expression.

Younger Brother Lee Fei! They were a little worried for Lee Fei when they saw that he was staring at him without letting go of Dong Fann, but they didn't say anything in the end because they had only felt Lee Fei's will to fight and they didn't feel anything yet, but now that they saw Lee Fei's eyes, they knew that persuasion was useless.

Nie Feng was called in by himself...

Boom!" The ninety-ninth bolt of skythunder descended. Unsurprisingly, the ninety-nine bolts of skythunder didn't land for too long before dissipating.

But... Following the disappearance of the ninety-nine bolts of heavenly lightning, Nie Feng's blue light also disappeared.

Although they did not manage to break into the thunder cloud and disperse it, this was still enough to surprise everyone. The attack that the Karakorum seven sons could not withstand with a wave of their hands was broken by Nie Feng, and it was three of them. Everyone wanted to know how terrifying Nie Feng would be if he got serious.

Rumble rumble rumble! The thunder cloud began to contract, just like how it was when Xuan Dao underwent his tribulation. It seemed like the Purple Gold Giant Dragon wanted to compress all the energy in the thunder cloud into the next bolt of heavenly lightning to descend.

That Purple Gold Giant Dragon is yours, right? Nie Feng saw Lee Fei's lips move. Others couldn't hear him at all, but Lee Fei could hear him clearly.

That's right! Lee Fei returned without any hesitation.

Very good! Then I shall let you have it! Of course, there was also a sense of ridicule, this was the way Nie Feng killed people, the way he had to defeat both physically and mentally. This could be seen from the battle with the Three Emperor Mang that Nie Feng used their corpses as barbecue after killing the Three Emperor Mang. This was a type of psychological humiliation.

Hehe! If you want to die, I don't mind! " Lee Fei replied plainly.

Nie Feng only smiled at Lee Fei and did not continue speaking. At this time, a black light flashed across Nie Feng's body. Next, Nie Feng's body was covered by a layer of black light.

Flowing Cloud Sword! Dong Fann first looked at the sword that was emitting a blue light in Nie Feng's hand.

Hei Ning Xue! Dong Fann then looked towards Nie Feng's armor that was emitting a black glow.

Flowing Cloud Sword? Dark Snow? Lee Fei looked at Dong Fann in confusion.

The Flowing Cloud Sword is a Immortal Artifact of Upper Grade, it is extremely powerful, and Hei Ning Xue is also a Immortal Artifact of Middle Grade's armor. This is also one of the reasons why Nie Feng is standing at the pinnacle of Cultivation Realm! Dong Fann explained.

Lee Fei understood this the best. In the past, other than relying on his own strength, didn't Lee Fei rely on his powerful weapons to kill Immortal Cultivator s that were higher level than him time and time again?

Lee Fei's eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at the light blue thin sword and the jet-black armor in Nie Feng's hands.

His weapon and defensive armor were both better than Lee Fei's. This was a rare situation for Lee Fei, so would he be able to win this battle? Lee Fei asked himself.

Finally, he shook his head. Lee Fei didn't know, but he understood one thing. The battle between him and Nie Feng was inevitable.

Boom!" As the two of them stared, the final bolt of divine lightning finally descended.

This time, the heavenly lightning was actually very thin. Its diameter was not even half a meter, but no one dared to underestimate its power.

Tshh Tshh! As he charged down, the heavenly thunder caused the world to resonate with him, causing the space in his past to tremble.

It was indeed worthy of being called the Hundred Lightning Haste Heavenly. The hundred bolts of lightning actually caused a change in the world after them.

Rumble rumble rumble! The heavenly thunder carrier's domineering aura descended, causing a series of sounds to ring out in the air.

Many of them felt their hearts tremble. They were all thinking about the consequences of being struck by this bolt of skythunder.

Thinking about it, everyone shuddered. They were definitely going to die. There was no chance for them to find it.

Other than Lee Fei who was looking straight into Nie Feng's eyes, everyone else looked towards the bolt of heavenly lightning that was descending from the sky. This was because Lee Fei was about to strike Nie Feng's body.

Hu hu! Before the lightning struck Nie Feng, a gust of wind blew around him. That gust of wind actually automatically formed a terrifying storm around Nie Feng's body.

Sect Leader, save me! The seven of them were all swept up by the tempest, and they did not have any strength to resist it.

Unfortunately, Nie Feng didn't seem to hear the seven people's words and didn't move at all. No matter how loud they shouted for help, Nie Feng's eyes never left Lee Fei. He didn't care about the Karakorum Seven at all.

Seeing Elder Zhang and Elder Su, who were so far away, shook their heads and sighed. They understood that it was impossible for Nie Feng to have gone up to save Qi Zi. It seemed like it would be difficult for Qi Ren to escape death.

Boom!" At the same time, a giant mushroom cloud rose up into the sky. However, Dong Fann slightly moved his hands and feet, making the huge energy only move around a hundred meters away from Nie Feng's body. This was because it was the only thing Dong Fann could do, otherwise, the arrays would not be able to cover the distance of one meter from Nie Feng.

However, even if the distance was only one hundred meters, the amount of energy wasted would not be that much. The energy contained within would still be very terrifying, because after the Kunlun Seven had come into contact with the aftermath of Nie Feng's attack, they would be directly shaken to the point where not even a speck of dregs would remain.


Originally, when they saw Nie Feng come over, they thought that he was here to save the seven of them, but who knew that Nie Feng didn't care about their lives at all.

Nie Feng had always had only one goal: to kill the person who wrote that note to him, and to personally kill him. Coming out to fight against the heavenly thunder was just Nie Feng's convenience. His real goal was just to show off to Lee Fei and give him a written challenge.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!" Layers after layers of energy exploded in the restriction. This would definitely cause Nie Feng to bear strong attacks again and again.

Dong Fann and the others stared intently at the hundred meter restriction. At this moment, the smoke was billowing and they could not see the situation inside. At this moment, everyone wanted to know what exactly happened to Nie Feng.

There's no need to expect any further! Lee Fei said lightly. However, Lee Fei's plain sentence confused Dong Fann and the others.

What? Younger Brother Lee Fei, what do you mean by that? Dong Fann was the first to react as he asked curiously.

He grinned, If he was so easily injured or even died, then he wouldn't be worthy to fight with me!

What? Brother, you actually want to fight Nie Feng? " Xuan Dao exclaimed after listening to Lee Fei.

Some things are unavoidable. I have to fight him! Lee Fei said firmly. Although there was a hint of haziness in his eyes, more importantly, it was that insolent fighting intent.

Sigh …! Dong Fann and the others stopped talking. Indeed, it was as they had expected; Lee Fei had already decided to fight with Nie Feng.

Everyone looked at the Purple Gold Giant Dragon that was flying high up in the sky. They didn't know if he could give them a surprise, otherwise, Lee Fei against Nie Feng … There was no need to think too much about such an outcome.

Gradually, the smoke dissipated and everything within the hundred meter radius of the restriction once again appeared before everyone's eyes.

The blue sword emitted a dazzling light, a layer of deep black light also appeared on Nie Feng's body. Compared to before, Nie Feng's black light was only slightly dimmer, it could be said that his hair wasn't messy at all.

Seeing this scene, Dong Fann and the others didn't say anything else. They didn't know what to say, just thinking about such an attack was already terrifying enough, but nothing happened to Nie Feng. This time, they were more worried about Lee Fei's battle with Nie Feng.

Haha! Dong Fann, you're the one who did this, aren't you? You are really something, but it was just a waste of effort! " Nie Feng laughed and looked at Dong Fann.

Hu Hu! Dong Fann was about to speak, but he was interrupted by a strong gust of wind.

Hahahaha! Hahahaha! Lee Fei laughed crazily.

Younger Brother Lee Fei! Xuan Dao and the others looked nervously at Lee Fei, not knowing what had happened to him all of a sudden.

How could that be? Soon, something even more shocking happened. Lee Fei's aura soared.

The aura that was initially comparable to the Four Five-tribulation Rogue Immortal s suddenly rose again.

Swish! With a flash, Lee Fei instantly moved forward a few thousand meters away from where he was. At this moment, he was less than two thousand meters away from Nie Feng.

Dragon God Slayer! With a wave of the Heaven-killing Sword, Lee Fei roared towards the sky.

Roar! A huge dragon's roar sounded out from the Purple Gold Giant Dragon's mouth. Then, it saw the Purple Gold Giant Dragon pounce towards Lee Fei.

Eh? Looking at this scene, no one understood what Lee Fei and the Purple Gold Giant Dragon were trying to do.

Lee Fei closed his eyes as he held the Heaven-killing sword high up in the air. The Purple Gold Giant Dragon charged straight at Lee Fei.

Amidst everyone's astonished gazes, the Purple Gold Giant Dragon finally arrived in front of Lee Fei. However, the strange scene disappeared, and the Purple Gold Giant Dragon disappeared, as if it had never appeared.

What's going on? Nie Feng was confused.

Perhaps the others couldn't see it clearly, but he could clearly see that the Purple Gold Giant Dragon disappeared the moment it touched Lee Fei's head.

He looked at Lee Fei and Nie Feng puzzledly, wanting to know what happened. Unfortunately, no one would be able to answer for him.

How could that be? Suddenly, Nie Feng's surprised gaze was filled with surprise. He looked at Lee Fei in disbelief.

It was not only Nie Feng who was surprised, everyone present was shocked because Lee Fei's change had made them unable to calm down.

The golden dragon's horn was completely covered with a layer of purplish-gold Dragon Scale.

Everyone could only think of one thing after seeing this form: a demon clan super Divine Beast's battle human form.

But isn't Lee Fei a human? How could he transform like this? Not only did the people from Kunlun Sect not understand it, no one knew about it either.

Since when can Fly transform like this? Lee Fei said in a low voice as he looked at the battle with a puzzled expression.

Actually, it wasn't just them who were puzzled, even Lee Fei was also very puzzled. He didn't know that twenty years later, when he used Dragon God's Punishment once again, there would actually be such a change.

Cang Long, what's going on? Lee Fei asked himself.

This is the benefit that you'll get from my increase in strength. It's a bargain, a person in combat who can use my Dragon Clan can still use my powerful strength! The Purple Gold Giant Dragon's voice was quickly transmitted into Lee Fei's mind.

Hearing the Purple Gold Giant Dragon's unhappy voice, Lee Fei just laughed dryly and stopped talking. After all, he knew that his growth was still too far off from the Purple Gold Giant Dragon's, but very soon, Lee Fei was enchanted by his current state.

It was too powerful. Lee Fei felt that he could easily crush him, even if he was Xuan Dao.

How is this possible? Nie Feng looked at Lee Fei and said. His words were filled with shock. He didn't understand why the difference between the two of them was so huge. If he didn't see it with his own eyes, he wouldn't believe that the person in front of him was Lee Fei.

At this moment, Nie Feng finally understood why Lee Fei was able to make him want to fight. It was because Lee Fei was still hiding his strength.

Ha ha! Nie Feng suddenly laughed out crazily. His laughter was a bit crazy. However, along with his laughter, his powerful aura also pressed towards Lee Fei.

Hu hu! Lee Fei did not want to be outdone, so he released his aura towards Nie Feng. The two auras formed a storm between the two of them.

Nie Feng! Lee Fei shouted as he pointed his Heaven-killing Sword at Nie Feng.

Lee Fei! At the same time, Nie Feng also pointed his Flowing Cloud Sword at Lee Fei. At this moment, both sides issued a challenge to each other.

It seems like this fight is unavoidable! Both sides thought in their hearts as they looked at the two people who represented the highest decisions of both sides.

Kill! The same word was spoken by both of them at the same time.

Boom! Boom! Boom!" The troops from both sides rushed into the battlefield under the lead of their respective experts. However, they avoided two places, one was where Wu and Nie Feng were, and the other was where Zhang Yao's remnants and Kunlun Sect were fighting against Zhang Yao's group.

Three different battlefields appeared in three directions, but the one on the right was very quiet. Lee Fei and Nie Feng didn't make any moves against each other. The two of them stood in the air like two statues that had existed since ancient times.

Kill! Sounds of battle rang out from both sides.

Help! The sound of begging for help could be heard from time to time during the battle.

However, no matter how the voice sounded, it didn't seem to affect Lee Fei and Nie Feng. The two of them just stood in the air, not saying a word or moving at all. No one knew what they were doing and no one dared to ask.

I'm really interested in you! Nie Feng was finally the first to speak.

Lee Fei's eyebrows twitched, Oh? Why?" Lee Fei asked deliberately. In fact, how could he not know what Nie Feng meant?

Hehe! You have stepped into the Cultivation Realm for twenty years, but your accomplishments have made those old monsters who have lived for more than two thousand years to blush incessantly. Nie Feng's words were quite sincere.

I feel honored to receive your praise, Sect Leader Nie Feng Nie of Cultivation Realm's number one sect! Lee Fei said with a faint smile.

It's a pity that we'll never be friends! We'll only be enemies! Although Nie Feng was smiling, he could feel that the temperature around him had dropped by quite a lot.

Swish! Lee Fei and Nie Feng simultaneously retracted their Long Sword s that were pointing towards each other.

I have to fight, but I definitely won't lose! Lee Fei's words were filled with absolute confidence, and it came from the confidence a person had in their own strength.

I really want to lose, but unfortunately, no one can make me lose! Nie Feng smiled evilly at Lee Fei. Similarly, there was confidence in his words. The two of them were blessed by the heavens, but unfortunately, their characters were completely different.

Lee Fei was like a fire that could burn everything around him, just like Dong Fann and Xuan Dao. Even though they were stronger than Lee Fei in the past, they were still willing to follow him.

Nie Feng, on the other hand, was as cold as ice. He was able to freeze everything around him, and he couldn't even open his mouth, just like how Nie Feng, who had the position of the head of the number one sect in Immortal Realm and the many experts under his command, unfortunately, he could never make anyone beside him open their hearts to him. They didn't dare to do so, and in front of Nie Feng, they could only seal their hearts forever.

One was like fire, the other was like ice. They were rivals in nature. Since ancient times, water and fire were incompatible, and their fates had long been decided. Perhaps that was why Lee Fei was so weak that he could become one of Nie Feng's biggest enemies!

Let's fight! At the same time, they said the same words again.

Swish! In an instant, Lee Fei and Nie Feng both disappeared on the spot.


Boom!" As the blue light flashed, Nie Feng's side was immediately covered by the blue light, as if it was the blue sky.

Boom!" The red light illuminated the sky. The entire sky where Lee Fei was at was covered by the endless red light, making it seem like the sunset.

Peng! The red clouds and blue sky began to attack each other. A deafening sound echoed throughout the world.

So powerful! The people below all stopped to look at the battle between the two red and blue pieces in fear. A single strike caused their hearts to tremble, and those who had yet to reach Four-tribulation Rogue Immortal were so shocked that they fell to the ground.

The strength of the two of them had definitely already exceeded the range of the strong in this space. It was probably only Dragon Emperor, with his Dragon Clan, combined with his Inheritance Treasure would be able to suppress them.

Haha! Again! " Lee Fei's candid laughter came from the red clouds, but no one saw him there.

Humph! I'll follow you to the end! " Nie Feng's cold snort also whistled out from the blue sky.

The red clouds and the blue sky once again started to rush towards each other. A thunderous sound echoed in the sky. Fortunately, everyone was prepared and wasn't affected too much. It was just that everyone had a new conclusion about Lee Fei's and Nie Feng's strength.

I never thought that the Sect Leader had already grown to such an extent! Elder Zhang and Elder Su looked at the blue sky and said with a smile. However, when they looked towards the red clouds on the other side, they frowned.

So this is Younger Brother Lee Fei's true strength! Dong Fann and the others couldn't help but exclaim in admiration. However, they were extremely worried about the blue sky on the other side of the red clouds. Because there were simply too many legends regarding Nie Feng, they had no choice but to worry for Lee Fei.

Xuan Dao, let me see how much stronger you have become! Suddenly, a voice interrupted Xuan Dao and the others' thoughts and woke them up. It was Elder Su who said this.

Dong Fann, let me see how much power your Nine-star Tripod still has! Elder Zhang also approached Dong Fann.

You two can test it out! Dong Fann and Xuan Dao simultaneously shouted angrily as they charged at the two. Under their lead, the free-for-all once again unfolded.

Huang Shi, let me see how your Dragon Pavilion has changed! A Six-tribulation Rogue Immortal with Kunlun Sect approached Huang Shi and shouted.

However, the consequences of his actions were very serious …

Pu ci! A Long Sword pierced through his dantian and exited his abdomen.

Idiot, if you want to show off in your next life, you will have to wait until you have the ability to do so! After saying that, he directly went to find his next target. Meanwhile, Huang Shi didn't even bother to look at Han Yue as he walked away.

Bang! That person weakly fell down. However, even before his death, his eyes were still open because he truly did not understand why he would cause such a disaster. Wasn't Elder Zhang, Elder Su, and the others the same?

He forgot, this is a battlefield, and not a personal competition, unless you have the kind of strength that makes others not dare to look directly at you, you should be the most honest and honest person here. Although a Six-tribulation Rogue Immortal can be considered a high ranked warrior on the battlefield, it is a pity that he is not at the peak of his power, and there will be a lot of people willing to kill him.

The only difference was that most of the Kunlun Sect consisted of seven or eight people who fought against two or three people at the same time, but what was strange was that the seven or eight people at the Kunlun Sect had no way of breaking through the defenses of those two or three people, and one of them would even be killed from time to time.

This was the formation attack taught to them by Lee Fei. Although there were only two or three people setting up the formation, their strength had at least increased by two or three times. Most importantly, the three of them defended and attacked together.

Moreover, it was the same for their defense, and one of them was being attacked as well. Under such a great array, unless the people from Kunlun Sect had strength far greater than the person who laid the formation, it would be impossible to break through it, but what kind of experts could possibly still be on the battlefield?

Although the lower level disciples' Dragon Pavilion were not as great as the Kunlun Sect, their Dragon Pavilion was not weaker than the higher level experts' by even a little, and the upper echelons of both sides could be said to have fought head to head against each other with great difficulty.

The fight below was intense, but it was the same at the top. Lee Fei and Nie Feng's attacks also became more frequent. However, the two of them started to pull back their attacks. Their attacks were no longer as earth-shaking as before.

However, this was only on the surface. In reality, if one were to look carefully, one would discover that there was a large hole in the sky where the red clouds and blue sky interweaved. It was only because the two of them had controlled a powerful force to seal that area, that the crack did not affect the people below.

The fight had actually broken through the highest endurance of the space and created a spatial crack. This was already something that the people in this space could not do.

Nie Feng, this kind of attack is useless against me. Let me show you my true strength! Lee Fei shouted, and then he saw the red clouds in the sky start to contract.

Humph! That's exactly what I want to see. I want to see how much energy you have left! " The blue sky that Nie Feng used also quickly shrank back.

Swish swish! Lee Fei and Nie Feng's figures once again appeared in the sky. The two of them stood on the left and right side of the spatial crack, but the powerful suction force from the spatial crack couldn't affect them in the slightest.

Dragon Slaying the Heavens! Closing his eyes, Lee Fei raised the Heaven-killing Sword high up and shouted softly. Following Lee Fei's shout, he could only feel that the aura on the Heaven-killing Sword became stronger and stronger.

Sword Guide Mountain! Nie Feng shouted as he waved his right hand and held the Flowing Cloud Sword against his chest.

This is bad! Quick, retreat! Seeing Lee Fei and Nie Feng like this, Xuan Dao, Dong Fann, Elder Zhang and Elder Su surprisingly shouted at the same time in tacit understanding. Afterward, they led the disciples to retreat towards their own rear, while Zhang Yao and the others also chose to retreat to the other side.

Just when the two parties started to retreat, Lee Fei and Nie Feng started to move slowly. Their right hands started waving, and even though they were moving very slowly, the space seemed to be unable to withstand the creaking noises, as if it would break at any time.

Seeing this scene, the crowd below sped up their pace. They knew that the moment the two attacks landed, the sky and earth would be overshadowed.

Gradually, the ground turned into an open space. Compared to the people who did not know about it a few seconds ago, there were many people who thought that they were seeing things.

Hu hu! Lee Fei and Nie Feng finally wielded their swords in front of their respective chests. The sharp sword Qis spread out in all directions, forming a storm of sword Qis that swirled around the two of them.

What a terrifying sword Qi! Xuan Dao and the others said with their hearts trembling. The two of them had not even released their sword Qis, yet they already caused Xuan Dao, who was a Seven-tribulation Rogue Immortal, to be like this.

If it wasn't for Younger Brother Lee Fei, we would have definitely lost! Dong Fann also sighed and said. It was only today that Dong Fann truly understood Nie Feng's strength. It wasn't because he was strong, but rather because his strength was too terrifying.

Die! Suddenly, Lee Fei opened his eyes. His pair of cold eyes were like a pair of sharp treasured sword drawn from its scabbard, ready to cut through the sky.

Then try it! Immediately after, Lee Fei's Nie Feng opened his eyes and revealed a cold and mournful smile.

High up in the sky, Lee Fei and Nie Feng moved at the same time. The two treasured swords that drank countless blood emitted a domineering aura. The Heaven-killing Sword and the Floating Cloud Sword drew a beautiful arc in the air in the hands of their respective masters before shooting out a domineering sword beam.

A single sword strike had swept across the entire world, the Sword Qi Hegemony was invincible!

The two sword gleams shot towards the opponent with unparalleled momentum.

At that moment, the people below seemed to have felt that this battle was not only Lee Fei and Nie Feng representing their respective powers in the battle, but also the battle between the two of them using their treasured swords in order to obtain Cultivation Realm's first sword. It could be said to be absurd but it seemed to be the case.

It was just two sword energies, but the sky seemed to darken on purpose. The cloudless sky seemed to suddenly be covered with dark clouds.

Boom!" With an explosive sound, the two streams of sword Qis clashed against each other, tearing space apart and creating a large hole that was nearly a hundred meters long.

Hiss! After the huge spatial crack appeared, it started to devour everything around it. Fortunately, both sides had their own Rogue Immortal experts' protection from the water screen, if not, the suction force this time would be enough to suck them in.

Although the disciples below were fine, but this also made the Rogue Immortal experts on both sides struggle even more.

Let go! All of a sudden, he heard Elder Su's shout, and then he and Elder Zhang took the lead to retreat. Seeing this, the rest of the people immediately retreated, the experts of the Rogue Immortal who were led by the two people retreated, it was not a problem for them to resist the suction of the space, with their strength, what about the lower leveled disciples?

Help! Just as the water curtain defense was removed, the pillar of fire's residual energy and spatial suction directly rushed into the Kunlun Sect's camp. For a moment, all of the low-level disciples were either shocked to death or sucked into the spatial crack, but no matter what the result was, there was only one word — Death!!

At this moment, the disciples below finally understood why Zhang Yao betrayed the sect. Most likely, he also suffered from such a situation. Unfortunately, they knew about it too late.

It had to be said that the residual energy from the fire pillar and the suction force from the spatial crack were extremely powerful. The ten million disciples of the Kunlun Sect were disappearing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It could be said that every time the energy ripple from the fire pillar or the spatial suction force was enough to kill hundreds of thousands of people, and in just a few breaths of time, these two attacks would attack the Kunlun Sect camp no less than ten times. Which was to say that the disciples of Kunlun Sect had died at least millions or even close to ten million times.

The Rogue Immortal s of Kunlun Sect, on the other hand, were all fine, as they all ran tens of kilometers away to hide. They watched helplessly as the low level disciples that numbered ten thousand to ten thousand disappeared just like that in front of them.

Everyone, hold on! We absolutely can't give up! Dong Fann shouted at the Rogue Immortal s around him. Dong Fann understood that if they were to withdraw their hands, they would be able to protect him, but the result was the same as the Kunlun Sect. The disciples below would definitely die one after another.


Everyone forward! When they heard Dong Fann's words, the Rogue Immortal who were previously resisting the energy shockwaves of the fire pillar fell to the ground from the shock waves, they immediately stood up. All the Rogue Immortal s in the Dragon Pavilion instantly used their Immortal Essence's full strength, but even so, facing the energy shockwaves of the fire pillar and the suction force of the spatial crack, they still found it difficult to resist.

Eh? He wanted to go down, but he couldn't. If he were to leave now, Nie Feng would take the initiative, and he would lose, and losing meant that his Dragon Pavilion was truly finished.

Although his heart ached, Lee Fei could only face Nie Feng and didn't dare to go to his rescue.

Nie Feng, your Kunlun Sect is truly heartless, to actually disregard the millions of disciples for your own life! Although he was enemies with Kunlun Sect, that did not mean that Lee Fei could remain indifferent as tens of millions of lives passed by like this.

So what if those trash are dead? When we go back, my Kunlun Sect will only need to shout loudly and there will be more people coming after me. So what if they are dead?! Nie Feng said indifferently.

Do you really not care about human life? This is a million lives! Lee Fei roared.

Humph! Lee Fei, you really disappoint me, stepping on Cultivation Realm is like speaking with strength. If you don't have strength, then you will die; no one can blame you for that, no matter how many times they die, they will be the same. In this world, only the strong are worthy to continue living! " Nie Feng said with a faint smile as he gently stroked his Flowing Cloud Sword.

You …! Lee Fei felt that he really had nothing else to say. Nie Feng was right, Cultivation Realm was such a world where the strong preyed on the weak, but looking at the crowd below disappearing Lee Fei, it was really …

Nie Feng, come on! Do the last battle! Lee Fei looked at Nie Feng and roared, the Heaven-killing Sword seemed to have felt its master's boundless anger and started to buzz.

Interesting, interesting. I would actually like to see just how much skill you still have in this so-called final battle! With a chuckle, Nie Feng also lowered his Flowing Cloud Sword and looked at Lee Fei.

Heaven-killing, I am willing to lend you all my power. Help me kill that bastard! Lee Fei did not speak to Nie Feng but instead looked down towards the Heaven-killing Sword and said indifferently.

Haha, Lee Fei, are you crazy? To actually say such words to a sword, even if you want to win, you don't have to be crazy to this extent! Nie Feng looked at Lee Fei who was talking to the Heaven-killing Sword and laughed out loud.

He is my second life, and also my best friend! Lee Fei's tone was filled with determination.

Humph! The sword was just a weapon. I truly do not know how a person like you could possibly cultivate to such a level and still fight me! " Nie Feng snorted coldly.

Is that so? Then let me show you the true strength of Heaven-killing! Lee Fei was also too lazy to continue arguing with Nie Feng. All of the arguments were not as realistic as the final result.

Then let me experience it! He had already decided. Not only did he not defeat Lee Fei, he also wanted to let Lee Fei know that the sword was just a tool, it couldn't even be compared to a human.

Heaven-killing Dragon God Slash! The blade of the sword turned halfway. Lee Fei waved the Heaven-killing Sword as if it was a half-moon hanging in the sky. However, this half-moon was blood-red and looked somewhat sinister.

Mysterious Sky Slash! Extending the Cloud Sky Sword horizontally, the blue light scattered in the air before finally gathering at one place. Nie Feng's eyes were currently filled with determination, it was as though his sword could cut the entire world apart.

It's finally time! Below, Dong Fann and the others looked at this scene with a hint of seriousness in their eyes. Compared to Lee Fei, they knew that what they had done was too small. Lee Fei had shouldered all the responsibility.

Everyone, do your best and don't let Younger Brother Lee Fei have any concerns! He did not dare to say it out loud, because that would definitely affect Lee Fei.

Understood! Everyone resolutely returned.

Although the Rogue Immortal on Dragon Pavilion's side was about to reach their limit, they still allowed the last bit of their Immortal Essence's power to be used to save the disciples' lives.

Senior Xuan Dao, Senior Dong Fann, quickly leave us alone. As long as you are in Dragon Pavilion, we will not perish. Our deaths are not even worth mentioning! The disciples below, upon seeing Xuan Dao and the others' faces turn even paler, so much so that even blood flowed out from the corners of their mouths. They could not help but scream out loud.

Shut up! Xuan Dao shouted coldly.

All of you, quickly leave! After saying this, the disciples all fell to their knees.

What are all of you doing!? Dong Fann frowned and shouted.

Senior Xuan Dao, Senior Dong Fann, please don't bother with us. We cannot miss you two in this battle! As he spoke, the disciples began to wail and howl.

I said that everyone should watch the day we defeat Kunlun Sect. Don't give me any more thoughts! All of you, wake up …" Dong Fann wanted to continue, but before he finished his sentence, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Senior Dong Fann! The disciples immediately stood up and shouted to Dong Fann nervously.

Dong Fann? Xuan Dao and the others also looked towards Dong Fann.

Nothing, continue! Dong Fann said plainly before he stopped talking and continued to use his Immortal Essence power.

Lee Fei saw everything below, but he didn't dare to be distracted by Lee Fei.

Lee Fei poured all the Dragon Qi in his body into the Heaven-killing Sword. At this moment, Lee Fei was betting everything on the Heaven-killing Sword, because this was Lee Fei's trust towards the Heaven-killing.

Sensing that Lee Fei's trust in the Heaven-killing Sword had also erupted with that indomitable aura, that imposing aura rushed towards the Flowing Cloud Sword and its master, Nie Feng, and the Heaven-killing Sword firmly locked onto them.

Once the sword was sent out, either you die or I die!

The Heaven-killing Sword had already revealed all of its intentions. This was a battle of destiny, which similarly affected the entire situation.

Nie Feng, come on! Lee Fei shouted and waved the Heaven-killing Sword. That half moon gathered all the energy in the area and gathered on the tip of the sword to shoot directly at Nie Feng who was facing him.

Good job! With a soft shout, Nie Feng also waved the Cloud Sky Sword that was hanging down from the bottom. The blue light radiated like a meteor falling forward.

Hu hu! The two streaks of sword gleams were like two arrows from the Mysterious Sky Swordplay, shooting towards each other. Everyone felt a sense of destruction within that berserk aura.

Boom!" The two sword glows directly collided and exploded once again not far from the fire pillar. In an instant, an incomparably powerful energy scattered and scattered even the fire pillar.

Not far away, the spacial rifts were frantically devouring each other, and this sudden burst of energy had naturally become the main force of his devouring.

Because of the powerful suction force from the spatial crack, and the energy that exploded out was not as stable as the pillar of fire, the energy around them all began to converge within the spatial crack.

Bang! At this moment, another sound came from high up in the sky. Raising his head, he saw that although the Heaven-killing Sword and the Flowing Cloud Sword no longer had that powerful energy, they continued to clash.

The tips of the two treasured swords clashed against each other. Even though it was just sword Qi, the point where the tip of the swords clashed with each other was actually slowly tearing open a tiny crack in space.

Heaven-killing, break! Forcefully channeling the last of the Dragon Qi from his body into the Heaven-killing Sword, Lee Fei shouted.

Whiz! After receiving Lee Fei's new input, the Dragon Qi Sword charged past the Flowing Cloud Sword and struck towards Wu Tie.

No, how could this be possible! Seeing the Heaven-killing Sword flying over, Nie Feng roared in disbelief.

In all of these years, he had never tried to fail, but he never thought that he would actually lose to a brat who had only stepped into the Cultivation Realm for twenty years.

Crunch, crunch! Suddenly, the Heaven-killing Sword started swaying when it was dancing. The sword itself looked very unstable in the air.

Puff! When the Heaven-killing Sword was just one finger away from Nie Feng's Dantian and was about to pierce through, Lee Fei suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, then Lee Fei and the Heaven-killing Sword powerlessly fell to the ground.

Younger Brother Lee Fei, Pavilion Master! Below, Dong Fann and the Dragon Pavilion disciples were all shocked.

Break for me! With a loud shout, Dong Fann and the others ignored the safety of their bodies and forcefully unleashed all of their Immortal Essence's power to disperse the energy ripples.

Younger Brother Lee Fei! They did not dare to delay them and immediately flew towards the place where Lee Fei had landed.

Luckily, Dong Fann and the others caught Lee Fei before he landed.

Sovereign! On the other side, another shout came from the Kunlun Sect. Dong Fann and the others looked over and saw Nie Feng falling down as well.

After taking a look, Dong Fann and the others ignored him. Lee Fei was the most important person right now. Younger Brother Lee Fei, Younger Brother Lee Fei, quickly wake up! Dong Fann and the others kept shaking Lee Fei's body as they shouted, but Lee Fei did not react at all.

Younger Brother Lee Fei is still alive, but his injuries are still too severe! Xuan Dao checked on Lee Fei's injuries, and there was a look of deep concern on his face.

The surrounding people from the Dragon Pavilion were all calling out to Lee Fei to wake up, but their voices were unable to reach Lee Fei's ears. Lee Fei was not only exhausted this time, he did not hold back at all, at this moment, there was no Dragon Qi in his body at all.


Sovereign! Elder Zhang and Liu Tie shouted from the ground beside Nie Feng. Unfortunately, Nie Feng and Lee Fei were both completely unconscious and couldn't hear anything.

Old Zhang, what do you think we should do? Elder Su asked Elder Zhang, who was standing beside him.

Eh? Elder Zhang lowered his head in thought, with their current strength, it seemed like it would be impossible for them to completely destroy Dragon Pavilion, but this time, it could be said that they had brought out all their best, if it ended like this, it would be too big of a blow to Kunlun Sect's reputation.

Old Zhang, it looks like we can only do that! Elder Su seemed to have made up his mind.

Are you sure? But our ancestors said that we can't do that without the most critical juncture! Elder Zhang still hesitated.

Is the situation not critical enough? Even the Clan Master was defeated, and if we cannot eliminate the Dragon Pavilion today, then how will our Kunlun Sect be able to dominate and cultivate the Immortal Realm again in the future! Elder Su said.

Alright! With that, Elder Zhang took off the storage ring from Nie Feng's hand, then Elder Zhang released his consciousness into the storage ring to search.

Found it! Very quickly, Elder Zhang called out happily. He then saw a very special message in his hand.

Then I'll pass the message to that person! Elder Zhang looked at Elder Su with a serious expression.

Yes! Elder Su nodded.

He didn't hesitate to send a message with his spiritual sense to the other side.

Inside the Kunlun Sect, there was a stone house. The stone house was very simple: a stone bed, a stone table, and a few stone chairs. On the stone bed sat an old man.

Suddenly, an item flashed by the old man's side, and if one were to pay attention, one would discover that the item was exactly the same as the Elder's special message.

Sensing the message beside him, the old man opened his eyes. Those pair of eyes that seemed to be cloudy seemed to exude an incomparably domineering aura every now and then.

Did I, Kunlun, really encounter some unresolvable danger? The old man lightly said before he picked up the special transmission token.

The originally calm expression on the old man's face instantly darkened after reading the message.

Dragon Pavilion? Lee Fei? to actually be able to force my Kunlun Sect to such a state, but that will end here! The old man said with slight anger before disappearing from the stone house.

Old Zhang, do you think that the person that Sect Leader once mentioned really exists? Elder Su asked uncertainly.

I don't know, but I can only choose this path now. I have to bet on it anyway! Elder Zhang said helplessly.

They didn't understand what Elder Zhang and Elder Su were saying at all, but everyone could sense that the one who was hiding should be very strong, even stronger than the Patriarch.

Swish! Suddenly, an old man appeared beside Elder Zhang and Elder Su. This old man was the same old man in the stone house. However, his aura was more overbearing than the old man in front of him.

You are? Elder Zhang and Elder Su asked the old man in confusion, because they realized that even with their Seven-tribulation Rogue Immortal's cultivation, they could not see through each other, and did not even have a trace of aura.

Was the old man in front of him really an ordinary person? Elder Su and Elder Zhang didn't even think about this question.

If it was just an ordinary person, how could he have come to their side without any sound? Moreover, Elder Zhang and Elder Su couldn't even feel the person in front of them. This could only mean one thing, the old man in front of them was much stronger than them.

To be beaten up like this, who was it? The old man didn't answer the two of them, but asked them a question instead.

Sovereign was injured by the enemy's Lee Fei! As he spoke, Elder Su pointed at Lee Fei, who was surrounded by Dong Fann and the others.

In the blink of an eye, the old man locked his gaze onto Lee Fei.

Eh? is it that the aura coming from the Dragon Clan itself is not that of a human? The old man spoke with some surprise, but at the same time, he also became a bit more cautious.

The old man was thinking about Lee Fei's identity. After all, it would be troublesome if he was involved with Dragon Clan.

Kunlun Sect did indeed have a lot of power, but compared to Dragon Clan, it was still far too different. Although Kunlun Sect was the leader of Immortal Realm cultivation, Kunlun Sect was still unable to control the entire power that cultivated Immortal Realm.

But he could do it with his Dragon Clan.

Dragon Clan was not only the leader of Demon Realm but also the person who spoke the absolute truth. The entire Demon Realm could not be defied, so the difference between Kunlun Sect and Dragon Clan was extremely huge.

Just who is that Lee Fei you are talking about and why does he have the aura of Dragon Clan! The old man asked Elder Su and Elder Zhang.

Lee Fei is only a brat who came from Earth's Cultivation Realm, and there seems to be a Purple Gold Giant Dragon sealed within his body. However, he has nothing to do with Dragon Clan, and a while ago, he was kicked out of Demon Realm and was forever forbidden from entering Demon Realm due to Dragon Clan because of the First Prince! Elder Zhang said respectfully.

Purple Gold Giant Dragon? but was also expelled by the Dragon Clan? The old man was confused. He understood the meaning of Purple Gold Giant Dragon s to Dragon Clan, but why was Lee Fei being expelled by Dragon Clan?

This was also because Elder Zhang said something wrong and made the old man understand it wrongly. After all, Elder Zhang didn't understand the importance of Purple Gold Giant Dragon to Dragon Clan, and Han Yue and the others represented Dragon Pavilion to save Ao Feng. If Han Yue and the others were expelled, that would be the same as Lee Fei being expelled. They didn't think there was a big difference.

I really don't understand! The old man shook his head and said to Lee Fei.

May I ask if Senior is the Guardian within my Kunlun Sect? Elder Zhang and Elder Su stood up and bowed to the old man. This was what they wanted to know the most, and if it was really like this, then it was already certain that they would be able to eliminate Dragon Pavilion today.

That's right, I never thought there would be a day that I would have to take action, but that's good too, in another hundred years, I probably won't be able to suppress it. Ten-tribulation Rogue Immortal is indeed the limit of what I can do, if I make another breakthrough, I can only leave! The old man said.

Ten-tribulation Rogue Immortal? Elder Zhang and Elder Su's eyes were filled with shock. What kind of concept was this?

Once one reached the Eight Tribulations Rogue Immortal, they would have to leave the Cultivation Realm Continent, but what about this one? He had actually reached the Ten-tribulation Rogue Immortal, and from his tone, it seemed that he was going to break through to the Eleventh Heavenly Layer in a hundred years. He did not expect that there would be such a hidden expert in his Kunlun Sect.

This junior and this junior are protectors of Kunlun Sect. This junior pays his respects to senior! Elder Su and Elder Zhang immediately bowed towards the old man.

There's no need. I came out today to solve the problem. However, since I have left the forbidden area, I will probably leave within three days. Let's settle the matter at hand first! With that, the old man directly vanished before his eyes.

So fast, I didn't think that the spatial fluctuation was not Teleportation, could it be that it relied on its own speed? Elder Su and Elder Zhang were so shocked that they couldn't calm down for a long time while looking at the place where the old man was previously at. Not only them, even the people from Kunlun Sect were shocked when they saw this scene.

Almost at the same time, hope burned once again in the hearts of everyone within the Kunlun Sect. In their eyes, with an old man making a move this time, the destruction of the Dragon Pavilion was already a piece of cake!

Swish! The old man instantly appeared not far away from Dong Fann. However, at this moment, Dong Fann and the others were too nervous that Lee Fei didn't see the old man at all.

Then, what Dragon Pavilion is it? The old man's deep voice entered Dong Fann and the rest's ears.

Who is it? Suddenly, Dong Fann and the others were shocked. Someone was actually able to appear beside them without them even making a sound. If this person ambushed them just now, they would definitely die.

Who are you? Dong Fann and the others soon saw the old man and were extremely shocked.

"Who am I? I am just an old man from many years ago, it is about time for you to answer my question. The old man's words were calm and emotionless, but Dong Fann and the others felt like a sharp blade had pierced into their souls.

That's right, we are Dragon Pavilion! Xuan Dao and Dong Fann stood up and said. The others behind them

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