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You Can Trust the Communists: (To be Communists)


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You Can Trust the Communists: (To be Communists)

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This book shows that you can trust the Communists to pursue their plan for world domination, but places in your hands the most effective defense weapon there is. Now you can have full knowledge of Communism, learn to understand it, oppose it, and thus bring true freedom to prevail throughout the world.

“MUST READING”—American Legion Magazine

“...should be read by every American, especially by the millions who are unaware of the insidious and subversive tactics employed by our enemy...”—St. Louis Globe-Democrat

“Dr. Schwarz’ analysis is both clear and provocative. His book makes for stimulating, and at times even chilling...reading...”—Salt Lake City Deseret News-Telegram

“Schwarz does more than point out the danger. He offers a program to battle it...”—Evansville, Indiana Press

“...required reading because it can do much to eliminate the confusion that so-called Red double-talk seems to cause...”—Portland, Maine Telegram-Press Herald
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