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Immortal Descending: Volume 5

Immortal Descending: Volume 5

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Immortal Descending: Volume 5

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Jun 18, 2020


AD 2012, October 1st. NASA received a set of data from a satellite. After deciphering it, it was found to be a picture of the Earth.

Jun 18, 2020

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Immortal Descending - Zhou Shao



They knew about Lee Fei's return, but Lee Fei hadn't come looking for trouble with them in such a long time, so they didn't know what Lee Fei was planning.

As for this time Lee Fei had announced to the entire Qingzhou Continent, anyone could participate as long as they were able to make it on the day of their wedding.

Lee Fei and his team were mortal enemies, but this time, Lee Fei didn't come back to cause trouble for them. What should he do?

As for the attitude of the three forbidden grounds above the three great forces, it was clear. There was no need to talk about Xiaoyao Valley, since Ao Xin stood by Lee Fei, then Lee Fei and Squeak's wedding Xiaoyao Valley would naturally be attended. As for Soul-chasing Mountain Villa, there was no need to talk about them.

Previously, Lee Fei did not attack Merciless Sea because of a favor Lee Fei had given them. It was impossible for them to not come because of such a favor, and World Exterminating Might also required Lee Fei's help, but both sides still did not know about it until now, and under the leadership of the two Supreme Powerful Man, they both knew about it. Unfortunately, neither of them knew about the other party already, and now they were both still thinking of how to explain it to the other party clearly.

There was no need to talk about the Merciless Sea of the Three Great Forbidden Areas, not to mention that they couldn't even come. Being trapped in the Merciless Sea with Lee Fei as well as being on guard duty, they were like turtles trapped in a jar, unable to even think of a chance to come out. Furthermore, even if they could come out, it was impossible for them to congratulate Lee Fei.

Lee Fei's wedding was to be held one month later. As for why it took so long, it was indeed a good day to come. Although the two of them were already heaven-defying and didn't care about such days, due to the customs of their hometown, Earth, they still chose to do so.

Secondly, because a month's time was given to those people who were relatively far away, those who weren't very strong yet wanted to rush over and congratulate the two of them, a month's time was enough for them to arrive at the Holy King Pavilion.

Within a month, the entire Holy King Pavilion was bustling with activity. Luminous lanterns and banners could be seen everywhere within the enormous Holy King Pavilion. Red lanterns could be seen everywhere. The entire interior of the Holy King Pavilion had turned into a field of red.

During this month, Lee Fei didn't do anything else and stayed with them everyday. Although they were getting married soon, the two of them still stuck together like glue. Sometimes, when Dong Fann and the others saw the two of them together, they wondered if they were really stuck together by something.

Lee Fei had also sent someone to look for Ao Feng, but there was no news at all. Luckily, Ao Feng's soul Jade Chip was still safe and sound, otherwise, Lee Fei would probably think that something had happened to Ao Feng outside.

While the entire Holy King Pavilion was filled with joy and excitement, there was one person who was worrying about everything, Feng Yue seemed as if she had lost her soul, as she did nothing at all. She would often stay in her room for a month, and even if she did come out occasionally, she would lose her usual demeanor. Many people went to ask Feng Yue what had happened, but Feng Yue did not say a single word to anyone, so in the end, everyone had no choice but to give up.

One month could be said to pass in the blink of an eye for Immortal Cultivator. Very quickly, the joyous day of Lee Fei and Zhi Zhi arrived.

On this day, Dong Fann and the others acted as the guests. As usual, Squeak and Lee Fei stood outside to greet the guests. However, considering the strength and position of the two, the final task was handed over to Dong Fann and the others.

Furthermore, Dong Fann and the others gave the guests face. After all, Dong Fann and the others were considered to be very strong in the Qingzhou Continent.

As wave after wave of people from those lower level forces arrived, the Holy King Pavilion was already packed full of people. And at this time, First Hall of Devil King Hall, First Hall of Hell, Meng Rufeng, together with his younger brother, Meng Ruhai, have come to congratulate you with a piece of Myriad Profound Jade.

The other powers within the Holy King Pavilion, upon hearing this, immediately quietened down from their previous clamor, and everyone turned to look at the main entrance.

At that moment, Meng Rufeng and Meng Ruhai were standing there chatting with Dong Fann and the others.

Everyone was shocked. The people of the Qingzhou and its grudge with the Qingzhou were all aware of it, but they didn't expect that the two highest controllers of the Devil King Hall would actually come today.

After conversing with Dong Fann and the others for a while, the two Meng Family brothers walked over. However, not long after they walked in, another voice rang out.

The first hole of the Demon King Mountain, Demon King Xumi, and the second hole, Demon King Lee Feng, have come to congratulate you by giving you the Myriad Profound Ice Iron!

This time, even the two Meng Family brothers were slightly startled. They did not expect that the people from the Demon King Mountain would also come.

Naturally, they welcomed the newcomer Dong Fann. This was what Lee Fei had said at the beginning. However, all visitors must come in. This was also a chance Lee Fei had given them.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Xumi and Lee Feng walked in. The two of them directly walked towards the Meng Family Brothers.

I didn't expect that you guys would also come! Xumi said with a faint smile.

I also didn't expect you two to come! Meng Rufeng replied indifferently, and then the two people walked to a table to the side and sat down. They gave both sides a special position in the Holy King Pavilion.

Just when everyone thought that the guests were all here, Liu Tie's voice sounded from within the Holy King Pavilion, The four Villa Masters of Soul-chasing Mountain Villa, along with the Lord of Xiaoyao Valley, Valley Lord Ao Xin, and Great Elder Ao Wuxu, each party will gift one Holy Artifact!

Devil King Hall and Demon King Mountain were already beyond their imagination. What they did not expect was that even two of the three great forbidden grounds had come, so this kind of shock was just too great. This also caused Lee Fei's and Squeak's status to rise greatly among all the guests.

At this time, there would no longer be anyone who would come here, and even if someone did, it would be impossible for them to enter again. After all, if you had come here after the three great forbidden grounds, what did you think of the reputation of the forbidden grounds as? Therefore, Dong Fann and the others chose to close the door.

The originally noisy atmosphere disappeared after the people from the Devil King Hall and the two forbidden grounds came. After all, no matter what, with the four groups of people there, they did not dare to act casually.

Even Meng Rufeng, Meng Rufeng, and Xumi and Lee Feng only returned to their respective seats after paying their respects to the two people of the forbidden area. This way, the other factions wouldn't need to be mentioned.

But today was a wedding, how could such silence last long?

Welcome to Holy King Pavilion to congratulate Lee Fei and Zhi Zhi's wedding. Once again, on behalf of the two newbies, I would like to thank everyone! After speaking, Dong Fann faced the crowd below and bowed.

Dong Fann stood up and looked at the crowd below, and he had to say that there were indeed quite a few people who had come today, even if each of the lower level forces only had one representative, but they still filled up the entire Holy King Pavilion with people. If it wasn't for Dong Fann who used the virtual space to arrange a larger space here, there probably wouldn't be enough Holy King Pavilion to greet these people.

According to Dong Fann's estimate today, the Holy King Pavilion had opened more than a hundred gates to welcome these people, and the number of people welcoming them on each side was at least above ten thousand. Dong Fann's side was the lowest, after all, they were all received by some of the higher ups, and even if they could not compare to the three great forces, they were only at a lower level.

He estimated that the number of people who came here was at least several million, and there was only one major power from each side. Of course, the exceptions were the three major powers and the three forbidden lands.

This was the effect of one's strength. If it was anyone else, even if it was the Grand Villa Master of Soul-chasing Mountain Villa, Dong Jue's wedding wouldn't be so lively.

"Everyone, in order to welcome everyone, my Holy King Pavilion, in order to welcome you all, has placed a pot of thousand year purple orchids on each guest's table. Under the flower pot, a pair of thousand-year cold jade boxes are placed on each guest's table, and under the flower pot, a pair of thousand-year cold jade boxes are placed.

I think that everyone might not understand these two things very well. Let me explain to everyone here, Purple Orchid is an ancient herb, if you consume one petal of Purple Orchid when you face a breakthrough, you can ensure that your inner demons will be eradicated, and this thousand year Purple Orchid can also instantly help you consolidate your breakthrough. As for the thousand-year Cold Jade Box, it is used to conserve Purple Orchid, so everyone can also use this thousand-year Cold Jade Box to store some herbs. Dong Fann said to everyone with a smile.

The entire audience went into an uproar!

When these people came, they treated the pot of flowers in front of them as if they were decorations. They didn't expect it to be such a divine item! There was also a somewhat cool white jade box below him. It was originally a thousand-year-old cold jade. These two were supreme treasures!

When humans had a breakthrough, they would sometimes encounter mental demons, and that was what scared Immortal Cultivator the most, because a single mistake could cause themselves to suffer a backlash. With this purple orchid, they no longer had to worry about it, and it could actually solidify their cultivation, which was even more heaven-defying.

That wasn't the most important thing. The most important thing was …

How many people are there?

Several million! And Dong Fann said just now, everyone has a portion!


Doesn't that mean that today, these two treasures have been given a few hundred portions? What kind of concept was this? There were probably less than ten people who had heard of this purple orchid before, because when Dong Fann said it, only the few Villa Masters of Soul-chasing Mountain Villa and Ao Xin's face slightly twitched. Obviously, only they knew the history and value of this thing.

It was already amazing that there were one or two of these godly items, and it would even cause some bloodshed. But now, Lee Fei had taken out millions of these, so not to mention the other two forces, he probably wouldn't even be able to take them out.

Originally, it was only a few seeds left behind by the ancient dragon god, but after so many years, it had already grown into a large grassland. Lee Fei had previously plundered all the purple orchids there and it was enough to fill up a city, so what did the few million flowers today count as?

Seeing the look of shock on the faces of the people below, Dong Fann laughed, Hehe! Such a small gift is not something that people like!

Hearing this, everyone below immediately fixed their gaze on the purple orchid in front of them. From their appearances, they were deeply afraid that the Holy King Pavilion would take back this purple orchid in one second.

As for the small gift Dong Fann talked about, if it wasn't for the fact that these people were weak and couldn't beat him, and the fact that they couldn't afford to disrespect him, Dong Fann would probably turn into a pig head right now.

* Showing off naked? How could this be called a small gift? A small power might not even be able to afford this kind of thing. Now, not only are you giving it away for free, but you're even releasing millions of it. If you call such a gift a small gift, then you won't be able to live.

Originally, many people in the crowd felt their hearts ache for the wedding gift that was prepared for them. After all, they couldn't be too stingy when it came to congratulating Lee Fei and Zhizhi on their wedding ceremony! However, when he saw Lee Fei's gift, he realized that it was nothing.

Even the gifts given by the two great forces in the forbidden area couldn't be said to be more valuable than the gifts given by the Holy King Pavilion of humans.

And don't mind what Dong Fann said? Everyone wanted to curse loudly.

Disliked? The more of this kind of thing, the better! At this moment, everyone was thinking, if only these several million purple orchids and that cold jade box were his, then even that thousand-year cold jade box was an extremely valuable item. The thousand year cold rain, even if it was used during refining, could allow a small piece of the Immortal Artifact of Middle Grade to increase the grade, and the value of these millions of cold jade boxes would probably be comparable to the value of the large families that were only inferior to the three forces.

Rich people are indeed different? This couple was truly worthy of being called the pinnacle figures of this continent! This was extravagant! This was not something that an ordinary power would dare to do or have the ability to do.

Just when everyone was in shock, two powerful presences suddenly soared into the sky. Purple Gold Giant Dragon and Demonic Dragon Zixi simultaneously flew up into the sky, and there was a person standing above each of the Purple Gold Giant Dragon s and Demonic Dragon Zixi. If one looked carefully, if the person on top of the Purple Gold Giant Dragon was not Squeak, then it was who, and the person on top of Demonic Dragon Zixi was, of course, Lee Fei.

Lee Fei and Squeak were both wearing red makeup today.

Lee Fei was wearing a red brocade robe and a groom's hat on his head, just like the wedding in ancient times. At this moment, Lee Fei's face was filled with joy. If he didn't know Lee Fei's identity, everyone would probably think he was just a boy next door.

On top of the Purple Gold Giant Dragon's head, Squeak Squeak was wearing a bright red dress. Behind Squeak Squeak, Feng Yue and Feng Yan were pulling on Squeak Squeak's long skirt.

One could say that a woman's marriage was indeed the most beautiful. It was already considered a beauty that could topple nations, and during today's wedding, it looked even more mature and charming. When they saw Squeak's first glance, all of the men present were moved. Of course, this was only from the perspective of admiration, after all, no matter how beautiful Squeak was, they would clearly know that this woman would never be theirs.

Lee Fei and Zhizhi were riding on top of two huge ancient dragons that were flying high in the sky above the Holy King Pavilion. They were the first people in Gu and modern times to appear in such a way.

Jealousy rose in the man's heart, while endless envy and anticipation rose in the woman's heart.

Many women looked at Zhizhi and had a thought. If only I was the one on top of that giant dragon, even if it was just for a second, I would be more than willing to trade my life for it.

The Purple Gold Giant Dragon and Demonic Dragon Zixi were flying proudly high in the sky, not even giving a single glance to anyone below them. The faint dragon aura that was being unknowingly emitted caused everyone to feel endless reverence for Lee Fei and the others.

The people from Soul-chasing Mountain Villa looked at Demonic Dragon Zixi with throbbing eyes, but they did not say anything. Today was Lee Fei's and Zhi Zhi's wedding day, if they did anything right now, it would be ruining this wedding, and as for the consequences, they could imagine it.

After roaming around the entire Holy King Pavilion for a lap, the Purple Gold Giant Dragon and Demonic Dragon Zixi flew towards the main platform.

Lee Fei smiled gently at Zhi Zhi and said, Let's go down!

Mhmm! Ye Zichen nodded obediently. Lee Fei and Squeak also walked forward, but they didn't fall down from the sky.

'Roar! "Two incomparably imposing dragon roars rose into the sky, followed by the sight of Purple Gold Giant Dragon and Demonic Dragon Zixi soaring down one after the other.

As for the two ancient dragons, they swooped down towards Lee Fei and squeak.

Are they crazy to attack their master?

Many people who saw Purple Gold Giant Dragon and Demonic Dragon Zixi rush towards the two could not help but guess the true meaning of the two Ancient Giant Dragons.

Under everyone's guesses, the Purple Gold Giant Dragon and Demonic Dragon Zixi finally arrived above Zhizhi and Lee Fei. However, just when everyone thought that Lee Fei and Zhizhi would be killed by the two Ancient Giant Dragons, an amazing thing happened.

The Purple Gold Giant Dragon and Demonic Dragon Zixi had disappeared, and a rainbow bridge suddenly appeared beneath Lee Fei and Zhi Zhi's feet. The rainbow bridge appeared below them without any warning, and Lee Fei and Zhi Zhi started to walk step by step towards the bottom of the rainbow bridge, which was the main stage.

Behind the two of them, Feng Yue and Feng Yan dragged their skirts as they walked up as well.

Surprise! Who would have thought that the two ancient dragons would turn into a rainbow bridge!

Stepping on the rainbow bridge from 100,000 feet in the air, the two of them walked step by step until they reached the wedding hall. This was the dream of so many women! In an instant, many of the women in the crowd cried. It was not because they had witnessed this scene that they could not be moved.

The women who used to be the tyrants of a certain force, at this moment, because of Lee Fei and Squeak's marriage, put down their usual hypocritical and overbearing appearance to reveal the truest side of their heart.

Lee Fei and Squeak walked step by step. As for the crowd below, they all stood up and silently gave their blessings to Lee Fei and Squeak.

Slowly, Lee Fei and Zhizhi finally arrived at the main platform.

Although this rainbow bridge was very long, it only took Lee Fei and Zhi Zhi a short time to get down.

However, the real time was actually not short. It was just that in such a scene and in such an atmosphere, everyone forgot the flow of time. In their hearts, they only wished the two rookies a simple blessing.

A wedding like this might not be impossible, but it was definitely a wedding that would last until the present!

Standing on the stage, Lee Fei and Squeak faced the crowd and said, Thank you for attending my wedding. My wife and I would like to thank everyone for coming!

Not a single person sat down on the seats that the crowd was standing on, even the guests from Devil King Hall, Demon King Mountain, Soul-chasing Mountain Villa and Xiaoyao Valley were the same.

Next, let us use the heaven and earth as our witness to bless the two newbies in forming a bond here. May they become one for all eternity! Dong Fann walked up to Lee Fei and shouted loudly.

We will never forget each other! The crowd started to shout as well.

Can we really achieve the same goal forever? At this time, a cold voice appeared in the crowd's ears.

Everyone present felt their heart skip a beat. At this time, in front of Lee Fei and Squeak, who would dare to say such words?

Everyone looked towards the direction where the voice came from. There was a cold man standing there. He did not dodge or evade, instead, he just stood there looking at Lee Fei and the others.

Quite a number of people could already imagine the scene where this person would turn into minced meat in the next second! After all, Lee Fei's reputation as the Supreme Powerful Man of the Qingzhou Continent was not for show!

However, the anger that everyone imagined did not happen after a while. Lee Fei stood there and looked at the person with a complicated expression.

Ao Feng, are you crazy to say something like this on Brother Lee Fei's wedding day? Dong Fann took a step forward and started to shout, the anger in his voice gone beyond words.

Not only Lee Fei, anyone who saw Ao Feng and knew of the relationship between Ao Feng and Lee Fei was shocked and confused. They didn't understand what was going on with Ao Feng. With his relationship with Lee Fei, he should be the first to express his blessings to Lee Fei on this occasion! Why did it come down to Lee Fei instead?

Am I crazy? Am I crazy? Haha!" Ao Feng laughed maniacally, his laughter was filled with endless complications.

Guilt, determination, hesitation, self-blame... A lot of conflicting emotions were expressed by Ao Feng's laughter.

What happened? Lee Fei asked. From Ao Feng's words and actions, Lee Fei knew that a lot of things must have happened while Ao Feng was gone. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Ao Feng's personality to change so much.

In just a split-second, Lee Fei deduced that something big must have happened to Ao Feng. This might have been something that he hadn't returned to, even when he sent out his men to search, he couldn't find it. Lee Fei was puzzled before, he didn't expect the uneasiness in his heart to be real.

Nothing happened. Isn't today your wedding? Can I get a goblet of wedding wine?" Ao Feng suddenly became unusually calm as he asked Lee Fei.

Hmm? Lee Fei frowned. He didn't understand what was going on with Ao Feng, why did he change so much in such a short period of time.


What's wrong? Don't tell me I came to ask for a cup of wedding wine and refused to give it to you?" Ao Feng said when he saw that Lee Fei didn't move.

How could that be!? Elder Brother Ao Feng, we've been waiting for you! Squeaking, he grabbed a glass of wine from the table behind him and handed it to Ao Feng.

For others, Squeak Squeak may be able to pass the wine over directly, but Ao Feng couldn't. Because Ao Feng and Lee Fei could be said to be brothers of life and death, so Squeak Squeak must personally deliver the wine to Ao Feng.

Zhizhi! Lee Fei shouted. Lee Fei felt that he should have gone over himself.

He turned around and shook his head at Lee Fei, Let me go! I can talk to Elder Brother Ao Feng to see what exactly happened! You won't be able to do these things!" Squeak squeak sounds rang in Lee Fei's mind.

It was true that he couldn't do these things, just like when Ao Feng appeared. Lee Fei was asking, but asking directly wasn't the best way, but it was much better than Lee Fei to take care of these things.

He walked up to Ao Feng and handed him a glass of wine. Elder Brother Ao Feng, thank you for coming back to my wedding!

Ao Feng took the wine cup and drank it up after giving a meaningful glance. No matter what, this wine cup was his blessing to Lee Fei, this brother of his.

Where have you been these days, Elder Brother Ao Feng? We're all worried about you, but we can't find you!" Ao Feng squeaked as he finished his drink.

Squeak, squeak... Ao Feng looked at him and screamed, but he seemed to have something he couldn't say.

What's wrong, Elder Brother Ao Feng? Squeak squeak asked curiously.

Squeak squeak! I'm sorry! Ao Feng said guiltily.

? Squeak squeak was puzzled, but at that moment, a golden light flashed by. Following that, a look of disbelief appeared on Squeak squeak's face as he looked at Ao Feng.

Zhizhi! Lee Fei, Feng Yue, Feng Yan, Dong Fann, Xuan Dao … Everyone started shouting.

Fresh blood splattered. Ao Feng's spear directly pierced into Squeak Squeak's body. Everyone on the scene stood up in shock and looked at the Squeak of the bullet. This sudden event was too shocking for them.

'Hu! ', in a flash, Lee Fei arrived beside Squeak Squeak, he first looked at Squeak, the long spear pierced through Squeak's body, but fortunately Squeak Squeak cultivated the same profound energy as him, not with his dantian's Nascent Infant, so such an attack would not be fatal, but even if he was heavily injured, it was certain.

Lee Fei turned around and looked at Ao Feng, Do you know what you are doing? Lee Fei roared at Ao Feng in anger, at this moment, that boundless murderous aura soared to the sky and caused the heaven and earth to change color. If it wasn't for the fact that this person in front of him was Ao Feng, Lee Fei would have already attacked out of anger. Lee Fei was enduring, but his eyes started to turn red, even Lee Fei's aura had a hint of madness, this was a sign that Lee Fei was going to go berserk.

Ao Feng, you vindictive bastard! Dong Fann rushed forward and punched Ao Feng in the face, this punch contained all of Wu Tie's Immortal Essence power, so Ao Feng's head exploded from the punch, but as long as it did not hit his dantian's Nascent Infant, Ao Feng's brain explosion injury was healed in the blink of an eye.

Ao Feng, have you lost your mind? Squeak squeak, did you forget what Brother Lee Fei did to you in the past?" Dong Fann pointed at Ao Feng and roared.

Ao Feng! Lee Fei's angry voice rang.

This determination caused a feeling of destruction in Jiu Xiao. His beloved woman was heavily injured by his brother in front of him. Under such a situation, Lee Fei was about to lose all of his rationality.

Behind Lee Fei, the Purple Gold Giant Dragon and Demonic Dragon Zixi were jumping up and down. As long as Lee Fei gave the order, they would definitely go along with him to destroy Deities and Buddha, even if Lee Fei wanted to destroy the world.

Not good! Dong Yuan shouted when he saw Lee Fei's reaction.

At this moment, Lee Fei had completely lost all rationality. If Lee Fei attacked in full force due to anger, it was not hard to imagine what would happen.

Ao Feng, why? Why?" Lee Fei's eyes that had turned blood-red looked at Ao Feng and roared furiously.

Things from the past few years with Ao Feng surfaced in Lee Fei's mind one by one.

When they first met in the Wilderness, Lee Fei had no idea why Ao Feng would do such a thing to his beloved woman after stepping into the Cultivation Realm.

If someone else hurt Squeak Lee Fei, he would definitely be angry, but he would not be so angry that he would lose his mind. This matter was done by Ao Feng.

Ao Feng could be said to be one of the few brothers with Lee Fei. For him, Lee Fei could be said to not care about his life, but recently, he got such a result.

Brother Lee Fei, I'm sorry, I have to do this for a reason! he said weakly, looking at Lee Fei Ao Feng.

Brother? Are you even fit to call me brother?" As he spoke, Lee Fei's eyes flashed, preparing to get Purple Gold Giant Dragon and Demonic Dragon Zixi to attack, but at this time, a small, icy hand grabbed onto Lee Fei's shoulder.

It was Squeak, who was leaning on Lee Fei's chest. He lowered his head to look at Squeak, and when he saw Squeak, Lee Fei's lost rationality finally returned a little bit.

Zhizhi, I will definitely avenge you! Lee Fei was very decisive, but Zhizhi knew that Lee Fei was bleeding inside his heart when he said those words.

After so many years, the relationship between Lee Fei and Ao Feng was obviously very clear. It could be said that even blood brothers could not have such a good relationship with each other. Everyone could risk their lives for each other, but now …

At that moment, Squeak Squeak's face was completely pale and her beautiful face was filled with weakness and powerlessness. One could imagine how much damage Ao Feng did to Squeak Squeak just now.

Fly, don't! Creak, who was in Lee Fei's arms, said to him with great difficulty.

No, I definitely won't let anyone hurt you! Lee Fei immediately rejected Squeak's words.

Squeak squeak, there's no need to plead with him anymore. This kind of scum is not worthy of being our brother. He's also not fit to live in this world! Dong Fann and the others said angrily after hearing squeak.

As the highest controller of Nvwa Clan, he was the next generation of the Nuwa Family. With such a status, what kind of reverence did he have, and his own strength was terrifyingly strong as well, but even so, he was usually like a little sister to Dong Fann, because Lee Fei called them big brothers. Lee Fei called them all big brothers.

In the hearts of Dong Fann and the others, they were like sisters, but today, Ao Feng, who was also their former brother, actually did such a thing to Lee Fei's woman and our sister. If it was anyone else, they would not have been able to bear it.

No, listen to me! Seeing that Lee Fei, Dong Fann and the rest were so anxious to stop them, a trace of blood seeped out from the corner of their mouths due to forcing themselves to move.

Zhizhi, don't move. Just say it! Seeing Zhizhi, Lee Fei immediately stopped and said.

Dong Fann and the others also did not dare to move.

Fei, Elder Brother Dong Fann, Elder Brother Xuan Dao, Feng Yue, Feng Yue, Feng Yan, believe me, Elder Brother Ao Feng must have had some sort of hidden trouble. Before he attacked me, he said he was sorry, but you all have to ask clearly, I believe that Elder Brother Ao Feng definitely has some difficulties that we don't know about!

Although Lee Fei didn't want to agree, he still agreed in order to prevent Squeak from getting angry and hurting him.

Four Great Elders, help me take care of Squeak Squeak! Lee Fei gave Squeak to the four great elders. They had already appeared from the Purified Bottle the moment it was in Squeak's hands, but Squeak kept suppressing them from causing trouble for Ao Feng. Instead, he gave Squeak to the four great elders.

Ao Feng, tell me, why did you do this! Lee Fei looked coldly at Ao Feng and asked. Although he was asking, but could Lee Fei still hear any excuses? All excuses were not as real as facts.

The truth was, Lee Fei was only aware of this point, and Dong Fann and the rest were only able to see this point.

Regardless of the hundreds of thousands of excuses Ao Feng gave, from today onwards, Ao Feng would never be Lee Fei's brother again. That was the end of this brotherhood.

I'm sorry, Lee Fei, I really have to do this! Ao Feng lowered his head and said. However, under his lowered head, there were actually sparkling and translucent tears that were dripping down.

Since you don't want to say it, then don't say it! Lee Fei didn't have the time to wait for Ao Feng to give an excuse. While they were talking, Lee Fei and Dong Fann had already instigated their primeval essence to burst out with the strongest attack at any time.

As for Ao Xin, they were stunned on the spot. They never would have thought that Ao Feng would do such a thing, in their eyes, Sun Tie was a very good kid, in the future Ao Xin, Ao Wuxu and Ao Wuxu still wanted to nurture Ao Feng to take over Dragon Clan, but now …. They were truly in a state of confusion, unable to figure out what Ao Feng was doing.

He coldly looked at the four people in front of him, Lee Fei's eyes were filled with killing intent, Let, let, die! These four words were a life and death decision.


Looking at Lee Fei and Dong Yuan, they didn't know what to do. The result would be that the entire continent would be harmed, but Lee Fei wouldn't be allowed to go there? How could the four of them organize Lee Fei?

I'll say it one last time, let, no, die! Seeing the four of them not moving, Lee Fei's bone-chilling cold voice sounded again, this time Lee Fei had already made up his mind. If Dong Yuan and the others didn't say anything, Lee Fei would treat them as obstructing him, but blocking him, then they must die.

Lee Fei, wait a moment! A voice resounded in the sky. Raising his head, he saw Dong Jue quickly walking out from the Space Black Hole.

Dong Jue, if your Soul-chasing Mountain Villa really wants to stop me, then I don't mind extinguishing all of your Soul-chasing Mountain Villa. Last time when I retreated, it did not mean that I would really continue to back down! Lee Fei's tone carried an incomparable tyranny, and the domineering tone could be heard by everyone.

Seeing that Lee Fei was no longer listening to him, Dong Yuan did not say anything further. He turned his body to the side and reached out his hand towards the sky, Come out! Following Liu Tie's shout, a figure suddenly appeared from the originally empty void.

Hmm? Who are you?" Lee Fei looked at that man and asked coldly.

Humph! As expected of the Guardian of Soul-chasing Mountain Villa! Looking at Dong Jue's mysterious man, he coldly snorted, then looked at Lee Fei, Who am I? Haha! The mysterious man just laughed loudly and stopped talking.

I've already done what you told me to do. Now you should let my parents and brother go! Seeing the person, Ao Feng shouted at him.

Hearing this, Lee Fei and Dong Fann finally understood why this happened. It was because the person in front of them did it.

Haha! Don't worry, I've already said that if you can injure Lee Fei or his woman badly, I will let them go and they will never go back on their words! Saying that, he saw a black space suddenly appear beside Ao Feng, followed by Ao Feng's parents and Ao Feng's elder brother walking out.

Dad, mom, and bro, are you guys okay? Ao Feng asked anxiously when he saw them.

We are fine, Feng Er, I heard that person say that you hurt Lee Fei and Squeak? What was going on? What did you do?" Ruan Qing, the mother of Ao Feng, asked Ao Feng as soon as she appeared.

Mom, I … Ao Feng felt like he couldn't say it.

What happened to Feng Er, tell me! Ruan Qing called out once more.

Yeah, Feng'er, what happened? What did that person force you to do before he was willing to release us? asked Ao Feng's father, Dragon Emperor.

Big brother, tell me! Ao Feng's second brother, Ao Xuan, also asked Ao Feng.

Seeing his three relatives questioning him like that, Ao Feng lost all the joy he had in saving them. He had saved his family, yet he had harmed his brothers. Even that brotherly love had disappeared.

You want to know how he saved you? Seeing that Ao Feng did not dare to answer, the mysterious man in the sky smiled at Ao Feng and his family.

What did you force Feng Er to do? Ruan Qing glared at the mysterious man as she asked angrily.

Ruan Qing glanced at the mysterious man and smiled complacently, It's nothing, he just seriously injured Lee Fei's most beloved woman, the descendant of Nuwa. This is my condition, I didn't expect your son to be so affectionate, haha!

Hearing this, Ruan Qing and the others looked at Ao Feng blankly as if they had been struck by lightning, Feng Er, is what he said true? In fact, the moment Ruan Qing and the others appeared, they immediately noticed that something was wrong. Lee Fei and Dong Fann, who were best brothers of the past, angrily glared at Ao Feng with an irreconcilable hatred.

Mother, I … Ao Feng's words reached his mouth but he still couldn't say it.

But what else was there to say?

Ruan Qing and the other two immediately understood that this was indeed true.

He looked at Lee Fei and the others, then looked back at the pale-faced Lee Fei and the others. Blood was still dripping from the corners of his mouth.

Feng Er, are you stupid?! Ruan Qing looked at Ao Feng and shouted in grief, Have you forgotten how Lee Fei treated our family back then? If it wasn't for Lee Fei, would our family reunite one day? You actually hurt Zhizhi now, how do you want me to say that to you!?

But mother, I can't not save you! Looking at his own mother and father, he complained painfully to his second brother, Ao Feng.

Feng Er! Big brother! Dragon Emperor and Ao Xuan both sighed.

How could they not know how much pain Ao Feng currently felt? Choosing between kinship and friendship was extremely difficult, and choosing one represented losing the other forever.

Ruan Qing glanced at Ao Feng, then turned around and looked at Lee Fei and the others, Lee Fei, my family has let you down! Ruan Qing looked at Lee Fei and said guiltily.

Lee Fei didn't say anything and just looked at Ruan Qing and the others.

I know you won't forgive us. Our family doesn't look forward to your wish. Ruan Qing's eyes showed a trace of death as she spoke.

He looked at the mysterious man in the sky, Although I don't know who you are, I want to tell you one thing. Our Dragon Clan has our own dignity. Saying that, Ruan Qing directly rushed towards the mysterious man.

Madame, Mother! Dragon Emperor, Ao Feng, and Ao Feng shouted.

Seeing this, Lee Fei also rushed forward. He understood what Ruan Qing wanted to do, but this matter was not to such an extent.

Auntie, don't! Lee Fei's voice sounded from behind Ruan Qing.

She turned around and looked at Lee Fei, Lee Fei, what our family owes you can only be repaid with our lives. We have no face to continue living in this world. As she spoke, Ruan Qing's body began to swell.

Seeing this scene, the mysterious man understood Ruan Qing's plan. However, Ruan Qing didn't care about it at all. The current Ruan Qing was only a Nine Tribulations Dispersing Demon. With this kind of strength, even if he used all his defenses, it wouldn't harm him at all.

You're overestimating yourself! The mysterious man looked at Ruan Qing and said before ignoring her.

'Boom! 'A huge mushroom cloud rose into the sky. Ruan Qing self-destructed, Lee Fei was knocked back by the aftermath of the explosion, but the mysterious man just stood there without moving at all.

Madam, Mother! Dragon Emperor and Ao Feng, the two brothers, howled towards the sky in grief. Two Nine-claw Golden Dragon s and one Dark Blood Dragon transformed into a Dragon Body and flew up into the sky.

Don't! Seeing Dragon Emperor and the other two fly high into the sky, Lee Fei shouted loudly. Lee Fei wanted to use Space Freeze to stop them, but it was too late.

Brother Lee Fei, please allow me to call you brother for the last time, I only know that I made a mistake from the start, but I don't have any room to turn back. Today, let me use my life to wash away the sins I have committed against you, and I hope you can forgive me! Ao Feng's dragon head turned to look at Lee Fei one last time, and then three loud sounds rang out.

The last sound was even more earth-shaking, and even the ground of Holy King Pavilion began to shake a little under the last sound. Faint cracks also appeared in the sky.

Lee Fei knew that the final self-detonation was from Ao Feng, and only his self-detonation could cause such a big commotion.

Elder Brother Ao Feng! At this moment, Lee Fei still shouted this title. What else could not be forgiven after death?

This family is all crazy, they actually collectively self-destructed! Just at this moment, the mysterious man's voice sounded again in the air, and hearing this person's words, Lee Fei's anger overflowed the heavens.

No matter who you are, no matter what ability you have, today, I, Lee Fei, once again swear that if I can't kill you, I, Lee Fei, will be struck by lightning and will never be a human!

If I don't kill you, I will definitely be struck by lightning and die. I will never be a human! Dong Fann and Xuan Dao also stood beside Lee Fei and shouted at the sky.

The three of them made the same vow, all for Ao Feng. Although Ao Feng had done something unforgivable, but now that he was dead, what was there to investigate? Now, Lee Fei and the others only know one thing, the person in front of them had killed his brother, and that's the only way for him to avenge his brother.

Kill me, Lee Fei. Your parents died in my hands years ago, do you think you can turn the tables today? That person sneered and said to Lee Fei.

You are Yao Ying? Lee Fei asked uncertainly, but it should be impossible! Yao Ying was not like that at all! Lee Fei's parents' memories were all in Lee Fei's head. If he recalled correctly, it was not this person!

What you are seeing is obviously not my true body, this is only a wisp of soul fragment that I left behind to prevent any accidents in my descendants back then. Right now, it is merely a body that has fused with my Yao Family, appearing in front of you! Yao Ying seemed to be in a good mood, and he actually explained very clearly for Lee Fei.

He thought that not only would he be able to kill Lee Xiaotian and his wife, but today, he would also be able to get rid of their only son. How could Yao Ying not be excited?

Do you want to destroy my Li Family? However, do you want to do it with just a remnant of your soul? Lee Fei's tone revealed his incomparable arrogance. Of course, this arrogance came from Lee Fei's strength as a foundation.

Is that so? Do you really think that this wisp of my soul fragments cannot take care of you? Don't forget that this wisp of soul fragments' strength will become stronger with the strength of my sovereign!" The corner of Lee Fei's mouth revealed a playful smile. He really wanted to see the fear in Lee Fei's eyes in the next second, but he was wrong. Lee Fei's face never showed such a terrified expression.

Yao Ying, perhaps you are very strong, but that is in the upper realm. However, how many layers can you display with your strength in the lower realm? Lee Fei asked Yao Ying with a sneer.

Yao Ying couldn't help but be shocked when he heard Lee Fei's words.

Indeed, it was just as Lee Fei had said. He was unable to display such powerful strength in the lower realms.

Without waiting for Yao Ying to say anything, Lee Fei continued, Moreover, don't forget, this is just a wisp of soul fragments, do you really think that I am here? Since you dared to appear today, then you don't need to return this wisp of soul fragments!


Looking at Lee Fei, the relaxed expression from before disappeared completely. Not knowing why, the demon actually felt that the man in front of him, the son of his former biggest enemy, would become a threat to him after he became a powerhouse in the Immortal Realm.

Lee Fei, I do see Lee Xiaotian's shadow on you. Moreover, your cultivation speed is even faster than your parents. If you don't get rid of him, you will become a huge threat to me in the future. As he spoke, endless killing intent burst out from his eyes.

If before, the Demon Beast only felt some surprise at Lee Fei's sudden rise and didn't really feel it, then now, the Demon Beast was truly taking it seriously.

Previously, he had only heard that Lee Fei's cultivation speed was very fast, so it didn't matter to him. After all, as the son of Lee Xiaotian and his wife, if Lee Fei was mediocre, then this would be suspicious.

However, he had already thought of Lee Fei to be a genius. But now, it seems that he had underestimated Lee Fei.

Judging from Lee Fei's killing intent just now, Yao Ying already believed that Lee Fei could threaten him. At least in the lower realms, Yao Ying no longer had absolute confidence in defeating Lee Fei.

Didn't they say that Lee Fei had only trained for a few thousand years? However, when Yao Ying looked at it now, was this really a cultivation that someone who had cultivated for several thousand years could possess? He was not human at all.

Yao Ying thought back to when he had cultivated for thousands of years, he didn't even have this kind of cultivation. Not to mention that he didn't dare to be on par with Lee Fei, he was even weaker than him.

After combining all these factors, Yao Ying came to a conclusion: he had to kill Lee Fei. If he really waited until Lee Fei grew up, then it would be too late. After all, Yao Ying was very clear on the relationship between him and the Lee family.

"Yao Ying, are you done with your nonsense? Lee Fei looked at Yao Ying with a face as cold as ice. If there was anything unusual about the current Lee Fei, it would be his murderous intent.

All the killing intent exploded out to suppress Yao Ying. Under the intense killing intent of Lee Fei, even Ten-tribulation Rogue Immortal would be smashed into pieces.

Although Yao Ying said that he wouldn't receive any substantial harm from Lee Fei's killing intent, he was currently in a very bad situation. Lee Fei's powerful killing intent shook his heart, Lee Fei, I admit that you are indeed much stronger than I have imagined, but you are still too inexperienced. If you can bear with it patiently, your future accomplishments will definitely be limitless. Unfortunately, you won't have a future!

Are you done? Lee Fei looked at Yao Ying and asked with a faint smile.

Hearing this, Yao Ying's heart skipped a beat. Lee Fei's words directly pierced into Yao Ying's heart. Lee Fei actually knew that he was using this opportunity to calm down his heart.

But why would he give himself the chance? Yao Ying didn't understand what Lee Fei was thinking. Was he that confident that he could defeat her?

This was not the truth!

Lee Fei knew that Yao Ying was trying to calm his heart by talking to him, but Lee Fei did not take the opportunity to attack Yao Ying. This was not needed with the original Lee Fei!

In the past, as long as Lee Fei caught Lee Fei, no matter if it was a sneak attack or something, Lee Fei would not mind. However, today, Lee Fei clearly had a great opportunity but gave up.

The reason was simple, Lee Fei wanted to have a fair fight with Yao Ying.

If Lee Fei wanted to defeat Yao Ying fair and square, to Lee Fei, the fight between him and Yao Ying was not as simple as victory or defeat. More importantly, it was a fight to avenge

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