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Overruled!: An Enemies to Lovers Story

Overruled!: An Enemies to Lovers Story

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Overruled!: An Enemies to Lovers Story

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Jun 11, 2020


Kate Baker and Marcus Hammond are former friends and current rival divorce lawyers who often find themselves going head-to-head in the courtroom. When they’re both pulled into a high-profile case with wealthy, big-name clients, they think it’ll be business as usual — until Kate’s client drags her to Las Vegas the same weekend Marcus’s does. After a drunken night neither can remember, they wake up in bed together wearing matching wedding rings. In order to avoid a scandal that has their clients’ names splashed all over the tabloids, they decide to wait until after their case is settled to get a divorce themselves. However, as they try to continue with business as usual, old feelings neither expected to have again come roaring back to life, and soon, the question isn’t when they’ll get divorced, but if.

Jun 11, 2020

Über den Autor

Erin Broich has always been an avid lover of romance. Whether it’s a bad boy with a heart of gold, enemies who become lovers, or monsters seeking their mates, swoon-worthy heroes and sassy heroines will always make her giddy. When she’s not reading or writing stories that would make her mother blush, she’s baking unnecessarily complicated desserts or binge-watching crime dramas. Erin lives in Iowa with her family and dreams of someday writing full-time when she isn’t drowning in student debt.

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  • She was standing on the far end of the room next to her client, their heads bent and faces close as they spoke softly together.

  • To you? No thanks. I’d like to get laid now and again during my marriage.

  • You know I should get the case, sir,” Kate stated directly.


Overruled! - Erin Broich

Chapter One

Kate! Kate! Oh my God, have you heard?

Kate Baker glanced up from the pile of court documents she was reviewing to raise a perfectly plucked blonde brow as her assistant came rushing into her office.

What is it, Megan? she asked, sitting back in her chair.

Megan appeared beside herself, so excited she was bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet, her sleek black ponytail swishing back and forth.

Just the biggest case of your damn life! she declared.

Kate furrowed her brow. All right, you’ve got my attention. What’s the case?

Megan slapped both her hands down on Kate’s desk and grinned.

I just heard that Liza Grayson wants to file for divorce from her husband.

"What? Kate stood up so fast, she knocked her chair over backwards. Liza freaking Grayson?"

Megan nodded, her eyes gleaming with excitement. "She’s already talked with Mr. Bradford about wanting to hire counsel from this firm. Kate! You have to get your ass assigned to that case!"

No shit, Kate murmured.

Liza Grayson was the founder and CEO of Blush Corp., a giant makeup and beauty corporation whose wild success has pushed her to near-billionaire status in just five years. She was also the wife of Maxwell Carlisle, a former secretary of state from a family that practically bled oil.

They were one of the wealthiest couples in Chicago, and if Kate landed Liza as her client, it would be the most high-profile case of her career. A major settlement in Liza’s favor would all but guarantee a partnership at the firm.

Where’s Jack right now? Kate snapped, moving toward the door.

Megan hurried to follow her. Mr. Bradford had a golf outing scheduled with a client.

Kate didn’t need further explanation. She knew exactly where Jack was.

Making a sharp turn back around, she moved back to her desk to grab her purse, then headed back out her office door. Megan dodged back and forth with her.

Do you want me to push back your afternoon meetings? she asked. She sounded almost giddy.

Please and thank you, Kate said. When she reached the elevator, she punched the down button and waited, impatiently tapping her foot. Megan stayed by her side until the elevator doors opened.

Text me what he says!

Kate gave her a thumbs up and maintained her cool until the doors slid shut again and she was alone. Then, she slumped against the back wall of the elevator and released a heavy breath.

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.

She placed her hand over her heart, which was racing like crazy.

This was big. Bigger than big. This was universally huge!

No pressure. This is just a potential life-changing opportunity that could fast-track your five-year career plan.

She gave her cheeks two swift slaps to try and pull herself together. She couldn’t talk to Jack acting like a crazy fangirl. If she wanted to snag Liza, she needed to be the picture of poise and professionalism.

I’m a bad boss bitch, and I can take on any challenge life has to offer.

She kept telling herself that as the elevator reached the underground parking garage of the building. And as she drove all the way to her boss’s country club way out in the Chicago suburbs. And as she commandeered a golf cart after the club staff told her only members were allowed and drove as much like a bat out of hell as one could in a golf cart onto the course.

Hopefully Jack would see her actions as tenacious and dedicated, and not crazy.

She found him on the green of the eighth hole. He was focusing on his final put when she pulled the cart up and parked behind his. She managed to not sprint at him and yell as he was sinking the ball, but the second it hit the hole, she jumped from the cart and hurried toward him.

He glanced up and spotted her before she said a word, and she noted he didn’t look surprised. Grinning, he shook his head and excused himself from the other two men he was playing with. Kate recognized both his golfing partners. One was a current state senator with aspirations for governor, and the other was one of the top heart surgeons in the country.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was expecting you, Baker, Jack said without preamble.

Kate straightened her shoulders and raised her chin, even as her ankles wobbled from the instability of her high-heels in the soft grass.

Well, I try not to disappoint, sir, she replied with a shrug. I heard Liza Grayson’s in search of counsel.

Jack nodded. Your sources are correct. And efficient, I may add. I haven’t even had a chance to notify the other partners about her interest.

Efficient was an understatement. Kate had learned a long time ago, if you wanted information at Bradford, Jensen, and Clarke, you didn’t ask the people at the top. You asked the cleaning staff. A few gourmet gift baskets and the occasional Cubs tickets could buy a person access to some of the best-kept secrets in the firm.

You know I should get the case, sir, Kate stated directly.

Jack arched a bushy gray brow. Oh? Do I now?

You do.

Jack appreciated candor, and didn’t have patience for people who couldn’t state to his face what they wanted or needed. My success rate is the highest among my associates. With my last two cases alone, I won our clients a collective $10.2 million in assets. Those numbers are unheard of outside of the partners.

Jack rested his putter on the ground and leaned against it.

Very true, very true. You’re a shark, Baker, which is what I like to see. I’ve no doubt you’d serve Ms. Grayson well, except for one small hitch.

Kate tensed. Hitch? What hitch? There should be no hitches.

What’s that? she asked, her stomach tightening with anxiety.

Amusement danced in Jack’s eyes, which startled her. What the hell was so funny?

I have it on very good authority that Maxwell Carlisle has sought counsel with Friedricks and Hammond, and that the attorney assigned to the case is none other than Marcus Hammond.

Kate could feel the blood rushing from her face as she stared at her boss in horror.

No. No no no no no. Not Marcus Hammond.

Not that sonofabitch.

You can understand why I might hesitate to pit you against Hammond, Jack said as he reached up to tilt his visor to better shield his eyes from the sun.

Marcus Hammond wasn’t only the son of Satan, but he was the only attorney that Kate had ever gone head-to-head with that was capable of decimating her in court. It didn’t happen every time, but enough that he’d rattled her.

There was also the fact that they had history… outside the courtroom.

That didn’t matter at present, though. She needed that case, and even Marcus Hammond wouldn’t get in her way of kicking-ass at it.

Meeting Jack’s eyes, she spoke with far more confidence than she actually felt.

It’s fine, Jack. Hammond won’t get to me. Not this time, I swear. Just give me a chance.

He appeared thoughtful for several moments before finally nodding his head.

All right, Baker. The case is yours. Don’t fuck it up.

Kate fought to contain her excitement. Don’t worry, sir. I won’t.

He nodded. Good. Now get out of here, Baker, before security catches you and throws you out on your ass.

She glanced over her shoulder, and sure enough, the club’s security golf cart was rushing toward them.

Turning back to Jack, she gave him a salute. See you back at the office.

He chuckled as she took off, stumbling toward her own cart and zooming away, feeling as though she were walking on air.

She’d nail this case and she’d prove herself partner material once and for all.

Not even sleaze-king Marcus Hammond would screw this up for her.

Chapter Two

Marcus, baby. Where’re you going?

He flinched, his plan to sneak out without waking the woman whose bed he spent the night in flying out the window. Glancing over his shoulder, he flashed the beautiful redhead what he knew was his most charming smile.

Sorry, sweetheart. I’ve got an early meeting and didn’t want to wake you.

It was enough of the truth that he didn’t feel like a shit-bag, even though he was very aware that’s exactly what he was. The woman, whose name he recalled was Leslie, stretched out on her bed, the sheet slipping from her gorgeous breasts as she gave him a lazy, tempting grin.

I’m just joking, she chuckled, sitting up. Last night was fun. Maybe we can do it again sometime?

He released a breath of relief. Thank God his initial impression that she was chill had been correct. There’d been plenty of times in his life where he’d been wrong.

Sure, he answered, fastening the last few buttons of his shirt and grabbing his tie off the floor. I’ll text you.

She rested

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    Wow, what an awesome story, loved it soooooo much.??Yippee ??????

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    Wow! I fell in love with these characters. It was the perfect mix of steamy and sweet!

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