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The Consort Academy

The Consort Academy

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The Consort Academy

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Jun 24, 2020


In a future not so distant, students at the Consort Academy train in every aspect of the erotic arts. All consensual pleasure is seen as healthy and vital; people of all sexes and gender identities provide expert satisfaction of all clients’ needs. And along the way, they get to explore desires of their own.

Jun 24, 2020

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The Consort Academy - Rachel Stark

Part One: Mars Needs Dommes

Vanessa briskly marched up the steps of the Mars Expansion Bureau’s downtown building. This morning she’d learned that a new colonist ship was being planned, the first that would involve civilian settlers. And she was going to be on it. As soon as she’d heard the news, she’d grabbed her bag and hopped on the latest downtown shuttle to learn more.

Standing at one of the interactive screens in the bureau building’s lobby, she slid her finger down the list of essential roles for the next colony mission. She wasn’t a botanist or a physicist or even an architect, but she was still determined to find a role that would get her onto the essential personnel list.

Since she was a child, Vanessa had dreamed of living on the Red Planet. Where many kids had played doctor or house, her make-believe games had involved living in dome structures or beneath the ground in lava tubes. She’d eaten up documentaries about Mars exploration and settlement, and had spent night after night staring at the sky, wishing she were up there. If she could find an essential service that she could already provide, or one she could train for, this was her chance.

Her scrolling finger paused when she reached one unusual title: Sexual Consort. Blinking curiously, she swiped through to the listing.

The move to a Mars colony is permanent; there’s no return ticket. And many Mars colonists make the move unaccompanied. Our experts have determined that professional Sexual Consorts can provide companionship and relaxation. Their contribution to morale makes them essential personnel for a one-way Mars mission.

All sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome. Positions include: erotic escorts, sexual submissives, fetish experts, and sexual dominants.

Training at the Sexual Consort Academy is available to those without previous experience.

Vanessa’s eyes lingered on the words sexual dominants. The phrase gave her an erotic thrill, although she didn’t know why. Her sex life had always been somewhat adventurous, but well within what she considered vanilla. She’d never thought about sex work before but found that the idea didn’t bother her. Rather, she was intrigued at the idea of consorts as essential labor as the new colony grew. She’d never known a consort herself, but had friends of friends in that field. She’d never thought much about it for herself.

She swiped through to the Consort Academy’s page and was pleased to see that training was free to those who passed an entrance test. The training itself would last ten weeks; plenty of time for her to pass and gain admission to the new program. And she had to admit to herself that she was open to whatever field was likely to get her off-planet and onto that ship.

A specialty like domination seemed like it would be a little out of her reach. Didn’t you need loads of training and experience for something like that? She’d probably be better in one of the more general-experience roles.

When she navigated to the map, she was pleased and surprised to discover that the Consort Academy was just down the block. No time like the present, right? On the spot, Vanessa decided to go there and apply in person.

Even with the crowds on San Francisco’s busy streets, it took her just a few minutes to reach the academy. She’d walked by the building dozens of times before, but had never wondered what was inside. The concrete-and-steel structure rose forbiddingly; she recognized the style as brutalist, a brief fad that had held sway a couple of centuries before. Vanessa had read that these buildings were controversial even at the time they were built; many found the style ugly and imposing. There weren’t many of their type left.

Once she’d passed through the doors, she found that the unusual style did offer some advantages. Tall, narrow windows high on the walls offered plenty of light while preserving a delicious sense of privacy to those inside. She felt like this was a place where she could freely explore whatever she’d have to learn to become a skilled and professional consort.

Vanessa was still getting her bearings when a tall but slender figure approached.

Good afternoon. How may I assist you? the person asked as they reached her. They were lithe but toned in build, with a slim, angular figure, shaggy short hair, and large, long-lashed eyes.

I’m interested in enrolling, Vanessa said.

Oh, that’s great, they replied with a huge, sunny grin. By the way, I’m Paige. Paige extended a hand. Instead of shaking hers when Vanessa reached forward to grasp it, they shifted so that their hand was under hers. Paige executed a little bow, dipping their forehead toward Vanessa’s hand.

Why do you want to study at the academy? Paige asked, after beckoning Vanessa to follow them down the hall.

I want to join the Mars mission. This seemed like it was a great way to become part of it.

We have a few people training who are looking at going. It’s exciting.

"Are you a

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