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Alicia Alonso Takes the Stage

Alicia Alonso Takes the Stage

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Alicia Alonso Takes the Stage

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Aug 18, 2020


"With this powerful, hope-filled story of overcoming one's obstacles, readers will close this book and feel inspired to leave a legacy of their own." -School Library Journal

From the world of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls comes the historical novel based on the life of Alicia Alonso, a world-renowned prima ballerina from Cuba.

Alicia was born to dance. From the moment she slips on pointe shoes for the first time, she’s determined to become a professional ballerina. A few years later, Alicia moves from Cuba to the United States to follow her dreams.

Then, Alicia begins to lose her sight. How can a ballerina dance if she can’t see where she’s going? Stuck in bed and only able to practice with her fingertips, Alicia doesn’t give up. She finds a way to get back on stage, dancing into the hearts of audiences as one of the world’s most famous prima ballerinas.

Alicia Alonso Takes the Stage is the story of a world-renowned prima ballerina who impressed people all over the world with her beautiful dancing while living with visual impairments. This is a story about perseverance in the face of adversity, and how the arts can afford women the opportunity to achieve a global impact.

This historical fiction chapter book includes additional text on Alicia Alonso’s lasting legacy, as well as movement-based activities designed to encourage creativity and confidence through dance.

About the Rebel Girls Chapter Book Series
Meet extraordinary real-life heroines in the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls chapter book series! Introducing stories based on the lives of extraordinary women in global history, each stunningly designed chapter book features beautiful illustrations from a female artist as well as bonus activities in the backmatter to encourage kids to explore the various fields in which each of these women thrived. The perfect gift to inspire any young reader!
Aug 18, 2020

Über den Autor

Rebel Girls is the preeminent edutainment company that empowers girls to pursue their dreams without limits. Rebel Girls products inspire children to dream bigger and realize their fullest potential, by introducing them to extraordinary women throughout history. Stories are brought to life through book publishing, podcasts, toys, and digital media. The Rebel Girls community spans over 85 countries, with 5.5M books sold in 49 languages and 7M podcast downloads.

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Alicia Alonso Takes the Stage - Rebel Girls



Alicia’s father strolled into the living room, settled into his favorite rocking chair, and loosened his tie. Let’s begin, shall we? Ernestina, why don’t you go first? The rest of you can follow after your mother.

Alicia was excited. It was time for the family talent show!

She loved this nightly tradition, how they gathered after dinner to perform for one another—everyone except Papá, who was always an audience member. They performed dances, songs, skits, comedy routines, and more. There was usually no rehearsing ahead of time.

I will do a dance tonight, Alicia thought, nodding to herself. Of course, she almost always danced for the talent show. Dancing was her very favorite activity in the world.

She had a few minutes to come up with a magnificent performance outfit. Last night, she’d worn her father’s black top hat and her mother’s gloves—one lace, one leather. Tonight, she would try a different look.

She raced into the hallway, paused at the linen closet, and grabbed a bath towel, which could be draped over her short dark hair like a mantilla. And what about the silk curtains in the dining room? She could turn them into a swirly skirt to wear over her stiff taffeta dress…although Maria, the family’s maid, might not appreciate her using them for a costume again. Instead, Alicia grabbed a couple of white linen napkins that might be useful.

Back in the living room, Mamá had taken her place next to Papá. She leafed through a thick volume of poetry, looking for the perfect poem to recite. Alicia plopped down on the velvet settee next to her sister, Blanca, and waited. Outside the window, the twilit sky bloomed pink and purple. In the distance, the lights of downtown Havana winked like stars. A warm breeze carried the smell of salt water from the nearby bay.

Mamá pointed to a page in her poetry book. This one! she announced. She touched the emerald brooch at her throat and began reading in a slow, clear voice. It wasn’t a children’s poem, and Alicia, who was six, didn’t understand all the words. Still, she loved the way her mother recited the lines…sometimes quietly, and other times loudly and dramatically. Mamá was like an actress!

Alicia’s teenage brothers, Antonio and Elizardo, went next. They took off their suit jackets, which Papá always made them wear at dinner, and rolled up their shirtsleeves. They sang a lively duet about sailors on the sea. When they finished, nine-year-old Blanca performed one of her famous humming numbers. Alicia’s sister was a genius at humming.

Finally, it was Alicia’s turn. She took her position in front of the bookshelves. She fastened the bath towel over her neatly combed hair and let it cascade down her back. She clasped a white linen dinner napkin in each hand. Then she narrowed her large brown eyes in a mysterious way.

Music, please! she said grandly.

Of course. Mamá smiled and walked over to the record player. She chose something from a shelf full of records, set it on the turntable, and lowered the needle. The needle made a fuzzy, scratchy sound as it bounced on the disc. Then it settled, and a song began to play.

Conga drums. Guitars. Violins. A bandoneon. Alicia recognized the song; it was by one of her mother’s favorite Cuban bands. She closed her eyes and let the music wash over her. Upbeat…downbeat…now!

Her eyes flew open as she raised her arms in the air. She flapped the dinner napkins like furious little hummingbird wings. She stomped her

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