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Africanism: Across Africa's Hidden Psychological Paradigm


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Africanism: Across Africa's Hidden Psychological Paradigm

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It is an inescapable fact that the origins of European racism and the exploitation of Africans and its diaspora can be traced back to the transatlantic slave trade. The systemic exploitation of the African peoples as slaves did not stop after the abolition of slavery but remains alive and well today.

The manifestations of white racism, whether through institutional racism, the extrajudicial murder of unarmed black males, or the disproportionate deaths of black and ethnic minority people during the COVID-19 pandemic, are in part due to historic social inequities.

George Floyd's murder at the hands of the racist white police officer, Derek Chauvin, and his colleagues was only the tipping point for the civil unrest that followed across America.

In truth, white racism and their capitalist agenda represents the greatest threat and a clear and present danger to all Africans, be they in America, Europe or on the African continent.

White racists in positions of power place a choke hold on vital human and mineral resources in African countries through puppet leaders, war and economics. In the West, they work as judges in the courts, managers in the offices and policemen on the streets. They seek to normalize the abuse of black people and terrorize the black community into becoming compliant with their agenda of maintaining white privilege through the suppression and exploitation of black people. Africans cannot afford the luxury of remaining apathetic and refusing to engage the thorny issue of white supremacy in the hope that it will go away by itself. Power has never conceded its privileges without a struggle and it never will.

Knowledge is power and the book Africanism hopes to provide some of the crucial information required for Africans to protect themselves and their loved ones from the ravages of white supremacy. Africanism sets out to dispel the inaccurate, broken and denigrated image bequeathed them by their European slave and colonial masters and showcase who Africans really are to the whole world. Africans are the most resilient people on earth today and have made enormous contributions to all areas of human civilisation, a fact that is sadly unknown to many. A more accurate description of African history will no doubt increase the sense of self worth of all Africans which in turn will promote higher expectations and produce better outcomes. Despite its hard truths, this book will resonate with people, of any race, colour or creed, who is sufficiently fluent in 'human'. By 'human', I mean the 'language' of human empathy, love and respect for one another.

Some people will choose to confuse the message in an effort to deflect and obfuscate the facts, in their desperate last stand to preserve white privilege. It is true that every single life is precious and matters. So, where were you when black people have been openly murdered by the police and could not get justice in the courts for decades? What have you done to stop the wanton plunder of African countries by Western nations which reaps millions of African lives every year? Unfortunately for white racists, they are on the wrong side of history. White oppression and exploitation will never become fully normalized. The African people and their diaspora can never be kept down.

There is only one human race. The book Africanism hopes to uplift the Africa and its diaspora and facilitate the coming together of people of all races to help make this world a much better place for everyone.

Chukwueloka Obiamiwe


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