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From Pen to Published - A Blueprint for Success


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From Pen to Published - A Blueprint for Success

Länge: 71 Seiten44 Minuten


We wrote this blueprint on how to write and publish a book to help you build your words into a published book, brick by brick. We're not only going to tell you how to write your book, we'll show you how to publish your book on whatever platform you choose.


We wrote this book for YOU! Consider us your book writing helper. As you're reading and taking copius notes on all you're learning, a flood of ideas will start pouring into you about all the valuable information you have stored in your brain...and perhaps in a bunch of notebooks. We want to help you get what you know out of your head and heart and on to the page.


If you're a speaker, having a book to sell after your speaking events will bolster your credibility as an expert and provide attendees a way to 'take you home' with them.


If you're a businessman, you need a book to tell people what you have learned along the way about leadership, success, and personal freedom.


If you're an entrepreneur and want to leverage the vast knowledge and expertise you've amassed, a book is a sure bet to establish yourself as an expert.


By using the analogy of building a house, we're going to show you how to build a book, what goes into the infrastructure, and how to put the finishing touches on your masterpiece.

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