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Teneum - The Thin Line


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Teneum - The Thin Line

Länge: 524 Seiten5 Stunden


Detective Sergeant August "Gus" De Noux proposes that priorities rule Life.  People base their choices upon those orders of importance.  He knows that Life presents him with his next choice.  How will he decide? What will result from his choice?

His detective partner, Dante Nuzzollilo, faces his next consideration, based upon Gus' choice.  Dante confronts the fork in the road.



Join Gus, Dante and their new partner, Detective Marianela Laconcha, in solving the Dapper Dan serial murder case.  When you think that all is done, Life slams the next choice in your face. 



Life throws a Crescent City wrench into the NOPD.  Radical Islamic extremists strike The City That Care Forgot:  The Big Easy. Spies, terrorists, moles mixed with ancient battles between religions, cultures.  It's a bloody conflict that the NOPD Homicide Task Force was ill-prepared to fight..., but, who's stopping them?

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