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More to Love: A Curvy Contemporary Romcom

More to Love: A Curvy Contemporary Romcom

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More to Love: A Curvy Contemporary Romcom

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Jul 31, 2020


Corrine Dawes has been plus-size all of her adult life; but as Cori D, celebrity stylist and social media influencer, her shape has only been a point of pride and an advantage. Cori doesn’t have a hard time when it comes to finding love (in fact, she juggles a few too many boyfriends sometimes), but there is one guy in particular that’s been nothing but a thorn in her side.
Sean Montgomery is a personal trainer, fitness fanatic, and a sucker for big dogs. To him, missing leg day or eating sugar is a sin, and staying fit and healthy is his top priority. Even though Sean knows he looks good, he isn’t working out obsessively for vanity, but for another reason altogether.
When neighbors Cori and Sean start a feud over a misplaced package, misunderstandings happen, sparks fly, and comedy ensues. Appearances are deceiving in this enemies-to-lovers rom-com that shows that the only size that matters when it comes to love is the size of your heart.

Jul 31, 2020

Über den Autor

Wendy Dalrymple crafts highly consumable, short and sweet romances inspired by everyday people. When she’s not writing happily-ever-afters, you can find her camping with her family, painting (bad) wall art, and trying to grow as many pineapples as possible. Keep up with Wendy at!

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  • Her boho skirt swirled with her in what must have been an elegant and dramatic effect but she was too annoyed to appreciate the aesthetic.


More to Love - Wendy Dalrymple

Chapter One

Corinne Dawes closed her kitchen cabinets, took a sip of water from her Hydro Flask, and glanced around her new downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, condo. She had spent the first half of her day directing movers on where to place her bed, her couch, and her mid-century TV console, then she’d spent the other half of the day unpacking her few minimalist decorations and personal items. The condo was nearly twice as large as her last place in Los Angeles, and at less than half the rent, it felt like a real steal too. Everything in her new home was clean and pristine just like she preferred. A blank slate. A fresh start.

Cori’s new building was located just two blocks from downtown in an area which, to her surprise, had changed a lot since she’d haunted its record stores and thrift shops as a teenager. Twenty years ago, downtown St. Petersburg was little more than a ghost town full of dive bars and dodgy diners. Now DTSP was home to one of the hottest real estate markets in Pinellas County with a craft brewery on every corner and a vegan taco stand on every other block. It would do. It would have to.

Moving back home didn’t seem like it would work out for Cori at first. She had been gone for nearly fifteen years, after all — six in New York, nine in L.A. She didn’t know how or even if she would be able to readjust her lifestyle to fit back in; it wasn’t every celebrity stylist that could uproot themselves from the entertainment meccas and still make it in the biz, after all. But as Cori D, Instagram influencer and body-positive plus-size fashion stylist extraordinaire, Corinne could make up her own rules.

Cori was well aware that if she hadn’t built up a loyal following, sought after by all of the Meghans and Angelinas and Serenas on the red carpet, she wouldn’t have been able to move back home and keep her high-profile job. She knew that she was privileged, but she still wanted people to know that she was down-to-earth too so she’d tried once or twice to convey a sense of humbleness to her followers through unstaged Instagram posts. However, her audience didn’t seem to want to see her authentic side. In the online world, perfection is everything.

While Cori’s life in New York and L.A. had been pretty glamorous by most measures, the reason she’d decided to come home to Florida was far from it. The truth was that her mother’s dementia and other health problems had progressed to the point where her sister Michelle couldn’t manage their mother by herself anymore. Michelle had three kids and a full-time job, and their mother’s care had become a handful on its own. Right now, moving back to St. Pete to give her sister a little relief was the best that Cori could do. They were all having to take it one day at a time.

A knock on the door snapped Cori out of her train of thought, and a little yelp of surprise escaped her lips. She startled at the sound, spitting water all down the front of her white cotton tank. Cori dabbed at her front and groaned as she moved to answer the door, hoping that she didn’t look like she had just come from a wet T-shirt contest.

I bet it’s the production samples from House LaRue, she thought.

Even though she would be saving on living expenses being back home, Cori still needed to keep up her social posts and preview samples for clients. Even a week away from creating content could mean lost followers and lost revenue. Cori congratulated herself for being smart enough to have her packages forwarded to her new address in time for her arrival.

Just as Cori had suspected, a small brown package was sitting on her doorstep. A warm, tropical wind blew through the breezeway of her third-floor walk-up, making her boho maxi skirt twirl around her knees. The skirt was constructed with forgiving fabric and a floaty silhouette that made the ankle-length piece one of her wardrobe staples. She had an entire capsule collection of similar everyday pieces designed to make her feel effortlessly chic and comfortable all at once.

Cori gathered the fabric of her skirt up, bent down, and brought the package back into her home. She began to open the box absentmindedly, eager to get her hands on the bamboo-blend pieces she knew would be packed within. To her surprise, instead of a casual jersey dress, she pulled out a package of brown sticks.

I didn’t order this, she thought, her eyebrows meeting in a furrow of confusion.

It was only then that she finally looked at the shipping label on the package.

Sean Montgomery

#302 3rd Avenue South

St. Petersburg, FL


Cori went back out onto the landing, package in hand, and glanced at the number on her own front door, just to see if she was going crazy.


Directly across from her apartment, in the same stylish Helvetica font, was 302.

Well, this is embarrassing, she thought. Cori took three confident steps across the hall with the opened package under her arm and approached her neighbor’s door. She knocked three times and was immediately met with a very loud, very menacing sounding bark.

Quiet, Brutus! a deep, muffled voice ordered from the other side. The barking stopped as she heard the click of the deadbolt. Cori did a double blink and had to keep her bottom lip from gaping open wide as she saw just who was on the other side of the door.

Yeah? her neighbor at 302 said. He leaned against his door frame, supporting himself with one very defined, very

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    That was sooooo cute. I really liked having a hero that needed a service dog for health reasons. You don't often see that in a romance.

    1 Person fand dies hilfreich