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The Great Divide: Story of the 2016 US Presidential Race


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The Great Divide: Story of the 2016 US Presidential Race

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The Great Divide: Story of the 2016 US Presidential Race takes readers on a tour of one of the most unusual, controversial, and compelling elections in history. It starts in June 2015 when billionaire real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump joins a crowded field of Republican candidates and soon vaults to No. 1 in the polls. It ends with a result that shocks the world. In between, readers will enjoy a play-by-play (or blow-by-blow) account of all the events that made headlines during the campaign. Written in real time, the story captures each event as it occurred, up through the election. You will read about Bernie Sanders reigniting 1960s liberalism, Hillary Clinton's e-mails, the Supreme Court vacancy, the "Stop Trump" movement, terrorist attacks, rally violence, Muslim bans, Mexican walls, and more. The book also explores the issues that have created such a polarized electorate.
Specific story lines abound:
• An anti-abortion group infiltrates Planned Parenthood and shoots a covert video of an official discussing the "sale of baby body parts," leading GOP candidates to condemn Planned Parenthood and to call for an end to its federal funding.
• The United States and other world powers sign a nuclear deal with Iran that is denounced by Republicans universally and by some Democrats.
• Several GOP candidates support a county clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples because it conflicts with her religion.
• The Islamic State downs a Russian passenger jet, kills 130 people in Paris, and influences an attack in San Bernardino, all in the last months of 2015.
• Candidates spar over how to stop terrorism, with some suggesting a religious test to determine who can come to America.
• As the first female presidential nominee of a major party, Hillary Clinton gets grilled on Benghazi; her e-mails, speeches, honesty, voice, and stamina; her husband's behavior; and other issues.
• The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia exposes the partisan divide at its starkest when Congressional Republicans refuse to consider any replacement nominated by President Obama.
• The GOP forms a "Stop Trump" faction, believing Trump is not really a Republican.
• Russians allegedly try to influence the election by hacking Democrats' e-mails.
• A dozen women accuse Trump of sexual assault, and he denies all charges.
These are just some of the events that made the 2016 US presidential race one sure to be discussed and dissected for years. They are all here in The Great Divide.
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