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Flyboy: Love on the Wing

Flyboy: Love on the Wing

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Flyboy: Love on the Wing

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Oct 8, 2020


Emma hasn't looked back since ditching her irresponsible flyboy boyfriend, Aaron. She's seeing the world as a travel writer and he, as far as she knows, is still flirting with tourists who charter flights to the Keys. But when an extended assignment lands her in the Bahamian island of Eleuthera, she discovers that she's sharing the tiny tropical island with him.
Oct 8, 2020

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Flyboy - Rachel Stark

Chapter One

Emma dashed onto the tarmac with her bag over her shoulder. Good, the plane was still there!

When they’d been working out her travel plans from the US, Miss Ellie had arranged for Emma to catch the last leg of her trip to Eleuthera on her neighbor’s private jet. But, with Emma’s flight into Nassau so heavily delayed, she had doubted they’d be able to wait for her. She was relieved to find the small, slim private jet still on the tarmac; otherwise she would have had to arrange another way out to the island. While a trip on a mailboat was on her list for her time in the Bahamas, she hadn’t looked forward to starting her assignment that way!

A uniformed flight attendant was waiting for her at the bottom of the steps. Ms. Fetterman! she said with an unflappable smile as Emma approached. Emma wondered how often she had to deal with last-minute travelers. Probably less than a commercial flight attendant, but with more required of her for each one, Emma supposed. We’re so glad you were able to join us. Your bags are, unfortunately, still being unloaded from your connecting flight. Is it satisfactory if we arrange to have them delivered by mailboat tomorrow?

That’s perfectly fine, Emma said, catching her breath. She tapped the travel bag over her shoulder. I always have a change of clothes in my carry-on for just this sort of thing.

Emma made her way up the steps, glancing around as she boarded the jet. Impressive. She’d taken flights on top-rated airlines all around the world and enjoyed their luxurious accommodations. But this was her first ride on a private jet. Instead of row upon row of seats, the interior featured just a few groupings of plush chairs, with most of the space left open and airy. Soft leather upholstery and polished wood glowed mellowly. The plane was empty except for a man seated halfway back. Her host, Charles Williams, waved to her from his small table. Emma waved back as she hurried down the aisle before falling into the seat across from him with a laugh.

That was definitely a close one! I wasn’t sure if you’d be able to wait long enough. Thank you so much for that.

It was nothing, they allowed us to switch a slot to delay a bit, he said.

And thank you for the ride! Emma said. I’ve been on the move since 6:00 a.m. and another layover might have done me in.

I am happy for the company, said Charles. I had to be in Nassau for business, so the timing of your trip was fortuitous. It’s so wonderful to meet a friend of Miss Ellie’s. Tell me, how do you know her?

I don’t yet, really, Emma said with a laugh. She sent me an email after she read an article I’d written.

Of course, you’re a writer! Charles replied. What do you write about?

Mostly travel, but this one was about international artists who’d started their careers in Paris.

Right up Miss Ellie’s alley, Charles said.

Yes, absolutely. I didn’t cover her in my piece, but I started learning about her right away, Emma said. I’d never heard her music before! In any case, she and I hit it off during a phone interview, and here I am!

I am so glad she is finally writing her memoirs, Charles said. And I envy you! That woman has had quite a life. Emma nodded in agreement.

Eleanor Frasier, professionally known as Miss Ellie, had enjoyed a fifty-year career as a jazz singer. Her music had taken her all over the world, but she was retired now on Eleuthera, the island where she’d been born. She’d told Emma during their phone interview that she was at a place in her life where it was time for her to check off all the items on her list that she’d never gotten around to. Writing a memoir was one of them.

How long have you known her? Emma asked Charles.

Oh, since we were kids! Sang in the choir together. Of course, she was older. Very intimidating! Charles said with a laugh. We didn’t talk that much, but she and my brother were sweet on each other at one time. They fell out of touch once she started touring, of course. She was always on the go.

So you were neighbors when you were children, too? Emma asked.

Just in the same neighborhood, Charles said. In a place as small as this, everybody knows everybody. It wasn’t until we had our places right next to each other that we really became friends.

Emma was about to reply when she heard a male voice behind her.

Since we’re all on board, all I have to do is run safety checks and we’ll be on our way.

Emma swiveled her seat and found herself looking straight into a pair of familiar light-green eyes. It was Aaron, resplendent in a white pilot’s uniform. She hadn’t seen him in over a year.

She was speechless, and so was he. Finally he found his voice.

Emma? What are you doing here?

She struggled to speak. I have an assignment in the Bahamas. Charles is my client’s friend.

That’s great, Aaron replied in a voice full of fake cheer. The smile on his face looked like a rictus. Are you going to be in the Bahamas long?

About two months, she replied with a feeling of unreality. What was he doing here? Last she’d known, he was flying tourists around the Keys in a seaplane. And spending all of his free time flirting with the cute ones, she reflected with some irritation.

It didn’t help that he looked so good. She’d never seen him in a uniform like this; she was used to him wearing the pastel fishing shirts that were so ubiquitous in Florida. The formal uniform accentuated his broad shoulders and

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