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He's the One: Black River Bend, #4

He's the One: Black River Bend, #4

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He's the One: Black River Bend, #4

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Oct 13, 2020


Drake's always been the one for me...

Henry Collins has only been in love with one man. Drake's off-limits. Drake's twice his age and his father's ex-bestfriend. Henry knows the sexy-as-sin bar owner is way out of his league. He's not even on Drake's radar—but one night changes everything. When Henry's alcoholic father lands him in hot water, Drake appears out of nowhere to save him. Drake's not just his white knight, he's the one man Henry's ever wanted. And there's no better time like the present to make his first move and risk his heart.

Drake Bentley's been keeping his distance. He knows he's wrong for Henry. Henry's smart and funny, too good for a man like him but one taste and Drake knows he's doomed. Drake can no longer deny there's nothing between them. Drake never imagined building a future with anyone, but suddenly, he sees a tomorrow with Henry. All Drake needs to do is get rid of a few angry bikers and Henry's his for the taking.

Oct 13, 2020

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He's the One - Fel Fern



Two beers for table ten, Henry Collins told Lloyd, the bartender at the Angry Witch.

Lloyd grunted in assent. Henry surveyed the crowd, looking for one customer, one man in particular. He wasn’t here yet. Henry sighed.

He’d been working at this bar ever since he was 18. Henry had turned 21 a month ago.

The Angry Witch was a shithole. Everyone knew the beer was watered down and the place attracted the most unsavory characters in Black River Bend.

It was exactly the place where someone like him was expected to end up in. Too bad Henry couldn’t quit. He needed money to pay the bills.

Henry, get going, Lloyd said.

Henry blinked, realizing Lloyd set two beers on his tray. Henry picked them up and served them. Another table called for him.

He took their orders just as the door to the bar swung open and the man of the hour sauntered in.

Henry didn’t need a notepad and pen. He had a good memory. He remembered what the guys at his table wanted. His eyes were only focused on the man that entered.

Drake Bentley.

His cock got hard in his jeans just looking at Drake.

Drake must be twice his age, but he didn’t care. Henry always harbored a crush on Drake ever since he was a teenager.

Drake used to be pals with his old man but not anymore. Lately, all his useless excuse of a father ever cared about was getting hammered.

For a second, their eyes crossed across the bar. He must’ve imagined it but Drake’s sharp, piercing grey eyes raked over his body.

Henry suddenly felt hot all over. It was difficult to breathe. He always wondered how it would feel like, running his fingers through Drake’s dark hair, hair that was now slightly streaked with grey. Drake pressing his mouth over his.

Would Drake’s beard feel rough against his skin?

Drake was massive, at least six-foot-six and unlike his old man, Drake kept himself in shape. Hard muscle peeked under Drake’s red flannel shirt and his muscular thighs were clad in a worn pair of jeans.

Unlike the steroid-pumped guys at the gym, Drake’s buffed body looked all-natural, a by-product of hard work.

Drake grabbed a table in the back of the bar. A table in his section. Drake always sat in the same corner every time, three days a week.

Drake ran his bar, the Lazy Dog, an establishment so much better than the Angry Witch. They didn’t water down their beers and their food was delicious. Henry always wondered why Drake came here.

Maybe Drake got sick looking at his bar and wanted a change of pace?

Or maybe, Drake drank here to see him?

What an indulgent thought.

Henry always wished he had the guts to approach Drake. Ask him out. It should be easy. He always served Drake his drink. He could just unload the question anytime, even tonight.

Who cared if Drake rejected him outright?

At least he tried. Henry pictured Drake laughing right into his face and he blushed. Henry would never be able to live down the embarrassment.

He wasn’t even sure if Drake played for his team. Hell, when it came to the dating game, Henry always struck out.

He went on some dates, sure, but they were always short-lived. Henry was curious about sex, but he decided to save himself for the right guy. Drake.

Too bad Drake didn’t even know he existed or did he?

Hey, trailer trash. We want to order, said a nasty voice.

Henry glanced over at another table, his good mood turning sour at the sight of John Perkins and his two other buddies. Henry went to high school with John and his friends, but they didn’t run in the same crowd.

Henry trooped over to their table.

What do you want? He asked.

You still living in that shitty trailer with your loser old man? John taunted him.

Old anger rose inside him. Henry had always been skinny and awkward, the weird kid in the hand-me-down clothes. The perfect target for bullies.

He was about to tell John off when another group of men caught his eye. He closed his mouth. It felt like his lips were sealed with glue.

The newcomers were three big, hairy, and foul-mouthed bikers. There was a group of them who often hung out at a roadhouse on the outskirts in town.

He froze into place, recognizing Hammer, the biker his dad owed money to.


Whisky sour, beer and coke on the rocks, he repeated.

John blinked at him, about to say something else but he quickly walked away from their table. John and his friends made it their life’s mission to antagonize him but they were small fry compared to Hammer and his men.

John, Henry could handle but a dangerous guy like Hammer? He could feel Hammer’s gaze on him as he reached Lloyd.

Henry started to sweat profusely.

What the hell were Hammer and his pals doing here?

Sure, the Angry Witch catered to all the lowlifes in town but the bar wasn’t Hammer’s usual hang-out place. At the very least, Hammer took a table far away from his section.

Calm down, he told himself. Hammer and his pals probably decided to have a drink here, not to stir trouble. That was all. Henry remembered Hammer and his biker buddies were in the local news recently, for setting an abandoned warehouse on fire.

Surely they weren’t stupid enough to cause trouble here?

Henry, the guy at table twelve is waving you over, Lloyd said, setting drinks on his tray.

Table twelve.


He could breathe easy again. Henry just needed to see this night through. Ignore Hammer completely. He unloaded the drinks John and his friends ordered and walked over to Drake.

His heart raced. Fear dissipated. It wasn’t a crime to look, was it? Seeing Drake here tonight was the only thing that made his evening bearable.


Henry looked nervous tonight, Drake thought. He frowned, puzzled. Something seemed to be on Henry’s mind but Henry still flashed him a dazzling smile when he came by Drake’s table.

Fuck. Drake was in trouble. He knew he shouldn’t

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