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Guided By Spirits: Magick for the Solitary Magician

Guided By Spirits: Magick for the Solitary Magician

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Guided By Spirits: Magick for the Solitary Magician

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Nov 11, 2014


Guided By Spirits is a Solitary Magician's guide to Magick. It teaches knowledge of the Spirit Realm and how to contact your very own Spirit Guides. The book is a beginners take on Magick, Spirituality, and Mystery Schools. This book will guide you through the basics of increasing your Dharma in this life and finding out about the Spirit Realm. A long Spiritual Journey lies ahead of you take the first step with this book.
Nov 11, 2014

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Guided By Spirits - Christian Bullock

Guided By Spirits: Magick for the Solitary Magician

Guided By Spirits: Magick for the Solitary Magician

By Christian J. Bullock

© 2014 Christian J. Bullock. All rights reserved.

ISBN 978-1-312-67022-8

Table of Contents

Guided By Spirits: Magick for the Solitary Magician

Chapter 1: Beginning a new

Chapter 2: Know Thy Self

Chapter 3: Learn the Way of the Dead

Chapter 4: Becoming Magical

Chapter 5: Journeying the Spirit Realm

Suggested Reading

Chapter 1: Beginning a new

This Book is focused on the individual beginning Magician and is focused on those Witches, Warlocks, or Wizards who choose a Solitary existence in Magick.  I am one of those Magicians who sees individual and personal achievements as exceptional above the mass of organized religions.  I’ve always viewed personal experiences as important stepping stones for someone to reach their Magical goal or to increase their Dharma.  In this case their Dharma being the culmination of Spiritual goals in this life.  So without further ado the solitary path of the Magician begins. 

Finding yourself is the most basic function of a person’s life and finding your Spirituality is the most basic root of Dharma for the Magician.  If you found this book while looking for a purpose then you are on the way towards your path.  It is important for Adept, or someone who is first starting out in Magick, to understand themselves. The first way to do so in Magick is to realize which Gods or Goddesses you align with.  What traits or commonality do you see in them?  What Myths or legends did you like as a child?  Which ones speak to you in a personal way?  Which Myths or legends invoke a spiritual resonance with you?  What current do you feel is the path for you? 

All these questions must be answered by you the reader.  Selecting a starting point to begin your spiritual journey is fundamental.  All paths diverge and come from the source.  To begin to answer these questions the Adept must contact the Spirit World, also known as the Other World.  Most Adepts already have Spirits following them and guiding them although they don’t quite know it.  In order to contact these Spirits the Adept must obtain knowledge of the Spirit world.  This is where this Book comes in.  This Book will explain basic knowledge of the Spirit realm starting with the Elements. 

The Elements of nature are the basic origins of the source of Magick.  By understanding the Elements you understand the source.  The four main Elements in Magick are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  These correspond to the compass and are used in the Circle casting.  The fifth Element in Western Magick is Spirit and it specifically ties into the cast Circle.  There are however more Elements used in Magick, the optional yet very important Element of Storm may be used.  There is an incredible level of depth to the Elements.  As you progress in your solitary magical studies you will discover their alignments with the Earth, Moon, Sun, Planets, and Stars.  But as a Solitary Adept you must start somewhere and that where, is with the Circle Casting. 

Circle casting represents something greater than you, a Spiritual Identity, a connection with nature, and a connection to the source. The Circle casting represents each of the four main Elements and the addition of the Spirit.  These Elements make up the Magick of the Pentagram.  Inside the Circle casting the Adept is connected to the Spirit Realm. 

To cast a Circle the Magician must have all four Elements present and arranged like the directions of a compass aligning with the East: 

Air – Incense – East

Fire – Lit Candle – South

Water – Cup of Water – West

Earth – Cup of Salt – North

This arrangement is paramount in Magick and must be followed to the teeth in order to achieve magical goals. Now that the Elements are present the Magician can carryout the Circle cast: 

Making a ring with your forefinger (or Tool or Wand) around the Elements and alter area, starting East clockwise pointed at the ground.

Now with the Elements in your Circle go to each compass point and announce each Element, starting East clockwise, do not break the ring.

You may announce the Element by Sprinkling Water and Salt or making a Pentagram in the Air with an incense stick.

Say to each corner:

Elemental to the East I purify thee with Air (Incense)

Elemental to the South I purify thee with Air (Incense)

Elemental to the West I purify thee with Air (Incense)

Elemental to the North I purify thee with Air (Incense)

Say this with each appropriate Element then end with:

"Within this Circle I invite thee

Elementals and Spirits alike

Join me on this night

To do Magick in this Circle of Might"

So Mote it Be.

So Mote it Be.

Now that the Circle is cast the Magician performs a Spell or Meditates.  Ritual meditation is done this way to contact the Spirits and to help them guide you through your daily life.  Otherworldly travels are also done

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