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Meditation: An Introduction to Self-Awareness and Mindfulness in Daily Life

Meditation: An Introduction to Self-Awareness and Mindfulness in Daily Life

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Meditation: An Introduction to Self-Awareness and Mindfulness in Daily Life

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Dec 4, 2020


Meditation and mindfulness are basically synonyms. Both terms refer to the state of consciousness we can reach when our mind is in the Here and Now and also to the process of achieving that state.

Practicing meditation and enjoying its benefits don’t imply or require any religious beliefs. You don’t need to rely on one or more gods who oversee our existence nor turn to particular entities.

Many people come to meditation when they are already overwhelmed by their life – perhaps this is not the best way to begin, but any time is a good time to learn about a journey that can light up your life for life.

Marco Cattaneo GOTAM, Hypnotist, Mindfulness and Meditation Master. He has spent over fifteen years practicing personal and spiritual development, getting to know many techniques and disciplines for the well-being of body, mind and soul.
Dec 4, 2020

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Meditation - Marco Cattaneo GOTAM



An introduction to Self-Awareness and

Mindfulness in Daily Life

Marco Cattaneo GOTAM

Copyright© 2020 Marco Cattaneo – All rights reserved

Original title: Meditazione, Introduzione alla Pratica di Consapevolezza e alla Mindfulness nella Vita Quotidiana

English title: Meditation, An Introduction to Self-Awareness and Mindfulness in Daily Life

Series: Mindesign, book 2

Published by: Amazon Publishing

Editing: Claudia Marchione, Holly Renaut

Cover image: 123RF, licensed to Marco Cattaneo

Literary property reserved.

Total or partial reproduction, by any means, is forbidden.

First Italian edition: January 2020

First English edition: May 2020

Minor revision: February 2021

ISBN Paper Edition: 9798646511615

I. Meditation and Self-Awareness

In my fifteen years of meditation practice, hypnosis and disciplines that influence the so-called state of consciousness , I often said that I would never have the courage to write a book about meditation. It would be such a big responsibility.

Who am I to speak of a discipline that has existed since the dawn of humankind, that for thousands of years has permeated Eastern philosophies, religions and cultures, and that for twenty years has come to the Western world in secular form to transform the health and well-being of modern society ?

Aware of the great responsibility I would have to bear, I didn’t write a book on the subject. Instead, I have dedicated myself to writing a dense booklet . This will help you get started immediately in the easiest possible way or, if you are already familiar with the subject, it will explain the basics.

This booklet aims not to cover meditation comprehensively, but to give you simple, direct and practical tools to face everyday life as a fascinating journey of self-awareness.

But what actually is self-awareness ? We often use this expression incorrectly, but direct experience speaks louder than words.

Imagine you’ve been raised inside a box, big enough for you to move freely without ever wanting to leave. You’ve been exploring it for years, getting to know all its walls to perfection, mastering every nook and cranny of it. That box formed your entire universe for a lifetime, its boundaries contained the horizon you could see in every direction. Inside that box you experienced every event, encounter and movement throughout your entire existence. It contained your reality, even though you never realized it was there, all around you.

But at some point, out of a pure act of awareness , imagine that you were able to perceive the space outside that box. You had never thought that a world outside could even exist (and you certainly had never seen the wonders of that world!).

After experiencing that new dimension, full of new possibilities and emotions to live, you felt the urge to act in order to tear down the walls of your prison. Your horizon had become infinitely wider and this new reality fit you so much better. You had been filled with its grandeur, but this time you were aware that new limits (although invisible to your senses) still exist and you can choose to go beyond them eventually.

Well, your current

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