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Why Is My Computer So Slow?: Computer Tips and Solutions, #1

Why Is My Computer So Slow?: Computer Tips and Solutions, #1

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Why Is My Computer So Slow?: Computer Tips and Solutions, #1

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Jan 1, 2021


"Why Is My Computer So Slow" is a book that gives the reader insight into the many different methods that can be used to keep a computer working properly. There are chapters that help the reader to learn to prevent the possibility of acquiring viruses or malware or even being hacked.


There are many reasons why the computer can slow down. It can simply be a matter of memory or it can be the result of something else. The key is to learn how to detect what the problem is and to fix it before it becomes a major one. The great thing about this book is that you do not have to be a computer guru to follow the steps that are outlined to fix the highlighted issues.


The book is a great resource text for any individual that has a desktop computer or a laptop.

Jan 1, 2021

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Why Is My Computer So Slow? - Justin Howard


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This book is dedicated to my parents, a constant source of support.

Chapter 1- An Overview of the Computer- The Hardware and the Software

Acomputer looks like one solid machine from the outside, but on the inside, it's made up of a number of smaller pieces, working in conjunction to process data and display images on your screen. At the most basic, it needs quite a few pieces of hardware and a couple of software applications just to function.


Internal hardware is all of the pieces inside the tower of a typical home PC. Most of the same pieces exist in smaller or integrated versions for laptops, tablets and other computing devices. Even Smartphones have essentially the same hardware. These are

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