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Individual Advantages: Be the "I" in Team
Individual Advantages: Be the "I" in Team
Individual Advantages: Be the "I" in Team
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Individual Advantages: Be the "I" in Team

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Über dieses E-Book

After helping over 18,000 CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers, and employees worldwide, Dr. Brian Smith and his daughter, Mary Smith, share their knowledge of being a great leader in their second book of The I in Team Series.

Individual Advantages: Be the "I" in Team emphasizes that one's greatest responsibility is their influence. Building on the lessons taught in the first book, Be the "I" in Team aims to guide current and aspiring leaders towards being a positive influence on their teams.

The authors use real-life experiences working with and leading teams to discuss:
• Being your best self so you can contribute your unique influence
• How to delegate, hold accountable, define values, and find balance
• The benefits of slowing down and staying in the moment
• Remaining humble, mindful, honest, and consistent
• Paying attention to details and investing in self-education

Designed to engage, empower, and challenge current and aspiring leaders with the information needed to be a positive influence and grow unique strengths, this book does not adopt a "one size fits all" methodology.
Erscheinungsdatum2. März 2021
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Brian Robert Smith

Brian grew up in Germany as the only son of an Anglo-German family. From an early age he immersed himself in literature which opened up new worlds to him and offered a kind of 'time travel' where no place or time in history is out of reach. Later he moved to Hong Kong and spent half a life time in the Far East exploring the mysteries of an ancient world. Besides his native languages English and German, he also studied French and Latin which has given him direct access to many ancient documents and texts. He is married and has two children.

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