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Sinking Islands
Sinking Islands
Sinking Islands
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Sinking Islands

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Über dieses E-Book

  • Rumpus Book Club Pick! July 2021

  • STANDALONE SEQUEL TO WEATHER WOMAN: Following the events after Weather Woman, shortlisted for the 2019 Eric Hoffer Grand Prize, Bronwyn Artair returns to share her supernatural gifts—Sinking Woman can be read as a sequel and a standalone novel

  • AN EMPOWERING READ: Featuring strong female leads in STEM, a small set of characters from around the world, and highlights the importance of our youths

  • A GLOBAL SPOTLIGHT: Climate change is happening everywhere and in Sinking Woman, Cai Emmons points to droughts in São Paulo, sinking islands in the South Pacific, tornadoes in Kansas, and more!

HerausgeberRed Hen Press
Erscheinungsdatum12. Sept. 2021
Sinking Islands
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Cai Emmons

Cai Emmons's debut novel, His Mother's Son, won the Ken Kesey Award for the Novel in 2003. She is also a playwright, editor, director, and screenwriter, with many credits and awards to her name. Her plays have been produced at the American Place Theatre, Playwrights Horizons, and Theatre Genesis. She has taught at USC and UCLA, and now teaches at the University of Oregon in Eugene.

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