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America's Illegitimate President: Joe Biden

America's Illegitimate President: Joe Biden

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America's Illegitimate President: Joe Biden

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28. Okt. 2021


A 70 page book to warn United States citizens that we should be under a "state of emergency" now because our corrupt government is making us look more like a "banana republic", after the following democrat party sponsored events:

  • Creating chaos in our streets
  • Creating the 2020 election sham
  • Promoting systemic racism 
  • Creating destructive presidential executive orders, including the opening of our borders and shutting down of our energy independence
  • Using congressional partisan reconciliation
  • Botching of our Afghanistan withdrawal

Representatives from a few countries have stated that the United States is on a sharp decline. I was proud of America because we were not as corrupt as other countries, but now we are more corrupt than most countries. I was proud of our educational systems, but not now.


Who could imagine that such an unbalanced and corrupt politician could be elected president of America? Below is a list of his other credentials:

  • Zero credentials to run the American economy
  • Always on the wrong side of every international issue
  • Has no accomplishments after 36 years in U.S. Senate
  • Has no accomplishments after 8 years as U.S. VP
  • Reportedly a well known politician on the take and known as an international extortionist
  • Easily controlled by the left-wing extremists
  • Has false confidence in his foreign policy expertise

Would voters cast their vote for someone who did not campaign or take questions from the public, and promised them large tax increases? Does that sound stupid or what? THERE IS MORE TO THE STORY!



The information in this book could be unsettling. You deserve to know the truth. Our basic rights were and are now being nullified. Our basic rights are now being destroyed by the very people sworn to uphold our Constitution and protect our rights. They consider the Constitution to be a "dusty old document".

28. Okt. 2021

Über den Autor

Mary Smith was born in Chicago, Illinois, but raised in Princeton, Illinois. She now lives in the hills of West Virginia. She is an avid reader, co-founder of Book Nerds Across America, and co-author of The Penalty Kill Trilogy. She goes nowhere without her cell phone or Kindle. Mary loves anything to do with Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Sharp, and hockey related! She is also an avid Chicago Bears and Chicago Bulls fan.

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America's Illegitimate President - Mary Smith



It is well known that Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, Joe’s brother James Biden, and possibly other family members have cashed-in on Joe’s political connections. With liberal media help, Joe has been portrayed as an honest, middle-class American, a moderate Democrat, and foreign policy expert who serves the working class and supports Unions. Meanwhile, his son and brother accumulated lots of cash for their businesses from which Joe may have profited.


It is well-known that some politicians always have their hand out for pay-offs to promote legislation for projects that provide kick-backs, campaign donations, or are connected to their friends or relatives. Reportedly, Joe was one of the more infamous ones. After his botched Afghanistan withdrawal, we know now that he is not a foreign policy expert.

James Biden received $1.5 Billion Dollars from the federal government to build houses in Iraq while Joe was vice-president. The project was not completed and auditing was never conducted, not to mention the possible violation of federal law 5 U.S.C. Section 3110 which prohibits nepotism in awarding government contracts. As far as the author knows, this project was never investigated.  

Hunter decided to become a federal lobbyist, but he did not register in accordance with the law. No investigation of Hunter was apparently undertaken, but Republicans have been prosecuted for the same law violation.

While Joe Biden was on the Senate Banking committee, Hunter was elected to the board of MBNA, a Delaware bank and he received a salary of $100,000 per year. MBNA bank insisted that the Senate Banking committee pass a law to make it difficult for debtors to claim bankruptcy. Joe Biden accommodated the MBNA bank at the expense of the American people who lived from pay check to pay check. Not even medical or student debts were qualified to claim bankruptcy under these new regulations. Hunter was also appointed to several other government boards such as AMTRAC, and other executive positions.

Hunter and Vice-President Biden traveled to China on official business with China on Air Force 2. It is known that Hunter was given 1.5 billion dollars to set up an American company to broker large real estate deals for China, and he later received another 5 billion dollars from China to engage in other nefarious schemes. Tony Bobulinski, a former partner in the China Business and Hunter’s own laptop stated that the Big Guy receives 10% of the business proceeds. Hunter complained in one email that his father takes 50% of whatever money he receives. Since some of these money transfers are easy to trace, Hunter has been selling his paintings for who knows what since Joe was elected as President. It is rumored that Mexican Drug Cartels, China, and others are buying his paintings for favors, but the buying list is not allowed to be made public.

Congress approved some $54 million for Border Security and infrastructure and President Biden insisted on at least a 95% reduction to about $1.5 million. Why did he want to defund our border protection and make us less secure? It is speculated that he is doing business with the Mexican Drug Cartel and does not want to undermine their drug smuggling and human trafficking businesses. It is further speculated that our borders are now open for those businesses and to import Democrat voters.

Take a good look at the photograph below of former leaders who called Donald Trump unfit to serve as President. Attorney Bar Associations have taken away all of their licenses to practice law. Remember that the Attorney Lobby supports Democrats and all four are Democrats.





Immediately after Joe Biden took office, he sent $3 Billion to Hamas, a terrorist group in the Middle East. Hamas decided to buy missiles and soon targeted Israel. It shows Joe Biden has no clue on foreign relations. Hamas must have misunderstood the reason for receiving such a large sum of money that they had never received before.

Due to the US-Mexican border migrant crisis, Joe Biden paid out $4 billion to Mexico and Guatemala, and additional $861

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  • (4/5)
    This book is a summary of several of Biden's incredible policy disasters, as well as his criminality. It's incredible that these disaster have all taken place within 15 months of his taking office. Most presidents don't even have one disaster on this level, but Biden has generated 8 of them, and he's not even half-finished.