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Legal Research: a QuickStudy Laminated Law Reference

Legal Research: a QuickStudy Laminated Law Reference

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Legal Research: a QuickStudy Laminated Law Reference

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1. Mai 2018


Legal research abilities will determine success as a law student, and as a lawyer, to the point it’s been argued the abilities should be tested on the bar exam. This handy tool authored and designed to be a concise pin-pointed reference can support those research abilities. In 6 laminated pages our clearly labeled sections offer answers to your questions at a glance. Our authors and professors Deborah Moss Vollweiler, JD, and Vicenç F. Feliú, JD, LLM, MLIS bring years of experience in teaching and practicing to this inexpensive, must have reference.
6 page laminated guide includes:
  • Research Methodology
  • Primary Authority Research
  • Legislative System/Constitutions & Statutes
  • Case Opinions: The Reporting System
  • State Court Reporters
  • Federal Court Reporters
  • Locating Case law
  • Secondary Authority Research
  • Free Legal Sources Online
  • Westlaw®
  • Bloomberg Law
  • Lexis®
  • Heinonline
1. Mai 2018

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Legal Research - Debra Moss Curtis



• Primary authority

Law issued by a branch of government

Judicial branch

Interprets statute or Constitution

Makes laws through common law

Legislative branch

Enacts laws

Executive/Administrative branch

Issues rules or regulations to implement legislation

President and state governors can issue executive orders

• Secondary authority

Includes all other written expressions of law

Court can use this as a basis for decisions

Furnishes a basis for argument to change law

• Research tools

Used to locate primary and secondary authority

Are not authority of any type; never cited themselves


• Identify legal issues

What is the question of law for the courts to decide based on the factual circumstances of the case? EX: Was defendant negligent when he failed to stop at the red light?

Search for authority that resolves the legal issues in your fact situation from all sources

• Background

For a broad overview of general subject matter categories, use secondary sources

If a case or statute is known to be applicable, that primary authority may lead to other primary and secondary authorities

• Citations

All authority used to answer legal issue must be documented

Shorthand language for documenting legal sources is used that conforms exactly to the system

Uniform System of Citation: Known as The Bluebook; dictates how this shorthand language should be incorporated into all different kinds of legal documents

ALWD Citation Manual: Compiled by the Association of Legal Writing Directors as an alternative manual to the shorthand system


• Online services

Westlaw, Bloomberg Law, and Lexis

Case law, statutes, periodicals, CFR Index, Congressional Record


Over 200,000 titles of legal history and government documents

Comprehensive coverage from the inception of over 2,500 legal periodicals

Congressional Record, Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, and U.S. Reports back to 1754

Dialog: Legal periodicals and congressional and government publications

• Internet

Availability of free public information

Courts, regulations, and legislation

Law review articles available on the Internet can be accessed through the pages of the specific schools

Research addresses on the Internet

State and federal opinions are available through

Legal Information Institute at Cornell University School of Law:

Supreme Court:

Uniform Commercial Code:

Trademark Law (Lanham Act):

Code of Federal Regulations:

U.S. Congress:

Includes legislative information, such as pending bills, committee hearing schedules, and pointers

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