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Trees of Missouri Field Guide
Trees of Missouri Field Guide
Trees of Missouri Field Guide
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Trees of Missouri Field Guide

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Über dieses E-Book

  • Popular, proven format: the first edition (9781591931560) sold about 15,000 copies

  • Not intimidating: geared toward the average person with tree species organized by leaf type and attachment for easily identifying them

  • Includes 119 species of Missouri trees—every native tree plus common non-natives

  • New edition with updated photographs, revised information, and even more of Stan’s expert insights

  • Author routinely attracts more than 100 people to his speaking events and writes a popular column distributed to newspapers in the Midwest and Northeast

  • Perhaps nothing generates more positive feedback for the author than the newspaper columns he has been writing for more than 15 years

  • Readers have become fans of Stan’s style and flair for nature observations and interpretations

  • All-in-one source of information, facts, photos, and gee-whiz tidbits in a concise guide

  • Extreme value: massive information for under $20
Erscheinungsdatum19. Apr. 2022
Trees of Missouri Field Guide
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Bewertung: 0 von 5 Sternen
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    Trees of Missouri Field Guide - Stan Tekiela

    Trees that have single needles

    Bald Cypress

    Taxodium distichum




    Family: Cypress (Cupressaceae)

    Height: 80–100' (24.5–30.5 m)

      Tree: large conical tree, enlarged straight trunk with a flared base (buttress), spreading into ridges, widely spreading branches, crown often pointed

     Needle: single needle, ½–¾" (1–2 cm) long, in 2 rows on slender green twigs, pointed at the tip, soft and flexible to touch, appearing feather-like, yellowish green above, whitish below

     Bark: brown to gray, with narrow fibrous ridges, peeling off in long strips

    Cone: green, turning gray to brown when mature, ¾–1" (2–2.5 cm) wide, solitary or in small clusters at the end of branch, several 4-sided woody cone scales

      Fall Color: brown

    Origin/Age: native; 500–750 years

    Habitat: wet soils, swamps, by slow rivers that flood often, can grow in dry upland soils, sun to partial

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