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The noble Polish family Bialoskorski. Die adlige polnische Familie Bialoskorski.

The noble Polish family Bialoskorski. Die adlige polnische Familie Bialoskorski.

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The noble Polish family Bialoskorski. Die adlige polnische Familie Bialoskorski.

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8. Apr. 2022


This is a hodgepodge of a disorderly, systematically arranged collection of Polish nobility. On these pages you will learn everything about: descent, nobility, aristocratic literature, aristocratic name endings, aristocratic association, genealogy, bibliography, books, family research, research, genealogy, history, heraldry, heraldry, herbalism, information, literature, names, aristocratic files, nobility, personal history, Poland, Szlachta, coat of arms, coat of arms research, coat of arms literature, nobility, knights, Poland, herbarz. Conglomeration, translations into: English, German, French.
Dies ist ein Sammelsurium einer ungeordneten, systematisch geordneten Sammlung des polnischen Adels. Auf diesen Seiten erfahren Sie alles über: Abstammung, Adel, Adelsliteratur, Adelsnamenendungen, Adelsverband, Genealogie, Bibliographie, Bücher, Familienforschung, Forschung, Genealogie, Geschichte, Heraldik, Heraldik, Kräuterkunde, Informationen , Literatur, Namen, Adelsakten, Adel, Personengeschichte, Polen, Szlachta, Wappen, Wappenforschung, Wappenliteratur, Adel, Ritter, Polen, Herbarz. Sammelsurium, Übersetzungen in: Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch.
Il s'agit d'un méli-mélo d'une collection désordonnée et systématiquement organisée de la noblesse polonaise. Sur ces pages, vous apprendrez tout sur : l'ascendance, la noblesse, la littérature aristocratique, les terminaisons de noms aristocratiques, l'association aristocratique, la généalogie, la bibliographie, les livres, la recherche familiale, la recherche, la généalogie, l'histoire, l'héraldique, l'heraldique, l'herboristerie, l'information, la littérature, les noms, dossiers aristocratiques, noblesse, histoire personnelle, Pologne, Szlachta, armoiries, recherche d'armoiries, littérature d'armoiries, noblesse, chevaliers, Pologne, herbarz. Conglomération, traductions en : anglais, allemand, français.
8. Apr. 2022

Über den Autor

The Zurek family comes from an old noble Polish family Werner Zurek was born on March 13, 1952 in Voelklingen in the Saarland as the son of the employee Heinz Kurt Zurek and his wife Maria, née Kußler. At the age of 6 he attended the Catholic elementary school Voelklingen - Geislautern and finished secondary school in Geislautern in 1968 From 1968 to 1970 he began training as a machine fitter. From 1970 to 1972 he completed an apprenticeship at Roechling - Völklingen as a rolling mill (metallurgical skilled worker). From 1972 to 1974 he was a two-year soldier with the German Federal Armed Forces in Daun, where he was trained as a radio operator in electronic combat reconnaissance. He finished his service as a sergeant. As a reservist, he was promoted to sergeant-major. Acquisition of secondary school leaving certificate at ILS From 1975 he was a civil servant candidate in the Ministry of Finance (Federal Customs Administration). After passing the final examination, he served as a border inspection officer according to the Federal Border Guard Act and as a customs officer in customs and tax matters and was therefore also an assistant to the public prosecutor In 1975 he married his wife Ulrike, née Daub. In 1982 his daughter Sandra was born. In 2014 he retired. Awards: Air defense training at the technical aid organization Rifle line of the Federal Armed Forces Training at the German Red Cross State Explosives Permit Basic certificate from the German Lifesaving Society European police sport badge at the Federal Customs Administration. Also valid for the European Community. Admission to the Royal Brotherhood of Saint Teotonius. Protector is the heir to the throne of Portugal, HRH the Duke of Braganza. Bundeswehr veteran badge. Aid organization sponsor: Bringing Hope to the Community Uganda (BHCU) Member of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

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The noble Polish family Bialoskorski. Die adlige polnische Familie Bialoskorski. - Werner Zurek

The noble Polish family Bialoskorski. Die adlige polnische Familie Bialoskorski.


Coat of arms abdication (vol. 2 p. 1-7)

Coat of Arms of Białoskórski (Vol. 2 p. 125)

The Eagle (Vol. 7 p. 128)

Horseshoe (Vol. 7 p. 346)

Nakielski (Vol. 6 p. 510)


Wappen Abdank (Bd. 2 S. 1-7)

Wappen von Białoskórski (Bd. 2 S. 125)

Der Adler (Bd. 7 S. 128)

Hufeisen (Bd. 7 S. 346)

Nakielski (Bd. 6 S. 510)

Jarzębiński des Wappens von Dąbrowa (Bd. 4 S. 449)

Abdication des armoiries (vol. 2 p. 1-7)

Armoiries de Białoskórski (Vol. 2 p. 125)

L'Aigle (Vol. 7 p. 128)

Fer à cheval (Vol. 7 p. 346)

Nakielski (Vol. 6 p. 510) - 1

Titel - 1

Abdication des armoiries (vol. 2 p. 1-7) - 1

Armoiries de Białoskórski (Vol. 2 p. 125) - 1

L'Aigle (Vol. 7 p. 128) - 1

Fer à cheval (Vol. 7 p. 346) - 1

Nakielski (Bd. 6 p. 510)

Jarzębiński des Wappens von Dąbrowa (Bd. 4 p. 449)


The noble Polish family Bialoskorski.

Die adlige polnische Familie Bialoskorski.

Bialoskorski . In blue, a silver horseshoe, open at the bottom, studded with a golden cross at the top, with an eagle's foot inside the horseshoe ; Helmet ornaments: three ostrich feathers , blue, green and red. Previously they used the Dabrowa coat of arms .

Białoskórski of the Abdication Coat of Arms (Vol. 2 p. 124-125)

Białoskórski of the Abdication Coat of Arms . Some people moved to Ruthenia from Płock . Of these, Jan Cześnik signed Halicki from 1569, the deputy of the Ruthenian province, the union of Lithuania with the crown. Constitute. fol . 171. The same was afterwards a charterer to the crown and a royal captain, a husband just born to go to sea. John in the Przemyśl region in 1697. Wojciech Stolnik of Lemberg in 1604. Monim . Collection lion.

Coat of arms abdication (vol. 2 p. 1-7)

Abdication Coat of Arms . Paprocki on coat of arms fol . 158 describes him like this. There are white areas, red in the field. Others say that the letter M fiesta has been turned on its head and not repeated. It is best to recognize who is using Kromer lib . 5. will say; that there is a letter W. It is common to Poland and all Slovaks, in the red field a crown over the helmet and also in the crown; second letter. Okolsky Tom. 1st fol . 1st and Potocki coat of arms collection. Bielski .

Some, like Bielski fol . 30. Potocki , the beginning of this coat of arms, until the times of Grach or Krakus , the former Polish monarch to whom the city of Kraków concedes both his name and the elements of foundation are extended on this occasion. On the Wawel , where Kraków Castle now stands, from the side where it stands on the Vistula, the dragon appeared; which some call holophage , others god. The animal was poisonous: not only because the air was poisoned with its breath, but also [p. 2] from their hiding place to nearby streets or suburbs; a great defeat for man and beast, she could scarcely stuff herself to satiation if she could. Skuba named Skuba , a commoner, moved by the heavy loss of his neighbors, against a common enemy, devised such a ruse. The freshly flayed skin of a calf, with tar, brimstone, and a burning flame, so neatly laid that the beast did not know the treason until it was destroyed; and at the doorstep of the cave he threw it. In the morning she leaves hunger, follows the usual trail on the round, and what attacked her first, she swallowed completely. Meanwhile, the greasy matter, kindled by a hidden fire, ignited in such a great fire inside that, while drinking the Vistula quite liberally, it boiled water because it had half burst from it, and died. A witness of this is a deep cave, still in Cracow, in a hollow rock; as the dragon's mouth is called. Krakus then gave Skuba the initial of W., from the word Snake , also from Wawel , for the coat of arms as a reward for a happy diligence. I don't disagree with the story, but what is being said about Skuba seems suspicious; because Aldrovandus in Historia Serpentum and Draconum . Cromer lib . 5. Sarnicki-lib . 4. Dlugosz vol. 1. lib . 1. Miechovita and others, they agree that this dragon is glad and its defeat; however, no mention of Skuba 's fiancé, all done uniformly, credit this play to Krakus ' wit; so that this Długosz adds that after killing the noxious beast of his branch, Krakus the Liberator Patriae , glorified not only in oneself but also in strangers.

Father Parisiusz soc . Jesus in Mrs. such a guess about the beginning of this gem. The Romans on the frontier of the German Sarmatians, their ordinary armies spread out, they lie in winter to guard and insure their country, which can be easily discovered by various Roman historians; on condition that the Sarmatians held their frontiers against the Romans, it seems right and safe. Thus

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