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The Sense of Silence
The Sense of Silence
The Sense of Silence
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The Sense of Silence

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The silence is not simply "emptiness" or "nothing". It is the possibility to pause and encounter: with oneself and with God. Therefore, in the silence a treasure is hidden, a source from which one can draw. Who refuels in the silence can cope easier with everyday life.
Erscheinungsdatum29. Sept. 2014
The Sense of Silence
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Bewertung: 0 von 5 Sternen
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    The Sense of Silence - Andrea Pirringer


    Dear Reader,

    are you one of those who wonder: why do we actually need the silence? Could we not well do without it? Isn’t silence something terribly boring? It is silent, so nothing happens. It is like a void, almost like a little death.

    Do you also believe that silence is uncomfortable and that it is therefore better to avoid it if possible? - It has no benefit and it is also a waste of time, where you can do more important things.

    But throughout life, each human comes once to a point where he feels his limitations: it is that the problems grow him over the head, that he has become sick from stress, or that he sees no purpose in his life.

    In such situations, you suddenly develope the need for silence, for a break for rest, relaxation. One hopes that the silence will give reorientation and new power.

    So it probably still makes sense?

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