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Prayers for every Day: Prayers for Catholics
Prayers for every Day: Prayers for Catholics
Prayers for every Day: Prayers for Catholics
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Prayers for every Day: Prayers for Catholics

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In this book you will find prayers that you can pray at any time of the day (only for private use). Friends of the Rosary will get new suggestions here by rosaries that have not yet existed in this form.
These are not only formulated prayers, but texts that were given by inner locution.
Erscheinungsdatum17. Aug. 2014
Prayers for every Day: Prayers for Catholics
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    Prayers for every Day - Andrea Pirringer


    Dear readers,

    since 1997, I have - from an intense prayer life and a profound religious maturation - inner locutions, mystical experiences, visions of the future, prophetic visions, contacts with decedents and receive messages and prayers.

    However, I want to point out that I'm not a fortune teller or clairvoyant and therefore also not respond to related inquiries or dubious offers. - I ask for your understanding!

    A selection of my prayers I have now summarized in this present booklet and unveil it the first time to a wider public.

    Until the year 2004, I kept a diary on the specific experiences regularly. In this way,12 volumes filled. For lack of time I finished these writings.

    I made a review and rating. Events and premonitions that have already been fulfilled in the past, or refer to the past

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