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How to believe more deeply
How to believe more deeply
How to believe more deeply
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How to believe more deeply

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It is admittedly good, if one tries to live a Christian life and fulfills all commandments. Furthermore, however, there are still many things possible that can strengthen and deepen the relationship with God. You can get much closer to God, if you open up for him.
Erscheinungsdatum29. Okt. 2014
How to believe more deeply
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    How to believe more deeply - Andrea Pirringer


    Dear Reader,

    you are a religious man and would like to deepen your faith, but do not know how to do that?

    The deepening of faith is always a Coming-closer-to-God. This is done from two sides: on the one hand by the believer himself, who deals in detail with God, on the other hand starting of God, because He more and more reveals to man.

    This can develop – in the course of life - a deep bond, which is not only a help for man in his everyday life, but also in his hour of death: it carries him over into the eternal home.

    Therefore, faith is a lifelong project. You can turn away from the faith itself freely, you can believe half-hearted or you believe seriously and honestly; then it is a permanent bond, similar to a marriage.

    This partnership with God persists from the beginning of man's existence: every man is a thought of God. So God has already established facts, even before we were mentally able to recognize Him as our

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