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Driller: An Oilman's Fifty Years in the Field
Driller: An Oilman's Fifty Years in the Field
Driller: An Oilman's Fifty Years in the Field
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Driller: An Oilman's Fifty Years in the Field

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From the famous oilpatch that spread from West Texas to New Mexico, Alaska, China, and other locales, Hubert H. Hays (1935–2005) drilled for oil. He drilled for fifty years—and he was good at it.

He knew what negative 70 degrees does to casing and drill pipe. He knew what 500 degrees downhole does to affect drilling. He set records drilling gas wells and never had a blowout. Hays had a worldwide reputation that preceded him, and he probably drilled as many wells as any other man during his time.

But alongside learning the ins and outs needed for such a successful five-decade career in oil, Hays came to know the eclectic cast of roughnecks that can make up a good crew. He heard about the colorful lives they led and the myriad paths oilmen take.

Driller, compiled from notes and recordings by his wife Catherine and edited by Russ McAfee, tells the story of Hays’s life in oil: the ups and downs, the wisdom and the difficulty of the center of our energy needs. Readers will come away with invaluable technical knowledge, colorful stories, and a clear-eyed sense of the real oilfield seen by the men who plumb the earth for energy.

Erscheinungsdatum4. Mai 2022
Driller: An Oilman's Fifty Years in the Field
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Hubert H. Hays

Hubert H. Hays, an independent driller, spent fifty years in oil, working his way up from roughneck to engineer. His stories lift the curtain on the real oilfield. Hays passed away in 2005.

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