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The noble Polish family Giedrowicz. Die adlige polnische Familie Giedrowicz.
The noble Polish family Giedrowicz. Die adlige polnische Familie Giedrowicz.
The noble Polish family Giedrowicz. Die adlige polnische Familie Giedrowicz.
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The noble Polish family Giedrowicz. Die adlige polnische Familie Giedrowicz.

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Über dieses E-Book

This is a hodgepodge of a disorderly, systematically arranged collection of Polish nobility. On these pages you will learn everything about: descent, nobility, aristocratic literature, aristocratic name endings, aristocratic association, genealogy, bibliography, books, family research, research, genealogy, history, heraldry, heraldry, herbalism, information, literature, names, aristocratic files, nobility, personal history, Poland, Szlachta, coat of arms, coat of arms research, coat of arms literature, nobility, knights, Poland, herbarz. Conglomeration, translations into: English, German, French.
Dies ist ein Sammelsurium einer ungeordneten, systematisch geordneten Sammlung des polnischen Adels. Auf diesen Seiten erfahren Sie alles über: Abstammung, Adel, Adelsliteratur, Adelsnamenendungen, Adelsverband, Genealogie, Bibliographie, Bücher, Familienforschung, Forschung, Genealogie, Geschichte, Heraldik, Heraldik, Kräuterkunde, Informationen , Literatur, Namen, Adelsakten, Adel, Personengeschichte, Polen, Szlachta, Wappen, Wappenforschung, Wappenliteratur, Adel, Ritter, Polen, Herbarz. Sammelsurium, Übersetzungen in: Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch.
Il s'agit d'un méli-mélo d'une collection désordonnée et systématiquement organisée de la noblesse polonaise. Sur ces pages, vous apprendrez tout sur : l'ascendance, la noblesse, la littérature aristocratique, les terminaisons de noms aristocratiques, l'association aristocratique, la généalogie, la bibliographie, les livres, la recherche familiale, la recherche, la généalogie, l'histoire, l'héraldique, l'heraldique, l'herboristerie, l'information, la littérature, les noms, dossiers aristocratiques, noblesse, histoire personnelle, Pologne, Szlachta, armoiries, recherche d'armoiries, littérature d'armoiries, noblesse, chevaliers, Pologne, herbarz. Conglomération, traductions en : anglais, allemand, français.
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Erscheinungsdatum24. Okt. 2022
The noble Polish family Giedrowicz. Die adlige polnische Familie Giedrowicz.
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Werner Zurek

The Zurek family comes from an old noble Polish family Werner Zurek was born on March 13, 1952 in Voelklingen in the Saarland as the son of the employee Heinz Kurt Zurek and his wife Maria, née Kußler. At the age of 6 he attended the Catholic elementary school Voelklingen - Geislautern and finished secondary school in Geislautern in 1968 From 1968 to 1970 he began training as a machine fitter. From 1970 to 1972 he completed an apprenticeship at Roechling - Völklingen as a rolling mill (metallurgical skilled worker). From 1972 to 1974 he was a two-year soldier with the German Federal Armed Forces in Daun, where he was trained as a radio operator in electronic combat reconnaissance. He finished his service as a sergeant. As a reservist, he was promoted to sergeant-major. Acquisition of secondary school leaving certificate at ILS From 1975 he was a civil servant candidate in the Ministry of Finance (Federal Customs Administration). After passing the final examination, he served as a border inspection officer according to the Federal Border Guard Act and as a customs officer in customs and tax matters and was therefore also an assistant to the public prosecutor In 1975 he married his wife Ulrike, née Daub. In 1982 his daughter Sandra was born. In 2014 he retired. Awards: Air defense training at the technical aid organization Rifle line of the Federal Armed Forces Training at the German Red Cross State Explosives Permit Basic certificate from the German Lifesaving Society European police sport badge at the Federal Customs Administration. Also valid for the European Community. Admission to the Royal Brotherhood of Saint Teotonius. Protector is the heir to the throne of Portugal, HRH the Duke of Braganza. Bundeswehr veteran badge. Aid organization sponsor: Bringing Hope to the Community Uganda (BHCU) Member of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

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    The noble Polish family Giedrowicz. Die adlige polnische Familie Giedrowicz. - Werner Zurek

    The noble Polish family Giedrowicz. Die adlige polnische Familie Giedrowicz.

    The noble Polish family Giedrowicz.


    The noble Polish family Giedrowicz.

    Die adlige polnische Familie Giedrowicz.

    The noble Polish family Giedrowicz.

    Giedrowicz. Volkovysk District 1674

    53/918/0 / 13.12 / 2663 Alphabetical index to the register vol. IV - Xb.d. (...) Edmund, number: 35602; Gewajler Adolf, number: 18627; Kazimiera Gezinowicz, number: 35043; Gibalski Antoni, number: 12715; Gibalski Lechosław, number: 12851; Gibas Władysław, number: 10305; Gibas Wojciech, number: 10221; Giblewicz Henryk, number: 35715; Gicewicz Walerian, number: 20269; Gidzewicz Czesław, number: 21512; Giedrojć Jerzy, number: 15250; Giedrojć Zofia, number: 17455; Giedrowicz Stanisław, number: 17156; Giedzim Zygmunt, number: 20956; Giedzinn Aleks, number: 19020; Gieleciński Tavonusz, number: 15574; Gielewski Kazimierz, number: 21767; Gielniak Władysław number: 38568; Gielnik Kazimierz, number: 11328; Gienuik Helena, number: 15741; Gierak Maksym, number: 17034; Gierasimowicz Adela, number: 17402; Gierasimowicz Stefan, number: 21561; Gierasimowski Bazyl (...) Staatsarchiv in Poznan (Posen)

    53/918/0/13.12/2663 ​​​​Skorowidz Corner at Registration Volume IV - Xb.d .. (...) Edmund, number: 35602, Gewajler Adolf, number: 18627, Gezinowicz Kazimiera, number: 35043, Gibalski Anthony, number: 12715, Gibalski Lechosław, number: 12851, Gibbs Wladyslaw, number: 10305, Wojciech Gibbs, number from : 10221; Giblewicz Henry number: 35715, Gicewicz Valerian number: 20269, Gidzewicz Czeslaw number: 21512, Giedrojć George number: 15250; Giedrojć Sophia, number: 17455, Giedrowicz Stanislaw, number: 17156, Giedzim Zygmunt number: 20956; Giedzinn Alex, number: 19020, Gieleciński Tavonusz, number: 15574, Gielewski Kazimierz, number: 21767, Gielniak Wladyslaw number: 38568; Gielnik Kazimierz, number: 11328, Gienuik Helena, number: 15741, Gierak Maximus, number: 17034; Gerasimowitsch Adela, number: 17402, Gerasimowitsch Stefan, number: 21561, Gierasimowski bazyl (...)

    State Archives in Poznań

    Adam, the Wołkowysk Swordbearer, signed the election of Jan III. with the Orszański district.

    1. Adam the Swordbearer of Wołkowysk signed the election of Jan III. with the Orszański District. m Adam Schwertnik Wołkowysk (now)

    Copyright 2013 by Werner Zurek. Copyright for the image sources: (GNU Wikipedia)


    Away. Her. Files of the former Heraldry of the Kingdom.

    And white. raws Files of the Rawa Land, Bielsko County.

    AGZ. Town and country files from the times of the Polish Republic. Lviv 1868-1894. T. I-XVI.

    AJZR. Acts otnosiaszcziesia k istoria alreadynoj and zapadnoj Rossia. St Petersburg 1863-82. T. I-XII.

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    A. Rus. Liw. Ruthenian-Livonian acts. Published by Napierski. S. Petersburg, 1868             

    A. Zap. Ros. Acts are the history of the collapse of Rossia. S. Petersburg.             

    The files of the Acts and we issue them to the Wilenskoy Archeograficzeskoj Kommissyu Vilnius 1865-96. Vol. I-XXIII.             

    Files 4, area Files of four counties of the Czerska Land.             

    Hist file. File to historical explanations for things Polish Krakow.             

    Ant. Gram. Grammars of Veliki Lithuanian princes. Kiev, 1868. Published by Włodz. Antonowicz and Konst. Kozłowski.             

    Arch. Dubr. The Dubrovnik Archives from the library of Count. Przezdziecki.

    Arch. JZR. Archives of Jugo-Zapadnoj Rossia. Kiev.

    Arch. Sang. Archives of the Sanguszko Dukes in Sławuta. Lviv 1887 - 97 T..IV.

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