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The Picture of German Life: 18th & 19th Century
The Picture of German Life: 18th & 19th Century
The Picture of German Life: 18th & 19th Century
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The Picture of German Life: 18th & 19th Century

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This edition includes: Volume 1: Life of the German Peasant (1240-1790): The duration of modern nations German agriculture in the time of the Romans, the Carlovingians, and the Hohenstauffen… The Life of the Lower Nobility (1500-1800): The country nobles in the sixteenth century The court nobles The detrimental effects of the Great War... The German Citizen and his Shooting Festivals (1300-1800): Gradual development of the citizen class Decline after the Thirty Years' War... The State Policy and the Individual (1600-1700): The dissolution of the German Empire The Prince's parties The despotic official administration... The "Stillen im Lande" or Pietists (1600-1700): Tendencies of Protestantism till 1618 Consequences of the war The older Pietism... The Dawning of Light (1750): Changes in the human mind from the invention of printing Mathematical discipline and natural science Law Philosophy and its position with respect to theology... Volume 2: Away from the Garrison (1700): The army, and the constitution of the State The country militia and their history The soldiery of the Sovereign Change of organisation after the war... The State of Frederic the Great (1700): The kingdom of the Hohenzollerns Childhood of Frederic Opposition to his father... Of the Year of Tuition of the German Citizen (1790): Influence of Frederic on German art, philosophy, and historical writing The aspect of a city in 1790 The coffee gardens and the theatres... The Period of Ruin (1800): The condition of Germany Courts and cities of the Empire... Rise of the Nation (1807-1815): Sorrowful condition of the people in the year 1807 The first signs of rising strength Hatred of the French Emperor Arming of Prussia Character and importance of the movement of 1813… Illness and Recovery (1815-1848): The time of reaction Hopelessness of the German question…
Erscheinungsdatum13. Nov. 2022
The Picture of German Life: 18th & 19th Century
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Gustav Freytag

Gustav Freytag (* 13. Juli 1816 in Kreuzburg, Oberschlesien; † 30. April 1895 in Wiesbaden) war ein deutscher Schriftsteller.

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