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The noble Polish family Babicz. Die adlige polnische Familie Babicz.
The noble Polish family Babicz. Die adlige polnische Familie Babicz.
The noble Polish family Babicz. Die adlige polnische Familie Babicz.
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The noble Polish family Babicz. Die adlige polnische Familie Babicz.

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This is a hodgepodge of a disorderly, systematically arranged collection of Polish nobility. On these pages you will learn everything about: descent, nobility, aristocratic literature, aristocratic name endings, aristocratic association, genealogy, bibliography, books, family research, research, genealogy, history, heraldry, heraldry, herbalism, information, literature, names, aristocratic files, nobility, personal history, Poland, Szlachta, coat of arms, coat of arms research, coat of arms literature, nobility, knights, Poland, herbarz. Conglomeration, translations into: English, German, French.
Dies ist ein Sammelsurium einer ungeordneten, systematisch geordneten Sammlung des polnischen Adels. Auf diesen Seiten erfahren Sie alles über: Abstammung, Adel, Adelsliteratur, Adelsnamenendungen, Adelsverband, Genealogie, Bibliographie, Bücher, Familienforschung, Forschung, Genealogie, Geschichte, Heraldik, Heraldik, Kräuterkunde, Informationen , Literatur, Namen, Adelsakten, Adel, Personengeschichte, Polen, Szlachta, Wappen, Wappenforschung, Wappenliteratur, Adel, Ritter, Polen, Herbarz. Sammelsurium, Übersetzungen in: Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch.
Il s'agit d'un méli-mélo d'une collection désordonnée et systématiquement organisée de la noblesse polonaise. Sur ces pages, vous apprendrez tout sur : l'ascendance, la noblesse, la littérature aristocratique, les terminaisons de noms aristocratiques, l'association aristocratique, la généalogie, la bibliographie, les livres, la recherche familiale, la recherche, la généalogie, l'histoire, l'héraldique, l'heraldique, l'herboristerie, l'information, la littérature, les noms, dossiers aristocratiques, noblesse, histoire personnelle, Pologne, Szlachta, armoiries, recherche d'armoiries, littérature d'armoiries, noblesse, chevaliers, Pologne, herbarz. Conglomération, traductions en : anglais, allemand, français.
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Erscheinungsdatum17. Nov. 2022
The noble Polish family Babicz. Die adlige polnische Familie Babicz.
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Werner Zurek

The Zurek family comes from an old Polish noble family. Barons of Zurek - Eichenau. Werner Zurek was born on March 13, 1952 in Völklingen in Saarland, the son of the employee Heinz Kurt Zurek and his wife Maria, née Kußler. At the age of 6 he attended the Catholic elementary school in Völklingen - Geislautern and graduated in 1968 in Geislautern. From 1968 to 1970 he began training as a machinist. From 1970 to 1972 he completed an apprenticeship as a rolling mill worker (smelting worker) at Röchling - Völklingen. From 1972 to 1974 he was a two-year soldier in the Bundeswehr in Daun, where he was trained as a radio operator for electronic combat reconnaissance. He ended his service as a corporal. As a reservist he was promoted to staff sergeant. Acquisition of the Matura at the ILS From 1975 he was a civil servant candidate in the Federal Ministry of Finance (Federal Customs Administration). After passing the final examination, he served as a border control officer under the Federal Border Protection Act and as a customs officer in customs and tax matters and was therefore also an assistant officer at the public prosecutor's office. In 1975 he married his wife Ulrike, née Daub. In 1982 his daughter Sandra was born. In 2014 he retired. Awards: Air defense training at the Federal Agency for Technical Relief Bundeswehr rifle line Training at the German Red Cross State explosives permit Basic certificate from the German Life Saving Society European Police Sports Badge from the Federal Customs Administration. Also valid for the European Community. Admission to the Royal Brotherhood of Saint Teotonius. Protector is the heir to the throne of Portugal, HRH the Duke of Braganza. Bundeswehr veteran badge. Sponsor of the aid organization: Bringing Hope to the Community Uganda (BHCU) Member of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard (affiliated with the Maltese) Residence: D-66679 Losheim am See, Schachenstrasse 17a, (Saarland) Email address:

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    The noble Polish family Babicz. Die adlige polnische Familie Babicz. - Werner Zurek

    The noble Polish family Babicz. Die adlige polnische Familie Babicz.

    The noble Polish family Babicz.


    The noble Polish family Babicz.

    Die adlige polnische Familie Babicz.

    The noble Polish family Babicz.

    The noble Polish family Babicz, coat of arms print ( Drucki Książę )

    Babicz. Belz Voivodeship in 1540. They come from the line of Russian princes, are a branch of the Sokolinsky family. Thrive in Russia as princes with the Babicz coat of arms. A branch that does not bear the title of prince was entered in the nobility register of Galicia in 1782 and 1808.

    city and county Kalisz captions seventeenth / eighteenth century

    5641 (N178 /180) 1743

     Adam Babicki , ol . and . B.'ol . Elżb . Strzyiskiej , ol . Jan becomes score. bishop. + -His sisters born. Son title en . x Michael Bułakowskiego prepo Philip on Śródka , his uncle (p. 15)

    36/119/0/4/559 0 List of mortgage property near the village Babicz Community Korytnica1929 1933

    Geographical Register Babicz VillageState Archives in Lublin Branch in Chelm

    36/119/0/4/in 1472 0 List Mortgage Babicz Village Community Mikulicze1929State Archives in Lublin Branch in Chelm

    36/119/0/4/560 0 List of mortgage property near the village Babicz Community Korytnica1929 -1932Geographical Register Babicz VillageState Archives in Lublin Branch in Chelm

    53/471/0/12.17/2192 0 Tailoring -Jan Babicz Piła1947State Archives in Poznań

    35/442/0/-/1398 0 District Arbitration Office in the application Lubartów Branickiego Michał vs. Babiczowi Stanisławowi1935State Archive in Lublin

    36/115/0/-/2638 0 File on the application of StefanBabicz against Piotr and Zofia Babiczowi Goluchowej1936 -1937 1939State Archives in Lublin Branch in Chelm

    36/372/0/-/7 Minutes of the meeting in Chłopiatynie GRN N I- VIII1961Personal register Babicz Kazimierz - the Vo President of the PGRN ; Janczura Zygmunt - Secretary of PGRN; Pastuszak Stanisław - President PGRN; Senderek Jan - Chairman PGRN

    State Archives in Lublin Branch in Chelm

    36/372/0/-/11 0 Minutes of Presidium meetings in Chłopiatynie GRN N 1-101961 Register of persons Babicz Kazimierz - Chairman of PGRN ; Janczura Zygmunt - Secretary of PGRNState Archives in Lublin Branch in Chelm

    38/410/0/-/71 [ book of mortgage ] Lordship Głęboczyzna , no hip. 53 , Volume II1887 -1937Angela Register of Persons Babicz , Babicz Stanisław , Butrym Maryanna ; Chimski Jozef ; Ciok Constantine ; Danilko Anna ; Danilko Snapper, Delicacy Stefan ; Dersewicz Bronislaw ; Gadomski Aleksander; Gadomski Franciszek; Gadomski Wik (...)State Archives in Lublin Ast Radzyń Pauslaski

    38/410/0/-/64 0 [Book Farm Derewiczna Hypotheken , Hypotheken- N 48 , Volume II ] from 1910 to 1946 , 1958 , 1968Personal register Babicz Anna ; Beck Carolina ; Bek Wladyslaw ; Berenc Antoinette ; Berenc Maryanna ; Chlibinski Jan ; Chomiuk Emilia, Emilia Chomiuk of Chomiuków; Chomiuk Franciszek ; Chomiuk Stanislaw ; Ciok Ivanity, Czech Teodor, Demjanjuk Piotr; Doluk Wladyslaw ; Gawałko Aleksander; Gawałko Katarzyny, Golec Katarzyna of Siłuchów; Hałajuk Michał ; Harasimiuk Angela ; Harasimiuk Feliks ; Harasimiuk Stefan ; Jar (...)State Archives in Lublin Ast Radzyń Pauslaski

    37/250/0/-/74 0 Cologne Bełżyce Part . 11894-1945 Volume 4 [2000 ]Register of persons Abramovich Marcin; Adamczyk-Dabrowska Angela; Anasiewicz Antoni, Michał Babicz, Baka Antoni, Antoni Biernat, Michał Biernat, Paweł Biernat, Blaszczyk-Dabrowska by Józef Ludwik Loaf-Dabrowska; Bogudzki Julian , Full Beard Kazimierz Brzezinski Constantine , Brzezinski Witold ; Ceglinska Maryanna ; Ceglinska - Rumińska Eve ; Chyła Henrykk's son Antoni; Chyła - Sosnowska Cecilia wife of Henrykk; Dabrowska - Adamczyk Angela , Dabrowska - Blaszczyk Józef ; Dabrowska (...) State Archives in Lublin Ast Kraśnik

    38/410/0/-/63 [ book of mortgage ] Farm Derewiczna , no hip [ separated from earthly goods Planta ] . 48 , Volume I1897-1938 , 1963-1978 register of persons Babicz Anna from Łobejków ; Bek Carolina with Chomiuków; Berenc Antoinette ; Berenc Maryanna Mackiewicz, Jan Tadeusz Brzozowski Adam; Chaluk Michael ; Chlibiak ( Chlibiuk ) Jan ; Chomiuk Emilia ; Chomiuk Franciszek of Chomiuków; Chomiuk Stanislaw ; Chomiuk Stefan ; Ciok Vasyl ; Nikita Meise , Demjanjuk Piotr ; Gawałko Aleksander; Gawałko Katarzyna of Oleszczuków; Golec Katarzyna of Siłuchów; Grysi (...) State Archives in Lublin Ast Radzyń Pauslaski

    53/918/0/13.31/3149 0 Index to records of late death settlers arriving at a base in the Green Górze in 1945 Register of

    persons (...) Andrzej1037 ; Antkowiak Józef 1037 ; Antoniak Alice in 2093 ; Antosiewicz Paweł 77 ; Antosiewicz Piotr 5385/46 ; Antisik Veronica 1122-1145 ; Arciszewska Marya 400/45 ; Aryniak Albert 86/45 ; Audrzynowski Józef 17777 ; Augustine Ignacy 3781; Augus Czeslaw 3103, Augus Maryan 3537; Aygustyn Ignacy 3781 ; Babarowski Stanisław - 21-2007 ; Babiarczyk Stanisław 4333/45 ; Babicz Antoni 2858/46 ; Babonski Kazimierz 3630 ; Baczerz Waclaw 2783 ; BACZKOWSKI Adam 219/45 ; Bączyk Stefan 2220 , Marya Baczyńska 456/45 ; Baczyńska Teofil in 1416 -1445 ; Baczyński Wladyslaw 3363 ; Badus Stanisław 175/45 , 210 Henrykk Bajau , Bajau Józef 226; Bak Antoni 2250 ; Bakerek Antoni 643/45 ; Bak Henrykk 2389 ; Aubergine Łukasz 3140 ; Bakowska Helena 3225 ; Bałabon Władydsław 1143-1145 (...)State Archives in Posen (Poznań)

    53/918/0/13.12/2663 ​​​​0 Record alphabetical index to Volume IV - Xb.d.Personenregister (...) Ski Antoni , number: 6018 ; Amold Eve number: 38487 ; Szymon Andrzejewski number: 38841 ; Andrzyszczak Pelagia number: 38294 , English Stanisław number: 37835 ; Ararko Aleksander number: 37784 ; Arciszewski Julian number: 38043 ; Aulonowicz Adam number: 38014 ; Babarowski Stanisław , number: 9240 ; Babecki Waldemar , number: in 1569 6 , Piotr Baber number: 38048 ; Babiak Mieczyslaw , number: 20059 , Babicz Michał , number: 15353 , Babik Eugene , number: 15280 , Babinski Antoni , number: 11389 ; Babinski Gabriel , number: 12690 , Babirecki Stefan , number: 16444 , Babisz Angela , number: 16821 , Babrocki Stefan , number: 21189 , Babula Agnes , number: 15295 , Bachyrycz Józef , number: 8451 ; Baćmaga Stefan number: 8153 ; Baczkowski Aleksander , number: 12210 , Baczkowski Stanisław number: 38493 , B (...)State Archives in Poznań

    53/918/0/9/3160 0 repertories decisions out of szkAus owawczych8 X II from 1945 to 1926 1947 register of persons ( ...) 02; Babiak Cecilia - 142-14113 ; Babiańska (Korewa) Anna - 169-16812, Babiarz Helena - 160-15907, Babiarz Teresa - 103-10247; Babicka Florentyna - 53-5298 ; Babicka Marya - 128-12755, Antoni Babicz - 174-17400, Bronislaw Babicz - 128-12754; Baberczuk Agnes-24-2306; Babijczuk Szymon - 107-10627 ; Babi Dominik - 193-19223 ; Babij Franciszek - 183-18248 ; Babinska ( Babimska ) Marya - 92-9196 , (...) State Archives in Poznań

    The ancestors of the dukes Drucki will be prince. Michał, his sons and Wasil Semen. Descendants of Prince Vasil 1508 to Moscow, and from them come the princes Druccy existing in Rossyia. Prince Semen had a son Dmitri, who already, like his descendants, we have some news. Prince Dymitry belonged to the Lithuanian expedition equipped by Kestutis against Moscow in 1372 ( Ka V f 25). His sons: Prince Ivan signed a peace with the Teutonic Order in 1398 and Prince Semen promised Dymitriewicz in 1401 to remain loyal to King Ladislaus (f Racz. 256 and CAus. Epist. Pp. XV. 30). Her sister was to be a priest. Aleksander, wife of Prince Andrzej Olgimuntowicza Holszański, mother of Queen Zofia (Kniaź.). The sons of the princes of Demetrius became Michał and Aleksander Pberescy , died on Worskla 1399 the name was taken from PAus berezia , in the district of Orszańskim . In 1423 , the prince Druccy : Ivan Baba and Pucyata were besieged by Witold against the Mongols sent Aus ojew (. Ka VN 214). They are his father's sons. Semen Dymitriewicza and princes: Michał, Wasil, Dimitri Siekira and Hrehory (Kniaź.). Prince Ivan Semenowicz Baba signed the Treaty of 1422 Lithuania into law. He then entered the service of the Grand Duke of Moscow, Wasil Dark (Ka. V.) . His sons Wasil, Semen and Iwan, also to Moscow, two others, Fedor and Constantine, the other in Lithuania. Prince Fedor Ivanovich, often referred to as Fedor Babicz, was given by Kazimierz Jag. in the years 1443-1450 of different origin ( Kniaź. ) . The sons of the princes of Semen , Fedor , Vasil and Ivan Fyorovich , said in 1466 to the monastery records czerejski that Kazimierz Jag . approved 1469 (A. Zap . Ros. III). Prince Semen Fyorovich; already Sokolinski 1489 toropecki governor , and the governor Branski 1492 his sons Yuri , Wasil and Andrzej Sokolińscy princes . Prince Fedor Fedorovich, nicknamed Konopla, gave birth to Princes Konopla-Sokolińskim. Prince Ivan Fyorovich, who is a Glinski fan, went with them to Moscow in 1508, but his wife and children stayed in Lithuania and gave birth to Prince Oziereckim. The descendants of Prince Konstanty Ivanovich, Czesnik century, Prince Vytautienė of Pryhaby estates, called them the Pryhabskimi. Prince Puciata Iwan Semenowicz, Lithuania signed a treaty with the law to 1422 and a truce with the Świdrygiełły with Władysław Jag. 1431 and the covenant made by the same century , prince . with the Teutonic Order 1432 ( Skarb. Dan . , and A. Rus. Liw . f 190) . His sons: Ivan and Dymitry Puciatycze princes. PJ Wolff believes Prince Wasil is known ancestor of Prince Horskich, son of Prince Ivan Puciaty Semenowicz as well, and Prince Michał, whose son was to be a priest. Yuri Mikhailovich Szyszewski, then called the Tołoczyńskim. Prince Michał Semenowicz nicknamed Bołoban , the Wilkomierz died in 1435 . Bychowca Chronicle says that Prince Wasil ( Semenowicz ) Krasny , together with his brother , Prince Mitkiem Zubrewickim was conquered in. Prince Reichstaler Zygmunt in 1432 Oszmian Dass Prince Wasil signed a year before the truce with Władysław Jag . , From Świdrygiełły , 1446 he was Deputy Century , Prince Kazimierz exit Piotrkowski , 1447 he was present at his coronation , and again in 1448 , the envoy of the Lithuanian Parliament Lublin (L). He was married to P. Worotyńską because his son , Prince Ivan Wasilevich Krasny , said in 1505 on a Losko that Prince Marya , daughter Korybut Olgerdowicza , through centuries the prince bred. Witold was issued for his uncle, Fürst. Fedora Worotyńskiego . Sister, so Prince Fedora had to be the mother of Ivan and his wife, Prince. Wasil Krasne (June 5). Prince Ivan Wasilevich Krasny I took the two princes in the post houses for Ostrogski and assigned a priest . Ivan Ostrogskiemu women who were married to Prince Ivan Wasilevich Krasne. , A witness for the record, Prince Zubrewickiej and Trąbski 1486 he was the next governor of Minsk . Married one-on v. Prince MARY Semenówną Kobryńską , second time Prince Maryna Zasławską Ivanovna . Judgment of Prince Zygmunt from 1508 on which Czerewaczyce released and Hruszowę mentioned that Maryna, second daughter of Prince Cossack Romanowicz, was the wife of Prince Ivan Wasilevich Krasne, a record of testimony of Prince Ivan in 1516 to the wife of Prince Zasławski testifies from his second marriage tem (Junior 2 and 10) . Prince Dymitri, his only son, had been dead since 1507 ( Kniaź. ). Prince Dymitri Semenowicz, v. Mitko Semenowicz, v. Dymitri Siekira 1427 received from Wladyslaw Jag. many estates in the land of the Lviv (Lemberg) ( Inw. Arc - c. Kor. ) . Well Zubrowice , what he owned , and thus was called Zubrowickim wrote Prince Zofia ( presumably his wife ) and their children ( Junior 2 year 6900 ? ') . Prince Sophie and her daughter, Prince Maryna, wife of Prince Semen Semenowicz Trabskiego, Turzno 1486 engraved to the Council of Vilnius (Wilna, Wilno, Wilnjus) This act in which the two princesses call Prince Semen his grandfather, and Prince Semen Yuryevich Holszański , his brother who introduced me to the bug and placed them in the post houses as sisters, while one of them is the mother of the other. Mentioned in this act , Lord Semen is probably Druckim , grandfather , Lord Maryna . (June 2 and Arch. Zbor. Doc. VI). Lord AKUT Dymitri kept for centuries by Lord Vytautas and Zygmunt who is in dispute with Lord. Zwiaholskimi, Kazimierz Jag. bestowed upon her in 1489 by Prince Maryna (Inw. Arch. Ko Woj Stick., ML. 4). Prince Maryna. Acts of 1490 and 1496 his entire fortune to his grandson wrote Olbrycht Gasztołdowi (Junior 2 and 4) . In his judgment, the acute , Prince named Maryna after the Prince's daughter. Mitjka Siekiry, in the files of the donation, the daughter of Prince Dimitri Zubrewickiego. PJ Wolff, based on the actions of the donation, testimonial from F. Maryna for Olbracht, the grandson of Jan Gasztold, in which she called him her grandson, according to Pater. Maryna had a daughter , issued to Marcin Gasztold 's father Olbracht . I thought that again Prince Dymitri Zubrewicki as his entry for his wife and convinced their children had their several and that the other was his daughter Elizabeth, wife of Jan Gasztold, Olbracht's grandfather, whom Prince Maryna was nothing but cousin wife. This claim relied on my deed that King Aleksander's list on the right Traby , Holszany etc. after the death of Prince Trąbski , Gasztold's aunt and her sister Elizabeth carried the law to this Gasztold cupbearer of the king from his estate and donated collection collectors from Novgorod , always confirmed in Brest, March 17 Ind. VIII (1505) (June 2 f 27). Wife of Jan Gasztold just named Elizabeth. However coat of arms posted on the tombstone Olbracht in Vilnius (Wilna, Wilno, Wilnjus), against my assertion is supported. There are four: Habdank, Hipocentaurus, Zadora, and Druck. They show that Jan Gasztold's wife was Zadorczanka may have daughter and wife Jawnuvon him u as says Pan J. Wolff , Princess Trabska . In this case there is a flaw in the plot I quoted. Claiming the support again visit castle ostrskiego 1628 , the examiners divided : that the estates went past the right of inheritance , and only after the childless death of P. . Mary Trąbski, delivered into the hands of the king. If so, Prince Trabska died, leaving her daughter for Gasztold not to be able . (Archive IZ Ros. VII. 1) . Prince Hrehory Semenowicz , signed the Treaty of Lithuania against the Germans in 1422 With the case pending in 1561 between Prince Sokolińskimi and Lübeck The custody of Prince Horskimi it seems that Prince Sokolińscy go to F . Ivan Baba and Prince Lubeccy go to the father. Hrehorym ( Kniaź. ) . Son of Prince Hrehorego , Prince Hrehorowicz Wasil , a witness for the record , Prince Semen Fedorowicza Sokolińskiego in 1466 , the monastery czerejski (A. Zap . Ros. III) , was born with sister Olizarowej Szyłowiczowej , who in 1488 passed to his nephew , Prince wrote married. Bohdan Wasilewiczowi Lubcza , after his death , gave the jag to Aleksander . in 1500 , his brother, Prince Roman Wasilewiczowi ( June 5 ) . His descendants , Prince Lubeccy . Druck was owned by all princes Drucki, as a matter of some Druck, founded in 1548 after the death of Father. Semen Jamontowicza PAus bereskiego , to persuade and involved in everyone named Prince Druccy .

    The noble Polish family Babicz.

    The noble Polish family Babicz.

    City and country of Gniezno part 1

    6925 (#76) 1622

    X. Andrzej Gembicki, the abbot and commander of Trzemeszno, and the entire convoy of I and Mikoł. Dzialynski, Chamberlain of Dobrzyń. from the 2nd receipt with the counter in between included X. Wojc. Mieliński op. I shake. and this diary about the carrier city of Kazimierz and the village of Ul. Babicz, Prawęczycz, Sobienia, Chrosna and the villages of Bryski, Gora, Kossino near Łęczyce. with 8/3. (f. 27). cf counter exercise these goods on l. 3 census. 5/6 1621 from Op. Jewel. (f. 27)

    The ancestor of the Dukes of Drucki is said to be Fr. Michał, his sons Wasil and Semen. The descendants of Prince Vasil moved to Moscow in 1508 and are

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