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The reasons why not all crime is

recorded is as follows:
Not all ‘known’ offences 1. When people evade paying
Income Tax or business people
are entered into official VAT the Inland Revenue
negotiates proceeding and not
figures because the police
2. ‘Trivial’ offences such as shop-
lifting or other minor losses are
not necessarily recorded
3. Some domestic disputes are
seen by the police as just that,
‘domestic disputes’ and nothing
4. Some fraud cases are dealt with
in the civil courts rather than the
criminal courts

Police priorities - The 1. The emphasis on speed cameras

has taken the number of police
types of crimes the traffic patrols of the roads
reducing the number of traffic
police focus on affect offences recorded by the police
the detection rate. 2. Contrast this with the increase in
police targeting the incidence of
Police priorities come paedophilia. This has resulted in
increased detection rates for this
from media, crime
government and
pressure group

Reporting and non- This can be due to one of several

reporting of crimes
1. Ignorance that a crime has
been committed;
2. a victim is powerless;
3. the offence may be seen as
4. the victim may be concerned
the offence isn’t taken
5. ethnic factors;
The worksheet beneath allows you to explore each of the five
reasons in the least section of the above table. Please complete
this sheet before reading further.

A crime might not be A supporting example

reported because: is:
Ignorance that a crime has been

a victim is powerless

the offence may be seen as trivial

the victim may be concerned the

offence isn’t taken seriously

ethnic factors