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<title>US NSF - This page has moved</title>
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<tr><td align="center"><a name="title" id="title"></a><a href="index.jsp"><img
src="/images/topgenhead.jpg" alt="National Science Foundation - Where Discoveries
Begin" width="414" height="80" border="0" /></a></td>
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<td class="pageheadline" align="center">This page has moved<br />
or no longer exists on this server.</td>
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<td class="text" align="center"><p><strong>Please try to access the information
from the </strong><br />
<a href="/index.jsp"><strong>Home Page</strong></a> or the <a
Map</strong></a><br />
or use the information provided below.</p>
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<p><strong class="greybold">HOW DO I FIND&hellip;?</strong><br />
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<p><strong>Funding Opportunities </strong><br />
Funding Opportunities (including program
announcements and solicitations) can be reached from the <a
href="/funding/"><strong>Funding </strong></a>link in the top navigation bar.
The main Funding page has new features, including an <a
href="/funding/azindex.jsp" class="lineoff">A-Z
Index</a> and
an <a href="/funding/advanced_funding_search.jsp">Advanced
Funding Search</a>.</p>
<p><strong>Deadline and Target Dates</strong><br />
Proposal deadlines and target dates are available in the Funding
on the <a href="/funding/pgm_list.jsp?sort=date"><strong>Upcoming
Due Dates</strong></a> page. They are also listed on the <a
Calendar</strong></a> and the Funding Opportunities sections in each <a
<strong>Program Area/Directorate</strong></a>.
<p><strong>Directorate and Division Home Pages</strong><br />
The quickest way to access these pages is to use the Program Areas
drop-down list in the green box on the home page. You may also
click the green <a href="/funding/research_edu_community.jsp"><strong>Research
and Education Community</strong></a> button on the NSF home page.</p>

<p><strong>NSF Offices</strong><br />

NSF Offices can be accessed from the NSF Organizations drop-down list
in the home page left column, and from the <a href="/staff/"><strong>Staff
<p><strong>Forms</strong><br />
Forms can be found in the <a
href="/publications/"><strong>Publications</strong></a> section reached from the
top navigation bar.

<p><strong>Glossary</strong><br />
The <a href="/about/glossary.jsp"><strong>Glossary</strong></a> page
provides definitions for
many commonly used terms and acronyms.

<p><strong>NSF Budget</strong><br />

Look under <a href="/about/budget/"><strong>Budget</strong></a> on the
<a href="/about/">About NSF</a> page.

<p><strong>Policy and Legislative Information</strong><br />

Look under <a href="/about/congress/"><strong>NSF &amp;
Congress</strong></a> on the <a href="/about/">About
NSF</a> page.

<p><strong>MyNSF (formerly the Custom News Service)</strong><br />

The Custom News Service is now called <a
and can be reached from the home page left column. This feature allows
you to sign up for email and RSS notifications of new NSF funding
opportunities, news and more.</p>
<p><strong >Results of NSF Research</strong><br />
Results of NSF research can be found in the Discoveries section reached
from the <a href="/discoveries/"><strong>Discoveries</strong></a>
link in the top navigation bar.</p>
<p><strong>Educational Materials </strong><br />
Educational opportunities can be found using the Specialized
Information for drop-down list in the green
box on the home page and in the NSF Educational Opportunities by Audience
section on each division home page. <a
Resources</strong></a> can be reached from the right column of the home
<p><strong>Jobs</strong><br />
Look under <a href="/about/career_opps/"><strong>Career
Opportunities</strong></a> on the <a href="/about/">About</a> page.</p>
<p><a href="#title">Top</a></p>
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