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Sex Prisoners

Culture Bandits Vol. 3

by Del Jones aka Nana Kuntu The War Correspondent 1

Sex Prisoners
by: Del Jones, The War Correspondent aka Nana Kuntu
Del Jones Books n Music, Inc. Copy Editor: Dale D. Kelly Cover Art: Bro. Luke

Cover layout & Layout: by Qaraandin of PantherPaw Productions

Dedicated to some of the important people in my life: - Qaraandin, my Gentle Warrior Queen - Ishakamusa Barashango, your works lives on - Dr. Jack Felder, an Afrikan Patriot - Allie & Patrick Freeman for their work & encouragement - Bro. Nyamekye, Dr. Akosua, Bro. Shabazz & fam in Ghana - Sule, Kabibi and Zawadi Barskile thanks for caring - Ankobia (Ready for Battle) Sisters Circle, N.C. - Bro. Kamau & The Brotherhood in Raleigh, N.C. - Bill Brown & Nurse Fanny Clark & Elder Sybil Clarke... - Carl, JoAnn, Kimathi & Kayla of the Kaalib Afrikan Family - Bro. Phil Dadzie & Mustapha Allahassan (Ghana) - Gladys McMicheal, she wont give up the fight.
Copyright 2004 by Del Jones 2 ISBN 0-963995-8-3

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Pre-Puberty Attack Mother Humpers Minstrels, Jesters & Gladiators Cyber-Sex for Nuts Sex Slaves Bling-Bling: The Joke Is On You U.S. Mind Control

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Michael Jackson and U.S. Mind Control The Destruction of Reality

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The fragmented community awakened from its slumber that began in bloody, dank, floating coffins. She turns her head slowly toward Afrika forgetting the first time a slaver raped her struggling body. She rinses the pressing oil out of her hair and self hate out of her mind. He awakens and likes what he sees and roars the lions roar that shooked the earth as it did when the village was home, Through salty tears they pressed their lips together and children sprang from their union.... She is Afrikas Daughter. Timing her prayer with the still sleep of her old existence she turns toward home and says:

Afrikas Daughter

Mother, yes you who have come before me, help make our family whole again. Help me use my mind to develop strong watottoes (children), who will defend me against the rapes you knew. Let them defend me against the theft of my identity and consciousness. Let them swing the sword of the warrior and kiss with tenderness the fragile tomorrows promised me so long ago. Let them join their father and I in the eradication of our continual exploitation. But most of all...let them return me to my station, to my powerful throne...For I am, Afrikas Daughter!
Copyright 1979 Del Jones


Sex Prisoners: Introduction

In dank rooms, parked cars, city alleyways, open fields, under trees, on high tower rooftops, in prisons, school stairwells, taprooms, office closets, elevators, barns, public spaces and on-the-down-low, everywhere men and women go sexual activity takes place as that powerful urge is governed by our cultural, political, philosophical and yes ideological world view. Subliminal and non subliminal manipulations of a persons sexual urges delivers a powerful external control over that individual. Then 6

In the beginning there was the Black woman...

obviously, manipulation of sexual information, images, attitudes and pornography gives the controllers vast power over a society and what goes on in that society. To manage and control the diet of these images and products must be set up by developing (in the victims) a tolerance for the exploitation of humans and their images designed to aid in their own political and economic victimization. Every second of every day the consciousness of Amerikkkan people is imprisoned as they are socialized by sexual produced material, print and broadcast, that reduces the possibility of people ever maturing or reaching a more coherent level of interpersonal communications. A key to organizing against oppression is in the formation of the organizations that are set up to oppose the oppressors. New ideologies, systems, interactions and goals n objectives are the attractions needed to make people join a life and death struggle with a powerful, vicious and barbaric enemy that is floating on greed and hatred. If our external dynamics are not radically changed from what we have suffered under, the movement can not be galvanized.

We underestimate and very rarely discuss how the enemy uses sex to retard our growth and side track our political development. However, there is plenty of talk about inter-racial action, female exploitation, homosexual liberties and babies having babies. We even let the mass medias talking heads lead the discussion on these important topics as they sandwich the dialogue between commercials of the other products of the capitalist controllers. In there is something for everyone, from the intellectual sterile class conscious hi-brow masturbation to the wide swinging lower class mental midgets, sex sells and sells and sells. But why does sex sell? With almost all childish produced sexual material being produced under the label of For Adults Only, confusing messages are sent to the youth as they stumble through their difficult stages of puberty. 7

Amerikkkas printed material, broadcast airwaves and pop culture is saturated with highly charged sexual images that are used as political currency to imprison the minds of its citizens making all sexual prisoners of Amerikkkan capitalism.

Every now and then this artificial cultural engine pretends to police itself and hide behind insincere self-criticism and daffy mumble jumble. When we think of instruments of politics, war and religion, we rarely think of sex as a lethal instrument of manipulation, control and death. Yet, it is a powerful tool and is used for political purposes on both a mass and individual basis. For millions of years, men and women have dealt with each other understanding the power of sex. Hue-man beings are social creatures who come together for their common good and they had to deal with the needs and use of all in society. Male domination in almost all societies was reflected in the societys approach to politics, economics, culture, religion and sex.

First, a society had to unconsciously or consciously establish a standard of beauty. Those closer to the standard set were considered beautiful. The further away you were from this standard the more unattractive you were considered. The standard was normally set by the facial and body characteristics of the majority of the group. Consequently, there was a certain nationalism built into a groups standard of beauty. Understand, it is important to reflect the groups standards if you are chosen or want to assume a leadership role. Of course, some see power as much or even more of an attraction than physical attributes. Importantly, inside a group it is easier to ascend if you are considered attractive by the group. It must be noted however that there is more than one standard of beauty, one set of guidelines for sex appeal. What is attractive in one group can be repulsive in another. 8

Everything is considered: height, weight, noses, ears, foot size, breast size (large or small), buttocks (large or small, full or flat), shoulders, hair, pigmentation or lack there of.

Historically, these standards have been established and maintained. As the world shrank through travel, mass communication and cultural contact and exchange, the standard of beauty lines were distorted and/or were purposely blurred.

The conquest of one society by another impacted on the conquered society in a negative way. To the victor went the spoils, bragging rights and power. All of these things influenced the perception of beauty by the conquered. Many times a hate for their conquerors developed in the people a hate for the physical attributes of those who now ruled them. On the other hand, many times it enhanced the visual images of the conquerers, because of their position of power.

Understand, that war always involved the conquest and control over the female population. Historically, women always hated war because they were more personally impacted than men. Some were used to being property (national assets), much like slaves, land, cattle and other national resources. Some wars were fought for the sole purpose of acquiring or defending female population needed for procreation and pleasure. It is my purpose here to look at the politics of sex and how white supremacy has refined the art of propaganda and Cultural Banditry to aid them to the control and maintain the colonization of sex to fracture the culture of other peoples who they subjugate. Without creating people of color as their Sex Prisoners, their ability to brainwash, miseducate and control would be severely hampered. The importance of delivering their religion (European Deities) with their image, moral code and philosophy of life attached makes their ability to control much easier. Many have written on the topic and under investigation they were found to be personal abusers of women and even flaming homosexuals, actual Sex Prisoners themselves. 9

We are going to look at the politics of sex and the results of not protecting our consciousness, moral fiber, our own cultural ways and our right/obligation to deliver to our children a healthy attitude toward one another. Let us examine together and attempt to eliminate another weapon in their poisonous arsenal of hate. If successful we could then slash the physical and mental abuse in our relationships, the development of predators stalking our children, impact on backward sexisms, mend our warped world view and expose the enemy and their Roman-Greco culture that propels their hunger for total domination for profit.

Note: Sex Prisoners was not designed to advocate a specific sexual behavior or evaluate your sexual practices. Its soul purpose is to help make sure you understand the control the enemys mass media has on your sexuality.


Beware of your so-called leaders most are collaborating with the enemy, many others are behind the times.....
Del Jones aka Nana Kuntu, The War Correspondent

In essence, elitists assert that in practice the minority always exercises effective power, and that the dominant minority can never be controlled by the majority, no matter what so-called democratic institutions are employed.
Osageyfo Kwame Nkhrumah


In the river of time, we float aimlessly bye, set adrift by his-storys hate in word, deed and wasted blood. In the most critical times we stumble to the guillotine awaiting us with a dull knife just to make the raggedy kill strike fear into the hearts of the already soften-punks.

Sex Prisoners: Lost

Hiding behind words on printed pages, images projected across the universe and anti-sexual sexuality, we grope at empty castrated spaces. The toxic environment squashes life polluting mind and body resulting in an infinite confusion that has us all graveyard bound.

Taxing the few warriors with obvious overload, the race parties to deaths beats in a suicidal happiness drenched in hidden tears. Adorned in assorted clown clothes we dodge death in every corridor of society looking for a hole to dive into for a few minutes to relieve the madness. Dodging death from force of habit, we have forgotten how to perpetuate life as we strut to white-washed beats. We are laid out like pitiful pimps and church going hoes. Dwelling in manufactured culture which functions as a Nigger Factory destroying everything Afrikan and creating self-hating arrogant clowns policing themselves in a new servitude. Its all somewhat voluntary, all shameful, yet so damn normal. Doctored do-do passed off as food creates a foul smell in the hood as we lick the plates of genetically altered food, yum yum eat em up. Meanwhile, children are taught to hide their tears in a faked toughness that leads to their demonic internal destruction. Pissy babies wanna be loved too as dey watery shit stains their designer diapers with fake jew hustlers names stamped on the back. The shit eases down into their miniature Air Jordans like Mike slippin for a white night of fun with Miss Ann. You still want em to be like Mike? 12

Who will avenge the pain, dont tell me dey gonna get away with centuries of brutal savage crimes! Why? How? Oh yeah, we forgive everyone but our own...betrayed we abandon each other with punk ass excuses as we pursue sex with another cadaver.

I aint defending anyone today. Im not sending any excuses your way, a spear in the heart still kills a man. Which way is the village and who are the villagers? We must replenish the wholesome to replace the dry tits produced by not purging their alien philosophies and filthy pharmaceuticals.

Someone sound the alarm and wake the dead because they are bout to be killed. Tell the men to run faster they are bout to be raped. The madness continues to deliver the highs as we attempt to vamp outta harms way, but into a purple haze trapped in the bosom of the devils, delivered by a smorgasborg of intoxicating products that taste better with Coke.

Listen, kiss her good bye and dont weep for the manhood you squandered. Avoid his eyes in a pretense you tried ya best, cling to Oprahs psychologist as if her ass was sane. Go dwell in the tub of blood you allowed to rain in Black places. Dance deaths duet drenched in dingy dung reeking with the same phoniness you wear to church on Sunday. And as the street lights watch you and record the funky fact that you are under control, the rest of us will mop up your shame and erase your name from our lips. We can only hope the ancestors will keep their backs turned and ears deaf to your yells of creative excuses of why you abandoned your race at a time when it faces annihilation.

Rest now dead one, lights out muthefuka, breathe no more, fade away in a time machine devised by the pale folk ya love so much for doing us so wrong....You are lost from us forever. 13

There was a time when we socialized our own children, really, we taught them everything: their culture, world view, spirituality, ancestor worship, respect for the elderly, sense of community, word is bond, racial pride, honor, responsibility, and yes about sex. It was our job! The parents and the community took pride in developing our young. From our religious gatherings we taught, as we coached their sports teams we taught, as we partied we taught, how to walk the streets we taught, the responsibilities of the rural child we taught, even how to choose a mate. And yes, how to be a father or mother we taught. The honor of the Fam was taught and we proudly taught lifes sciences to our young.

Sex Prisoners: Pre-Puberty Attack

Few of us actually knew white folk personally, so our culture was everything. Consequently, we did not have to filter out alien ideas and practices as much as we have to do now. We merely had to teach our own values individually or collectively and walk the walk. The child was empowered by observation and made their choices from there. The social changes brought by the civil rights movement which led to this fake integration, along with the development of Amerikkkas overpowering mass media locked us into their systematic brainwashing and anti-Afrikan propaganda. The Amerikkkan Nigger Factory is a main staple of our subjugation and it swings into action as soon as the Afrikan child is delivered. In the United Snakes the Afrikan child is attacked before delivery (from the womb to this polluted environment it is born into). If it can survive the bio-chemical warfare enacted on its parents and get to see its first day, immediately its attacked with toxic eyedrops, deadly inoculations, synthetic nourishment, dyes on the fingers of untouched hands and feet and if thats not enough, blaring lights and unspoken stressful hostility is visited on the beautiful Black child. 14

If our child survives all of this during the first few minutes on the planet, the enemy begins to immediately move on the mind. Images of white angels, their cartoon figures, assigned gender colors and purchased clown clothes from brainwashed parents who now adorn the Afrikan child and identifies him or her as an imitation Europeon.

Too many mamas dont wanna or cant breast feed the child, consequently the immune system boosting breast milk from Black nipples is never delivered. Instead mad cow milk or chemical concoctions like Similac are substituted causing physical and mental retardation to begin. How can the child be its powerful Afrikan self sucking on dangerous rubber nipples that deliver nothing the child needs? As I said earlier, we used to socialize our own young, not anymore. All of our children are exposed to one degree of brainwashing or another. From the silly nursery rhymes to the images adorning the crib the process has begun. Some of us take time to read them silly shit from another culture with anti-Afrikan messages and Euro-trash images. Once their most dangerous weapon is unleashed on the child it will spend the rest of its life attempting to find its way home, its sanity, its purpose. That weapon is television! It is addicting because we over expose our children and ourselves to it. As the images, unvaluable values and violent fantasies bum-rush the young minds, we celebrate how Barney and Sesame Street can keep em quiet and still.


Ever since the colonists turned on their mother (England) and killed her tax collectors, this band of trash has been inflicting genocide on the rest of the world. In an unforgiving manner, Amerikkka has unleashed tactical violence on their political and racial foes. She had learned well from her Mom and was just as deadly with a blood thirsty ambition devoid of conscious and mercy.

Sex Prisoners: Mother-Humpers

In that spirit, that wild cowboy George W. Bush, before the world hung over the podium that was draped in hatred, greed and historical blood. Mugging for the cameras this backward barbarian gave the leader of another nation 48 hours to get outta Dodge (his own country). With sparkling fangs you could see the joy in his eyes as Amerikkkans sopped it up with gravy. Lights-Cameras-Action and War!

Because most of our people are ideological cripples, they missed the meaning of it all. Many cant resist white claims of moral superiority, even though they are the holders of most of the weapons of mass destruction they clamor about, they feel that no one else should have any. Meanwhile, we know full well, that Amerikkka not only has these weapons but has used them on millions of people who were driven into the cemetery. They were openly slaughtered from sea to shiny sea and the blood is flowing again from the United Snakes direct and indirect aggression globally. They have always used their slaves (prisoners of war) as guinea pigs. In addition, Europeans and their Amerikkkan child gassed each other during World War I. The world also knows that they dropped atom bombs on Japan and supplied Iraq with biological chemical weapons to use on Iran after they released U.S. hostages. Furthermore, they used napalm in Vietnam. Furtherstill, they also used heroin and other drugs on their own soldiers. Lets not forget, their experiments on prisoners in the jails of this country and also the weapons of inoculations that have been used at home and across the globe. Drugging their own school children and 16

creating new addicts is part of their so-called legitimate enterprises. Moreover, it has been revealed that they developed and distributed crack. It has been documented that the Reagan Administration cleared the way for Oliver North and his Contra Program to finance the war in Nicaragua with the blood money made from the genocidal destruction of our young people in the Bay Area and other places. Add to this the development of AIDS to decrease the global population, drugged school children and a maintained dope-jam trapping our young and then tell me if they qualify to call someone else the Axis of Evil? In Desert Storm, their last war with Iraq, their inoculation program and weaponry did more damage to their own troops than the enemy did.

As time passed, they had to maintain control thru a synthetic sexuality synthesized system to create Sex Prisoners, who would be forever sexually confused, socially backward and easily hypnotized through control of their sex urges. Some call it horny, its a switch that they play with day n night. Afrikans were their original Sex Prisoners as their captives (slaves), which meant that any of us could be used as their toys whenever and where ever they demanded. You know this is true. This and their right to inflict violence on us at anytime and anywhere are just two privileges they could not give up, dirty Mother-Humpers!

Their outward lynching privileges were arrested by Black Power actions that left many cities in ruin and now only on rare occasions can they outwardly enjoy those privileges, but at much peril. Instead, their law enforcement establishments execute these activities with brutal skill. Elders, men, women, children and our youth are their bloody victims and their court system rubber stamps these events as they did in the Rodney King and Amadou Diallo cases. 17

At the same time, in the main, physical sex abuse and outward rape have been replaced but cases such as the Tawana Brawley case demonstrate that we must be ever vigilant...Sex Prisoners.

These deadly Mother-Humpers have abused us for centuries and these patterns continue dancing in our minds and controlling our fragile sexuality.

Understand this, our Mothers n Daughters are less safe now than in the days of slavery. Obviously, the development of a Sex Prisoner is a journey into basic insanity that is masquerading as the norm. We are now mere pieces of people, slices of life, infantile adults manipulated against our own interest. Consequently, they are still humping our Mothers like days of old, screwing their minds and now our children think that woody and those damp panties are their own notions...Sex Prisoners!

Gun powder and foreign religions have torn us apart as these crafty demons rip at our minds n behinds to continue to distort reason, clarity and our struggle for liberation. Undetected, they continue to escape punitive action and retribution.


Most of our greatest heroes/idols today are not real. they are manufactured by Europeans. They are a creation of imaginations bent on creating a reality that does not, and cannot exist because it is diametrically opposed to the will of the universe. Sex is one of the most important playgrounds in this fantasy world. From: The Sex Imperative by: Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti


Minstrels, Jesters and Gladiators (Its Sex For Profit)

Every society has its own culture and every culture its own values of civilization. Thus, we easily understand that every act, every objective to be achieved should necessarily be within the scope of culture; for culture embraces the entire physical and moral being of a society whose whole thought and action underlies in the various manifestations of its existence.
Sekou Ture Pan-Afrikan Freedom Fighter

Collectively their work reduces our people to brainwashed Sex Prisoners!


They are the heroes of our children, we idealize em for their fame, their fortunes and the illusions that they are success stories to be emulated by a race of wandering souls in search of sanity in this pre-fabricated nightmare. We are all drenched in some degree of genocidal self hatred that is floating us all toward annihilation.

Nothing in Amerikkka is real, but the suffering of our people in dusty places, urban vestibules and sunless corridors splashed with our fresh blood. No matter what the venue, we are shifted from drama to drama documented on their mass media news organs dripping with anti-Afrikan propaganda. Stolen identities searching for a way out, we swim in dank despair but towards what? Success is a bastard of retardation keeping us from reaching what we were or could be. Idols of treason are pushed as wholesome role models even though they are laced with race betrayal. This results in the glorification of filthy pimps, genocidal drug lords, lying sell-out politicians and all kinds of public prostitutes all packaged in Hollywood. Televised Black men in dey Mommas dresses with pillows shoved up their asses make public fun of the original woman, the Afrikan Goddess. No shame, dey got no shame!

Then there are the crooning salespeople for the Amerikkkan dream and some rapping criminals pied piping our children into privatized prisons claiming they just keeping it real as they rake in millions. Halle Berry is an honorary white woman, watch her on Channel Zero and Bernie Mack cries in whimpy close ups as he diss our children every week to pay his bills.

Meanwhile, Afrikan boxers try to Mandingo each other to death, they even wanna fight forever. Check it, Ricky Williams got a football contract and was allowed to marry old right-wing Mike Ditka, bending over publicly without da grease. Dennis Rodman can now go mad privately saving our children the spectacle of his teary-eyed bi-sexual performances and surprise, surprise, O.J. got another cave bitch on his arm. 21

Wilt screwed himself to death head deep between white thighs, while Cosby, Air Jordan and Dr. J couldnt hide their white hoes no mo. Serena and Venus now belong to the cosmetics firms that are de-Afrikanizing their Sisters globally. Obviously, millions of dollars will never be enough for some folk. Ahhh and then there is brother Tiger Woods who wont get caught dead eatin chicken, but loves his shrimp n rice with a side order of European slut, hold the soy sauce. Mercury Morris, Bob Hayes and Spencer Haywood are just a few who got caught in their drug web. And how is it that the the more we achieve in their games and the richer some of us get the more effeminate some brothers become?

Clive Davis guided Puffy to the promised land and by the way, where was Clives faggoty ass when Tupac got shot? Meanwhile, Lil Kim, Foxy, Gangsta Boo and Patra are having a party. Gonna let your daughter go? Gonna let ya daughter go, gonna let ya daughter go, gonna let ya daughter go? Shes gone! Eminem is the King of Rap cause Hollywood says so. Thanks Dr. Dre. Meanwhile, Kenny G and Diana Krall were crowned the king and queen of our fathers creation jazz... by dey fathers.

Toni Braxton lost her clothes, whose gonna help her find em? At the same time, Wyclef thinks hes John Travolta or is it Tom Jones? Wheres Culture Reggae when Jamaica really needs it? Our culture is suppose to heal us, guide us and encourage our royal rumble with the New World Order. Instead its a product in enemy hands helping to destroy our genetic memory and socialize our people to be perpetual victims. Our musical expressions are turned into products that lead the enemys final genocidal attack by keeping us fragmented as terrorized punks kicking out what Chuck D calls sex for profit. Creative geniuses from the Hood sweatin in music studios, trippin and flossin in video imagery factories, then off to Hollywood to sell Amerikkkas imitation reality, they must side step their coffins, their streets and their prisons. Watch ya ass. Too many of our artists are the systems sales people, selling sexual fantasies. Those who dodge 22

the bullets acquire middle Amerikkkan mentalities as they sell Amerikkkan products, culture and wars. The Wynans Family lost their edge, had to if they wanted to play, now the jokes are on us.

In sports, buffed up athletes play in their drawers or in form fitting burlesque outfits that must deliver anal yeast infections as they pat asses to the cheers of the crowd. At the same time, Serenas fashions are form fitting as she performs to people who come to see a jiggy black ass dance while she over powers Miss Anns dainty daughters. Guess blondes have more fun... Its Sex for Profit.

Sex is like sugar, they put it in everything and especially where it doesnt belong. They process it, turn it white and enrich it with their cultural killing agents just to see ya wiggle. They understand that as long as we are confused about what sex is, when its cool, where its cool, and its natural purposes, sex will remain their most powerful political tool. Wild Bill Clinton isnt the only asshole who has been caught (but not embarrassed), because traditionally his self control was/is non-existent. But what is political power about if ya cant get a shot on the side from some young whorey underling, he wondered?

Many Blacks love this New World Order punk like he was the second coming of Jesus. All he did was dismantle the welfare system driving many into the drug trade, drug usage, flesh trade or privatized prisons. Yet many of yall made this serious peck-a-wood an honorary Blood. He is a cracker now, a Cecil Rhodes Scholar and hes ya Jesus?... Im scared of you! He dismantled Affirmative Action and corporate set asides. Now he is partying in Harlem, while his dangerous wife works us over, no rest for the weary. So now he is chillin in the Black Worlds capitol city, Harlem. Marcus Garveys Harlem, Malcolms Harlem, our Harlem, we must take our capitol city back as a new beginning. As I was sayin, Minstrels, Jesters and Gladiators are key components in their brainwashing apparatus. They sell billions of dollars worth of gear, sports equipment, cars, computers and everything in between. 23

They influence the fashion trends of our people for their masters. Witness Snoop Dogg rockin hockey shirts so that they can sell gear from a game we, in the main, dont play, dont watch and dont like. Its all so sad, so dangerous and so enslaving.

Our youth were born into this polluted synthetic culture and it is all they know. Just like we thought we were so hip, they think their roll is so fly. Its just another dance of death as we all drift further away from lovin ourselves and towards loving the culture of the slave masters and dey ugly women. Finally, every institution in this society is geared up to drive the white woman and man into our bedrooms. Their movies, their silly television (especially Nickelodeon/Disney and their rainbow shit-coms), fronted by Jesters, especially the so-called Kings of Comedy. You can have my whole race for ten pieces of silver boss and a stage for my Black ass to shine on, can be heard from their traitorous mouths.

Yeah thats what dey are, soul-less Minstrels, toothy Jesters with sorry drug addicted punks like Samuel Jackson, and ball-less Gladiators like David de admiral Robinson and his vanilla sleeping partner Tim Duncan. Ya see the Amerikkkan Nigger Factory can turn em out faster than we can de-program em. At this pace we will all be wiped out and so will the Black collaborators. Listen to Sammy Davis, Jr. from his autobiography Why Me?: Deep Throat had just been released and was playing at the Pussycat Theatre on Santa Monica. People were talking about it, they wanted to see it, but the Pussycat was not a place you went to. And a porn film like Deep Throat was not something you could order from studios. I told Altovise, Lets rent the Pussycat for a few hours one night, have it cleaned up, keep the popcorn stand open and invite all these straight people here to see Deep Throat. It would be marvelously decadent to have them all sitting there seeing that big thing on the screen... I took them over in limos, which was safer than 24

leaving their expensive paint job parked in that neighborhood. I was intrigued by the porn world and wanted to meet Linda Lovelace, so I called her and got friendly with her and her husband, Chuck Traynor. I also became close to Marilyn Chambers...I met most of the kids who were making porn films in L.A.

Davis took it further and met Anton LaVey, a real devil worshipper, as he sunk deep and deeper into white cave culture. At a party he was scheduled to be at, the entertainer missed being massacred with his friends by Charlie Mansons Posse. Davis words revealed that: The killers had tortured Sharon Tate, then hung her upside down and cut the baby out of her womb. The London newspapers were full with the devastation at her house in 25

Evil fascinated me. I felt it lying in wait for me. And I wanted to taste it. I was ready to accept the wildness, the rolling in the gutter, and having to get up the next morning and wash myself clean... The party was in a large old house in the hills and they were all wearing hoods and masks. They had a naked girl stretched out and chained to a red-velvet-covered altar chair... Id read enough about it to know they werent Satanists, they were bullshit artists and they found an exotic way they could ball each other and have an orgy. And get stoned. It was all fun and games and dungeons and dragons and debauchery and as long as the chick was happy and wasnt really going to get anything sharper than a dildo stuck in her, I wasnt going to walk away from it.

Sammy Davis, Jr. was a Sex Prisoner who had been in show business since he was a wee child. As their clown/jester/Tom he was an honorary barbarian who wallowed in the gutter laced with ice. He would later go broke, meaning he did all that Tomming for nuthin. From his autobiography he added:

L.A., the slaughter of her, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, and others I use to run with. Everyone there had at one time or another been into Satanism or, like myself, had dabbled around the edges of it for sexual kicks. Hanging Sharon upside down to torture and kill her was highly ritualistic. Two nights later the Libiancas were wiped out. Nobody in Beverly Hills or Hollywood felt safe, and again it had the markings of the occult... That was our crowd. I knew had I been in L.A. and there was a party at Sharons Id have been there. But something had saved me.

Davis had shunned Black culture, he sung like a white boy, acted like a white boy, but shuffled and grinned that big tooth smile whenever a corny white joke was told. He hung with them. I said he hung with them and he was probably shocked at what he had to do to remain an honorary cracker. He was broke, addicted to decadence. The life style, the houses, cars and women = stupid Sex Prisoner!

He died penniless and pitiful and an embarrassment to all things Black. He was their jester, their buffoon, their nigger. Yeah, their Sex Prisoner partying with the livin dead, the hooded freaks and their creation (a nigger) enjoying the fruits of his treason...pale madness!

Dont get it twisted, ya gotta remember that the Amerikkkan Nigger Factory takes beautiful Afrikan babies, that we willingly supply, and turns them into their niggers. The process has two components: one is the anti-Afrikan educational system that produces, in our youth, a deep self hatred and an envy and fear of white folk. The second component is the overpowering mass media that socializes our children to be mindless, senseless drones with a hunger for blood, politically confused, anti-family, anti-Black...Sex Prisoners.


Viewers, on the internet, including children, slide through images of humans and farm animals, men jamming each other, women on women show and tell performances, naked children, adults abusing under aged young people, whore action, gang banging for fun, rape scenes, transsexual (chicks with dicks) action, trampy senior citizens, midgets n amputees in live action, and or course, inter-racial collaborations of all sorts. Del Jones aka Nana Kuntu The War Correspondent


Times have not changed, however the new technology makes it easier to get sexual images privately without standing in line at a Arts Theater with Pee Wee Herman, or picking through a seedy section at a newsstand, or how about hustling to an empty checkout counter with XXX porno videos locked in sweaty palms.

Cyber-Sex for Nuts

Now you can travel through Sodom Gomorra by surfing the internet in complete privacy making it easier for those who want to control you to get access to your mind. Millions of children daily travel through puberty ingesting images designed to stimulate them away from morality and into the greedy clutches of capitalistic exploiters of their sex urges. Many adults become porn junkies trapped in unhappy fantasies that devalue everything except foreign physical appearance requirements that eliminate other components of healthy interpersonal relationships, replacing them with demented anti-sexual slime. It has been estimated that 6.5 percent of male internet users are compulsive cyber-sex fans with wild online fantasies so intense they effect their real world interactions. Naturally this causes problems and their quality of life suffers. San Jose Dr. Al Cooper of the Marital and Sexuality Centre conducted a survey and talked about cyber sex addiction. We know a lot of people are using the Internet for sexual activity. We need to figure out how people get in trouble with it.

Many of this sampling of cyber-sex junkies report spending 5.7 hours a week in this man made fantasy. Lost in a maze of legitimized filth, their fantasy life invades their real world and in this clash political manipulation is as easy as making a nymph hot. Ducking n dodging through mindless chat rooms, watching live sex feeds and scampering around barnyards, playgrounds, alleyways, 28

bedrooms, kitchen floors, toilets, gardens, swimming pools and corporate offices, the cyber-sex junky voluntarily lets into his or her consciousness images and appetites that open the door to insanity. Many cite their activities as stress breakers as well as entertainment: People do it again and again and again, instead of running or talking to their partner. There are alternate ways of relieving stress that are probably healthier.... These people go online to do things, whether its with animals or threesomes or homosexual or whatever -- that they wouldnt do in their off-line life. This tends to reinforce a split between their online and off-line life.

No longer do they have to risk detection as they scope porno images that trigger escapisms trap of sexual under-development. These images were created for profit and to lock down political immaturity as the victim steals away to a world that he or she may never have had access to, which many times delivers a carrot on the stick interaction that could lead to dangerous off-line, real life decadence.

Confusion is the enemy of revolution. This country and its Federal Communications Commission (FCC) went from the rigid reactionary control of the broadcast industry, because that was what was needed in the so-called Cold War era. Now its de-regulation that allows show and tell sex on the airways. Why? Different times and goals require different strategies and tactics for control. Viewers including children slide through images of humans and farm animals, men jamming each other, women on women show and tell performances, naked children, adults abusing under aged young people, whore action, gang banging for fun, rape scenes, transsexual (chicks with dicks) action, trampy senior citizens, midgets n amputees in live action, and of course, inter-racial collaborations of all sorts. On the Black-white tip Llaila Afrika had this to say in his classic book Nutricide: The Black man that has sex with a Black woman is practicing Maat and spiritually uniting himself with God. Sex is a 29

If that is the case and it is, thats why our enemies will do anything to disrupt that holistic harmony for the purposes of subjugation, disruption and annihilation. This explains why they are so concerned and so aggressive in projecting disharmony, distrust and out n out warfare against Black Male/Female relationship. Brother Afrika takes it further, much further, check this: A Black person having sex with a white person is emotionally masturbating a dysfunctional ingredient in the mind. A dysfunctional Afrikan is one that is not free to practice Afrikan culture at all times and in all situations. You, your family, your culture and the continent of Afrika has to be free of white domination and able to defend itself and attack its enemies in order to be holistically healthy, functional and free. Therefore, any sex with a white woman merely represents another form of Afrikan dysfunctionality.

political, social and spiritual language of culture. It is not simply a physical reproductive or regenerative activity. Afrikan Sexuality is a holistic (spirit, mind, body) cultural language that Afrikans use to serve Maat.

I can hear this book being slammed shut all over the world as many of us snap into denial mode and white mates hustle to put back on their white sheets after I had yanked em off and left them naked before the world. Yo, Afrika isnt finished as his social microscope magnifies the deception: The crazy sick part of the Black man and white woman sexual intercourse is that the white woman enjoys the dysfunctional social situation. She enjoys and gets a sexual thrill from the Black mans sexual hatred of his own manhood and race. She gets animalistic exotic erotic sexual arousal from his symbolic sacrifice of himself on her symbolic vagina cross. He symbolically imprisons himself in the cave jail of her white vagina where he is safe from his Blackness lost in her whiteness. 30

Look out! Ya gotta let ya self think this through and let your brain manage this information as Afrika goes on: In many ways this same dysfunction occurs with the Black woman who has sex with the white man. Added to the Black Womans dysfunction is the Mother Principle. The Black Woman destroys her Mother Principle, which means she is also destroying Mother Afrika. In any case, this white/Black sex is a way of committing spiritual suicide and Afrikan culture castration.

As we see their designs executed in bio-chemical warfare, academic terrorism and culture banditry, we tend to miss their attempts to capture our most personal possession, our sexuality as they make us Sex Prisoners. Anything goes, nothing is holy, animals, midgets, elders, children, its all about beauty and the beast. We are sold on the notion that white is beautiful and we are mere beasts from the jungle and many spend their lives fleeing their best assets, their Blackness, their culture.

Cyber-Warfare against Afrikan culture and the annihilation of Afrikan images goes deeper than personal choices of individuals, but is at the heart of their genocidal efforts against us. This is why at times they almost give computers away.

It takes a hugh effort to make people deny what they see in the mirror and hate themselves because of someone elses standards, but our enemies got the job done, because every one of their institutions reinforces our insanity and most of us are as mad as a hatter by the time we graduate from Sesame Street. Ya feel me?... We become their... Sex Prisoners!


Bling-Bling: The Joke Is On You

When they keep our peoples minds between their legs, all kinds of cons can be run on us. As a matter of fact, we buy into the con, promote the negative, even kill for white folks stuff (cars, clothes, diamonds etc.) as we slaughter each other both emotionally and physically. Some of our youth sell drugs just to party n bullshit as genocide pushes us to the edge of the earth. Some Hip Hop videos, Rappers and films glorify and promote this philosophy. Just as we fight over what part of this Babylonian hell is the best side, we travel in a perverted fantasy unable to do any critical thinking. Consequently, we dont see the blood on the stuff sold to us, the tears on the genetically altered food grown for us...with neo-slave labor.

The most glaring example of the scam played on us was/is the gold trend played on our Fam in South Afrika (Azania). They are paid pennies a day as they are kept from their families for months at a time. Meanwhile, our women and children are left to face white savagery alone. Needless to say, they fought valiantly and delivered our people to the next level in their struggle for true freedom. After smashing apartheid, they now travel forward to destroy neo-colonialism. 32