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Advanced Internet Programming-ASP

1) __________________ is the process of executing code on the basis of the actions that occur in an application. a) Event-driven programming b) Procedural programming c) Object-oriented programming d) None 2) ________________ are actions that occur as a result of something the user does. a) Function b) Procedure c) Event d) None 3) Applications are loose collections of _______________, which can be called in any sequence, as desired by the user. a) Subroutines b) Functions c) Both a and b d) None of these 4) ______________ object has properties for the name and version of the browser being used, for the MIME types supported by the client and for the plug-ins installed on the client. a) Window b) Document c) Location d) Navigator 5) ____________ object is the top-level object. Its properties apply to the entire window. a) Window b) Document c) Location d) Navigator 6) ____________ object contains properties based on the content of the document, such as title, background color, links and forms. a) Window b) Document c) Location d) Navigator 7) _____________ object contains properties representing URLs the client has previously requested. a) History b) Document c) Location

d) Window 8) Every object has at least two properties ______________ and ______________. a) ID, Name b) Name, Value c) ID, Value d) Type, Text 9) _____________ was used to collect and display information from and to the user. a) List Box b) Text Area c) Combo Box d) Text Box 10) _____________ used to present a message to the user and trap the users response. a) Input Box b) Message Box c) Both d) None 11) Display a prompt in a dialog box, waits for the user to input text or click a button, and returns the contents of the text box. a) Input Box b) Message Box c) Both d) None 12) _______________ is the numeric expression that specifies, in twips, the vertical distance of the upper edge of the dialog box from the top of the screen. a) Xpos b) Ypos c) Vpos d) Hpos 13) The process of executing on the basis of the actions that occur in an application is called _________________.

a) FTP b) HTTP c) TCP/IP d) All of the above 17) CGI stands for ___________________. a) Common Gateway Interface b) Class Gateway interface c) Common Gateway Interconnection d) None of the above 18) ISAPI stands for __________________________. a) Internet Service Application Programming Interface b) Internet Server Application Programming Interconnection c) Internet Server Application Programming Interface d) None of these 19) CGI, ISAPI and others can be used to add ________________ content to the Web. a) Static b) Dynamic c) Both a and b d) None of these 20) ASP was born in November _____________ when Microsoft announced its design of an Active Platform. a) 1994 b) 1995 c) 1996 d) 1997 21) The Active Desktop refers to the __________________, where HTML files are displayed on a web browser. a) Server Side b) Client Side c) Both a and b d) None of these 22) ASP as a ________________ scripting environment that you can use to create and

c) Jscript d) All of the above 25) A _____________ is a named sequence of commands and statements that acts as a unit. a) Procedure b) Function c) Subroutine d) None 26) An _______________ that sends a value to a browser is an output expression, such as the value of a variable, to a browser. a) Information b) Instruction c) Expression d) None of these 27) Active Server Pages makes it possible to set any scripting language that is used for primary scripting language. a) True b) False 28) The Flush method of the Request object displays the Buffer contents and continues with the processing of the rest of the page. a) True b) False 29) The PATH TRANSLATED server variable contain the IP address of the previous page from which the user has arrived to the current page. a) True b) False 30) By default the server sided scripts execute for ____________ seconds. a) 80 b) 87 c) 67

c) View states d) All of the above 34) The plus symbol (+) is used to link name-value pairs in a query string. a) True b) False 35) Users can pass a query string to the server by typing it directly in the address bar of the browser window. a) True b) False 36) A query string includes ___________ character in the URL string. a) / b) * c) @ d) ? 37) A _____________ refers to the time duration during which a specific user is connected to a particular Web site. a) Application b) Session c) Cookies d) None of these 38) _______________ begin when the user connects to the site and ends after he leaves the site. a) Application b) Session


41) ADO includes the several key features, such as _____________________. c) Cookies a) Support for server side stored procedures. b) Support for queries that return multiple record sets. d) None of these c) Support for batch updating d) All of these 39) The property of the session object which uniquely identifies each session is 42) You can use __________________ object to connect to a data source such as SQL Server, Oracle or Access or even Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. _________________ a) Session ID b) Session Name c) User ID

a) Recordset b) Field c) Connection d) Command 43) You can use __________________ object to insert, modify or delete records in a database table. a) Recordset b) Field c) Connection d) Command 44) It can be used to access column-level data. You can access _________________ object only from Recordset object. a) Recordset b) Field c) Connection d) Command 45) You can use __________________ this object to specify the name, value, attribute, direction, precision, scale, size, and type of a parameter. a) Recordset b) Field c) Connection d) Parameter 46) Using the __________________ method of Server object can create an object instance. a) CreateOject b) CreateMethod c) CreateField d) CreateClass 47) A transaction is a set of _________________ SQL statements that will be executed as a group. a) One b) Two

50) 14. The two basic types of dialog boxes are _______________ and ______________. a) Command Dialog Box and File Dialog Box b) InputBox and OutputBox c) InputBox and MsgBox d) None of these 51) The active platform reflects Microsofts ideas about how a desktop computer and a server computer should communicate. It consists of two parts _________________ and __________________. a) Active Server, Active Desktop b) Active Server, Active client c) Active environment, Active Desktop d) None of these 52) ASP applications are: 53) The method of the ________________ object is used to convert HTML tags to HTML character codes are _________________. 1. Completely integrated with your HTML files. a) Sever, Hypertext b) Client, Hypertext 2. Easy to create, with no manual compiling or linking of c) Sever, HTML Encode d) None of the above required. programs 3. is started by calling extensible with ActiveX server 54) A transaction Object-oriented and the ________________ method of the Connection object and ended by calling the _________________ method of the same object. components. a) CommitTrans, BeginTrans b) BeginTrans, EndTrans (a) Only 1 and 2 are true 3 c) BeginTrans, CommitTrans is false d) None (b) Only 2 and 3 are true 1 is false (c) Only maintain 2 and 3 are false 55) Session can 1 are true_______________ lists. These lists store information about the (d) All 1, 2 by 3 are true selections madeand the user across various pages. a) Permanent b) Dynamic c) Static d) Virtual 56) The ASP ___________________ object is used to control user sessions and maintains all information pertaining to a specific user session for the duration of the user

session. a) Session b) Application c) Request 57) ASP creates a cookies in the users browser when the user establishes session and d) Response makes the first request. This cookie is known as ____________________. a) ASPSESSIONNAME b) ASPSESSIONID c) ASPSESSIONCODE d) ASPSESSION 58) Updating data in a database is usually done with two pages : a) An Update form b) An Update action c) CFForm tags d) HTML form tags 59) Match the following: Set 1 A. CFUPDATE B. CFQuery C. CFINCLUDE D. CFMAIL a) A-3, B-1, C-2, D-4 b) A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1 c) A-1, B-1, C-3, D-4 d) A-2, B-4, C-1, D-3 Set 2 1. Generates E-mail messages 2. Automatically include an existing file 3. Delete data in the database 4. Update the data

60) File attributed in Windows are defined using the _______________ attributes. In UNIX, File and directory permissions are defined using the _________ and _____________ mode attribute. a) CFFILE, CFFILE, CFDIRECTOR b) CFDIRECTOR, CFQUERY, CFFILE c) CFFILE, CFQUERY, CFDIRECTOR d) CFQUERY, CFFILE, CFDIRECTOR

61) Each web browser has an internal model that defines how the browser operates. This model is known as the __________ model. It is a hierarchical organization chart that identifies the different relationships between _____________ and collections for the particular _____________ system. a) HTML objects, objects, browser b) HTML page, browser, objects

c) DHTML object, object, located. d) None of the above 62) Which object doesnt exist in HTML page structure? a) Navigator, window, document, location b) Window, HTML, Document, History c) Event-driven, window, HTML object 63) Match the following : Set 1Set 2 1. name & value1. Properties of object 2. Input box2. Event 3. onclick()3. To display message 4. prompt4. Dialog box a) 1-1, 2-4, 3-2, 4-3 b) 1-2, 2-1, 3-4, 4-3 c) 1-4, 2-1, 3-2, 4-3 d) 1-3, 2-4, 3-3, 4-2 64) Match the following : Set 1 Set 2 A. VBOKonly 1. Event B. OnMouseOver 2. Argument of Msgbox C. Msgbox 3. Return Values D. VBYes 4. Dialog Box a) b) c) d) A-2, A-1, A-4, A-3, B-1, B-2, B-1, B-4, C-4, C-3, C-2, C-3, D-3 D-4 D-3 D-2

65) Match the following : Set 1Set 2 A. HTTPHyperText Transfer Protocol B. CGICommon Gateway Interface C. ISAPIInternet Server Application Programming Interface D. ASPActive Server Pages a) A-2, B-1, C-4, D-3 b) A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4 c) A-4, B-1, C-2, D-3 d) A-3, B-4, C-3, D-2 66) Active Server Pages is built around files with the file name extension ___________. ASP file is a text file and contains the _________, ________ & _______________. a) .ASP, Text, HTML tags, Script Commands b) .HTML, Text ,<Script>, Script Commands c) .ASP, HTML tags, Text, Script Commands

d) .doc, HTML tags, Script Commands, List 67) There are three types of Scripting languages _____________, _________ & ______________. a) VBScript, JavaScript, Jscript b) Script, Java, Visual Basic c) JavaScript, HTML, Visual Basic d) Script, Visual Basic, HTML 68) Which Code has no error? A. <HTML> <BODY> <%Call My Function %> </BODY> </HTML> <Script Renal = SERVER Language = Jscript> function Myfunction() { Response.Write(My Function Called) } B. Same Syntax above but closing with </Script> a) Only A. b) Only B. c) Both A & B. d) Neither A nor B.

69) When You use ASP- based applications you are able to maintain state. A state is the ability to retain information. You can use ASP to maintain two types of State _________ & _____________. a) Application State, Session State b) Virtual directory, ASP based c) Application State, Virtual Directory d) Virtual directory, Application State 70) Which feature is not available in ASP applications:1. Specific events are associated with an application that can be used to trigger special scripts. 2. Different pages in an application can share common instance of objects 3. Different applications can be run in separate Memory space. a) All of above b) All except 1 c) Only 3 d) Only 1

71) Which is True 1. Application variable can be used to display common transient information on every page of an application. 2. Application variables can be used to keep track of and displays the number of visitors to your site. 3. Application variables can be used to interchange information among different 72) _________ object provides file basic methods, such as copy and delete for users of working with the your site. file system. _________ object is used for reading from and writing to a file. _________ object enables you to work with individual files. _________ object enables of above except 1 a) All you to work with file folders. a) FileSystem object, TextStream, File, Folder b) TextStream, FileSystem object, Folder, File b) All of above except 2 c) TextStream, FileSystem object, Folder, File c) All of above d) Folder, FileSystem object, TextStream, File 73) Methods of the TextStream object are : d) All of above except 3 a) Read, ReadLine, Skip, Write b) Read, Writeln, Readln, Skip c) Read, printf, scanf, gets d) gets, puts, putline, getline 74) ADO is also usable in ___________ , _____________and __________. Java applications as well as ___________. a) Visual Studio 97, Visual basic, Visual C++, Visual J++ b) Visual Basic, Visual Studio 97, Visual C++, Visual J++ c) Visual basic, Visual C++, Visual J++, VBScript d) None of the above 75) Fill in the blanks: 1. ___________ which cursor allows you to move forward only through a record set. 2. __________ cursor which allows you to move through a record set. 3. __________ cursor which allows you to move forward and backward through record set. a) ADOopenforwardsonly, ADOpenDynamic, ADOpenKeyset b) ADOpenDynamic, ADOpenKeyset,ADOopenstatic c) ADOopenstatic, ADOpenKeyset, ADOopenforwardsonly d) None of the above 76) Cold fusion Web applications can contain ___________________, __________ and ______. The default cold fusion file extension is ________

a) XML, XML, b) XML, XML, c) d)

HTML, Other Client technologies such as CSS, .CFM JavaScript, CSS, .CFM HTML, CSS, .HTML HTML, JavaScript, .CFM

Advanced Internet Programming-ASP
1) The proerty of the Cookies collection can be used to make a cookie persist beyond the current user session is___________________ a) Expires b) Destroy c) Delete d) None of these 2) _______________ Introduced cookies. a) Microsoft b) Wipro c) Netscape d) Oracle 3) You can extend the duration of a user session. a) True b) False 4) You cannot determine the number of application variables currently in memory. a) True b) False 5) Application variables cannot be destroyed in an ASP of the application. a) True b) False 6) ASP provides ________________ object that can be used to control all aspects of an application. a) Multiple b) Single c) Both a & b d) None 7) You can create instances of components using the ______________ method of the object. a) Get b) Increment c) Remove d) Set 8) You can make a file hidden by setting the ________________ property of the file object. a) DateCreated b) DateLastAccessed c) DateLastModified d) Attribute. 9) All ADO constants are contained in a special file known as the ______________ file. a) b)

c) d) None of the above 10) ADO stands for _________________________. a) ActiveX Data Objects b) Active Data Object c) Action Data Objects d) None of these 11) The Execute method of the Command object is used to ________________ strings. a) Execute method b) Execute statement c) Execute class d) Execute command 12) Transactions are useful in maintaining data integrity during batch updating. a) True b) False 13) A ______________ is a set of one or more SQL statements that will be executed as a group. a) Connection b) Transaction c) Both a and b d) None of these 14) You can explicitly end a session with the _________________ method of the Session objects. a) Exit b) Expire c) Abandon d) Close 15) The Global file is an optional file. An application can only have _____________ Global.asa file. a) one b) two c) three

c) Query String d) Cookies 19) A Web server writes cookies to and reads cookies from a browser through _____________ headers. a) FTP b) TCP/IP c) HTTP d) None of the above 20) You can read the value of a cookie with help of the Cookies collection of the _____________ object. a) Response b) Request c) Session d) Server 21) The Secure attribute of the Cookies collection can be set to indicate that the cookies should be sent in ________________ transmission. a) Encrypted b) Normal c) Distributed d) None of these 22) When you use ASP-based applications, you are able to maintain state. State is the ability to retain information. You can use ASP to maintain the state a) Application state b) Session state c) Cookies state d) All of the above 23) ASP provides a single object that can be used to control all aspects of an application. This object is known as the _______________ object. a) Response b) Request c) Application

c) Application Scope d) None of these 27) A component instance with _______________ scope can be created in the same way as a component instance with session scope. a) Page Scope b) Session Scope c) Application Scope d) None of these 28) Active Server Pages provide the File Access component to work with files. This component uses the _____________ objects to manipulate the file system. a) FileSystemObject b) TextStream c) File d) All of the above 29) The CreateTextFile method accepts has one essential parameters and two optional ones and returns a TextStream object. The parameters of this method are __________. a) FileSpecifier b) OverWrite c) Unicode d) All of these 30) The _________________ components make it easy for you to provide logical navigation through the .asp files in an application. a) Content linking b) Browser capabilities c) File Access d) None of these 31) The ________________ component manages a list of URLs so that you can treat the pages in your Web site like the pages in a book. a) Content linking b) Browser capabilities

34) The Ad Rotator component has several properties that must be set before calling the GetAdvertisement method to display an advertisement. These properties are a) Border b) Clickable c) TargetFrame d) All of these 35) The ___________________ component can be used to randomly display banner advertisements. a) Content Rotator b) Content Linking c) Ad Rotator d) None of these 36) The ___________________ component can be used to randomly display HTML content on a web page. a) Content Rotator b) Content Linking c) Ad Rotator d) None of these 37) This is a simple text file that contains all the HTML content strings that will be display in the web page. a) Rotator schedule b) Redirection file c) Content Schedule d) All of the above 38) ______________ Method returns the current value of a counter. If the counter not exists, this method creates the counter and sets it to 0. a) Get b) Set c) Remove d) Increment 39) ______________ method adds the integer value to the current value counter. If the


1) A priori algorithm operates in ______ method a) Bottom-up search method b) Breadth-first search method c) None of above d) Both a & b 2) A bi-directional search takes advantage of ______ process a) Bottom-up process b) Top-down process c) None d) Both a & b 3) The pincer-search has an advantage over a priori algorithm when the largest frequent item set is long.(True/false) 4) MCFS stand for a) Maximum Frequent Candidate Set b) Minimal Frequent Candidate Set c) All of the above d) None of above 5) MFCS helps in pruning the candidate set. 6) DIC algorithm stands for___ a) Dynamic item set counting algorithm b) Dynamic itself counting algorithm c) Dynamic item set countless algorithm d) None of above 7) If the item set is in a dashed circle, while completing a full pass it moves towards a) Dashed circle b) Dashed box c) Solid Box d) Solid circle 8) If item set is in dashed box then it moves into solid box after the completing a full pass(True/False) (True/False)

9) The dashed arrow indicates the movement of item (True/False) set. 10) The vertical arrow indicates movement of the item set after reaching the frequency threshold.(True/False) 11) Frequent set properties are: a) Downward closure property b) Upward closure property c) A & B d) None of these 12) Any subset of a frequent set is a frequent set is a) Downward closure property b) Upward closure property c) A and b d) None of these 13) The Fp-tree Growth algorithm was proposed by a) Srikant b) Aggrawal c) Han et al d) None of these 14) Partition Algorithm executes in a) One phase b) Two Phase c) Three phase d) None of these 15) In first Phase of Partition Algorithm a) Logically divides into a number of non-overlapping partitions b) Logically divides into number of overlapping Partitions c) Not divides into partitions d) Divides into non-logically and non-overlapping Partitions 16) Functions of second phase of partition algorithm are a) Actual support of item sets are generated b) Frequent item sets are identified c) Both (a) & (b) d) None of these 17) Partition algorithm is based on the

a) Size of the global Candidate set Size of the local Candidate set b) Size of frequent item sets No. Of item sets c) 18) Pincer search algorithm based on principle d) of a) Bottom-up b) Top-Down c) Directional d) Bi-Directional 19) Full-breadth search, where no background knowledge of frequent item sets is used for pruning? a) Level-crises filtering by single item b) Level-by-level independent c) Multi-level mining with uniform support d) Multi-level mining with reduced support 20) The pincer-search has an advantage over a priori algorithm when the largest frequent item set is long.(True/false) 21) Tree pruning methods address this problem of ________________? a) Over fitting the branches . b) Over fitting the data . c) 1 and 2 both. d) None of the above. 22) What is the Full Form of MDL. a) Maximum Description Length b) Minimum Description Length c) Mean Described Length d) Minimum Described Length 23) Upon halting, the node becomes a _______ a) Heap b) Subset c) Leaf d) Superset 24) Classification predicts a) Categorical labels b) Prediction models continued valued function

c) A and B d) None of these 25) Classification and Prediction have numerous applications: a) Credit approval b) Medical diagnosis c) Performance prediction & selective marketing d) All of these 26) Class label of each training sample is provided this step is known as a) Unsupervised learning b) Supervised learning c) Training samples d) Clustering 27) Decision tree is based on a) Bottom-down technique b) Top-down technique c) Divide-and-conquer manner d) Top-down recursive divide-and-conquer manner 28) Recursive Partitioning stops in Decision Tree when a) All samples for a given node belong to same class. b) There are no remaining attributes on which samples may be further partitioned. c) There are no samples for the branch test. d) All the above. 29) To select the test attribute of each node in a decision tree we use a) Entity Selection Measure b) Data Selection Measure c) Information Gain Measure None of these 30) Classification and Prediction are two forms of (a) Decision Tree (b) A and B (c) Data analysis (d) None of these
31) Data can be classified as

a) Reference data b) Transaction data and derived data c) Derived data d) All of the above 32) Reference and transaction data originates from 33) Derived data is system from a) Operational derived a) Reference data Unnormalized data b) Transaction data c) Reference and transaction data c) Data marts above d) None of the d) All are true 34) Unnormalized data, which is the basis for online analytical processing tools is prepared periodically but is directly based on detailed ----------. a) Reference data b) Transaction data c) Reference and transaction data d) None of the above 35) The data mart is loaded with data from a data warehouse by means of a---a) Load program b) Process c) Project d) All are valid 36) The chief considerations for a load program are: a) Frequency and schedule b) Total or partial refreshment c) Customization and re-sequencing d) All are true 37) Periodic maintenance of a data mart means a) All are true b) Loading c) Refreshing d) Purging 38) Detailed level data, summary level , preprocessed and adhoc data are data in a) Data warehouse b) Data mart c) Both d) None of the above

39) The software that can be found with a data mart is a) All are true b) Dbms 40) ____________ table help and enable the end-users of the data mart to relate the c) Access data tod) Purging andversion. software its expanded archival a) Data b) Reference c) Both 1 and 2 d) None of the above [2 MARKS EACH]

41) Advantages of wavelet transformation for clustering are :- a) Unsupervised clustering , detection of cluster for accuracy , clustering is fast c) Both d) None

b) Unsupervised clustering , clustering is fast , decomposition of cluster for accuracy

42) Time variant nature of the data in data warehouse :a) Allows for analysis of the past , relate information to the present , enables forecasts for the future b) Allows for analysis of the past , relate information to the present , enables forecasts for the future c) Both d) None 43) Data compression is to compress the given data by encoding in terms of :a) Association rule , decision tree , cluster b) Bytes , cluster c) Both d) None 44) Define the term meta data ?The different definitions of metadata are :a) Data about data , catalog of data , data warehouse roadmap b) data about data , catalog of data , data mining roadmap c) Both d) None

45) The architecture of a typical data mining system may have the major components: association rules mining is based on :a) Database warehouse, repository,

b) Database warehouse server, c) Knowledge base, d) All of the above. 46) Data mining functionalities are :a) Characterization and discrimination, association analysis, cluster analysis b) Association analysis , cluster analysis , time series data analysis c) None d) Both 47) The strategies for data reduction are :(a) Data aggregation , dimension reduction , numerocity reduction (b) Data aggregation , dimension reduction , numerocity reduction (c) None b) Both

48) Bayes theorem is :a) p(h|x)=p(x|h)(p)/p(x) b) p(h|x)=p(x|h)(p)/p(x) c) Both d) None 49) Metadata in a data warehouse falls into following categories: a) Operational metadata, extraction and transformation metadata, end-user metadata b) Operational metadata, extraction and transformation metadata, front-user metadata c) Both d) None 50) Knowledge discovery process includes: a) Data cleaning, data integration, data selection b) Data mining, data integration, data selecting c) Both d) None

51) Preprocessing steps of data in order to help improve accuracy, efficiency and scalability of classification & prediction are :a) Data cleaning , relevance analysis , data transformation b) Data storing ,relevance analysis , data transformation c) Both d) None 52) Data mining is applicable to :-

a) Relational database, data warehouse, transaction database Relational database, data warehouse, transaction database b) Both None c)

53) The main idea of the algorithm is to maintain a frequent pattern tree of the date set. An extended prefix tree structure starting crucial and quantitative information about frequent sets a) Priori algorithm b) Pinchers algorithm c) Fp- tree growth algo. d) All of these 54) A frequent pattern tree( or fp- tree) is a tree structure consisting of a 1. Item prefix tree 2. Frequent item header table a) Only 1 b) Only 2 c) Either 1 & 2 d) Both 1 & 2 55) for a list t,wedenote head_t as its first element and body-t as the remaining part of the list(the portion of the list t often removal of head_t) thus t is a) {head} {body} b) {head_t} {body_t} c) {t_head}{t_body} d) None of these 56) What are the common approaches to tree pruning? a) Pre pruning and post pruning approach. b) Preprinting. c) Post pruning. d) None of the above. 57) State that the statements are true / false: a) Post pruning approach removes branches from a fully grown tree. (i) True (ii) False b) The best pruned tree is the one that maximum the number of encoding bits. (i) True (ii) False


58) 49. Let is be the no. Of samples of s in class ci then expected information to classify a given sample is given by a) L(s1,s2, b) L(s1,s2, 59) Which are the two type of hierarchical clustering? c) L(s1,s2, a) Agglomerative hierarchical clustering and density hierarchical clustering d) L(s1,s2, clustering and divisive hierarchical b) Agglomerative hierarchical clustering. c) Divisive hierarchical clustering and density hierarchical clustering. d) None of the above.

60) Disadvantage of uniform support is a) Items at lower levels of abstraction will occur as frequently. b) If minimum support threshold is set too high, i could miss several meaningful associations c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these [4 MARKS EACH]

61) Pincer-search method algorithm contains 1. frequent item set in bottom-up manner 2. recovery procedure to recover candidates 3. list of maximal frequent item sets 4. generate number of partitions a) 1 only b) 3 only c) 1, 3, & 4 d) 1, 2 & 3 62) In item prefix tree each on root node consists of three
fields 1. 2. 3. 4. Item name, support count +node link Item name+ node link+ head of node link Item name, support count+ item prefix None of these

a) Only 1 b) Only 2

c) Only 3 d) Only 4 63) Features of fp tree are 1.It is dependent on support threshold 2. It depends on the ordering of the items 3. It depends on different values of trees 4. It depends on frequent item sets with respect to given information a) 1 & 2 b) 1 & 4 c) 3 & 1 d) 3 & 2 64) In item prefix tree each on root node consists of three fields 1. Item name, support count +node link 2. Item name+ node link+ head of node link 3. Item name, support count+ item prefix 4. None of these a) Only 1 b) Only 2 c) Only3 d) Only 4 65) Frequent item headers table consists of 2 fields 1. Item name 2. Head of node link which points to the first node in the fptree carrying the item name 3. Item name 4. Node link a) b) c) d) Both 3 & 4 Both 1 & 2 all of the above Both 2 & 3

66) Match the following :(a) Data mining (b) Metadata (c) Data storage (d) Data staging (a)a,b,c,d (b)b,a,c,d

(a) knowledge discovery (b) roadmap for user (c) data management (d) workbench for data

(c)a,b,d,c (d)d,b,c,a 67) Sequence of physical design of data warehouse is :a) Develop standards--create aggregate plans--determine data partitioning scheme--establish clustering option--prepare indexing strategy--complete physical model b) Develop standards--determine data partitioning scheme--create aggregate plans--establish clustering option--prepare indexing strategy--complete physical model c) Develop standards--prepare indexing strategy--create aggregate plans-determine data partitioning scheme--establish clustering option---complete physical model d) Develop standards--create aggregate plans--establish clustering option-determine data partitioning scheme--prepare indexing strategy--complete physical model

68) Match the following (a)data mining (b)metadata (c)data storage (d)data staging (a)a,b,c,d (b)b,a,c,d (c)a,b,d,c (d)d,b,c,a 69) Match the following:(a)load image (b)constructive merge (c)initial load (d)incremental load (a) (b) (c) (d) a,b,c,d b,a,c,d a,b,d,c d,b,c,a

(a)knowledge discovery (b)roadmap for user (c)data management (d)workbench for data

(a)to correspond to target files (b)new record supercedes (c)populating data warehouse table first time populating data warehouse table first time (d)applying ongoing changes

70) Two approaches to improving the quality of hierarchical clustering: (a) Perform careful analysis of object linkages at each hierarchical partitioning, such as in cure and chameleon (b) Integrate hierarchical agglomeration and iterative relocation by first using a hierarchical agglomerative algorithm and refining the result

using a iterative relocation (c) None (d) Both a & b 71) True / false 1. Any superset of an infrequent set is an infrequent set is called as upward closure property 2. Association mining can be extended to correlation analysis, where the absence or presence of correlated item can be identified. 3. Priori algorithm makes use of the downward closure property a) 1-T, 2-F, 3-T b) 1-F, 2-F, 3-F c) 1-T, 2-T, 3-T d) 1-F, 2-F, 3-T

72) True / false 1. Each tuple is assumed to belong to a predefined class as determined by one of the attributes, called the class label attribute. 2. The individual tuples making up the training set are referred to as training data set. 3. Classification and regression are the two major type of data analysis. a) 1-T, 2-F, 3-T b) 1-F, 2-F, 3-F c) 1-T, 2-T, 3-F d) 1-F, 2-F, 3-T 73) Requirement of clustering in data mining A. Scalability B. Ability to deal with different types of attributes C. Ability to deal with noisy data D. Discovery of clusters with arbitrary shape E. Minimal requirement for domain knowledge to determine input parameters F. Insensitivity to the order of input records G. High dimensionality H. Constraint based clustering (a). All of these (b). A,c,d,f (c.) None of these (d.) G,h 74) True / false

1. Classification and regression are the two major type of data analysis. 2. Classification is used to predict discrete or nominal values. 3. Regression is used to predict continuous or ordered values. a) 1-T, 2-F, 3-T 75) Which statements are true/false for k-means b) 1-F, 2-F, 3-F (i). It can apply only when the mean of cluster is defined. (ii). Itc) 1-T, 2-T, 3-T for discovering clusters with non-convex is not suitable shapes d) 1-F, 2-F, 3-T (iii). This method is relatively efficient in processing only small data. a) 1-T, 2-F, 3-T b) 1-F, 2-F, 3-F c) 1-F, 2-T, 3-T d) 1-F, 2-F, 3-T

[1 MARK each] 1) E-commerce is known as ________and ________ of products.(Buying and selling)

2) e-commerce is stand for_______________(Electronic commerce) 3) ISP stand for _____________(Internet service provider) 4) Multimedia server is a combination of H / W and S / W. True / false 5) Digital memory is used to ______________(Store data) 6) N / W shares a protocols called _______________(TCP / IP) 7) The success of infrastructure) e-commerce depends on the _____________(Network

8) Packets are the fundamental grouping of data. True / False 9) DNS stands for ______________ (Domain naming services) 10) SNMP is used for e-mail transfer between the servers. True / False 11) MIME is stand for________________(Multimedia internet mail extension) 12) HTML is the standard instruction of codes. True / False 13) _____________and __________used to determine the maximum transmission packet size.(UDP and TCP) 14) POP stands for ______________(Post office protocol ) 15) WWW stands for___________(World Wide Web) 16) _______________is a cryptographic technology to scramble the data.(Encryption) 17) _______________key cryptography referred as symmetric cryptography.(Secret) 18) Privet key is used for encryption is also called_____________(Digital signature) 19) SSL stands for ______________(Secured socket layer)

20) SET stands for______________(Secured electronic transaction) 21) A protocol is a formal description of messages. True/ False

22) _____________is a form of scripting on the server side.(CGI) 23) SET stands for___________.(Secured Electronic Transaction) 24) JEPI stands for _____________(Joint electronic payment initiative) 25) JEPI makes it easier for the buyers to sue a single application. True / False 26) Digital cash can be issued in very large denominations? True / False 27) ______________will provide greater band width to home user.(ADSL) 28) Online catalogs allows companies to by pass the need for costly printed catalog. True / False 29) Digital signature cant help to maintain trusted electronic transactions. True / False 30) Electronic commerce will open exciting opportunities in this new millennium. True / False 31) Trust b/w the buyers and sellers is an important element in all financial transactions. True / False 32) TCP / IP is a) Reliable b) Unreliable c) Both d) None 33) Firewalls is a) Protection to computers b) Walls on fire c) Both d) None 34) Firewalls are also called__________(Gateways) 35) Firewalls design policy is a) Lower level b) Higher level c) Both

d) None 36) Standard products defines the transfer of information over the net. True / False 37) NAPs stand for__________. (Network access points) 38) The thing used to decrypt a message is __________. a) Key b) Word c) Sentence d) Object 39) The electronic payment layered protocol consists of ________ layers. a) Policy b) Data Flow c) Mechanism d) All of the above 40) The set of rules used for encryption are called as ________. a) Cipher b) Protocol c) Both a & b d) Cryptography [2 MARKS each] 41) There are two types of crypo systems that are __________and__________. Secret Key and public key 42) The major advantage of E-Commerce __________and ___________. Better department interaction Improved customer relation 43) Parts of E-commerce are ________________ , __________ and __________. a) Institution b) Processes c) Networks 44) Transport layer used protocols are ______________and________________. TCP, VDP. 45) The two important principle of the OSI reference model are _________and ___________. Open system concept, pear to pear communication 46) MIME complaint messages can consists of ______________and ________________. Graphics video or sound clips

47) The language used to build web pages is ___________________. HTML 48) VPN is stands for _____________________. Virtual Private Network 49) Match the two. (1) Authentication (2) Encryption a) 1 (b) 2 (a) b) 1 (a) 2 (b) c) None

(a) Symmetric and asymmetric encryption (b) Digital Signature

50) Ex-8 bit key allows only ______________possible numeric combination. a) 256 b) 232 c) 231 d) 264 51) Methods of encryption are _____________and ______________. Secret and public key 52) Encrypted message is also called_________________. a) Plain text b) Clipers text c) English Text d) None 53) Need of digital certificate is to conduct secure and safe electronic transaction. True / False 54) In message encryption algo used are ______________and ______________. IDEA, RSA 55) MD5 is stands for _______________. a) Military digest 5 b) Message digest 5 c) Both d) None 56) When one party masquerades as same one else online is called ______________. a) Spoofing 57) SSL is ________________and developed by _________________. a) Handshake protocol

b) Netscape Communication Corporation 58) During handshaking process _______________cryptosystem is used. a) RSA public key 59) A firewall insulates a private network ? True / False 60) The ________ and ________ use a helper wallet for web browser, pass encrypted credit card number through the merchant to its own process/server for authentication. a. Cybercash, Verifone b. ISDN, Digicash c. Both a & b d. First virtual Payment Scheme. [4 MARKS each] 61) Common business infrastructure are __________,__________,_________and __________. Text, data, graphics, photographs. 62) The layer which support FTP is a) Application b) Presentation c) Session d) Transport 63) Some important application are _________, __________, ________ and __________ a) FTP b) HTTP c) HTML d) DNS 64) _____________can be used to determine the maximum transmission packet size. a) UDP (user datagram protocol) 65) Combined value chain in a combination of ________________and__________. a) Physical value chain and virtual value. 66) The activities of value chain can be divided into five groups __________, ___________, ____________, _____________and___________. a) Gathering, organizing, selecting, synthesizing, distribution. 67) Which standard is used in VPN? a) SSL b) HTTP c) SET

d) None 68) Smart cards have a standard a) SET b) S/WAN c) HTTP d) SSL 69) 1. Data encrypted with public key can be decrypted with private key. 2. Data encrypted with private key can be decrypted with public key. a) 1 (T) and 2 (F) b) 1 (F) and 2 (F) c) Both True d) Both False 70) Thefirewallsimplement one of two basic policies___________and__________. a) Permissive approach b) Restrictive approach


71) The computer to computer exchange of standardized business information is called ____________. a) Electronic data interchange. 72) Data encrypted with public key used for __________layer. a) Private key 73) TCP/UDP protocols are used for ______________layer. a) Transport 74) For network layer the protocols used are ______________and _______________. a) IP and ARP 75) The________ was a program written by a Cornell graduate student with some experience in computer security and, it was supposed to exercise quietly several security holes in various internet services. a. Virus b. Worm c. Firewall d. Brute-force

[1 MARK each] 1) DES stands for ________________. (Data encryption standard) 2) Number of bits used for DES are a) 56 b) 80 c) 112 d) 128 3) For Triple DES with 2 keys Number of bits used : a) 56 b) 80 c) 112 d) 128

4) Average search time with $1 million cracking engine for DES ___________.(3.5 H) 5) IDEA is ______________. a) Mobile company b) Alogarithm c) None 6) The number of used in DES is 1024. True / False 7) 1024 number of keys used in ______________.(Skip Jack) 8) PIN is stands for _______________.(Personal identification number) 9) Firewall 1 and VPN 1 gateways are capable of providing multiple level user access.True / False 10) RSA stands for _____________.(Rivest Shamir Adleman Algo) 11) KEKs stands for ______________.(Key encrypting keys)

12) The process of turning readable text into Cipher text.(Encryption ) 13) The process of transforming ciphertext into readable text. (Decryption.) 14) T2TP is also called _____________.(Layer two tunneling protocol.)

15) Hash function has a fixed length always. True / False 16) A single numeric value that is part of an algorithm for encrypting text is called. a) Key b) Object c) Text d) None 17) Encryption using pairs of public and private keys is called__________(.Asymmetric encryption) 18) A method for providing a users identify is called True / False authentication. 19) A program used in an application gateway to filter data for a specific type of application is called.(Application proxy) 20) PEM is stands for _________________.(Privacy enhanced mail) 21) LTF means_______________.(Layer two forwarding.) 22) If the public key value is 3 than the valid digital signature is a) K b) K 1/3 c) K2 d) None 23) CAW stands for _________________(Certification authority workstation) 24) Certificates are signed by a trusted third party called chartered accountant. True/ False 25) CA stands for __________________.(Certification authority) 26) SKIP is_____________________.(Protocol) 27) Thirty two countries caved to U S pressure and agreed in principle to bar the export of encryption stronger than _____________.(64 bits) 28) The classical digital cipher is the ___________. (Verman cipher) 29) Confidentiality is the most important for most organizations, but to some it is really crucial. True / False 30) DES in auto key mode produces god random numbers. True / False

31) Firewalls controls no flow of traffic b/w internal relatively safe network.True / False 32) Two common types of filtering _________and__________. are (Packet and circuit) 33) Hash function is commonly affected by a) Birthday attack b) Death day attack c) Dry day attack d) Hell day attack 34) ATM stand for a) Automatic teller m/c b) Aeromatic teller m/c c) Aero plane talk m/c d) None 35) The more random the key, the harder it will be to True / False guess. 36) HTML stand for_____________.(Hyper text markup language) 37) Which one is not a algorithm a) DES b) EDS c) IDEA d) SKIPJACK 38) A firewall that inspects and filters data at the application level is called ____________ ( Application gateway) 39) Number of bits used in DES algorithm is 56. True / False 40) 1038 are no. of keys used in IDEA Algorithm. True / False [2 MARKS each] 41) The modern internet first appeared in the early__________.(1980) 42) Basic encryption has two parts __________and _____________. (Algorithms, Key) 43) The simplest stream cipher is also called_________. (Vernam Cipher) 44) DES has ___________data block size (bits) and the crypro key size bits are___________.(64 bits, 56 bits.)

46) OFB mode is similar to __________and also___________than OFB (CFB, Simpler) 47) A random IV is used to seed the ______________ process. (Key Generation) 48) DES stands for _____and uses __________no. Of keys. (Data encryption standard, 1016) 49) _______________and__________developed IDEA at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. (Xuejia Lai and James Massey) 50) Firewall-I and gateways provide two major authentication method _________and________. (User, client) 51) _____________and_____________gateways are capable of providing multiple level user access (Firewall-I, VPN-I) 52) E-commerce system often makes implementation trade-off to enhance usability. True / False 53) _________bit MKID can be used to refer on IP V6 address. (128) 54) The name field in the name record of CDP is the concatenation of the _______and_____value. (NSID, MKID) 55) The encryption process convert __________to__________text . (Readable into cipher.) 56) The decryption process is just opposite to __________.(Encryption) 57) __________function has a fixed length and used for encryption.(Hash) 58) A single numeric value that is a part of an algorithm for encrypting is key. True / False 59) L2F and L2TP stands for ______________and _______________. (Layer two forwarding , Layer two tunneling protocol) 60) Cryptography is a science of Transtormy ___________to_________and back again.

(Readable text, cipher text) [4 MARKS each] 61) The different modes used for combining and feeding back the input and output of a cipher are ___________ , __________, _______________ & _______________. (ECB, CBC, CFB & OFB) 62) ECB, CBC, CFB, OFB stands for _________________. a) Electronics code book b) Cipher block chaining c) Cipher feedback d) Output feedback 63) A private policies may contain many elements. a) Purchasing guidelines b) Statements of availability c) Privacy 64) In distributed access the supported access levels are defined as follows: ___________, ______________, _____________ & ______________. (Read / Write, User edit, Read only, Monitor only) 65) White house policy attemps to limit the spread of strong encryption by using three tools _______, ___________and _____________. (Export control, Key recovery and industry exemption) 66) The two basic design policies are_____and___________. (Permit any service unless it is expressly defined, Deny any service unless it is expressly permitted) 67) The services which are difficult to filter are ____,________,_________and_______. (X windows, FTP, Archie, RPC)

68) RSA is a public key cryptosystem that offer both __________and___________. (Encryption, digital signature.) 69) The __________made a big press splash in 1995. (Timing attack ) 70) The different ways of secret keys delivery are _________,__________,_________. Paper distribution Diskettes or other writable media. Docking approach 71) The different firewalls mechanisms are __________,_________and_____________.

Packet filtering Circuit filtering Application filtering 72) Firewalls uses four general techniques to control access_______, _______, ______and_____. Service Control. Direction Control Behavior Control 73) The different protocols used for internet e-mail are _______,_________,_______and______. (Telenet, File transfer protocol, internet service protocol, new multimedia protocol.) 74) The four essential element to web are _____,________,_________and________. Browser URLS Servers Pager 75) Traffic b/w server and the browser follow a protocol called __________which uses the _______protocol. HTTP, TCP

[1 MARK each]

1) The term ________refers to a two dimensional light incensing function. Image 2) The use of image processing technique in a) Camera b) ERT c) CRT d) None 3) _________is an image f(x,y) that has been discritzed. a) Analog image b) Digital image c) Both d) None of these 4) Image acquisition is acquire not for a digital image. T or F False 5) The key function of processing is to improve the image. T or F True 6) The operation of vidicom camera is based upon a) Photoconductivity b) Photo identity c) Photo coloring d) None 7) __________is composed of matrix of photo sites. An area sensor 8) Light scan sensors with resolution from ________to __________elements. 256 to 4096 9) A 8 bit image of size __________pixels requires one million bytes of storage. 1024 X 1024 10) WORM stands for__________. Write Once Read Many.

11) To reduce image noise requires performing images at a) 30 image per seconds b) 60 image per seconds 12) ALU stands for_________. c) 80 image per seconds a) Allahabad, Lukhnow, Utter Pradesh b) 90 image per seconds d) Arithmetic logic unit c) Both d) None 13) CRTs are______________. Cathode Ray Tubes. 14) A eye is neary a sphere having an average diameter approx__________. 20MM 15) The distance b/w the focal center of the lens and the retina varies from_______to______. 17 MM to 14 MM 16) The reaction is said to reflexive iff a) aRa b) aRb c) aRa and aRb d) None 17) Which one is the relation a) Reflexive b) Reflection c) Refraction d) None 18) The p + q denotes_____________. Arithmetic operation between two image pixel 19) The transformation used for 3 D rotation are inheriting more ________. a) Simpler b) Complex 20) Photographic film is an important element of ___________. Image processing system 21) The speed of a film determines _____________. How much light needed to produce a certain amount of silver on development.

22) The least distance of distinct vision is equal to __________. a) 25 Cm b) 30 Cm c) 40 Cm 23) ASA 50 film is equivalent to a DIN 20. T or F False d) 45 Cm 24) FFT stands for _______________. Fast furrier transform 25) DFT is called ________________. Discrete furrier transform 26) DCT is defined as Discrete cosine transform 27) F (u,v) = F* (-u,-v) is defined__________. Conjugate symmetric property

28) The part of eye is a) Iris b) Eris c) Ears d) None 29) The device used to convert electrical o/p of the physical sensing device into digital form. a) Digitalizer b) Digital processor c) Digital imager d) None 30) ______________have a voltage o/p proportional to the intensity of the incident light. a) Photo sites b) Photo imaging c) Photo graphic d) None 31) An area sensor is composed of a matrix. Photo sites 32) The speed of solid state array sensor is near about. a) 1/10000sec

b) 1/1000 sec. c) 1/100 sec. d) None 33) On-line storage generally takes the form of ______________. a) Magnetic disk b) Electrical disk 34) _______________principle of digital image is expressed in algebric form. a) 1 M byte b) 2 G byte c) 3 M byte d) 4 M byte 35) An important application of digital imaging is a) Low light microscopy b) High light microscopy c) Medium light microscopy d) None 36) Pancreas is part of eye. False

37) Far sighted ness is a _____________. Defect of eye 38) Entering of light into eye controlled by lens. False

39) For computer processing an image must be digitized in both _________&_________. Spatially and amplitude 40) The inverse Fourier vernal also is ________and _________. Separable and symmetric [2 MARKS each] 41) FFT is stands for __________and also called __________. a) Fast Fourier transform b) Decomposition 42) Fourier transform is proportional to a) N

b) N2 c) N3 d) N4 43) The frequency domain information of a band limited function is contained in the interval ____________. (-W, W) 44) The under sampled function is termed as ___________. Aliasing 45) In FFT the no. of multiplying and addition is given by ___________. N log2 N 46) For N = 512 the no. of arithmetic operation is calculated as a) 4608 b) 2048 c) 4698 d) 106469 47) The computational advantage for N = 32 6.40 48) The FFT is given as ______________.

49) The termed butterfly diagram is linked with ______________. FFT 50) The main properties of 2 D Fourier transformation are ___________, ________. Translation and Rotation 51) Fourier transform pair exist if __________and__________ a) F(x) is continuous b) F(x) is integrable 52) The square of the ___spectrum is called power spectrum. Fourier 53) The power spectrum is given as __________. Power spectrum ( or density spectrum ) P(u,v) is equal to _________. a) [F(u,v)]2 = R2 (u,v) + I2 (u,v) 54) DFT is given by____________.

55) The sampling increncts in __________and__________ domains are related by

56) The _________operation yields a 1 when on or the other pixel is 1 XOP 57) A relation is said to be equivalence if it is _______, _________, _______. a) Reflexive b) Symmetric c) Transitive 58) Digital image processing encompasses a broad range of ________, _______and_______. H/W, S/W, Underpinnings 59) ________and_________are outer cover of eye. Corner and Sclera. 60) The principle logic operation used in image processing are a) AND, OR, Complement b) AND, OR, Compartment c) Not, OR, Nor d) None [4 MARKS each] 61) Resolving power depends not only on its ________but also________. Graininess, light scattering properties 62) The number of complex multiplication and addition for FFT are _______and_________. Nn 1 Nn 63) The solid arrays are organized in one of two principles that are Line scans sensor Area sensor 64) The eye is nearly a sphere shaped with an average diameter of__________ 20 mm 65) _____is heavily pigmented and helps to reduce the amount of_____entering into the eye. Choroid coat , light 66) The density of cones in that are of the retina is __________elements per mm


67) The distance b/w the focal corner of the lens and retina varier from _______to _______. 12 mm to 14 mm 68) Translation means a) Convert one point into other line b) Convert one line into point c) Convert one point into other point d) None. 69) Translation, scaling and retain about Z axis given by _________ a) V = Re [S(Tv)] b) AV 70) The inverse equation matrix R-1 is ______________ a) R-1

71) Prespective transformation matrix is given by _____________. 1000 P=0 1 0 0 0010 -1 1

[1 MARK each] 1) The main advantage of enhancement techniques is to process___________. a) Image b) Object c) Thing d) None 2) __________Processing techniques are based on modifying the Fourier transform of an image. a) Frequency domain 3) The term ___________refers to the aggregate of fixes. a) Spatial domain 4) The simplest form of T is when neighborhood is a) X 1 b) X 2 c) X 3 d) X 4 5) Powerful processing approaches can be formulated with ___________. a) Gray level transformation 6) Enhancement techniques based on the principle of ___________. a) Filtering or mark processing 7) H(u,v) is called a) Optical transfer function b) Electrical transfer function c) Magnetic transfer function d) None 8) The magnitude of H(u,v) is called a) Modulation transfer function b) Demodulation transfer function c) Remodulation transfer function 9) In __________system of theory H(u,v) is called as transfer function. a) Linear 10) ___________technique is used as a displaying medical images.

a) Negative of digital image 11) Fourier transform of g, h, f are denoted by___________. a) G, H, F 12) _________image can result from poor illumination. a) Low contrast 13) The S.D at any point in the average image is ________.

14) In practice the images gi(x,y) must be registered in order to avoid_______in o/p. a) Blurring b) Bubbling c) Bunding d) None 15) The use of special masks for images processing usually is called___________. a) Spatial filtering 16) Special filters can be broading classified or _______and ___________. a) Smoothing b) Sharpening 17) __________filters are used for blurring and noise reduction. a) Smoothing flitter 18) Sharpening filters are used for noise reduction and blurring. a) Lkmnmjm,. b) 19) The idea behind contrast stretching is to increase__________of gray levels. a) Dynamic range b) Static range c) Range d) None 20) MSB stands for___________. a) Most significant bit 21) The histogram of a digital image with gray levels in the range [0, 1,-1] is a __________. a) Discrete function b) Continuous function c) Common function d) None

22) The difference b/w two images f(x,y) and h(x,y) can be expressed as a) g(x,y) = f(x,y) h(x,y) b) g(x,y) =h(x,y) f(x,y) 23) Noise rduction can be accomplished by blurring with c) g(x,y) = p(x,y)- g(x,y) a) Linear filter b) None d) Non-linear filter 24) High frequency components depict _________and __________details in an image. a) Edges and sharp 25) The principal objective of _________is to highlight fine details in an image. a) Sharpening 26) High pass filters eliminate ________components. a) Low frequency

27) The process of enhancement in the time domain. a) False 28) ILPF stand for __________. a) 2-d Ideal low pass filter 29) H (u,v) =0 is often called a) Cut off frequency b) Cut on frequency c) Time cut frequency d) Speed cut frequency 30) Homomorphic filtering is in time domain. a) False 31) CCITT stand for__________. a) Consultative committee of the international telephone and telegram

32) Zonal coding is based on the __________. a) Information theory 33) DPCM stand for ___________. a) Differential pulse code modulation 34) FAX stand for______________.

a) Faxion Faxeion b) Facsimile Facsimilestone c) 35) Huffman coding strategy also known as___________. d) (a) Huffman coding 36) S / N stands for ______________. a) Signal to noise ratio 37) _______________quantization is one of the methods that may be sued to overcome psycho visual redundancy. a) IGS 38) _______________is the central issue in digital image compression. a) Data redundancy 39) DCT stands for_____________. a) Discrete cosine transform 40) DFT stands for _______________. a) Discrete Fourier transform

[2 MARKS each] 41) __________is called the option transfer function and its magnitude is called __________. a) K (u,v) b) Modulation transfer function 42) When we used black to white the intensity of o/p image _____as the _________increases. a) Decrease, Input 43) ___________can result from poor illumination or even _________setting of a lens aperture during the time of obtaining the image. a) Low contrast image, wrong setting 44) The histogram of a _________with gray levels in the range __________is a discrete function. a) Digital image, [0, 1, -1] 45) Special filters can be brooding classified as.

a) Smoothing filters b) Sharpening filters 46) ______________filter attain high frequency component in__________domain. a) Low pass filter, frequency 47) Blurring is also called_________and achieved in__________. a) Smoothing b) Frequency domain 48) IHPF is one whose satisfies the __________relation. a) K(u,v) = if D(u,v)< Do (a) = if D(u,v)>Do 49) In 1666, Sir ISSAC Newton discovered _______________. a) Color fundamentals b) Discolor fundamentals c) Uncolou fundamentals d) None 50) The YIQ is used in commercial______________broadcasting. a) Color T.V. 51) In _____________processing technique enhancement at any point in an image depends only on the _______level at that point. a) Histogram b) gray 52) In __________technique an image is obtained by comparing the difference b/w all pairs of corresponding___________from two different images. a) Subtraction b) pixel 53) The two types of degradation models are____________and_____________. a) Degradation model for continuous function b) Discrete formulation

54) The two main approaches for Restoration are_________and___________. a) Unconstrained restoration b) Constrained resoration 55) In digital image processing a geometric transformation consists of two basic operations_____________and__________.

a) Special transformation b) Gray level transformation 56) _________filters attent high frequency component and ___________filters eliminate low frequency component. a) Low pass b) High pass 57) The two general classes of criteria used as the basis for fidelity criteria are_________&_________. a) Objective fidelity criteria b) Subjective fidelity criteria 58) The example of predictive coding are_________and__________. a) Delta modulation b) Differential pulse code modulation

59) Zonal coding is based on__________. Concept coding based on______________. a) Information theory b) Uncertainty 60) The coefficient retained during the zonal sampling process must be __________and_________. a) Quantized b) Coded [4 MARKS each] 61) The characteristics generally used to distinguish on color from another are________,__________and__________. a) Brightness b) Hue c) Saturation 62) The RGB color model consist of ________,_________and__________. a) Red b) Green c) Blue

63) YIQ is a recording of RGB for transmission efficiency and for maintaing _____with__________ TV standards. a) Capability b) Monochrome

64) A geometric transformation consists of two basic operation _______and _______. a) Special transformation b) Gray level interpolation 65) Relative data redundancy Rd can be defined as___________and compression ratio as_______. a) Rd = 1/Cr b) Cr = n1/n2 66) The source decoder consists of _________and __________. a) Symbol decoder b) Inverse mapper

67) The two basis steps in bit plane coding are ________&___________. a) Bit plane decomposition b) Coding the decomposed binary images 68) Lossless predictive coding consisting of a) Code and decoder b) Encoder and decoder c) Encoder and coder d) None 69) A transform coding a reversible __________transform used to map_________. a) Linear b) Set of transform coefficients

70) The transform coding system base on _________,_________,________&________. a) KLT b) DFT c) DCT d) WHT 71) The group 4 standard is a ___________version of the group 3 stand in which________coding is allowed. a) Simplified b) 2-D

72) The opposite process of BLUR is called a) Deblurred

73) A color model is consisting of a) 1-D b) 2-D c) 3-D 74) HSI Color model owes its usefulness to two principal facts ___________and ________. d) None a) Intensity Component b) Hue and Saturation component

WML, XML and C# Programming
Question[1-40] Part A [Each 1 mark] Question[41-60] Part B [Each 2 marks] Question[61-75] Part C [Each 4 marks]

1. C# is the _________________ language. a. Object-Orientedb. Component-oriented c. Both a and bd. Procedure-oriented 2. Major parts of .net framework are actually coded in ___________. a. C++b. Java c. VBd. C# 3. C# is designed for building __________, ____________ and durable components to handle real-world applications. a. robust, reliableb. reliable, secure c. secure, simpled. None of the above 4. C# can be used for a variety of applications that are supported by the .NET platform a. Console applicationb. Window Application c. Web Applicationd. All of the above 5. ____________ in C# are declared differently and behave very differently compared to C++ arrays. a. Variableb. Array c. Propertiesd. Delegate 6. When overriding a virtual method, we must use the _______________ keyword. a. superb. this c. overrided. virtual 7. C# modernizes C++ by adding the following new features a. garbage collectionb. Strict type safety c. Delegates and Eventsd. All of the above 8. C# uses ______________ to declare a class constant. a. static finalb. const c. Both a and bd. None of the above 9. C# supports Method overloading as well as operator overloading.

a. True

b. False

10. C# checks overflows using ________________ statement. a. Correctb. True c. Checkedd. None 11. Microsoft .NET platform provides which components that would help develop a new generation of smart Internet services. a. .NET infrastructure and toolsb. .NET user experience c. .NET building blockd. All of the above 12. OLE provided support to achieve the following: 1. To embed documents from one application into another application 2. To enable one application to manipulate objects located in another application a. only 1 is trueb. only 2 is true c. Both 1 and 2 is trued. 1 false and 2 true 13. In the ______________ approach a program is broken into a number of independent components where each one offers a particular service. a. Component-basedb. Object-based c. Procedure-basedd. All of the above 14. MSIL stands for ______________. a. Micro System Intermediate Language b. Microsoft Intermediate Language c. Microsoft Internet Language d. None of the above 15. _____________ is data about data and describes its characteristic, including data types and locations. a. Meta Datab. Historical data c. Data Miningd. Data Warehousing 16. CTS stands for ________________. a. Common Type Specification c. Command type System b. Common Type System d. Common Type Specialization

17. The CLR is the core of the .NET framework and is responsible for ___________ and ____________. a. loading, runningb. manipulating, maintaining c. creating, manipulatingd. None of the above 18. The keyword ____________ is an access modifier that tells the C# compiler that the method is accessible by anyone. a. Privateb. Protected

c. Public

d. All of the above

19. C# permits the use of keywords as identifiers when they are prefixed with the ___________ character a. $b. & c. #d. @ 20. ____________ are the way in which the values that are stored in variables are represented. a. Identifiersb. Literals c. Punctuationd. None of these 21. When one of the operand is real and the other is integer is an expression, the integer type is converted to real, before the expression is evaluated. a. Trueb. False 22. The ___________ statement is optional in the default case, when it is the last one. a. Continueb. Exit c. Breakd. Switch 23. The body of a __________ loop is always executed at least once. a. forb. while c. foreachd. do 24. The ___________ parameter list is a comma separated list of expression that must match in type, order and number with the formal parameter list of method name declared in the class. a. Actualb. Formal c. Both a and bd. Output 25. ______________ parameters are used in situations where we would like to change the values of variable in the calling method. a. Actualb. Output c. Referenced. method 26. ______________ namespace defines a class known as Array List that can store a dynamically sized array of objects. a. System. Delegateb. System. Collection c. Both a and bd. None 27. ______________ is a user-defined integer type which provides a way for attaching names to numbers, thereby increasing the comprehensibility of the code. a. Enumerationb. Constructor c. Classd. Structure 28. One of the design goals of object-oriented systems is not to permit any direct access to data members, because of the implications of integrity. It is normal practice to provide

special methods known as ____________ methods to have access to data members. a. Indexerb. Delegate 29. A class that cannot be subclasses is called a _______________ class. c. accessord. Properties a. Sealedb. Abstract c. Derivedd. None 30. The _____________ can contain one or more methods, properties, indexers and events but none of them are implemented here. a. Delegateb. Enumerator c. Abstract classd. Interface 31.In C#, it really means a method acting for another method are called ____________. a. Delegateb. Interface c. Propertiesd. Indexer 32. Delegate types are implicitly ____________ and therefore it is not possible to derive any type from a delegate type. a. Derivedb. Sealed c. abstractd. none of the above 33. Terminals from different manufacturers communicate with services in the mobile network. a. Interoperable b. Scaleable c. Efficient d. Reliable 34. Enables services to be extended over potentially unprotected mobile networks while still preserving the integrity of user data protects the devices and services from security problems such as denial of service. a. Interoperable b. Scaleable c. Efficient d. Secure 35. The requirements of the WAP Forum architecture are to a. Leverage existing standards where possible. b. Define a layered, scaleable and extensible architecture. c. Support as many wireless networks as possible. d. All of the above 36. The WAP architecture provides a ___________ and ____________ environment for application development for mobile communication devices. a. Secure, extensible

b. Scaleable, efficient c. Scaleable, extensible d. None 37. WAE includes a micro-browser environment containing following functionality a. WML b. WML Script c. WTA, WTAI d. All of the above 38. ____________ operates efficiently over secure or non-secure wireless datagram networks. a. WML b. WTP c. WTA d. None 39. WTLS is a security protocol based upon the industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, formerly known as __________. a. HTTP b. SSL c. FTP d. SHTTP 40. A major difference between HTML and WML is that the basic unit of navigation in HTML is a page, while that in WML is a card. A WML file can contain multiple cards and they form a ___________. a. Deck b. Page c. Card d. None 41) _____________ is the standard created by WAP Forum that bring the www to _________. a) WAP, wireless b) WML, WebPages c) XML, internet d) None of the above 42) The role of. ________ in mobile internet application is the same as that of html in _________ a) Xml, wireless application b) WML , web application. c) WAP, internet application d) Script, internet application

43) WML 1X and __________ both uses lags and are written in__________ text format a) Html ,plan b) WAP, encrypted c) Xml, cipher 44) Some feature of__________ are specific wireless denices and is not supported in d) Html, encrypted since computer do not have any __________ a) Wml1x, soft key b) Xml, special key c) WAP, soft key d) None of the above 45) The most up to date version of the _________specification is wap 1.2.1, which define____________ a) WAP 1. x , WML1.3 b) WAP1.2.1,xml c) WML, xml d) None of the above 46) WHL files have the extension __________the ____________type of WML is text /vnd.wap.wml a) .XML, MIMD b) .WML, MIME c) .WAP, SAID d) .DOC, HTML 47) WHL supports____________ scripting. The scripting language is called_________ script a) Java , web b) Client-side, WML c) Server-side, HTML d) HTML, java 48) WML scripts syntax is based on ____________ WML support scripting a) JavaScript, client-side b) VB script ,server -side c) Xml ,java d) None of the above. 49) Mobile client devise have an interface that profile for _________________ with content and application resident an a web via _________ gateway. a) User interaction, WAP b) Internet, application . c) Web , WML d) None of the above

50) User __________also typically have a built in WML script____________ for running application a) Interface, compiler b) Agents, interpreter. 51) WML script interpreter also implements a set of ______________ that allow the c) Application, program application to a access certain__________ of the user agents. a) Rules,of the above. d) None restriction. b) Libraries , services c) Header files, Rules. d) None of the above. 52) The web server the WML__________ along with any HTTP or the output from the cg\ a) Deck Headers b) Script , application c) Tags , Rules d) None of the above 53) Both the wireless data present a more constrained communication___________ compared to wired network. a) Application, interface b) Wireless , environment c) WAP, Gateway . d) None of the above . 54) The WAP toolkit____________ a generic mobile phone later reggered to as a user. a) Provide action. b) Xml , application c) Simulates , agent d) None of the above. 55) WML is based on the ___________ and was developed by the ____________form specifying content and user interface for narrow and device such as mobile phones. a) Xml, WAP b) WAP,ECMA script c) HTML, WAP d) None of these. 56) The phone simulation are serene images of phones that have__________ display and keys for_________ and entering data. a) Functional , navigating b) Vector , Retrieving

c) Raster , Defeating d) None of these. 57) In WML browser comity supported images formats are________ and _________ a) JPG and GIF b) PDF and BMP c) BMP and TIFF d) None of the above 58) The ____________tag always performs a go basic with variables. a) <a>, no b) <g>, few c) <go>,one d) None of the above 59) An ___ can specify and elements data type and the __________ of the strings contents. a) Author, format b) Agent, syntax c) Clement, tag d) None of these. 60) The mechanism of data _________ and style sheets be used to arrange XML data into a visual _______and to add interactivity. a) Binding, display b) Formatting, conversion c) Binding, Presentation d) None of the above 61) There are six kinds of markup that can occur in an XML document : ________ , _________ , and document type declaration. a) Properties, Instruction exclusion, control structure, commands. b) Elements, entity references, processing instructions, ignored sections c) Tags, properties, entity relationship, quoted text d) None of the above. 62) XML and ______ technologies have many __________features and when wed in combination They enable a powerful platform for _________ and _________ of data and documents. a) HTML, Common, creating, deploying b) Java, complementary, Snaring, processing c) SGML, Different, drafting, implementation. d) None of these 63) The process of XML architecture include four XPS.____________, ____________ , ________________________________.

a) Data integration, Data Delivery, Data Manipulation, Data Disc. b) Data binding, Data Transfer, Data maintenance, Data implementation. c) Data Design, Data Code, Data Text, Data Maintenance d) None of the above. 64) Data binding is an aspect of ___________that moves individual item of data from an ________ source into an HTML _____________ allowing HTML to be used as a _________ for displaying XML data. 65) An _________ style sheet contains ________ for pulling information out of an ________ document and __________ it into another format, such as HTML. a) Schema, integrated, document, base. a) XSL, instructions, XML, transforming. b) CSS, Codes, HTML, Implementing b) DHTML, Information, display, template c) XML,styles, WML, placing. d) None of the above. c) Prefer, Element, page, Key. d) None of the above. 66) Match the entry name with entity name with entity number Entity NameEntity Number 1. &ltA. &#160 2. &nbpsB.&#60 3. &shyC.&#34 4. &quotD.&#173 a) 1-A, 2-B, 3-C, 4-D b) 1-B, 2-A, 3-D, 4-C c) 1-C, 2-B, 3-A, 4-D d) 1-D, 2-C, 3-A, 4-B 67) WML text can contain ___________ or _____________ entities which specific _________ in the document __________ set. a) Numeric, character, characters, character b) Alphabetic, numeric, symbols, character c) Alphanumeric, symbols, character, numeric d) None of these 68) The Nokia Mobile Internet toolkit comes with a _____________ image editor that you can use. Besides __________ WBMP images. You can use it to ___________ other image formats to _________. a) WBMP, drawing, convert, WBMP. b) WML, Placing, draw, JPG c) JavaScript, copying, draw, gif d) None of the above 69) The default access control settings let you ____ any _____________- in the sme

domain. The user agent uses a __________ match to compare the URLs of ___________ trying to access your deck with the attributes values you define. a) Access, URL, prefix, decks b) Define, rule, deck, prefix 70) The style sheets contains a ________ of the desired result ___________ and identifies c) Describe, proper, WML, URL data in the ____________document to __________into this template. a) Template, format,current,define. d) None of the above b) Tag,Identification, Source,identify c) Template, Structure,Source, Insert d) None of the above. 71) The template can be made into a complete ______ Style sheet by placing it in an _________fill an enclosing e.i. with in ________ element. a) XML, CSS, HTML, <STYLE> b) WML, TGS, XML, <XSI: STYLE SHEET> c) Preceding, XSL, XML, LXSI : Style sheet> d) None of these. 72) Placing all name space declarations O the document elements __________ that the if are all __________ and thus there will be no._______________ of _____________ a) Define, Common, Separation, Properties b) Ensures, Global, Collision,Prefixes c) Determine Shared, Comparison, Tags d) None of these 73) The first line in the document is for The second line describes the _______ The next 4 lines describes the _______ The last line defines the _____________ a) 2, 3, 4, 1, b) 1, 2, 3, 4, c) 4, 3, 2, 1, d) 1, 2, 4, 3, 1. 2. 3. 4. End of the rect eliment XML declaration Root Element. Child Element

74) A WAP user agent is similar to a ____________ with the distinction that in the WAP environment_________ are requested is sent to a web ________via a WAP __________. a) Web Browser, URLs, Server, Gateway b) Web browser, HTTP, Client, Gateway c) Web services, URLs, client, Protocol d) None of the above 75) In method 2, the phone simulation is configured to display WAP _____________,

retrieved through the ______________ protocol from a ___________, _________ that is noncom plied WML. a) Content, HTTP, web origin server, serving uuencoded b) Page, WML, Server origin client, serving code c) Document, HTML, web service, client d) None of the above

WML, XML and C# Programming
Question[1-40] Part A [Each 1 mark] Question[41-60] Part B [Each 2 marks] Question[61-75] Part C [Each 4 marks]

1) _________ ensure that element names so not conflict, and clarify who defined which term. a) Tags b) Library c) Namespaces d) Non of these 2) API stands for a) Application Protocol Interface. b) Application Programming Interface. c) Application Programming Internet. d) None of these. 3) The mechanisms of data binding and _________ can be used to arrange XML data into a visual presentation and to add interactivity. a) Style shells b) Dictionary c) Library d) None of these. 4) DHTML stands for a) Dynamic HTML b) Digital HTML c) Defined HTML d) None of these 5) XML DSO Stand for. a) XML Data Source object b) XML Data System Object c) XML Dictionary Sow tee object. d) None of these 6) What is XSL a) Extendable Sow tee language b) Extensible stylishness Language c) Extensible sow tee Language d) None of these.

7) XSL uses XML as its ______ , I ruing XML authors from having to learn another markup language. a) Syntax b) Tags 8) XML Tags are care ______________ c) Operation a) Intensifies b) Sensitivethese d) None of c) Ignorable. d) None of these 9) Attribute values must always be ___________ a) Faced b) Quoted c) Defined d) None of these 10) DTD Stand for______________ a) Document Type Declaration b) Document Type Definition c) Defined Type Declaration. d) None of the above 11) URI Stand for _____________ a) Universal Resource identifier. b) Universal Relative Interface. c) Unified Resource Identifier d) None of the above. 12) What URN Stands for __________ a) Universal Relative Number.. b) Uniform Resource Number. c) Universal Resource Number d) None of the above. 13) URL Stands for ______________ a) Universal Resource Locater b) Uniform Resource Locater c) Unified Resource Locater d) None of these 14) The __________ defines the elements that can appear within the document and the attributer that can be associated with an element.

a) Element Schema. b) Identifier None of these. c) 15) DCD Stands for _______________ d) a) Documents content Description b) Defined Comment Dictionary. c) Defined Coded Description. d) None of the above. 16) The most important innovation for content models in XML schema is that content models are open by default. a) True b) False 17) The Mini occur and ________ attributes specified how many times an element can appear within another element. a) Maxoccurs b) Timeoccures c) Argociars. d) None of these. 18) _______ are more limited in some ways than elements a) Items. b) Properties c) Attributes d) None of these. 19) The Schema has a namespace URI of and a prefix of__________ a) Namespace b) abcde c) Attribute d) None of these. 20) An XSL transformation results in the creation of a new XML. a) Documents. b) Tree c) Fill d) None of these. 21) The collection of elements of a certain type can be determined using the ________ operators. a) Path b) Comment

c) Tags d) None of these. 22) The collection returns due elements that are ____________ of the current concept, regardless of the tag name. a) Children b) Sub elements c) Directory d) None of the above. 23) WML text contain ___________ or named character entities which specify specific characters in the document character set. a) Text b) Value c) Numeric d) None 24) _________ is the line breaking tag in WML, which is the same as that in HTML. a) <br> b) </br> c) <pre> d) None 25) _____________ images can support two colors: black and white. a) WGIF b) WJPG c) WGIF d) WBMP 26) The <anchor> tag always has a task ____________ specified. a) Go only b) Prevous only c) go, prev, or refresh d) None 27) To go to a card in the current deck, you just need to specify the ___________ in the anchor links URL. a) ATL b) SRC c) LOCALSRC d) OFFSET 28) Which tag is used in WML for create a table? a) <table> </table> b) <tr> </tr> c) <td> </td>

d) <a> </a> 29) WML stands for _______________. a) Wireless Markup Language b) Web Maker Language c) Web Markup Language d) None 30) WAP stands for _______________. a) Web Application Program b) Wireless Application Program c) Wide Application Program d) None 31) WML supports ________________ scripting. a) Server side b) Client side c) Both A and B d) None 32) WAP sites are written in WML, while web sites are written in ____________. a) XML b) WML c) JAVASCRIPT d) HTML 33) XML is a _____________ language that provides a format for describing structured data a) Meta-Markup b) Hypertext-Markup c) Both a and b d) None. 34) XML stands for ____________________________. a) Extensible Markup Language b) Hyper Text Markup Language c) Extensible MarkingLanguage d) None 35) A language describes another language are called _______________. a) Meta-Data b) Meta-Files c) Meta-Language d) Meta-Markup 36) XML provides a ________________ representation of data that has proved broadly

implement able and easy to deploy. a) Procedural b) Structural c) Component 37) XML is the subset of ____________ community and elsewhere demonstrates the d) None intrinsic quality and industrial strength of XMLs tree-structured data format. (a) XSL (b) WML (c) HTML (d) SGML 38) Hypertext markup Language specifies how to display data in a browser, XML defines the ______________. (a) Content (b) DATA (c) Objects (d) All of the above 39) XML is defined by _________________ specifications. (a) XML (b) XLL (c) XSL (d) All of the above. 40) The design goals for XML are_______________________. (a) straight forwardly usable over the Internet (b) Support a wide variety of application (c) compatible with SGML (d) All of the above. 41) XML is a __________ language that provides a format describing _________ data. a) Markup! Definition. b) Meta-markup, structured c) Web based, Meta. d) None of the above. 42) While HTML tags can be used to _____ a word in bold or italic, XML provides a frame work for ____________ structural data. a) Display, tagging b) Contain, display c) Define, display d) None of these. 43) XMLis a subset of _______that is optimized for delivery over the web it is defined by the ________ensuring that structured data will be uniform and independent of application of venders.

a) WML, XML b) HTML, WWW c) SGML, W3C d) None of the above. 44) Software ___________ can be used to integrated data on a________ server from back-end databases and other applications a) Program, provides information about the interpretation of the document 45) The ________ Web instance b) as the Middle tier suchAgents,________and document type to which it conforms. a) Prolog, version c) Clients, file b) Agent, Central c) XML, Meta data d) None of the above. d) None of the above. 46) XML can be generated from existing databases using a __________ thru tier model. With XML, structured data is maintained separately from the ________rules and the display. a) Scalable, business b) System, XML c) Data base, System d) None of these e) . 47) XML document type declarations combine an ____________ part called the internal ___________ and an external part call the external subset. a) Eliminated, Element b) Internal, subset c) Integrated, superset d) None of the above 48) _________ from the HTML namespace are displayed as fully would in . This allows access to _____________net yet provided by CSS. a) Agents, tags b) Tages, XML c) Elements, Capabilities d) None of the above 49) An block can be used to embed a CSS style sheet with in an ________document. a) <HTML:CSS>, WML b) <HTML:STYLE>, XML c) <HTML:STYLE>, HTML d) None of the above. 50) The ____________ qualifies element named ____________ on the web in order to avoid conflict between element with the same name.

a) WML, attribute

b) HTML, element c) Namespace, uniquely d) None of the above 51) The name proceeding the __________, the __________ , refers to a namespace. Or a URI. a) Element, quote b) Colon, prefix c) Dog, elements d) None of the above 52) An ___________ declaration defines a shorthand, or prefix, to _________ for the full name of a namespace. a) Explicit, substructure b) Implicit, replace c) Exclusive, place d) Inclusive, extend 53) The ___________ element enables you to specify ______ on a specific set of subelement. a) Group, constraints b) Break, line break c) Pre, format d) None of the above 54) ________ are more limited in same ways than _______________ . a) Attributes, elements b) Constraints, schemas c) Elements , tags. d) None of the above. 57) A WAP browser will ignore the __________if it does not __________the interdicts meaning. 55) The same prefix if used in both the __________ and in document ________: in the a) Integer data , understand b) Log, certain schema for all purchase order and in a specific purchase order. c) Starting document, define d) None pages, definition a) Web of these. b) Schema, instance c) Element, properties d) None of these

58) The ____________ attribute specifies the label to be displayed on the ____________ devices screen . a) Label, wireless b) Text , WAP 59) The element is usually the left soft key in mobile phone browsers, since light soft c) <do>, WML key is d) None of these ________soft key typically. used as the yes a) ACCEPT, OK b) <DO>, OK c) ACCEPT, NO d) <DO>, NO 60) The ________ along with ________ software is the first company to offer a commercial system that supports micro transactions. a) Cybercash, Cyercoin b) Cybercash, Verifone c) FSTC, SSL d) Mondex, Cybercash

61) In WAP layered archilecture external application may access the ____________, __________,_________ ,____________ layer directly. a) Application, Session, Transaction, Security b) Session, Transaction, Security, Transport c) Transport, Security, Session, Transaction d) Session, Transaction, Transport, Security 62) WAE include a micro browser environment containing the following functionality ________, __________, ____________ and ___________. a) WML, WML Script, WTA, Content, Formats b) WAP, WML, WTA, Java, Script c) HTML, WML, JavaScript, WAP d) None of these 63) WTLS provides the following features _______, _______, ____________ and ___________. a) Data Integrity, Privacy, Authentication, Denial of service protection b) Interoperability, Scalability, Reliability, Robustness c) Unpredictability, Robustness, Cheap, Security d) None of these 64) WML is designed in this way because _________ devices have a high ______ for connecting the server. Downloading a ________ of cards at a time can lower the

number of __________ trips to the server. a) Wireless, latency, deck, round b) WAP, Frequency, file, sequential c) WML, Reliability, document, linear 65) Fill up the blanks to provide a valid WML document : a) <?XML ________=1.0> d) None of the above b) <!doctype WML public -//WAPFORUM//DTD WML <1.3// EN> c) <WML> d) <Card _______=Card1 title = WML Tutorial> e) <P> Hello World > f) </card> g) <wml> h) Union, id, p, card i) Type, name, p, card j) Name id, card, op k) None of these

66) To create tables and place some data , we need the _________, _____________ and ___________ WML tags. Data is placed in table _____________. a) <table>, <row>, <data>, row b) <table> , <tr>, <td>, cells c) <pre>, <table>, <col>, rows d) None of the above

67) You can add a ___________ to refresh the content of a _________ regularly so that the _________ on the card can be kept ________ without involving any user action. a) Timer, card, information, updated b) Control, webpage, data, useful c) Tag, wireless application, image, altering d) None of the above 68) The four default values of the attributes are:a) # IDREF,#SCHEMA, #FILE,#GET b) #ENTITY,#NMTORN,#filed,Type c) #REQUIRED#IMPCIED,ValueFIXED Value d) None of the above. 69) A Schema is useful for _________the document content to __________ to ________ whether a document is a valid ______ of the _________impressed by that schema and for describing your grammar in use by other. a) Validating,determine, instance,grammar.

b) Creating express,product,rules. c) Defining, web,document,HGTMZ d) Non of the above. 70) The attribute specifies whether sub-element are ________ to appear in a certain ______ and if only one _________ of asset can appear. a) Sort,defined,manner,substitute b) Order,required,order,sub-element c) Group d) None of these. 71) __________ Prefixes are only for __________bookkeeping. What matters is due the __________name space _____________ a) Name space,intra-document, Corresponding, URI b) Attribute, page, related,codes. c) Data,normal,format,Tags d) None of these.