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Total beverage control for the hospitality industry

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Track up to 200 brands Four portion sizes per brand Re-assign pourers - no sorting Unlimited number of bottles Total inventory reporting Reordering set-points per brand

Track your pouring activity by BRAND

Basic system: Control unit size: 8.25" (209.5 mm) wide 3.25" (82.6 mm) high 5.25" (133.4 mm) deep Dispenser type: Patented bottle pourers and activator ring Number of brands: 200 Number of bottles: Unlimited Portion size: 1/8 to 10 ounces (3.7 to 295.7 ml) Number of portion sizes: Four (presetable)/brand/price level Number of price levels: Four with unique portion per level Calibration: By brand Display type: LCD 2x20 (shows portion, size, brand, price, and price level) Electrical requirement: 100 - 240 VAC, 50-60Hz. Interface capabilities: - PC (IBM compatible), Windows based (Through ECU) - Electronic Cash Register (ECR) -P .O.S. Reporting: Reports generated and printed using Windows based InfinityTM software Programming: Pourers can be reprogrammed at dispenser without PC
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Beverage Management for the Hospitality Industry

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Dispensing control ...


Smart PourTM spout provides pouring that is faster than traditional plastic spouts

Featuring new, Smart PourTM technology Uses the latest microchip technology with Windows based software
Using microchip technology, each pourer retains it's brand identification until it is reassigned to a different brand.

Unparalleled liquor dispensing and inventory control in one system!

Enjoy free-pour style pouring without the "Free"...
The All-Bottle IDTM System can deliver your customers' choice, while they watch an accurate, fast pour in the style and tradition of a freepoured drink without giving the house away in overpours and spills.

Reassignable pourers 4 portion sizes per brand Upgrade from existing Berg installations
Inserts available to accommodate a wide range of bottles.

Inventory control ...

Liquor inventory can be tracked online by brand from receipt to empty Allows manual adjustment to inventory totals Usage information available by brand and station
All-Bottle Brand ID works with up to two Laser Dispensers per ECU to provide four pourtion sizes per brand. Improved security-seal concept.

Precise tracking of your pouring activity against total inventory opened or unopened Identifying each pour by brand, portion size, and price Reassigning pourers to a different brand, at the pouring station, without a PC Knowing which brands have reached their reorder point at a glance Pouring a consistent portion faster than a traditional plastic spout Existing Berg systems can be upgraded to the IDTM System

Inventory reorder point set by brand Cost analysis reporting provided by InfinityTM software
Brand Number of Charged Drinks Charged Sales Pour Volume Pour Sales / Pour Volume

Current Sales By Price Levels



Container Size

Stock Status Stock Cost Stock Value

Container Stock

Brand Report excerpts from the Brand ID System illustrate the types of information available for inventory and management decisions.


Container Size

Containers Lost

Lost Value

Photos courtesy of Edgewater Hotel, Madison, WI.

Cost Analysis