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SPECIFICATIONS Mode of Operation Total Number of Drivers and Receivers on One Line Maximum Cable Length Maximum Data

Rate Maximum Driver Output Voltage Driver Output Signal Level (Loaded Min.) Driver Load Impedance (Ohms) Max. Driver Current in High Z State Max. Driver Current in High Z State Slew Rate (Max.) Receiver Input Voltage Range Receiver Input Sensitivity Receiver Input Resistance (Ohms) Power On Power Off Loaded Driver Output Signal Level (Unloaded Max) Unloaded

RS485 DIFFERENTIAL 1 DRIVER 32 RECEIVER 4000 FT. 10Mb/s -7V to +12V +/-1.5V +/-6V 54 +/-100uA +/-100uA N/A -7V to +12V +/-200mV >=12k

Characteristics of RS232, RS422, RS423 and RS485

RS232 Differential Max number of drivers Max number of receivers no 1 1 half duplex full duplex point-topoint 15 m 20 kbs (1 kbs) 30 V/s 3..7 k 3..7 k 3 V 15 V 25 V 5 V

RS423 no 1 10 half duplex

RS422 yes 1 10 half duplex

RS485 yes 32 32 half duplex

Modes of operation Network topology Max distance (acc. standard) Max speed at 12 m Max speed at 1200 m Max slew rate Receiver input resistance Driver load impedance Receiver input sensitivity Receiver input range Max driver output voltage Min driver output voltage (with load)

multidrop 1200 m 100 kbs 1 kbs adjustable 4 k 450 200 mV 12 V 6 V 3.6 V

multidrop 1200 m 10 Mbs 100 kbs n/a 4 k 100 200 mV 10 V 6 V 2.0 V

multipoint 1200 m 35 Mbs 100 kbs n/a 12 k 54 200 mV 7..12 V 7..12 V 1.5 V