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Planning the War Assignment

World History A
Mr. Farley
Points Possible: 64

Directions: Read the article that discusses the planning of the war in some of the major
powers involved in WWI. After reading, fill out this graphic organizer answering the
questions below for each plan that you read about.

Country and Plan What was the main How was the plan What were the
goal(s) of the plan? to be carried out? weaknesses of the
(3pts/plan) (3pts/plan) plan?
France: Plan XVII The main goal was
to recapture the
territory of Alsace
and Lorraine.

Germany: The goal was to There was to be 5 The weakness of the

Schlieffen Plan send many men to German armies plan was that they
perform an advance through underestimated the
Belgium and France difficulty to
assault with Paris
in its aim. communicate and
send supplies to the
armies that had
Austria-Hungary: There main goal The plan was to The weakness was
Plan B was to have three invade Serbia and that the Germans
armies invade protect the Russian had stuck with the
Serbia and three to border. Schlieffen Plan
guard the Russian which meant that
border. all there man
power was to the

Austria-Hungary: There main goal The plan was to The weakness was
Plan R was to have more have more guards at that the Germans
troops guard the the Russian border. had stuck with the
Russian border. Schlieffen Plan
which meant that
all there man
power was to the
Russia: Plan G The goal was to The plan was to take The weakness of the
eject Germany from a string of defeats, plan was that
within the borders. Then they were to
mobilize and eject
Germany from the

Russia: Plan A The main goal was They were to have The weakness was
to defeat Germany. two Russian armies that they didn’t have
move into East enough men.
Prussia and to
Silesia in route to
central Germany.
Russia would at the
same time make
use of a fortress
defense against
invading forces.
Russia: plan 19

Great Britain There main goal They were to

was to aid little imobilise in 21 days
belgium and go help little