2009 graduation

MAY 7, 2009 presented bY the universitY dAilY kAnsAn speciAl section
Far above the

Glorious to view,
Stands our noble ,
Towering toward
Lift the

ever onward,

and the

Hail to thee, our
Hail to old
137th coMMenceMent
Sunday, May 17, 2009
2:30 p.m.
Memorial Stadium
photo by Jerry Wang/kAnsAn

2009 graduation guide 2C thursday, may 7, 2009
As their time at the University
comes to a close, seniors are re-
fecting on their time in college
and remembering some of their
greatest memories throughout
their stay in Law-
Wichita seniors
Ally Mounts and
Meghan Hamp-
ton have the same
favorite memory
as many KU stu-
dents: the 2008
men’s basketball
national champi-
“I have been a die-hard KU fan
all my life, and to be a student
during the win was unbeliev-
able,” Mounts said.
John Babcock, Holton senior,
agreed that the
c ha mpi ons hi p
was a highlight of
his college years.
“How can you
top partying with
thousands of oth-
er Jayhawks afer
a national cham-
pionship victory?”
Babcock said.
Babcock has
many good memories of his
years at the University, such as
performing at KMEA with KU
Concert Choir, sledding down
Campanile hill, dancing at sum-
mer parties and traveling to Juar-
ez, Mexico, with Wesley KU.
Lucas Lux, Topeka senior, re-
called a great memory from his
junior year.
“We sang the alma mater with
other KU students while on a
bus back from a wine tasting for
study abroad in Germany,” Lux
said. “It was a good time.”
Stephanie Patyk, Wichita se-
nior, said her work as a special
events coordinator for Student
Union Activities
was the thing that
gave her such a
memorable college
experience. It was
Patyk’s job to or-
ganize the home-
coming show for
her sophomore
“On the frst
day of school I
received word that our previous
show headliner had backed out
of the show, which lef us rough-
ly six weeks to redo everything,”
Patyk said.
Because Patyk
was a fan of huge
fan of Kathy Grif-
fn’s show on Bra-
vo, she suggested
that Grifn be
the homecoming
show at the Lied
“When I found
out that she had
accepted SUA’s of-
fer, I was over the moon,” Patyk
Afer completely selling out
the Lied Center and witnessing
Grifn’s comedic performance,
Patyk had been the driver for her
own best memory of her time at
the University.
— Edited by Casey Miles
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The University Daily Kansan is
the student newspaper of the
University of Kansas.
This graduation guide is published
annually in the spring to honor the
University’s graduating class.
Editor’s notE
Walking down the hill
an important tradition
raduation season always
reminds me of how
fast things are moving
and changing in my life. Now,
I’m not a senior, so I don’t have
the perspective of coming to the
end of my college career. But it
seems like yesterday that I was
graduating from high school.
I like the feeling graduation
has — the traditions, the alumni,
the family, even the formality.
Because there is something about
graduation that makes you real-
ize that there’s a lot of potential
for how your life could end up.
At this time two years ago, I
never thought I would be living
in Kansas, and I definitely didn’t
think I’d be working for The
When I graduated from high
school, I didn’t think I would
be where I am today, but things
change and opportunities are
always there.
Although I’m not a senior,
I can appreciate the feelings of
change, relief and happiness that
come at graduation.
And if I could give only one
piece of advice, it would be this:
Don’t miss your opportunity to
walk down the hill with all the
other graduates on May 17.
There won’t be another time
in your life that you’ll get to be
part of this tradition. That’s much
of the reason why I chose this
particular cover photo. It’s some-
thing that I want to be a part of
when I graduate, just to say that I
was part of it.
Many may remember their
high school graduations being
long and boring, but it’s just part
of the tradition. For me, it was
the feeling right after receiving
my diploma that made me happy
I’d opted to walk with my gradu-
ating class.
Don’t forget the great
memories of your years at the
University. Whether you like it
or not, this place has shaped who
you are in some way. You may
not appreciate or realize until
you’re graduated and gone what
you really got out of college. But
it’s important to recognize how
your past influences your future.
It may seem like just a diploma
you’re getting on May 17, but
what really matters is the time
you spent at the University and
all that you accomplished.
Congratulations, Class of 2009!
Good luck with life after college,
and don’t forget the memories you
made at the University of Kansas.
BY noRA Simon
looking back
Seniors recall best
college memories
Hard work, study abroad and Mario’s Miracle
“I have been a die-
hard KU fan all my
life, and to be a stu-
dent during the win
was unbelievable. ”
Ally Mounts
Wichita senior
Table of contents
The reasons for regalia
explore the history behind the cap and gown
By The numBers
see how the graduating class sizes up
alumni associaTion
Benefts for the class of 2009 and the senior gift
Do i neeD To Be somewhere?
a schedule for graduation weekend will help
graDuaTion: since 1873
The university has many traditions that live on
where’s walDo?
Browse through a list of this year’s graduates
walking Down The hill
find out where to stand before the procession
Jayhawk naTion
alumni across the country gather to watch the wins
a family firsT
senior is the frst to graduate with a college degree
“When I found out
that she had accepted
SUA’s ofer, I was over
the moon.”
stephAnie pAtyk
Wichita senior
Jerry wang/kansan
2009 graduation guide 3C thursday, may 7, 2009
Undergraduate degree
Graduate degree
Students getting
master’s degrees
Students getting Ph.D.s
or higher level degrees
In-state graduates
Out-of-state graduates
Male graduates
Female graduates

Size of graduating class
Undergraduate Graduate
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 1198 213
School of Allied Health 68 113
School of Architecture and Urban Planning 42 80
School of Business 330 120
School of Education 211 184
School of Engineering 193 69
School of Fine Arts 134 48
School of Journalism and Mass Communications 193 17
School of Nursing 149 17
School of Pharmacy 117 7
School of Social Welfare 65 147
Size of graduating class
School of Law 131
School of Medicine 155
— Michael Harry, technological support consultant in the University Registrar’s Ofce
— Compiled by Rachel Schwartz
Below is a breakdown of the University’s graduates
by school, degree, and in-state and out-of-state
University of Kansas
2009 Commencement
Scheduleof Events

Friday, May 15
n 1 to 2 p.m. School of Social
Welfare recognition for bachelor’s
of social welfare candidates. Lied
n 2:30 to 4 p.m. International
Programs and International
Student and Scholar Services rec-
ognition. Kansas Room, Union.
n 4 to 6 p.m. School of Busi-
ness undergraduate recognition
ceremony. Lied Center.

Saturday, May 16
n 8:30 a.m. School of Journal-
ism graduate recognition. Lied
Center. Reception follows, lawn of
Staufer-Flint Hall.
n 8:30 to 10 a.m. Reception for
chancellor’s awards recipients.
Kansas Room, Kansas Union.
n 9 a.m. School of Allied Health
recognition ceremony. Johnson
County Community College
gymnasium, 12345 College Blvd.,
Overland Park.
n 10:30 a.m. School of Fine Arts
convocation. Lied Center.
n 10:30 a.m. to noon. Lun-
cheon for School of Allied Health,
health policy and management,
master’s of public health, and
graduate studies graduates.
“Under the tent” at KU Edwards
Campus, 12600 Quivira Rd., Over-
land Park.
n 11 a.m. School of Nursing
recognition ceremony. Johnson
County Community College
gymnasium, 12345 College Blvd.,
Overland Park.
n 11 a.m. to noon. Phi Beta
Kappa initiation. Woodruf Audi-
torium, Kansas Union.
n 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Center
for Russian, East European and
Eurasian Studies graduation
reception for master’s candidates.
318 Bailey Hall.
n 12:30 to 2 p.m. Luncheon
for School of Nursing graduates,
family and friends. “Under the
tent” at KU Edwards Campus,
12600 Quivira Rd., Overland Park.
n 1 to 3 p.m. University Honors
Program, University Scholars,
and CLAS students graduating
with distinction. Crafton-Preyer
Theatre, Murphy Hall.
n 1 to 3 p.m. School of Educa-
tion convocation. Lied Center.
n 5 p.m. Multicultural Scholars
Program graduation banquet.
Ballroom, Kansas Union.
n 6 p.m. Ofce of Multicultural
Afairs graduation banquet. Big
12 and Jayhawk rooms, Kansas
n 6 to 7:30 p.m. School of
Pharmacy senior recognition.
Crafton-Preyer Theatre, Murphy
Hall. Reception follows.
n 7 p.m. School of Medicine
hooding and awards. Lied Center.

Sunday, May 17
n 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Memorial
Drive closed to trafc. (Parking
ban begins midnight Saturday.)
n 8 a.m. School of Engineering
recognition and awards ceremo-
ny. Lied Center. Reception follows
at Oliver Hall.
n 10 to 11:15 a.m. School of
Law hooding. Lied Center. Tickets
required. Reception follows,
Green Hall.
n 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Class
of 2009 commencement lunch.
Chancellor’s residence, 1532 Lilac
n 11:30 a.m. School of Archi-
tecture and Urban Planning
commencement luncheon and
recognition ceremony. Tickets
required. Ballroom, Kansas Union.
n Noon to 1:15 p.m. School of
Social Welfare hooding for mas-
ter’s of social work candidates.
Lied Center.
n 2 p.m. Commencement par-
ticipants assemble on Memorial
n 2:30 p.m. Commencement
procession begins.

— www.commencement.ku.edu
Commencement day signi-
fies for most graduates the end
of their time as a student at the
University and as a member of the
Lawrence community. The Alumni
Association wants recent graduates
to know, however, that their time
as a Jayhawk is by no means over
after they walk down the hill and
into Memorial Stadium.
“We help bridge the gap between
being a student at the University
and being an alumni; we want you
to know that there’s still a com-
munity out there for you, even if
you’re not on the Hill,” said Aly
Rodee, Wichita senior and former
executive member of the Student
Alumni Association. The SAA is an
offshoot of the Alumni Association
that helps with running programs
and events.
The Alumni Association attracts
members in part by sponsoring
year-end programs for recent grad-
uates, such as Wieners for Seniors,
a hot dog giveaway on Wescoe
Beach that is designed to advertise
another Alumni Association event,
Grad Grill.
Grad Grill will take place tonight
from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Adams
Alumni Center and features free
food and drink, door prizes and
information tables.
“It’s the first event that students
attend as alumni,” said Stefani
Gerson, coordinator of student pro-
grams for the Alumni Association.
“It’s a congratulatory event held
in their honor, and it’s free for all
members of the Class of 2009.”
After helping organize the event
several times, Megan Lemon,
Smithville, Mo., senior and former
SAA executive member, will get to
enjoy Grad Grill from the other
side of things this year.
“This semester has been for me
reaping the rewards of everything
I did in the past,” Lemon said.
“It’s nice; I appreciate it a lot more
since I know what went into the
Rodee said she hoped Grad Grill
would help students become more
comfortable as alumni, in addi-
tion to providing a relaxing envi-
ronment before finals.The Alumni
Center is known as the big scary
building on campus that no one
knows if they can come in to,”
Rodee said. “Grad Grill is to get
people to the come to the center.”
In addition to Grad Grill, the
Alumni Association sponsors a
ring ceremony, during which stu-
dents receive class rings if they have
purchased them. It also provides a
free box lunch on the chancellor’s
lawn at 11 a.m. before commence-
ment on May 17.
Beyond programs, the Alumni
Association welcomes recent grad-
uates into the alumni community
with a year’s free membership to
the Alumni Association, a $25 value
sponsored by KU Endowment, and
an opportunity to purchase a life-
time membership for half price.
“I will definitely take advantage
of my free year’s membership with
the Alumni Association,” Reuben
Dermyer, Olathe senior, said. “I
think it’s a good idea, because I
don’t think a lot of recent grads will
have the money to join the Alumni
Association up front.”
Gerson said benefits of Alumni
Association membership includ-
ed a subscription to the Kansas
Alumni Magazine, special discounts
to events held around the country,
access to an online directory for
networking purposes, a monthly
KU e-newsletter and a 10 percent
discount at all KU bookstores.
Rodee said that the connections
an Alumni Association member-
ship provided were its most impor-
tant advantages.
“It connects you to over 300,000
other Jayhawks,” Rodee said. “I
might go to a city I’ve never been
to before; that connection will be
immeasurable in becoming part of
the community there.”
Gerson also stressed the impor-
tance of using the free member-
ship to network and stay involved
with University events.
“By being a member, you’re
helping the University as a whole
by remaining a strong entity in
the Jayhawk nation,” Gerson said.
“We want recent graduates to stay
connected because that keeps the
University strong.”
— Edited by Melissa Johnson
Ties to University don’t
end on graduation day
Nora Simon/KANSAN
The fagpole in front of Strong Hall is corroded and leaning. It is being replaced as the 2009
class gift. Giving a class gift is one of the many traditions for graduating seniors.
gRAdUATioN wEEKENd 2009
Each year, the Board of Class
Ofcers and Senior Advisory
Board choose what contribu-
tion the graduating class will
make to the University. This
year, they will replace the fag-
pole outside of Strong Hall,
which is corroded and leaning
to the side.
The KU Endowment helps
fund the class gift by selling
Class of 2009 $10 T-shirts, said
Aly Rodee, Wichita senior and
member of the senior advisory
board for Board of Class Of-
fcers. Parents and friends of
graduates can make donations
on their behalf, as well.
“The University said it
needed a new fag pole,”
Rodee said. “It was something
we could aford, and it would
be visible, so that’s how we
chose the gift.”
To contribute, go to
Who: Graduating seniors
What: Free food and door
When: 5:30 to 7:30 tonight
Where: Adams Alumni
NOTE: Graduates from the schools of Law and Medicine are not included in the
totals above.
-1125 7ennessee
3 8R, 2 bath W/D
-1015-1025 Mississippi
1 &2 bedroom
-941 Indiana
1 & 2 bedroom
-Hanover 7ownhomes
2 bedroom w/garage
-Woodward Apts.
1, 2 & 3 bedroom
-Country CIub
2 bedroom, 2 bath
-1712 Ohio
4 bedroom, 2 bath
2009 graduation guide 4C thursday, may 7, 2009
cap and gown
Exploring the history
of graduation garb
The words ‘cap and gown’ have become synonymous with the ceremony
and tradition of graduation. And although most students wear them at
least once in their lives, few people recognize their long-standing history.
• Tradition: Uniformity
• Origin: The frst time any standard was discussed was in 1895 when
an Intercollegiate Commission met at Columbia University to devise
a unifed system of academic dress. In 1932, the American Council
on Education met to revise the collegiate dress code, and in 1959, a
Committee on Academic Costumes and Ceremonies made revisions
to the code. The last time the American Council on Education made a
change was in 1986.
• Tradition: Wearing graduation regalia
• Origin: Students and teachers at early European universities in
the 12th and 13th centuries commonly wore clothing that looked
like a priest’s robes. By the 1300s, universities had often created
academic dress codes, including long gowns and prohibited
“excess in apparel.”The evolution of academic clothing depended
on the growth of the academic community in Europe, especially
as more specialized degrees were created.
• Tradition: Varied tassel colors
• Origin: Oxford and Cambridge began reserving
white for arts and literature degrees, green for
medicine, olive for pharmacy and golden yellow
for sciences. Since the early 1900s, the American
Council on Education has published standards for
tassel colors that each student of a particular dis-
cipline receives. White, for example, is still given
to students in the humanities and the University’s
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The Council
recognizes a total of 25 disciplines that get sepa-
rate colors. The University’s commencement uses
14 of the colors for its tassels, plus a custom KU
crimson and blue mix.
—American Council on Education, www.acenet.edu
— Edited by Grant Treaster
At the University, students
don’t ask, “Are you going
to commencement?” said
Kathryn Nemeth Tuttle, associ-
ate vice provost for student
“They say, ‘Are you going to
walk?’” Nemeth Tuttle said. “It
has taken on such a symbolic
thing in everybody’s mind.
There is something very spe-
cial about it.”
KU Info director Curtis
Marsh said Memorial Stadium
wasn’t built until 1921, so the
walk down the hill couldn’t
have occurred before that.
Nemeth Tuttle said she had
seen flm of students walking
into the stadium from as far
back as the 1930s.
“It’s a long established
tradition,” Nemeth Tuttle said.
“Obviously, the size of the
stadium — it’s the only venue
of that size, because remem-
ber, at that time we didn’t
have Allen Fieldhouse. We had
Hoch Auditorium, which was
somewhat limited in seating
— so for thousands of guests
the stadium became the only
place to really do it.”
Marsh called walking down
the hill the primary KU com-
mencement tradition. Accord-
ing to the KU Info Web site,
there are two diferent trails
that graduates take down
the hill. Going down the west
side are students graduating
from the College of Liberal
Arts and Sciences as well as
master’s and Ph.D. students.
It takes a graduate about 300
steps to get down the hill. For
those taking the second trail,
down the hill on the east side
— students from professional
schools — the walk is a little
longer, with about 330 steps
to get into the stadium.
walking down the hill
Nemeth Tuttle said the
Campanile was constructed in
1950 and that she thought the
tradition of walking through
the tower began sometime
soon after that. She said she
couldn’t remember the curse
of the Campanile — that if
students walk through the
tower before commencement
they will never graduate —
from her undergraduate years
in the late 1960s and the early
1970s, and guessed that this
tradition started sometime in
the 1970s.
Marsh said the curse of the
Campanile was one of the Uni-
versity’s traditions that did not
have a formal beginning.
“There are a lot of them like
this, like waving the wheat,”
Marsh said. “There are tradi-
tions that are just extraordi-
narily important to the KU
experience that are hard to
pinpoint as far as origins.”
The walk through the
Campanile — built to honor
the 277 students, faculty and
staf who died in World War
II — is special to graduating
students, Nemeth Tuttle said.
She remembered her own
experience graduating from
the University with her doc-
torate degree in 1996, when
construction surrounded the
Campanile. Because of this,
she said, graduates were not
allowed to walk through the
Campanile at commencement.
“This created very bad feel-
ings,” Nemeth Tuttle said. “It’s
a great example of a tradi-
tion becoming so strong that
students got quite upset that
they didn’t get to do that.”
Nemeth Tuttle found a way,
though — one of her relatives
at the time was Baby Jay, she
said, and as Baby Jay led her
through the crowd, “the seas
parted” and she got to walk
through the tower after all.
curse of the Campanile
Kansas is a university ripe with
tradition year-round — the Rock
Chalk chant, waving the wheat
and the alma mater to name a few.
Yet at no time of year are some KU
traditions more in bloom than at
the peak of spring, and the peak of
graduating seniors’ college careers
— commencement.
From the University’s first
commencement in 1873 to now,
here is a brief glimpse of some KU
commencement traditions.
“I think these traditions are
special because it unites Jayhawks
throughout generations,” said
Michael Gray, Buhler senior.
“Walking through the Campanile,
you’re experiencing something
that your parents, and maybe
your grandparents, experienced.
It unites Jayhawks throughout
— Edited by Sonya English

1873 1890 1920s
1950 1896 1886
University’s frst
Crimson and blue
adopted as ofcial colors
Before that, they were
maize and sky blue
Rock Chalk Chant
“Rah, Rah, Jayhawks,
KU” in its original form
Football team frst took the
feld as the “Jayhawkers”
Students began walking down
the hill before commencement
The construction
of the Campanile
The curse likely
began soon after
Baby Jay born on the
football feld during
the Homecoming game
Matt Bristow/KANSAN
The World War II Memorial Campanile is one of the most recognizable landmarks on campus. It
is a time-honored tradition for graduates to pass through it on the way to Memorial Stadiumfor the
commencement ceremony.
BY noRA sImon
Fromleft to right, University of Kansas: KU crimson and blue,
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: white, Business: drab, Educa-
tion: light blue, Fine Arts: brown, Engineering: orange, Pharmacy:
olive, Architecture: blue lilac, Journalism: crimson, Music: pink,
Social Welfare: citron, Law: purple, Health Services: pink salmon,
Nursing: apricot, Doctoral and Masters: black.
ou havc woikcd haid to icach thc long-awaitcd walk down thc Hill,
and wc want to hclµ you cclcliatc youi succcss hcic at KU ly ollcially
wclcoming you to alumni status. Plcasc join us loi two cvcnts hcld
in youi honoi: (SBE(SJMM 5:30-7:30 µ.m. Thuisday, May 7, at thc Adams
Alumni Ccntci, and $PNNFODFNFOU-VODI 11 a.m.-1:30 µ.m. Sunday,
May 17, at thc Outlook.
This ycai, thc KU Alumni Association has tcamcd uµ with thc KU
Endowmcnt Association to givc you a sµccial giaduation gilt÷a onc-ycai
mcmlcishiµ in thc Alumni Association.
Il you aic intcicstcd in lccoming a Lilc Mcmlci ol thc KU Alumni
Association, takc advantagc ol oui limitcd-timc ollci, you can µuichasc a lilc
mcmlcishiµ loi S500 (hall µiicc¦) until Junc 30, 2009.
to the
Class of 2009!
2009 graduation guide 5C thursday, may 7, 2009
College of
liberal arts
and sCienCes
*Degrees granted since
May 18, 2008
baCHelor of arts
african and african-
american studies
Lisa M. Chauvin
Kasey P. Cullors*
Kendra Joy Hwa Davis
Nermine Hassan El Khatib*
Steven James Groene
Earnest Dwayne Hegwood*
Sarah Elizabeth Madden*
John M. McFarland III
Andrew Mark Plisner
Elizabeth Joan Pollard
american studies
Richard Kelii Chase II*
Jaclyn C. Kostek
Aaron Evan Landis*
Jacqueline Ann Lumsden
Frederick Donald McClure Jr.*
Carolyn M. McKune
Traci Nicole McMaster
Kellyn M. Moncada*
David Michael Nelson*
Caitlin Elizabeth Shanks*
Emily Catherine Soener
Ines Soto-Gomez*
Brian Joel Tepper
Mario Villarreal*
Casey M. Yingling
Clarice Fernandes Da
Cunha Loureiro Amorim
Joseph Michael Anderson*
Adam Kevin Benfer
Henry M. Bernberg
Amy Elizabeth Bonnell
Michael Lee Breeden*
Billie Lee Brock
Alexandria Lynn Clark
Joshua Steven Coup*
Kacey Dyan Dickey
Maria Dominica Donnici*
Jillian Elizabeth Dryden
Elizabeth Carol Fitch
Adam Michael Hefling
Brittany Elayne Hill
Abbi Kaye Huderle
Kellen Rocio Huet-Cox
Jordan Paul Jennings
Mark Edward Landry
Sara Eve Linden*
Amanda Sue Nech
Jeffrey Brian O’Neill*
Teresa A. Royston*
Barry Robinson Ryan
Katharine Kaur Sangha
Kathleen Nicole Schafer*
Dara Deann Schwyhart
Mary Claire Sears
Thomas Ross Sunderland
Jeremy Michael Trombley
Erin Lenee Truitt
Heather M. Wurtz
Sally Suzanne Zahner
applied behavioral
Brynn Alana Davy*
Kelsey Marie Garrison
Alicia Diane Goldstein
Kelley Radin Gorman*
Cara Renee Grin*
Jamie Lucille Hamilton
David Louis Kaplan*
Whitney Ann Kirkpatrick
Barak Krengel
Ryan Tuttle Luckie
Aftan Sue Martin*
Rachel Elizabeth Rake
Tara Ashley Rotramel
Celia Ann Seferovich*
Cassie Nicole Spohn
Pak Ki Martin Tsang
Caitlin Marie Yarusso
Wendy Yung*
Jawad Ahmad
Jessica Lindsey Brozek
Brandon Harry Hidaka
Anh Vu Hoang
Timothy C. Houghton*
HeaSuk Kim*
Laura Marie Meadows
Sara Anne Mednansky
Jamie Supica*
Brandon Johnson Tackett
Nicholas John Welle
Allison Jade Baughman*
Keegan Andrew Begley*
Carrie Ann Brogan
Alejandro E. Carrera
Christine Grace Charles
Molly M. Daughety
Chad Edward Davis
Michelle Ann Davis
Patrick Tomiyama Dolan
Ginger Malin Ellenbecker*
Daniel Christopher Ensley
Madeline M. Fry
Bailey Elisabeth Gage
Sarah Elizabeth Gayed*
Jessica Lee Hampton
Madonna Ho
Christopher Robert Kaiser
Lydiah Chepkurui Koech
Jessica Rene Lane*
Elizabeth Xuan Le
Margaret Jane Long
Michelle Alexandra Majerle
Marjorie L. Marchin
Lindsey Michelle McKay
Adam Nicholas Medaris
Jeremy S. Mihu
Jordan Kent Pack
Kayla M. Patton
Nadeen Khalid Rabie
Bret Micah Robinson*
Whitney Paige Rutledge*
Julie Skolnik
Sarah Marie Smith
Yawen Tan*
Anna Sergeevna
Anne Lyle Vezeau
Taras Adrianowich
Jawad Ahmad
Daniel M. Belz
Robert Elliot Boyle
Aunya Marie Brown
Lance Dean Eighme
Abigail E. Faulman
Kristin Lee Grover
Prasad Jayaraman*
Christopher Brian Johnson
Nicholas Adam Knapp
Kristen Kay Lichtenauer*
Maggie Murfin Murphy*
Victor Nguyen
Maheen Sarah Rehman
Patrick Henry Sullivan
Tyler Moore Thress
Classical antiquity
Jeffrey Brian O’Neill*
Christina Lynne Williams
Classical languages
Jeffrey Brian O’Neill*
Caitlin Nicole Rose
Communication studies
Amy Jo Abrams*
Sara Rose Alvord
Julie Lynn Anderson*
Megan Leigh Atkinson*
Elizaveta Anatol’evna
Joshua Daniel Becker*
Tara Suzanne Block
Reed Daniel Brower*
Benjamin Robert Bruhn
Christina Elizabeth
Kellie Nicole Cardell*
Michael A. Chavez
Kasey P. Cullors*
Mark Aaron DeGroff
Elizabeth Marie Decker
Katie Beth DiPasquale*
Jessica Lynn Dorman
Ryan Robert Easter
Matthew Thomas Edman
Danielle Elizabeth Erker
Kevin Russell Faster
Kathryn Elizabeth Feeley
Jennifer Lauren Field*
Carlyn Amanda Fogle
Melissa Anne Footlick
Nicole Danielle Forbes*
Jason William Foster*
Brittaniee Raelynn Frazee*
Jessica Leigh Frost*
Gina Michelle Gay*
Joshua Joseph Goldman
Christina E. Grant*
Andrew Lee Gryszowka*
Kristin Michelle Haeussler
Jamie Louise Hanson
Megan Kathleen Hennessy
Lauren Park Hill
Allyson Rose Horner
Natalie Dawn Huenergardt
Katherine Anne Huseman
Ashley Palmer Jenkins*
Nicholas Stephen Jerkovich*
Jessica Megan Jeter*
Rachel Lee Kannaday
Meagan E. Katelman
Abigail Burke Koehler*
Whitney Frances Lahey
Joseph Albert Lawton*
Suh Teng Lee*
Virginia Bennett Leonard*
Patrick John Lewallen*
Courtney Anne Longino
Aimee Elizabeth Love
Kristen Michelle Low
Kelly Ann McDonough
Melanie Ryan McGinley*
Jessica Ryan McMullan*
Jill Nicole Meara*
Abigail Lynn Miller*
Anik Kumar Mitra*
Lauren Elizabeth Mleynek
Stephanie M. Newkirk*
Mikala Virginia O’Neill
Joshua David Olberding*
Megan Lindsey Penrod
Craig Robert Phelan*
Callie LaRae Phillips
Anthony Charles Picanso
Joseph Andrew Pinaire*
Lauren Elizabeth Ponchur
Kelley Lynn Popham*
Allyson Danae Porter*
Ashlee Lynn Powell*
Katie Manoun Rash*
Kristen E. Rash
Desirae Nicole Rieke
Nicole Crystal Saggart
Amy L. Saylan
Lauren Brittany Scheerer
Michael Patrick Schmidt Jr.
Hedy Ann Schwartz
Kelsi Rae Stoltenow
Hailey Nicole Stueber
Lauren Nicole Tevis
Joshua Edmund Thomas
Norris Michael Thompson
Jenifer L. Walsh
Chase Alan Weideman*
Brandon Matthew Wise*
Nathan Charles Wohl
Bryan Kennedy Wolford
Krystal Rachelle Wright
Alexandra Walton Zelie*
Carla Gwyn Zimmerman
Gretchen Elise Anderson
Janine C. Meagher
east asian languages
and Cultures
Maria Ahmad*
Erik Joseph Buchholz
Erik Lee Christensen*
David Adam Cornelius
Christopher Scott Dickinson
Fei Fang
Brandon Richard Goodrich
Joseph Allen Hanks
Krystle Rose Harsch
Sumire Louisa Ishii
John Micah Lim
Aaron Lee Mullenioux
Justin Tyler Pirie
Ethan Ehrman Skinner
Travis Carlton Tewes
Daniel Lee Vanderhorst
Trenton W. Wilson
Sayaka Yagi*
Matt Scott Zeiner*
Egor Agafonov
Adam Richard Allison*
Cori Elizabeth Ast*
Bryce Edward Baker
Todd James Blauwiekel
Ashlee Paige Bressel*
Brandon Patrick Carter*
Chanthamixay Michael
Dustin Barton Cooke
Steven Michael Daigh*
George Cole Davis*
Shawn Christopher Davis
Christopher James Dino*
Ryan Patrick Donovan
Jessica Lauren Dotter
Patrick J. Ford*
Devin J. Fuchs*
Evan Scott Golden*
Daniel Alan Guilfoil*
Karen Louise Hastings*
Shao Peng Herr
Marie Claire Hull
Nathan Ashley Hunt*
Rehan B. Hussein
Prasad Jayaraman*
Jennifer Jo Jensen*
Jeffrey Thomas Judd*
Panitan Karnjanapun
Sungho Kim
Rachel A. Koch*
Bertrand Cyril Kotewall
Waylon Krogmann*
John David Larson*
Matthew M. Lett
Carol Liang
Lucas C. Lux
Paul Clinton Lyon
Kerry Joan Mannion
Donald Francis Marchiony
Lindsay Nicole Mayer
Kevin Scott McBride
Scott Michael McGee*
Sean D. Murphy*
Gilbert Man Him Ng
John Douglas Nickell
Akwasi Nti-Addae
Maria Julia Pena Baumann*
Jaime Martin Pena
Cooper brittingham, overland Park senior
Where do you see your major taking you after college?
“My major is political science, and I want to use it for some
form of social service.”
What was your favorite class in your major and why?
“My favorite class was public opinion because it was the
most interesting, and the group of people in my class
were fun.”
— Barbara Platts
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (B.A.)
University of Kansas
2009 gradUates
Congratulations to the graduating class of 2009! — Names of the more than 4,000 graduates are listed here.
Dear Seniors,
The Kansan Addies will miss you!
Advertising Staff
Mark Charles Peterson
Undarmaa Pirenlei
Tasia Ryan Rayton
Christopher Howlett Reed*
Brandon Daniel Riffel
Ryan Bailey Ripperger*
Mark N. Skoglund
Mitchell Donovan Smith*
Robert G. Snook II
Brenna Lane Spurgeon*
Jeremiah Gene Thompson
Samuel Jerrard Thompson
Derek Tracz*
Pak Ki Martin Tsang
Dylan Shea Tucker
Seth Aaron Van Roekel*
Kaori Wakabayashi*
Patrick Wambugu
Hio Kam Wong*
Ingrid Mae-Chi Wong
Fernando Yaluk
Zachary Josef Abramovitz
Kasey Nicole Andrade*
Catherine M. Baird
Kathryn Marie Basye
Christopher Aaron Beard*
Amber D. Beasley*
Erin Aili Birney
Kaitlin E. Bliss*
Michael Allen Booth*
Jessica L. Boswell
Kenton Russell Brown
Morgan Kinney Brunelli*
Jennifer A. Brussow
Jennifer Lynn Bulmash*
Shylo Ann Bundy
Bonny Rose Burke
Lindsey R. Cable*
Andrea Marie Cervantez
Andrea Elizabeth Chao
Allison Leigh Coleman*
William P. Coquillette*
Mallory Kathleen Curry
Douglas Carl DeFranco Jr.*
Thomas Scott Del Greco
Marcus Dell Dickerson*
Adam James Dworkis
JoAnna Danielle Eanes-
Molly Ailene Easley*
Laura Marie Edgar*
James Joseph Edmonds
Sarah E. England*
Linsie Ann Fell
Sarah Fettke
Nicholas McIntyre Finnegan
Kathryn A. Fitch
Taylor Arza Ford*
Justin Thomas Foster
Jaclyn Evers Frankenberg
Whitney Maren Fuchs
Cassandra Rose Gentry
Jared Alexander Gibbs
Matthew Eugene Gibson
Alexander Charles Glenn
Andrew Thomas Green*
Kelsey Jo Greenfield*
Elizabeth Anne
William Reid Gunnerson*
Scott Michael Haman
Thomas C. Hardy
Amanda Rene Hart
Jenny Mae Hartz
Emily E. Hendricks
Rachel Marie Hoge
John Keith Hubbard*
Danielle S. Hurst
Kelly Ishikawa
Perry Harmon Jackman*
Arianne Noel Jaco*
Joshua James Jacobs*
Kelly E. Jenkins
Jared Brandon Johanning*
Johnathan Allen Karros*
Molly Ann Khan*
Robert Nolan Knapp
Jamie Rae Kratky
Sara Mariah Alynne Lansing
Davin Andreas Larson*
Danielle Marie Lavely
Kendal Marie Lewis
Carol Liang
Michelle Renee Loewenstein
Megan Nicole Logue*
Hannah Elise Lowry
Stephen J. Marshall
Kendall Jane Mathewson
Kieran Allen McBride
Matthew Tyler McCormack
Lauren Kay McCoy
Brianne Nicole McDaniel
Logan Leigh McRae*
Nicholas Joseph Medved*
Heather Lynne Melanson
Joel Richard Mengoni*
Dennis W. Mersmann*
Megan M. Mills*
Kelley Anne Mitchell
Kristin Michelle Moody
Jee-hyun Moon
Ashley Elizabeth Moore*
Taylor Matthew Murray
Jeffrey Paul Nelson*
Kayleigh J. Nichols
Jonathan Brent Orlansky
Allison Christina Ouellette*
Maggie Beth Owings
Scott James Peters
Reed Ian Peterson*
Ryanna Sybella Peterson*
Mark Robert Petterson
Nathalie Renee Pounds
Thomas Ignatius Powers
Jessica Leigh Prince*
Katie Lynne Prue
Katie Melissa Rages
Katherine Susan Reno*
Stuart Walker Reynolds*
Kimberly Michele Riffel
Jesse Braswell Roberts
Andrew G. Rogers
Joshua Adam Rome*
Megan Whitney Russell*
Samuel Aleksandr
Joseph Ian Scholz
Allan Dale Adam Schoof
Sean Ross Schooley
Brieun Shantel Scott
Caitlin Elizabeth Shanks*
Stephanie A. Smiros
Paige Leann Snyder
Nicholas John Spacek
Andrew John Spillers*
Amanda Louise Sterling
Ashley Nicole Stewart
Deanne C. Stofferahn
Hannah Kathryn Tegt
Norris Michael Thompson
Matthew Thomas Tornow
Hoang Tran*
Daniel Lee Vanderhorst
Kristin Irene Wark
Katherine Eileen Wetzel
Andrew Joseph White
Rachel Gail White*
Jessica Leigh Willhite*
Jaymes Logan Williamson
Allison Rene Willis
Kaitlin Marie Worth
Environmental Studies
David James Burchfield
Kyle Michael Downard
Amy Leigh Harris
Maximilian Stass Isern
Jennifer Lynn Koerner
Jennifer Marie Kongs
Amelia Content Mohr
Melanie Marie Pendleton
Melissa Marie Rogers
Cecilia Rosanna Stumpff
Derek Andrew Tokarz*
Juliana Diem Dan Tran
Megan A. Vaniman*
Sara Jean Allison
Taylor C. Bennett
Leslie Ayling Chang
Kendra Joy Hwa Davis
Robert Jay Figueira
Heather Michelle Franklin
Hadley E. Galbraith
Zachary D. Groendyk
Steven James Groene
Megan Marie Hirt*
Gwyndolyn Nicole Jones
Elizabeth Louise Kinsella
Hannah Elizabeth Klamann*
Gina Christine Lorenz
Rhonda Marie Meitl
Jessica Leigh Prince*
Allison Frances Richardson
James Nikolaus Schweiker
Matthew Patrick Uritis*
Rebecca L. Webster
Christina Dawn Wood
David James Burchfield
Theron Robert Cook*
Nicole Renee Harrop*
Jennifer Marie Kongs
Meredith Kathleen McCarter
Rhonda Marie Meitl
Andrew Bailey Norris*
Joseph Steven Pearson
Lindsey M. Rich*
Scott Andrew Winer*
Eric James Zautner
Christopher Robert Jones*
Owen M. Metheny*
Cole Taylor Roe*
Cornelius Joseph Stanford
Germanic Languages and
Jennifer A. Brussow
Kelsey Marie Coon*
Jenny Susanna Faber
Andreas Teschner Graf
Agata Karolina Kaminska*
Lucas C. Lux
Sean C. Allen
Michelle Alvarado*
Amber Lee Atkins
Kevin Patrick Brennan
Katherine K. Clark*
Steven Dale Clodfelter
Michael Gregory Collins
Ryan Matthew Covault
Alexander Matthew Curnes
Catherine Hope Curran*
Rebecca Lynn Davis*
Molly Ailene Easley*
Matthew Benjamin Eaton
Daniel Christopher Ensley
James K. Fields*
James William Garvic*
Derek J. Glasgow*
Thomas Lawrence Godsey
Robert Joel Gordy
Kurt Andrew Gruner
Matthew Peter Halliday*
Derek Van Heeren
Daniel Jacob Herman
Amanda Rayanne
Scott David Holcom
Kristen Renee Holdman-Ross*
Abbi Kaye Huderle
Trevor Wade Ingles
Samuel Horton Jeter
Apurou Daniel Johnson*
Stefan Kenneth Johnsson
Brittany J. Keegan*
Spencer Thomas King
Susan Rebecca Lawhorn*
Brian Min Lee
George Revis Lewis
William Christopher Lupton
Kate Marie Mallula
Bryan Conrad Maygers*
Chelsi Lynn McArdle
Joel L. Meyer
Luisa I. Muradyan
Andrew Bryce Myers
Carrie Elizabeth Neff*
Matthew R. Norburg
Jason Kyle Pollock
Jonathan Albert Raffaelle*
Megan M. Reilly
Daniel Alexander Reyes*
Stephen Badalyan Riegg
Allison Kathleen Rogers
Tara Ashley Rotramel
Kathleen Nicole Schafer*
Sara Gale Showalter
Rudolph Warren Smith III*
Mary Sorrick
Robert Ryan Steinmetz*
Samuel Brittain Stepp*
David Matthew Strachan
Sarah Ann Strathman*
Benjamin Allen Terwilliger
Meredith Joy Van Natta
Jason David Vaughan
Jonathan D. Weishaar*
Amy L. Williamson*
History of Art
Samantha Jo Bindrum
Kathleen Marie Brown*
Elizabeth Nicole Cattell
Leslie Ayling Chang
Hilary Deann Clack
Lee Newman Clark
Kerry Lynn Comiskey
Molly Christine Golub
Allison Blayne Haggerty
Kristen Renee Holdman-Ross*
Jamie Leigh Kahn
Ashley Nicole Kilgore*
Thomas Alexander Kolbeck
Emily Anne Meder*
Aleah Marie Menefee
Abigail Ruth Parra*
Laura Megan Pestock*
Heather Renee Poort
Allison Frances Richardson
Jordan L. Ryan
Amber Nicole Sanchez
Ashley Smarker*
Melissa Victoria Vanblarcum*
Rebecca Elizabeth Wasserman
Human Biology
Jawad Ahmad
Clayton William Anderson
Anne Elizabeth Atha
Kenneth Darryl Bauman*
Samir S. Bhakta
Liron Bittan
Michelle Lee Bratzler
Jenna Logan Brewer*
Sharay Lanicea Butler
Manuel Alejandro Calvin*
Kevin M. Campbell
Edward Marcus Capoccia*
David Luke Chon
Maygan Renai Clasen
Whitney Lee Clearwater
Meghan E. Connolly*
Krista Leigh Coulas
Mitchell Peterson Creed
Laura Michele Delcore
Matthew James Dodge
Matthew Joseph Farley
Laura Beth Fogel*
Lauren T. Franklin*
Morgan Leigh Fulmer
Roquita Clarice Garcia
Ann Frances Giessel
Jessica L. Goodwin
Melissa Christina Halder
Jaime Lin Hayes*
Emily Ann Helmick
Jacquelyn Nicole Holladay*
Bret M. Jones
Megan Renee Jones*
Dana Lea Leichty
Sara Diane Luckert*
Matthew Matte
Patrick Michael McGowan
Keaton Alan Mishler*
Veronica Gabrielle Mosier
Ally Kristine Mounts
Daniel B. Myers*
TimothyQuangAnhTai Nguyen
Jesutomi Mercy Ojeleye
Lyndsey Jo Orpin*
Bryn E. Putbrese
Rachel Lynne Rasmussen
Rebecca Kate Reed
Kyle William Rieger
Lauren Brooke Siemens*
Alyse Jane Smith
Adam J. Stuart*
Thu Tran
Man Minh Tran
Karen Chieh Tsai
Heidi R. Waldschmidt*
Stacey Lynn Wales
Brandi Michelle Wiens
Susie Xue
Tanjeda Rumpa Yeasin
Human Development
Andrea Martina Palmer*
Andrew J. Bredeson
Kate Elizabeth Danenberg
Courtney Elizabeth Donahue*
Brenna Margaret Erickson
Hadley E. Galbraith
Kathryn Boland Hill
Elizabeth Lyn Krull*
Lauren Lea Merget
Derek Gregory Metcalf*
Adam Douglass
Kristina Renae Scott
Melissa A. Shippy*
Latin American Studies
Adam Kevin Benfer
Melia J. Clark*
Kara Michelle Gardner
Rachel Marie Hoge
Leslie Paige Houghton
Emily Rebeccah Muskin*
Michael Bradley Nelson
Colin Maxfield Paley*
Melissa Marie Rogers
Bradley Alan Safarik
Andrew J. Stanley
Emily Jane Strinden
Meredith Joy Van Natta
Heather M. Wurtz
Fernando Yaluk
Maureen Michelle Carroll
Erik Lee Christensen*
Sonja Emily Combest*
Sarah Jean Mealiff Coughlan
Philip Travis Duncan
Jennifer Hollis Garrison*
BriAnne Elise Hill
Matthew Ramadan Khomsi*
Anne Wesley Liggett
William Donald Lipe*
Nathan Andrew Mack Jr.
James R. Norlin
Deana Elise Olsen
Katherine Diane Porter
Carey Winn Scott
Alexander L. Straus*
Matthew Loren Willems
Literature, Language and
Angela M. Strathman
Monica Jean Votypka*
Ingrid Anne Bodelson*
Brett Jacob Bricker
Marie Claire Hull
Prasad Jayaraman*
Anna Cecile Katzif*
Akwasi Nti-Addae
Ashrita Anna Abraham
Mitchell Peterson Creed
Ahram Han
Amanda Morley
Mohamad Kareem Shaath
Katherine A. Waugh
Dylan Black
Robert Elliot Boyle
Jason Dean Gilchrist
Nathaniel Patrick Johnson
James Patrick McDonough
Christopher Kelly Mitchell
Gilbert Man Him Ng
Nicole Elizabeth Tichenor
Renee Lynn Whaley*
Mapalagama A. S. Uthpala
Isaac Philip Rabicoff*
Political Science
Ryan Scott Adelson*
Nina Arthachinda
Jessi Rose Baker
Andrew T. Bergman
Jessica Lynn Bergman*
Peter Charles Biberstein
Meghan Angela Blick*
Lauren Catherine Bonds
Ann Katherine Booton*
Dylan Dean Briggs
Kellen Wright Brittingham
Shylo Ann Bundy
Nancy Cardoza
Jennifer Michelle Carnes*
Andrew Joseph
Amelia Anne Crowl
Allyn Marie Denning
Mark James Drummond
Elhan Sadedin Durguti
Andrew Clark Edwards
Andrew Michael Elliott
Matthew Dean Erickson
Stephen Michael Estrada
Kevin Tyler Evans
Steven James Fee
Ryan Robert Fogarty
Benjamin Charles Gash Garmisa*
John E. Gawin
Ariel Katelyn George*
Derek J. Glasgow*
Thomas Lawrence Godsey
Sara Tess Gold
Andreas Teschner Graf
Andrea Suzanne Grasmick
Matthew Randall Groom*
Leslie Ann Gust
Katherine Elizabeth Haug
Kelsey L. Hayes
Derek Van Heeren
Katharina Maria Hendricks*
Julie Ann Heschmeyer
Michael Maxwell Hickey
Chihiro Hikima
Andrew D. Hodgson
Katherine Elaine Holloman
Benjamin Veo Huntley
Nathaniel Patrick Johnson
Hailee G. Jones
Kelly C. Kerr
Danielle Christine King*
Spencer Thomas King
Marcus Clay Kirby*
Thaddeus Richard L’Heureux
Scott Ian Langnas
Danielle Marie Lavely
George Revis Lewis
Lottie Virginia Likens*
Jacob Reed Longaker
Christopher David Lyons*
Stephen Charles Majerle*
Jade Marie Martin
John M. McFarland III
Chase Patrick McFarland
Alicia Krystine McGregor*
Elisabeth Anne McKinnon
Kelly Marie McReynolds
Jesse Lee Merritt
Elizabeth Miriam Mieli
Nathan Evan Moeder
Sybil Krystine Mora
Nicholas David Moreau*
Nicholas Ryan Murnane*
Aude Amelia Negrete-Banos*
Jane Patricia Nettels
Matthew R. Norburg
Lou J. Ochs
Megan Anne O’Malley
Wendy L. Page*
Daniel Joseph Parker
Undarmaa Pirenlei
Justin Scott Platt
Ronnie Elliot Press
Brandon Daniel Riffel
Sasha L. Roe
Allison Kathleen Rogers
Rebekah Paige Romm*
Deepa Sampat
Joseph Allen Schremmer
Brett Benjamin Self
Sara M. Shannon
Mark N. Skoglund
Zachariah James Smith*
Robert G. Snook II
Brett Haydon Staniforth
Samuel Brittain Stepp*
Mark R. Stevens
Robert Daniel Streepy
Harrison Thomas Swartz
Sarah Elizabeth Tankard
Benjamin Allen Terwilliger
Jessica Ann Thornburgh*
Zachary Ross Tureff*
Brian Joseph Turnbull
Clarissa Marie Unger
Megan A. Vaniman*
Crystal Nicole Viurquez
William S. Walberg
Dane Alexander Wallace
Laura L. Webb
Grant Denton Wille
Kelley Marie Wilson
Jacob B. Wittler
Terry Dale Woolery Jr.*
Irina Yakhnis
Rachel Ann Yancey
Matt Scott Zeiner*
Robbie Amar
Rae Ann E. Anderson
Meghan M. Arthur
Amber Lee Atkins
Katelyn Karleen Baker
Lisa Anne Bartell*
Cory Michael Belt*
Maria Laura Belvedere
Katherine Elaine Bengtson
Peter Charles Biberstein
Nicole Ann Birnbaum
Shannon Leigh Boyd*
Laran Michael Brice
Knut-Henrik Brouwer
Adam William Brunsen*
Erik Joseph Buchholz
Kristine Gayle Cabalfin*
Manuel Alejandro Calvin*
Savina Marie Cascone
Benjamin Albert Chapin
Maygan Renai Clasen
Brian D. Cohn
Elizabeth A. Collison
Laura Nicole Cooper*
Eric Gene Cortez*
Shelby Marissa Creek
Catlin Danielle Curtis*
Adalheidur Osk
Brette Alexandra Davenport
Mark Miller Davis*
Hollie Marie Dawson
Reid Kelly Day
Thomas Scott Del Greco
Bradley Richard Dillard*
Jacqueline C. Dobson*
Sadie L. Doll
Danielle Gena Dollinger
Jessica Lynn Draxler
Jessica Lynn Dziadura
Lauren Kaye Eby*
Emily Michelle Eveloff
Sierra Marie Falter
Nicole Elizabeth Fee
Renata Figueiredo
Lacey J. Fisher
Rachelle Lea Fisher*
Julie Anne Fridlington
Whitney Leigh Gallagher
Joel Garcia*
Caitlin N. Gibbs
Rachel Marie Glover
Peter William Goldsich
Livia Maria Cajueiro Gomes
De Araujo
Kirsten Bell Gradinger*
Phillip N. Greenbaum
Hannah Rae Gregory*
Alison Marie Grubbs*
Meghan Michelle Hampton
Kindra Lynn Hanke*
Ashley Elizabeth Hansen
Katherine S. Harr
Dena Zwerin Hart
Calvin Jay Hast
Robert Jacob Hentzen
Dominique Catrine Hernandez*
Ryan T. Herrman*
Brandon Harry Hidaka
Daniel Forrest Hinton*
Tyler Kevin Hodgson
Ashley Joanne Holgerson*
Valerie Renee Holmes
Jennifer Anne Houghton
Matthew Zachary Hudson
Lisa Alexandra Huk
Samia Javed*
Jessica Megan Jeter*
Jared Brandon Johanning*
Laine Johnson
Mallory Megan Jones
Jill Megan Kanterman*
Meagan E. Katelman
Benjamin Aaron Katz*
Angela Jillian Keefer
Morgan May Kelly
Kitrina Marie Lacen*
Bo Lam Lee
Jane Lauren Lohse
William Christopher Lupton
Sarah L. Mann
Lisa Michele Martinez*
Christopher Lee Maxwell
Melanie Ryan McGinley*
Joseph Michael McGreevy
Amanda Marie McIntosh*
Ashley Erin McMinn
Colin Stuart Mermey
Kleber Claude Miller*
Clayton Stephen Milner
Megan Michelle Modric
Betsy Rae Nagle
Sarah Katherine Nelson*
Megan L. O’Brien
Claire Elizabeth O’Neill
Carissa Kay Orth
Mollie Marie Osborne
Mallory Nicole Padilla
Laura Anne Pahls*
Nicole V. Parent
Lucas Anton Parsons*
Emily Rose Patrick
Christine Elizabeth Payne
Jaime Martin Pena Gonzalez*
Andrew William Phillips
Phouthdavone Phimphasone
Marissa Kay Pinkston*
Emily Faye Plotkin
Lauren Elizabeth Poell
Joseph C. Preiner
Amanda Suzanne Prieto*
Kerry Kathleen Prout
John Grant Redding*
Willie Junior Reed IV*
Lisa Margret Reichuber
Christopher James Reine
Philip P. Reyes
Rachel Lynne Ricci*
Rachel Katherine Richardson*
Holly Nicole Robertson
Jacquelin Lizett Rocha*
Katie Marie Rockey
Patrick Everist Ryan
Tiffany Renee Schmidt
Brian Christopher Schneweis*
Rebecca Schwemmer*
Tara Tanae Sims*
Abby Jean Skoog
Jennifer Kathleen Sloan
Joshua L. Spain*
Max Edward Sprague
Christopher Taylor Steele
Samuel Brittain Stepp*
Patrick Henry Sullivan
Thomas Ross Sunderland
Brandon Johnson Tackett
Joan McKenna Cartwright Thelen
Amanda Michelle Tilbury*
Kaylee J. Tolley
Jessica C. Tripp
Allyson Elizabeth Warner
Joseph Aaron Washington*
Katherine Kemmerly Weber
Sarah Mae Whisler
Christopher Michael Whitchurch*
Christina Lynne Williams
Melissa Kaye Winner
Kelli Lynn Wurfel
Tanjeda Rumpa Yeasin
Amanda Michelle Young
Public Administration
Luis Norberto Lopez*
Eilis Alessandra Seide
Arthur Alexander Wilson
Religious Studies
Kyle David Bauman
Caitlin R. Davies
Jenny Susanna Faber
Erin Rachel Kessler
Bryan Conrad Maygers*
Clinton David Shriner
Nicole Elizabeth Tichenor
Slavic Languages and
Sarah E. Bumpus
Jenny Lynn Geide
Jared Alexander Gibbs
Rebecca Christine Hoye*
2009 graduation guide 6C thursday, may 7, 2009
Michelle Majerle, Leawood senior
Where do you see your major taking you after college?
“I am getting my master’s in business, and then I am
hoping to work in biotechnology or the pharmaceutical
Favorite class in major and why?
“Microbiology because the teacher was really
— Barbara Platts
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (B.S.)
AJ Naeger, St. Genevieve, Mo., senior
Where do you see your major taking you after college?
“A lot of people are worried about the economy, so getting
a job will be hard. I want a place where I can get involved
in multiple sides of a project and get to see it through the
whole way.”
Favorite class in your major and why?
“My fourth year studio was my favorite. I felt that I learned
the most architecture and design and my best work came
out of it.”
— Barbara Platts
School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Professionally managed
by campus apartments for
your post- undergrad days (785) 749-1288
study for last finals
buy cap & gown
find job/apply for grad school
sign lease at Alvadora
or Aberdeen
Alvadora & Aberdeen Apartments
Your off–cam
pus retreat
2300 Wakarusa Dr.
SE corner of 6th and Stoneridge
2009 graduation guide 7C thursday, may 7, 2009
Nathan Andrew Mack Jr.
Yuki Onogi*
Christina Renee Ray
Stephanie A. Smiros
Amanda Nicole Baker*
Matthew Steven Baysinger*
Cory Michael Belt*
Rachel Emma Berkley
Braeden Alexander Carr
Lisa M. Chauvin
Kristen Michele Cowan
Tyler Maxwell Davis*
Joseph Paul Desch III*
Andrew Michael Elliott
Anne Daisley Erickson
Abbey Laurel Faris
Andrew Thomas Fell
Elizabeth Carol Fitch
Nicole Danielle Forbes*
Max J. Freed
Karlee Rae Goff
Allison Ann Halpin
Glenda Hernandez*
Stefan Kenneth Johnsson
Christie Marie Jones
Daniel Alexander Krebs
Brandon Nickolai Maples
Byron Lamont McIntosh Jr.*
Carolyn M. McKune
Travis John McReynolds
Christopher Munoz
Matthew Stapleton Norris*
Lou J. Ochs
Mallory Nicole Padilla
Katie Nicole Pappas
Jamie Rae Parker
Sheila Shanker
Wiley Lewis Shearhart
John Lee Tripp*
Sarah Mae Whisler
Maria Elena Woods
Michael Allan Zamora*
Amanda Louise Altoro*
Sabra Claire Amend
Mara L. Ankerholz
Hali Mae Baker
Kathryn Marie Basye
Daniel M. Belz
Erin Aili Birney
Christina Marie Blandon*
Ashley E. Bloom*
Kyle J. Byers
Jarell Cardoza
Marisol Cisneros*
Melia J. Clark*
Patrick Lyman Cohen
Kerry Lynn Comiskey
Michelle Christine Coulter
Kimberly A. Davis
Lauren L. De Graw
Sarah Genevieve DePriest
Brittney R. Dorrance
Rebecca Kathryn Gant*
Alexander Charles Glenn
Rachael Ellen Gray
Aavril Diana Hernandez*
Leslie Paige Houghton
Kathleen Elizabeth Hudnall
Marie Claire Hull
Kristina Clair Killgore
Leah Jeanne Lindelow*
Ashley Elizabeth Malson Serrano
Sarah L. Mann
Abel Taylor Martens
Kyle Sherman Mayer
Sarah Beth McRoberts
Megan M. Mills*
Amanda Sue Nech
Aude Amelia Negrete-Banos*
Michael Bradley Nelson
Amrine Emma Obermueller
Lindsay Alayne Phillips*
Bradley Alan Safarik
Kyle Dustin Schaffer
Amanda Leigh Schwartzhoff
David Matthew Strachan
Emily Jane Strinden
Harrison Thomas Swartz
Matthew R. Torres
Johanna Quinn Ulseth*
Rochelle Teresa Valverde*
Anne Lyle Vezeau
Mitchell George Voth
Molly Elizabeth Wayne
James Benjamin Weihe
Rachel Telise Weihe
Jason C. Werth*
Adam Tyler Whelan
Grant Denton Wille
Terese Elizabeth Winters*
Special Major
Aaron Michael Olsen
Erica Leigh Cailteux
Catherine Lynn Connealy*
Eunice Hyun Dokko*
Mahalet Candace Jiregna*
Kathryn A. Johnson
Stacy Ann Kaut
Kara L. Knapp*
Sara Rose Kroeger
Lee-Wen Lien
Ceri G. Loflin
Whitney Lee McKedy
April May Merino-Brammell*
Emily Megan Mulsow
Austin Lea Oder
Caitlin Jean Prentiss*
Tracy Rene Taylor
Karianne Noel Trendle
Jamie Lynn Trimble*
Katherine Marie Vienot
Theatre and Film
Jeffrey Mark Baldinger
Darron James Carswell*
Amanda Jean Cox
John T. DeVore*
Tyler Alexander Doehring
Matthew Benjamin Eaton
Robert Jay Figueira
Emily Lauren Gangwer*
Brock James Goetz
Zachary D. Groendyk
Adam D. Knoernschild
Tyler Lee McKee
Adam Michael Meredith
Ross Sinclair Miller
Meghan L. Misenhelter
Kyle Joseph O’Brien
Meaghan Koch Osa
Margaret Elizabeth Park*
Carlos Daniel Perez Beltran
Jason Edward Ptaszek*
Danielle Nicole Rittenhouse
Daniel Anton Rohrer*
Jacob Charles Schirmer*
Joseph Ian Scholz
Phillip John Schroder
Sarah Dawn Smiley*
Teresa Suzanne Sutherland
Mark Archer Wallman
Yanting Wang
Women’s Studies
Danielle Gena Dollinger
Christie Marie Jones
Emily A. Jones
Jeanine Marie Lacore*
Elizabeth Wanjiku*
Erin Michelle Williams*
African and African-
American Studies
Blair Wilson Barr*
Elizabeth Mae Brickson
Derrais Armarne Carter*
Christopher Lee De La Cruz*
Ebony Deriece Deanes
Dexton R. Fields*
Marcus Donel Herford*
Crystal LaDawn Manning
Rebecca Grace Regan
Patrick Lee Resby
Ryan Cedric Rowan*
American Studies
Emily B. Akers
Alexandra C. Alldritt*
Paige M. Blair
Candice Lou Cesare
Melinda Sue Dormagen*
Jeffrey Alan Eisenstein*
Jenn Gapetz
Kelly David Gibbens*
Daniel David Hoxey*
Benjamin Eugene Koehn
Miles Lawrence Lerman*
Peter Daniel Liberti*
Dylan Robert Moore
Ryne L. Price
Matthew Allen Rich
Michael James Scheffler
Ryan Randolph Whipple
Hope Evangeline Atchison
Dustin Michael Bandy
Ryan Jacob Berger*
Vincent Myron Cailteux*
Brendan F. Corazzin*
Lydia Sue DeHaven*
Brett Matthew Dye
Timothy David Eberhart
Hilary A. Hauber
Ian David Kaatz*
Andrew Scott Mohr
Adam Joseph Painter*
Heidi A. Pritchard*
Michael James Pritchard
Elizabeth Ann Silsby
Brett K. Spurlock
Andrea Mae Stegman
Sarah Annette Wargin
Kaitlin Marie Wilson*
Applied Behavioral
Kristine Marie Abad
Kelsey Ellen Archuleta*
Chelsea E. Bachman*
Erica Jean Baker
Melania Ruth Brown
Traci Ann Buelt*
Nicole Ashlee Call
Lauren Elizabeth Christina
Lindsay Marie Cohen
Matthew Steven Darton
Angela Marie Davis*
Cynthia Ann Edmondson*
Jenna Joy Erickson*
Christina Marie Errico
Brittany Gwen Fiduccia
Hanna Elise Graham
Gary F. Green
Jessica L. Greene*
Ashley Marie Hagan*
Melissa Ann Harmon
Elizabeth Ann Helweg
David Thomas Hile*
James Peter Ingold
Hilary Faye Johnson*
Bamba Beatrice Kazadi
Kristen Nicole Kearns
Kyle Scott Koehn
Justin Tyler Lynn
Aimee Brenna McCauley*
Jenna Leigh Monheiser
Nicole Marie Murray
Brighid Marguerite O’Malley
Megan Kathleen O’Malley
Aidan Paige Ottman
Kelsey N. Parker
Hannah K. Parkinson
Krystal A. Richard
Libby Suzanne Rippen
Annie J. Sanko*
Samantha Elizabeth Sargent
Amanda Lee Sedlick
Briann Jeanette Smith*
Era’me Anetha Spearman*
Sarah Marie Stegman
Shelby Dawn Stice*
Nora M. Strebeck
Porntida Treemaneekarn*
Amanda Marie Weihe
Len Jeffrey Wright*
Classical Languages
Kirk Mathias Bray*
Communication Studies
Jose Napoleon Cuasay Artiaga
Candice Marie Bailey
Katie Lorraine Barnes
William West Bassett*
Jessica Marie Bell
Ryan Daly Bishop*
Amanda L. Bjork
Robert John Borchardt III
Jamie Sue Boyd
Brooke Leigh Bressel*
Coulton Lee Brooks*
Michael David Brown*
Brett Phillip Buchanan*
Nicholas William Busby
Alexander Richard Busche*
Andrew Michael Buser*
Vincent Myron Cailteux*
Phillip Daniel Carr*
Abby B. Carter*
Andrew Brian Chamberlin*
Zachary Andrew Claar
Jeffrey Alan Connett
Karen Esther Cross
Christopher Allen Dabbs*
Ebony Deriece Deanes
Felicia Maria DiPede
Adam Christopher Dietrich*
Casey Elizabeth Doherty*
Brian M. Downing*
Laura Michelle Durham
Amanda Leah Emery
Ashley Nicole Ferguson
Kendall Meredith Foss
Lindsay Beth Frick*
Carrie Elizabeth Galle
Kelsey L. Gardner
Jefferey Vincent Geraci*
Ashley Dawn Gerwitz
Jeslyn Paige Gilcrest*
David Ross Gillman
Christopher Marlo Gillotti*
Anthony James Giordono
Todd James Gold*
Matthew Caleb Gordon*
Lindsey L. Gossett*
Samuel Brock Grashoff
Lauren Mary Grieb
Sarah Elizabeth Griffin*
Andrew Paul Hadel
Amy K. Hangen*
Patricia Caroline Hawkins
Michael E. Hayes*
Stefanie Michele Heifner
Jacob William Hocklander*
Justin Louis Hoehn*
Melinda Ashley-Taylor Hoit
Miriam Lean Houfaidi
Whitney Kathryn Huffman*
Sarah McLean Hufford
Lindsay Renee Hull*
Brian Chirstopher Illig
Jenna Lynn Jaeger
Tyler Patrick Keane
Daniel O’Bryan Keating
Collin Scott Kitzerow
Bailey Jeanne Kopp
Matthew John Lamantia*
Gina Elizabeth Lauber*
Bailey Elizabeth Lawrence
Stephanie Christine Layton
Nicholas Jay Lee*
Renee Adelina Lucero*
Molly Elizabeth Mancuso
Michael John Mastio*
Axah L. E. McCalla*
Margaret Porter McGuire*
Corey Samuel Merriman
Jay Justin Middleton
Aaron Michael Miller*
Reginald Lewayne Mitchell II
William Brett Morris
Britta Joyce Nesvold
Mark Edward Newman
Jordyn Danielle O’Bryan*
Craig W. Parker*
Maresia Gaynette Pencil
Ryan Brooks Peschke*
Stacy Rae Peters
Justin Anthony Pins*
Brian Joseph Ramey*
McKenzie Nicole Rave
Brian Frederick Reynolds
Eric Keith Rinehart
Michael Anthony Rivera*
Alyson M. Rodee
Ron Michael Roff*
Matthew Brett Rogers
Zachary Ryan Ross*
Mark McCann Rummans
Rachelle L. Saathoff*
Mark Anton Schaukowitch
Jennifer Leigh Schneider*
Ashley Elizabeth Schooler
Sarah Lynn Scott
Elizabeth Ann Shomin*
Long Yan Annabel Siu
Tyler A. Smith
Alexander Joel Staley
Whitney Ferrell Steen*
Dustin Michael Steppe*
Darrell Dwayne Stuckey
Phillip Mykel Swope
Kelsey Rene Tatro
Torrance L. Thomas*
Adrienne Dawn Thurman*
Tuyhong Thi Trieu*
Chelsea Ann Veire*
Dru Benjamin Walstrom
Lee Timothy
Christopher Neal Whitmore
Lance Eric Wiedner*
Nikki Lane Wilcox
Megan Jean Williams*
Teresa Lynn Wolff*
Kristine K. Wood
Derek Justin Wright
Isom James Yadullah*
Andrea N. Young*
Robert Joseph Young
Sandra Lynn Anderson
Lauren Michelle Cook*
Peggy Sue Hendershot
Monica Ann McHenry
Bethany Leigh Premis
Sandra Rider
Alaryce Hope Shor*
Rachel Ann Silvius
Mary Margaret Votypka*
Anna Marie Williams*
Goldie Marie I.V. Wilson*
David Deen Albers
Takayuki Arai
Godfrey Tang Bacheyie
Adison Robert Banks*
Paulanita Lois Barker*
Nicholas Charles Batman*
Zachary Wade Blue
Johnny Marchel Brulez Jr.*
Alexander Richard Busche*
Brett Edward Cahill*
Ryan Patrick Cantrell*
John Douglas Carlton
Lauren Marie Combs*
Michael Jeffrey Coombs*
Tiffany Lyn Craner
Donald James Czyz*
Bryan Kristofer Dale
Michael J. Davis*
Emilie Catherine DeAngelo*
Ryan Alan Delcotto*
Vincent Alexander Dicarlo*
Ryan Michael Donnelly
Mitchell Stuart Douthett
Michael Lee Elliott
Zachary James Fugate
Chase Christopher Gaunce*
Nathan Allen Goldford*
Scott Miller Greenberg*
Jordan Eugene Guth
Daniel Allen Hamm
Matthew Quinn Hammond*
Mohammad Hamzeh*
Brent Daniel Hansen
Thomas Scott Hanson
Matthew John Hellebusch*
Jordan Thomas Hilgers*
Aaron Max Hill*
Andrew James Ippel
Dane William Johnson*
Zachary Robert Jones
Seth Matthew Kaufman*
Robert J. Kennedy
Jared Michael Wayne
William Alan Kroll
Jeffrey Michael Larson*
Bryan William Lawson*
Joseph Isadore Lazarus*
Travis M. Lindquist
David James Loader
Thomas Joseph Loya*
Ronald Gene Martin
McKenzie Autumn Mathews
Nicholas Kent McMullen
Jacob Paul Murray*
Emily Cramblit Myers
Andrew James Nelson
Aaron Steven North
Nicholas Todd Norwood
Ryan Michael Nugent
Charles Eliot Olson
Campion Collins O’Toole*
John Christopher Parsons
Michael Dennis Poulos
Travis Roy Power
Elizabeth Green Prewitt*
Jeffrey James Price*
Michael Edward Putzke*
Ryan Gordon Razowsky*
Joshua David Reeves*
Joshua A. Rider*
Eric Randall Riner*
Harold Clinton Samuels
Timothy Patrick Sanders*
Paul Robert Schreffler*
Jeremy Ryan Schuyler
Sean Sediqzad
Brett Blane Sharpe
Zachary Joseph Sheridan
Samuel Brady Short
Brett James Slaterbeck*
Andrew Whitney Smith*
Carl Warolin Smith*
Joseph Frederick Southers*
Richard B. Spector
Andrew Lee Stiles*
Ryan Thomas Sutter
Dustin Michael Swartz*
Ryan Patrick Thurman
Darren D. Truong
Kyle David Tucker
Tyler Ray Turkington
James Michael Walburg*
Steven Michael Waldren
Jack Lawrence Walstien*
Adam Joseph Warshaw*
Zackary Charles Webb
Levi Wedel*
Jason Andrew Weingardt*
Jessica Lynn Wemple
James Matthew Wimsett*
Jacob Patrick Winslow*
Brian Francis Woltkamp
Christopher T. Wray*
Lai Kuen Anica Wu
Julianne Alexandra Akers
Richard Thomas Alspaugh
Paige M. Blair
Jillanne Nicole Boswell*
Steven Anthony Boutwell
Mark Edward Bowman*
Elizabeth Mae Brickson
Jacey Ann Calhoun*
John Adams Christiansen*
Matthew Peter Crooks
Heather Rae Dorssom
Elizabeth Anne Dropek
Joshua Andrew Fisher*
Robert Wallace Fitzgibbon*
Adam Wayne Fout
Jillian Rene Garrett*
Jessica Kristine Graham*
Michael LeGrande Guerry*
Dustin James Hayes
Megan Murphy Heyer*
Jacob William Hocklander*
Ian Robert Hrabe
Lindsay Marie Kirkpatrick
Eleanor Rose Krasne*
Reba R. Liggett*
Samuel Alan Littman
Tyler Scott Martin
Megan Christine Moffett*
Michael Steven Obermeier
Douglas Joseph Peel*
Ryan Richard Radovich*
Leslie Allison Rhoton
Zachary Michael Roland*
Whitney Reece Rowland
Brett Taylor Runyon*
Tonia Marie Schoen*
Michael Hussein Shahvari*
Zachary Tyrell Sims
Nathan Lee Stedman
Kelli Rae Teague
Jacklyn Suzanne Thompson*
Paul Michael Thompson*
Garret Carl Tufte*
Carey Williams Walker
Kaitlin Marie Wilson*
Craig Philip Wood*
Abigayle Lynne Woody
Environmental Studies
Nicholas P. Canales*
Cole Weston Cross*
Leslie Diana Dillon
Charles J. Friesen*
Tyler C. Gill
John R. Grace Jr.
Jennifer J. Holladay
Ryan David Jacobs
Kristina Noelle Johnson*
Matthew Christopher Luthi*
Owen Ebberts Patterson
Jessica Nicole Roark
Brandon Wayne Rose
Justin Tyler Sherwood
Christopher M. Wichman
Benedict Jordan Almquist*
Robert Conrad Anderson
Tyler Russell Babb*
David Alexander Blakesley
Clinton Robert Brown
Nicholas P. Canales*
Amanda Caitlin Ely
John Daniel Gary
Justin C. Griest*
Matthew Dallas Huffman
John Arthur Irvine Jr.
Richard Benjamin Jarvis*
Aaron E. Jones*
John Michael Jones
Devin R. Kellerman*
Austin J. Kelly*
Curtis Andrew Lange Jr.
Brian E. Legg
Nathan Risinger Miller
Chris M. Owens*
Justin Tyler Sherwood
Rodney Charles West
Joseph Phillip Wimmer
John-Mark Farmer Zini
Issac O. Akande*
Jared Anderson
Hope Evangeline Atchison
Thomas Cole Atchity*
Eric James Bailey
Joel Michael Balzer*
Jessica Sarah Belmont*
Jacquelyn Dawn Bowin
Bradford Galen Bray
Kevin Daniel Brown*
William Lee Bruner
Charles Patrick Cassato
Christopher David Cording*
Michael Richard Daly*
Sean Patrick Doyle*
James Michael Erickson
Steven Thomas Fallon*
Lindsey Michelle Fink
Marti Anne Funke*
Benjamin James Galati*
Karl Louis Gehring*
Todd James Gold*
Christopher M. Green*
David Wendell Greenwald
Derek Reid Hannawald
Michael Todd Hayes
Maxwell Henry Hodges*
Peter Harris Holmes*
Carey Cecil Humble*
Ezra Carpenter Johnson
Whitney Alyn Kelly*
Andrew Jamison Kemp*
Thomas Patrick Klein*
Ryan Christopher Lawler
Travis M. Lindquist
Adam Joseph Luttrell
Nathan Paul Mangold
Timothy James McCahill
Tami Annette McClain*
Robert McGraw
Nathan Risinger Miller
Andrew Scott Mohr
Emily G. Nelson
Jason Michael Oliver
Nicole Allyson Potter
William Michael Pruett
Nicholas Grant Prunty
Brittany Nicole Ramos
Edward J. Reimer*
Bridget Colleen Rellihan
Leslie Allison Rhoton
Andrew Lee Rowl
Trent Denning Santee
Andrew James Schmidt
David Gregg Smith*
Timothy Alan Spencer Jr.*
Eric Anthony Stein
Justin Charles Stein*
Daniel H. Teibel
Douglas John Tiffany
Ira Jacob Ulrich*
Carey Williams Walker
Kyle Richard Waters
Stephanie L. Webster*
Michael Alan Weinstein*
Matthias James Wilson*
Erin Elizabeth Wold
Cody James Young
Patrick Gerrit Young*
Robert Martin Zwolinski*
History of Art
Bethany May Ashlock
Lauren Elizabeth Christ
Jill Ashley Farquharson
Janette Lyn Funk*
Allissa Danette Goldstein
Nathan O’Neal Hagman
Patricia Caroline Hawkins
Jennifer Leigh Holwick*
Nicholas Joseph Linderer
Lindsay McCurley
Jordan William Miller*
Jasmine Scout Myers
Jamie Leigh Osborne*
Jena Lee Sternberger*
Kathryn Jean Tanner
Haley Nicole Trezise*
Human Biology
Tara A. Eck*
Keelan Lee Elliott-Garcia*
Jared Charles Gorman
Joel Phillip Higgins
Marcus Ian Hook
Patrick Wayne Housby
John Thomas Kolich
Laraine Marie Kyle*
Thomas O. Martens
Craig Lee Novotney
Ashley Cheri Putnam*
Joseph Scott Ward
Sean Michael Whaley*
Human Development
Jaime Lynn Evans
Kursten Michelle Metelmann
Literature, Language and
Christina Lynn Casey*
Lindsey Rebecca Emery*
Sara Elizabeth Hocking
Kendra Elise Logan*
Michelle Deline McClaine*
Sara Elizabeth McEachern
Dustin Nicholas Pryor
Mary Margaret Votypka*
Mary Dawn Yarnell
Patrick C. Allen
Justin William Atwater-Taylor
Bradford Galen Bray
Jonathan Thomas Even*
James Francis Klein
Rion Richard Martin
Warren Reid Parker*
Satyasree Upadhyayula
Deon Alexander Whitten
Political Science
Katrina Grace Abraham
Issac O. Akande*
Jose Napoleon Cuasay Artiaga
Kellen Richard Ashford
Caitlin Elizabeth Ballard
Tyler William Bindrum
Mark Joseph Brandmeyer*
Nicholas William Busby
James Eric Callahan*
Callie Virginia Coco
Bryan Kristofer Dale
Derek Emmanuel Davidson
Richard Kyle Davis
Ryan Alan Delcotto*
Jason Patrick Docman*
Andrew J. Edelman
Grant Michael Flynn*
Michael Radcliffe Folendore
Charles R. Foley
Eric Christopher Froese
David Wendell Greenwald
Patrick J. Griffith
Ryan M. Grinnell
Karl Grant Gustke
Emily Renee Hamblin
Luke Sigler Henry
Grant Davis High*
Andrew Joseph Jennings
Andrew Michael Johnston*
Kaitlyn Ann Kash
Austin J. Kelly*
Andrew Jamison Kemp*
Tyler Andrew Lamb
Brandon Anthony Lamendola
Ryan Christopher Lawler
Brian Jon LeBaron*
Daniel R. Lord*
Lauren Blair Massey
Craig Allen McCullah*
Lindsay McCurley
Amanda Jo Montee
Marcus Jon Moss
Jason Michael Oliver
Chris M. Owens*
David John Paquin*
Sean Douglas Pederson
Kristopher D. Powell
Stephen Charles Ramsdell*
Ryan Cedric Rowan*
Mark Anton Schaukowitch
Tricia Louise Sweany
Sean Downs Wake
Ashley Odell Wallace*
Melissa Lee Ward*
Cody James Young
John-Mark Farmer Zini
Robert Martin Zwolinski*
Kristine Marie Abad
Seema Amin
Jared Anderson
Meryl Sloane Baker*
Megan Roberta Barrie
Shelby J. Bean
Kathleen Frances Beattie
Andrew Jay Blackford*
Christina Marie Bock
Lindsay Dawn Bohonik
David Brendan Bonnel*
Steven Anthony Boutwell*
Kyle Adam Broome
Sean Michael Burkett
Kathleen Annette Cahill
Brett Matthew Carriger
Annie R. Clancey
Ryan Matthew Collette
Ty Allan Collins Jr.*
Lauren Krumholz, Austin senior
Where do you see your major taking you after college?
“My major is textile design. After college I am moving to New York and
pursuing fashion design.”
Favorite class in your major and why?
“Screen printing because we got to create our own designs and make a
fabric with it.”
— Barbara Platts
School of Fine Arts
|x;tr|tact ||ft frem e atW ;e|at ef r|tW...
!|t NtW f|tte lea4em|aemt
l· :::;: '· ;·. ,:s·::' '·., .:'' "|\'\/\"\" l"ª\!¦
· \.·ss '\: s'::' '·:\" 1:! ¦::': :' \"\" \:.:.·« ª·.':·:!
· l:'|.:; !.s'::.: '· \"'\ \'::' s\·,s ::! :s':.::'s
· \:..:, !:!..:':! ,:|.:; «.'\ /'\·. .·:..:;:
learta|tact, itcer|t¡ b |exer¡ d|t| k f|tW
",'.·:s .: "··.:;, .·.:':'·,s ::! '.': '· ,:s·::'./: ;·. \·::
'.'::ss ¦::':, ;·;:/,.':':s s'.!.·, ..''.:! ··:, ::!.: .::':, ,··'
| .:!··:s '·:¦|\\,""" «.'\ :/.:''::' ª:::..:; ::! /:·!·«: ·,'.·:s
· \':.:':ss s'::' '' :,,'.::.:s, ;::.': .·.:':'·,s,
::'.:' «··!, ::! s'·:: "··s, ..s'·:.:..::';
*Tax credit based
on individual qualification
The Vista Condominiums
95% Financing Approved through Wells Fargo
95% Tax Rebate
$8000 tax credit with NO PAYBACK*
*Tax credit based
on individual qualification
2009 graduation guide 8C thursday, may 7, 2009
Jessica Rose Cooper
Stephanie Jean Corwin
Dustin Ray Crook
Mark Henry Dietz*
Ala Domnina*
Kelly Anne Donley*
Jarrod Michael Dover
Austin Thomas Dowling
Kathryn Marie
Cynthia Ann Edmondson*
Stephen Thomas Eidelman
Caitlin Curtis Eldridge
Brian Patrick Ervin
Andrew Michael Esselman
Andrew Douglas Everson
Shelby Anne Evins
Ibari J. Ezekwe
Melissa Marie Farr*
Cynthia Marie Fecchia*
Owen Cuthbert Ferguson
Michael L. Fessinger
Drew Robert Fowler
Cherish Kay Freeman*
Vanessa Lynn Gadbury
Hiarali Garcia Ventura
Aaron Eugene Gates
Rhoda Louise Gosling
Claire Elizabeth Haflich
Anthony Hanson Hamill*
Jordan Bond Harper
Vernon Jerome Harris II*
Nicole Rene Hathaway
Dustin James Hayes
Jennifer Ashley Henslee
Anna Marcy Hlad
Justin Louis Hoehn*
Zachary Dylan Holden
Marcus Ian Hook
Ryan Scot Hostetler
Jennifer Rebecca Iken*
Madalyn Dawn Johnson
Melissa Maria Johnson
Jesse Ray Jones*
Jason Mark Keezer
Christopher Michael Kelly III
Michael Robert Kemp
Ryan Scott Kilmer*
William Andrew Kline*
Clinton Spencer LaHue*
Kyle M. Lang
Casey Charles Larson
Sarah Elizabeth Latham
Danielle Nicole Lawrence*
David Vu Le*
Tutu Lee
Crystal Lynn Leming
Brett Michael Lemker*
Craig M. Lustig
Justin Tyler Lynn
Kyle Stephen Lyon*
Lindsay Erin Major
Corey Reed Mangold
Rensselaer W. McClure
Rory Whiting McGilley*
Kevin Michael McKernan*
Kelsey Maureen McMahon
Nicholas J. Meli
Courtney Ann Meyer
Jay Justin Middleton
Jacquelyn Bradley Miller
Alexander Thomas Moehlman*
Dana Elizabeth Moore
Laura Anne Mueller
Nicole Marie Murray
Eric Christopher Nevels
Madeleine Marie O’Connor
Traci Renee Olberding
Connor Richard Ornce*
Hannah K. Parkinson
Alicia A. Perez
Leah Kathleen Pharr*
Sally Ann Pirie
Rachel Catherine Pruett
Mark David Quinn
Matthew Douglas Rempp*
Heather Lee Rhoades
John Marcus Rivera*
Jennifer Leigh Robb
Chad Eric Robertson
Colin Robert Rork*
Brandon Wayne Rose
Jenna Christine Ryon
Katelyn Rose Sackrider
Annie J. Sanko*
Kelsey Kay Sewell
Geoffrey John Shepard
Nathaniel Thomas Sirridge
Cade Jacob Smith
Jessica Marie Spaich
Brett K. Spurlock
Tyler David Staples
Allie Faye Stillman
Adriana Marie Tallman*
Sharon Leigh Tarbutton
Joseph Anderson Taylor Jr.*
Joseph Charles Tennant
Ashley Nicole Thellman*
Stephanie Ann Tierhold
Jenna Maureen Tomlin*
Laura Ann Troehler
Tanner James Truesdell
Stacey Alane Unruh
James Michael Walburg*
Melissa Renee Walden*
Jessica Elizabeth Whitworth
Melica Shaunte’ Wiley
Megan Jean Williams*
Jeremy Lyle Winfrey
Brian Thomas Workman
Isom James Yadullah*
Amee Lynette Yost*
Craig William Young*
Public Administration
Jill Marie Adams*
Wendi Sue Brandt*
Kjersten Alicia Feyerherm
Gerald Lamonte Gantt*
Sara Renee Hagerman
Pedro Antonio Hernandez
Katie Lynn Holland
Ashley Lynn Hunsaker
Kathryn Gayl Kingsbery
Denise Sue Kissinger
Matthew Edward McGinley*
Monica Ann McHenry
Michael Louis McRoy*
Dustin Michael Swartz*
Melissa Renee Walden*
Religious Studies
Lisa Marie Doherty*
Lynette R. Good
Hilary A. Hauber
Matthew Alan Mustain*
Katherine Delora Larson Naramore
Stephanie Lynn Thompson
Scott William Wright
Marcus James Anderson*
Meryl Sloane Baker*
Samuel Douglas Boehr
Aaron Roberts Bones
Sarah B. Buckley
Derrais Armarne Carter*
Nicholas Rex Daugherty
Samuel J. Davis
Jenna Marie Ericsson*
Ryan Dudley Gerow
Myles Adam Grossblatt*
Elizabeth Ann Helweg
Cortney Renae Jacobs*
Jacob B. Jean
Jennifer Leigh Jones*
Amanda Kristine Kalen
Kaitlyn Ann Kash
Charlton D. Keith
Tyler Andrew Lamb
Natassja Lomas
Kristin Carlyle Miller
Jane Ellen Morrissey*
Kyle Edwin Murphy
Steven Lewis Noble*
James C. Noury*
Timothy Michael O’Hare
Daniel Parker
Theodore John Peterson
Sara Lynn Pickell*
Justin Michael Puch
Sharon Maria Ramos
Emily Marie Reilly
Shawn Phillip Ridings
Kelsi Christine Shorthouse*
Jesse Lane Smith
Shelby Dawn Stice*
Brett Alexander Stotts
Lisa M. Sullivan
Ekaterina Vyacheslavovna
Jordan B. Thomas*
Jennifer Ann Vandewalle*
Cody Michael Willets
Alanna Christine Winfield
Andrew Philip Witt
Justin Robert Zerin
Special Major
Joseph Pleasant Garrett Williams*
Suzanne Eileen Accurso
Michael Marie Bergsten
Emily Anne Bridges*
Jennifer L. Calderwood*
Kelsey L. Cline
Lindsay Marie Cohen
Emily Kate Enright
Megan Anne Gechter*
Jennifer M. Hoffman*
Caitlin Elisabeth Jones
John Robert Joehl Keller
Sara Kramer
Lori Anne Miller*
Jordan Claire Murray
Maggie Elizabeth Palermo
Kelly Theresa Patton
Maris Ann Rogers
Holly Michelle Watson*
Jessica Elizabeth Whitworth
Theatre and Film
Lacey J. Anderson*
Kasey Lauren Babbitt*
Shawn Russell Bowers*
Jacquelyn Dawn Bowin
Micah James Brown
Kathryn Helen Burkett
Tyler Pirtle Carmody
Kelsie DeNaze Clark*
Matthew Peter Crooks
Rita DeLoach*
Jonathan Hayes Englert
Brian Patrick Ervin
Michael P. Flavin
Jonathan Patrick Gaughan
Cali Beth Gilman*
Michael Timothy Good*
Theodore Nathaniel
Spencer Hess Holdren
Ian Robert Hrabe
Cameron R. Jacques*
Kitley Carlsen Jewell
Chelsea Anjali Johnston
Ryan Benjamin Klamen
Megan Marie Knell
Ryan P. Lammers*
Thad Michael Litwiller*
Timothy Edward Lyons*
Ryan Carl Magnuson
Jonathan Foster Matteson*
Cody Sean McGuire*
Ashley A. Miner
Jeremy Dean Riggs
Rebekah E. Scaperlanda*
Robert K. Schulte*
Jacob Ashley Shadrick*
Cassidi Kay Stuckman*
Jonathan C. Tenholder
Terrill L. Thomas*
Jeffrey Michael Tilma
Grant Marshall Turner
Jeffery T. Van Bockern
Scott E. Warren*
Samuel T. Weinstein
Christopher Paul Wenske
Andrew Scott Wickel*
Adam Lee Williamson*
John David Woosley
Cory Lynn Xenos
Jennifer Renee Young*
Matthew James Zabloudil*
Beth Anne Zupec
Women’s Studies
Melissa Dawn Haenchen
Jesse Ray Jones*
Elisha Lynn King
Nicole Allyson Potter
Kelsey Kay Sewell
Arianna D. Williams
Julie Ann Feldt
Tisa Michelle Martinson
Jessica Gayle Snyder
Mark L. Stockham
Atmospheric Science
Shawn Michael Byrne*
David James Dale
Ava Marie Dinges
Jaclyn Anne Gillespie
Lauren Alexandra Hoff-Ovshak*
David Benjamin Huber
Jesse Thomas Lundquist
Megan M. Maksimowicz
Andrew J. Oberthaler
Colin Craig Painter*
Phyllis Oluwatosin Adebanjo*
Daniel J. Barrera*
Charles D. Bengtson
James Michael Bisanti
Michael Alan Conner*
Jamie D. Crist
Katelyn N. Deckert
Sadegh Eftekhari
Ashley Nicole Engelbrecht
Nicholas Robert Faunce
Stephanie Ann Hill
Nicole Jordan Jones*
Cole Douglas Kimple
Ronald William Lavoie*
Oliver Lu*
Caroline Michele Markey
Lea Marie Martinez*
Chad T. Mills
Kyle Stephen Mock
James Patrick O’Dwyer Jr.*
Aaron Michael Olsen
Neha Netrapal Pardeshi
Kyle Alan Scherich Hetal
Girishkumar Pravinbhai Shah
Seth Christian Short
Jason Andrew Sukut*
Amanda Christine Taylor
Satyasree Upadhyayula
Judy Wangui
Kristin Juneau Wendt
Esther Adany
Nazia Haider Ali
Justin Robert Anderson
Luke S. Arndt*
Brittany Nicole Ashley*
Connor William Barnes
Eric David Berger
Bennett James Berning
Scott Andrew Boland
Joseph Cook Brown*
Sara Dianne Buchanan
Bradford Lee Cardonell
David Mark Christmann
Kyle Leann Clifton
Jessica Rose Cooper
Mark Philip Crist*
Genea Theresa Marie Edwards
Jonathan David Edwards
Daniel Scott Ellsworth*
Camilla Elise Elven
John Robert Giles
William Paul Gisi
Alejandro Gonzalez*
Kenneth Eugene Goodell*
Robyn Jennifer Grayson*
Nichole R. Gubbins*
Tara Larissa Haghnegahdar
Jennifer M. Harness
Christopher Aaron Henderson
Andrew Lee Henshaw
Ashley M. Hintz
Huyen Mi Thi Hoang
Erin Jo Holton
Faith Ighoyivwi
Lauren Jayne Johnson
John Deacon Jones
Kyle Kenton Jones
Cassie Michelle Keast
Brian Adam Kern
Aarati Keshary
Brian James Knisley*
Jacob Brian Landis*
Erik Nathanael Lavington
Ashley Nicole Leblond
Johnathan K. Leck
Weng Ieng Lei*
Heather M. Lichtlin
Thomas Joseph Locker
Travis Michael Lovin
Caroline Michele Markey
Kelsey Lynne Martin
Autumn R. McPherson*
David J. Miller*
Marianne Katherine Murry*
Chadwyck Myers
Ali Nabavizadeh
Tristan Velene Neth
Lauren McQueen Gulliver Pearce
Theresa M. Phipps*
Kathryn Anne Reed
Sophia Caroline Reim
Elizabeth Margaret Rhoads
Shelbi L. Russell
Alana M. Ryan*
BenjaminThomas Ryba-White
Rebekah Lee Satterfield*
Laura Nicole Schmadeke
Justin Carl Schwarzer
Ian C. Sexton
Hailey G. Shepherd
David Max Sielert*
Alex John Smetana*
Wesley Allen Spring
Kara Nicole Stodghill*
John Carney Swab*
Sarah A. Tanner
Oksana Juliet Tevis
Thornton W. Thompson
Hans Tregear
Catherine Hong Truong
Shan Isaac Venkatsammy
Matthew James Watters*
Jason Austin Weber
Jessica Marie Werth*
Nicole D. Winegarner*
Jessica Susan Wolfe
Frederik Christian Bachhuber
Jonas Josef Peter Bloedt
Nicholas Robert Faunce
Sven Peter Fritz
Stephanie Ann Hill
Gwyndolyn Nicole Jones
Jong Bong Kim*
Domenick Frank Leto
Ming Tat Lui
William Michael Pruett
Jacqueline Grace Timmons*
Katherine Elizabeth Wiley
Kyle Young*
Cognitive Psychology
Kelli A. Lauderdale
Bowen Tyler Marshall
Luxi Chai*
Todd Allen Davidson
Brandon Trevor Minster
Michael Sebastian Trabon*
Environmental Studies
Anna Kathrina Betzen
Michelle Lyn Bond
Courtney Elizabeth
Erin Earl De Lee*
Alina Harbourne
Craig A. Jauch
Matthew Patrick Linden*
Ryan Burdett Lonergan*
Bradley Douglas Luckert*
Adam Nicholas Medaris*
England Galadriel Porter
Brian Whittier Sifton*
Shawna Christine Trarbach
Michael John Loader
Rina Ramesh Parikh*
Travis M. White
Tobey Danielle Billinger
Cynthia Theresa Blanton
Aubrey James Collie
Javier Anibal De Palacios Zambrana
Kyrie Danielle Jeffrey
Joseph C. Miller
Elisheva Marie Patterson
Theodore W. Pfau
William James Scriven*
Rebecca Ann Smedlund
Rebecca Lynn Totten
Rebecca A. Badwey
Nina Michelle Blurton
Christopher K. Bubeck
Yu Chang Chen
Nicholas James Davis
Mark William DeArmond*
Rachel L. Debes
Austin Lee Ehlers
Andrea Suzanne Grasmick
Kyle J. Gwirtz
Andrew W. Jones*
Truc Anh Ngoc Nguyen
Benjamin William Selk
Matthew Aaron Thurman
Steven Thomas Warinner*
Joshua Philip Wicoff
Sylvia Qi Yang*
Philip Robert Adam
Preston L. Alltizer
Lea Ann Baker
Benjamin Michael Grams
Julia Lenette Gutkin
Steven Dale Haenchen
Nicole Michelle Johannes
Jamie Uluwehi Kanoelani
Peter J. Lau*
Matthew A. Maslonka
Tamara H. Melton*
Heather Nicole Morton
Mayumi Nishimura
Johnny Nolaly
Benjamin Alex Porter
Jena Renee Skillett
Kyle Robert Smith
Andre Vo
Allison Elaine Watkins
Molecular Biosciences
Abdel Magid S. Abdel Magid*
Karamie Jayne Asher
Valerie Lynne Bedell*
Jeremiah Alan Bloomer
Nathan T. Bushue
Gregory Michael Daffinrud
Joshua Lee Dean*
Ashlie Nicole Dryden*
Evan James Fowle*
Katherine Anne Gustin
Bethany Erin Harris*
Eliza Kathryn Hodes*
Kristina Lialyte*
Joseph Lee Mack
Sheila Rae Mefferd
Ryan C. Michels
Elizabeth Swarna Mukherjee
Julie Nguyen
Gilbert Ako Ojong*
Katelyn Joy Serafin*
Koan E.M. Briggs
Julie Ann Feldt
Alexander J. Krejci
Mark L. Stockham
European Studies
Ryan Matthew Covault
Christopher Aaron Horn
Cristina M. Martinez
International Studies
Maria Ahmad*
Taylor C. Bennett
Jessica Lynn Bergman*
Peter Charles Biberstein
Meghan Angela Blick*
Lauren Catherine Bonds
Amy Elizabeth Bonnell
Billie Lee Brock
David James Burchfield
Sonja Emily Combest*
Kelsey Marie Coon*
Kelly Elizabeth Daigle*
Allyn Marie Denning
Jessica Lauren Dotter
Andrew Clark Edwards
Ashley Nicole Ferguson
Stephanie Anne Geddie
Andreas Teschner Graf
Kelsey L. Hayes
Katharina Maria Hendricks*
Chihiro Hikima
Andrew D. Hodgson
Katherine Elaine Holloman
Samia Javed*
Samuel Horton Jeter
Kelly C. Kerr
Kristina Clair Killgore
Jacob Reed Longaker
Lucas C. Lux
Christopher David Lyons*
Sarah Elizabeth Madden*
Jade Marie Martin
Ronald Gene Martin
Alicia Krystine McGregor*
Kelly Marie McReynolds
Jesse Lee Merritt
Elizabeth Miriam Mieli
Grace Musat
Aude Amelia Negrete-Banos*
Matthew R. Norburg
Amrine Emma Obermueller
Yuki Onogi*
Mary Claire Sears
Mark N. Skoglund
Brenna Lane Spurgeon*
Brett Haydon Staniforth
Brian Joseph Turnbull
Clarissa Marie Unger
Crystal Nicole Viurquez
Terry Dale Woolery Jr.*
John-Mark Farmer Zini
Russian and East
European Studies
Agata Karolina Kaminska*
Stephen Badalyan Riegg
Stephanie A. Smiros
Irina Yakhnis
American Studies
Jacob J. Bustad
Daniel J. Carey*
Yan Chen*
Howard Russell Graham*
Heather Edith Christina La Bash*
Kyle Skully Waugh*
Kale M. Bruner
Molly DesBaillets*
Quincy D. McCrary*
Jolene F. Munger
David Alexander Robles*
Frances I. Ryder
David Terrill Unruh
Applied Behavioral
Patrick Steven Johnson
Nicole Candace Keene
Daniel J. Schober*
Biochemistry and
Stephanie C. Bishop
Emilie Elizabeth Jordan
Jason Christopher Lichte
Zachary A. Puckett
Mariah Elaine Smith
David Morgan Spitzer
Cheryl Lynne Suzanne Wilson*
Clinical Child Psychology
Paul K. Makanui*
Communication Studies
Abbie Page Hodgson
Leysan Faritovna
Tadashi Momma
Rizaladdin Su’udy
Kikuko Taguchi
Greta Kristian Wendelin
Nan Wolf
East Asian Languages
and Cultures
Geoffrey Michael Cook
Benjamin Stewart Duncan
Lisa R. Snowden
Ecology and Evolutionary
Qinqin Gong
Hannah Lois Owens*
Hajar Aghababa
Julia Brandes
Peng Chen
Matthew J. Habiger
Neal David Johnson
Sang Yun Kim
Marcin Korytkowski
Lu Liu*
Callie Jane Long*
Steven Michael Ramsey
Brandon Khoury Tripp*
Brigette Marie Bernagozzi
Ainehi Ejieme Edoro*
Andrew A. Kuhn
Katy E. Martin*
Justin R. Sevenker
Shelley J. Stonebrook
Cornelia Becker*
Steven Ray Davis*
Jennifer Lynn Gray*
Jennifer E. Vierrether*
Nan An
Jennifer Lynn Brackhan
Stephanie Lorain Day
Christopher Jost Fertig*
Geoffrey Patrick Folker
Audrey C. Fusco*
Levi J. Gahman*
Ryan Zachary Good
Thomas William Hornbeck*
Aubrey Renee Jones*
Stephanie Rae Meador
Elizabeth Ashley
Nicole Patricia Reiz
Luke P. Struckman
Tingting Xu
Germanic Languages and
Jenny Baisert
James M. Landes
Melanie Kay Piltingsrud
Pia Johanna Zwegers
Global Indigenous
Nations Studies
Marjeanna Faye Burge
Tashina Marie John
Brandi Lyn Liberty*
Heidi Elizabeth Mehl
Bradley Bramwell
Reuben Don Noah Jr.*
Olivia Mik-ta Pewamo*
Elyse L. Towey
Ryan Michael Appleton*
Dusty Lynn Clark
Caine Weston Kreimendahl
Cynthia Ann Nitschke
Manda Kay Overturf*
Eleanor Everett Pettus*
Jeremy Paul Prichard
Jason G. Roe*
John M. Rosenberg
Christine Suzanne Sales
Kinda Kay Skea
Steven Nicholas Tucker
Julio Vasquez Jr.
Kimberley Dewey Wahaus
History of Art
Alice Blondin Carman*
Janet Chiaan Chen*
Abby Birkett Roen Flores
Jayme Jo Johnson
Meredith M. Moore
Rachel A. Voorhies*
Karin Joy Warch
Lorie Ann Whittaker
Human Development
Susan L. Higgins*
International Studies
Katherine Jeanette Acosta*
Kathryn Lynn Austin
Emmanuel Awidau Birdling
Christopher Ryan Carey*
Joanna B. Fewins
Huma Iqbal Khan*
Andre S. Kulikov*
Rokhaya Ndiaye
Sumeyye Pakdil Kesgin*
Autumn E. Shields*
Latin American Studies
Grant Anthony Blanchon
Shannon Marie Gorres*
Amanda Marie Heter*
Carola Lucia Ramirez Castello
Erika Manuela Sandoval
I. Nyoman Aryawibawa*
Kasper Christensen Schirer*
Timothy Toft Dorn
Vents J. Ivanov*
Xi Li*
Heather Dawn Makarewicz
Kelsey E. Miller
Xiaorong Yang*
Kan Yao
Ranting Yao*
Lina Zhao
Museum Studies
Megan K. Ampe
Elizabeth Catherine Arnold*
Cricket Korsower Brooks
Debra Ann Entine
Rachel Ann Frisby
Bertram C. Lyons
Megan A. Richards
Matthew L. Thompson
Roberta G. Woods
Micah J. Baize*
Nathan R. Colaner
Stacy L. Elmer
Nathan Patrick Roser
Political Science
Bryce J. Dietrich*
Barbara Parsons Fenton
Mary Katherine Firebaugh*
Andrew Robert Hom*
Kellee Jo Kirkpatrick
Matthew Wayne Slaboch*
Stephanie Ann Smith
Mark Sai Leong Chan*
Owen B. Cox
Austin Greg Fitts
Linzi M. Gibson*
Danya Laura Goodman*
Jaehoon Lee
Jill Suzanne Nesbitt*
Christy Ann Olson
Jennifer Ann Prohaska*
Jacklyn M. Ratliff*
Ellen Kathryn Rozek
Phia S. Salter*
Tasha Diane Schmeidler
Natalie R. Stevens*
Natalie Nicole Stroupe*
Religious Studies
Samer Daniel Abraham*
Melody Gabrielle Beard-Shouse
Clinton T. Bland*
Christy Ann Monsson
Flint John Neidenthal
Autumn Glynn Thompson
Russian and East
European Studies
John A. Biersack
Slavic Languages and
Natalie A. Bazan
Brittany A. Hanstad*
Robert Paul Hughes*
Ann Jeannette Kern
Stacey Harper, Prairie Village senior
Where do you see your major taking you after college?
“I am joining a law frm in Overland Park. I’ll be an
associate attorney.”
Favorite class in your major and why?
“The health and law course with Prof. Leonard because I’m
specializing in health and law, and the professor did a very
good job of explaining complex information.”
— Barbara Platts
School of Law
Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000
and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government
A Better Way to Bank
A Better Way to Bank
www.kucu.org · 3400 W 6th St · 1300 W 23rd St · 2221 W 31st St · 785.749.2224
2009 graduation guide 9C thursday, may 7, 2009
Jose Luis Martinez Jr.*
Nicole Kristin Perry*
Christopher Anderson Read
Gabriella Victoria Smith
Ada Mae Van Roekel-Hughes*
David M. Darmitzel
Lucia Delcarment Maltez
Tamara Lee Mitchell
Scott A. Sternberger
Special Studies
Aaron George Kirby*
Sara P. Andersen
Emily Brita Anderson
Jessica M. Bartley
Karina Leigh Bolliger*
Megan Eileen Call
Lindsey Rae Carron
Jennifer Lyn Flenthrope*
Nicole Marie Hayes
Jennifer Courtney Heath
Julie Elizabeth Holmes Friedman
Jennifer Lee Hurley
Samantha K. Irick
Katie Jean Irwin*
Jessica Erin Johnson
Dayna Roxanne Jones
Jennifer R. Knell
Erinn Ranae Komp
Elizabeth A. Konrad
Ashley Marie Kouba
Miriam Elizabeth Lind
Sarah Jean Matthews
Sarah Michelle Miles*
Kathleen Millerd
Kara Marie Mitchell
Lorna Lynn Moore
Jennifer Ann Murray
Amy Lynn Powalish
Mariza Virginia Rosales
Tammi Jaye Soileau
Teresa Jeanette Baskerville Standage
Danielle Marie Thomas
Alex L. Warehime
Rachel Elizabeth Wood
Emily Hope Zenisek*
Theatre and Film
Susanne L. Kepley*
Yoon Dol Youm
Vivian Kathleen Johnson*
Chloe Cooper Jones
Thomas Mason Seay*
Cote N. Smith
Louise Lynn Stauffer
James Benjamin Storey*
Patricia Marlene Argueta
Michael Edward Brassel*
Elenor Stacey Buffington
Keith Daniel Campbell*
Shay Carlson*
Jared Butler Cobb
Abigail Denise Coffin
Kerry Murphy Damas*
Nancy Knopp Daniels*
Vince Edward Davenport
Ashley Danielle Devilbiss
Paul Kenyon Farran
Jonathan Marc Fisk
Tanner Matthew Fortney
Duncan Sholto Friend
Di Gong
Meghan N. Hemenway
Jo Ella Hoye
Megan Jo Ingmire*
Claudette D. Johns
Havaca Rose Johnson*
Lisa Jean Johnson*
Paul Richard Kramer
Alisa Volodymyrivna
Jamie Dale Nickoley*
Trisha Diane Palmer
Craig Rastorfer*
Kimberly Ellen Reynolds
Joyce Ridgeway
Daniel Frederick Robeson
Philip A. Rodriguez
Ryan James Rogers
Damon Moore Ross
Joshua David Shaw
Nicholas John Shigouri
Josephine Hope Stramberg*
James Henry Stuit*
Martina Vlatkovic
Stephanie Renea Wing*
Jeffery Craig Woodward
Dauren Yesmagambetov*
Terry R. Zeigler
Briana Rachelle Barron*
Kenneth S. Bader*
Curtis R. Congreve*
Rachel Ana Dvoretsky
Markella Danielle Hoffman
Neil Kinnebrew
Melissa Lee Marietta
Daniel C. Rice
Brian J. Wachter*
Shelby L. Walters*
Melissa R. Wolfe
Majed O. Alotaibi*
Dimitra Atri
Shantanu Dikshit
David J. File
Nataly Ozak Jager
Sriharsha Pothapragada
Sarah J. Reynolds*
Matthew Scott Richard*
Priyanka Saxena*
Jennifer A. Sibille*
Tammi Walker*
American Studies
Phillip G. Hofstra*
Daniel Stewart Kerr
Andrea Weis*
Melissa Kimberly Filippi-Franz
Kelly K. Fish-Greenlee
Phillip Edward Melton*
Mark Zlojutro*
Behavioral Psychology
Vicki L. Collie-Akers
Judith Lynn Estes
Emily Dawn Shumate*
Biochemistry and
Sumin Cai*
Todd Arnold Funke*
Qianyi Luo
Srividya Suryanarayana*
Yu Wang
Lingling Zhang
Aileen Yung Alontaga*
Nicholas E. Dickenson*
John C. Hershberger
Mangala Roshan Liyanage
Tiffany Rene Maher
Katie Rose Mitchell-Koch*
Joseph G. Nguyen*
Kristin Elizabeth Price*
Timothy Michael Reed*
William Matthew Sherrill
An Wang*
Chao Wang*
Clinical Child Psychology
Lana Olivo Beasley*
Montserrat Mitchell Graves*
Timothy David Nelson*
John Lee Powell III
Danielle Leah Rosnov*
Kimberlee Marie Roy*
Peter Kristian Stewart*
Communication Studies
Erin Lenore Ellsworth*
Cynthia Frewen Wuellner*
Zeta C. Hall
Jan M. Hovden*
Marianne Natabhona
Kirsten Elise Theye*
Developmental and Child
Jennifer Ann Dressel
Ecology and Evolutionary
Cathy D. Collins
Shannon Colleen DeVaney*
Nicholas David Levsen*
Tara Nicole Marriage
Daniel R. Williams
Abdullah Mohammed Y.
Ramu Gopalan*
Dogan Karaman
Yang Seung Lee*
Seunghae Grace O*
Geneva M. Diamond*
Ellen Mary Fangman*
Jane Robson Graham*
Jennie Jo Joiner
Mary A. Klayder*
Karla Knutson
Judith Marie Lofflin
Jeffery D. Mack
Carey Randolph Voeller*
Ming-Luen Jeng*
Daniel Arnulfo Najera
Delphine Isabelle
Mauricio Herrera
Joshua B. Long*
Iwake Masialeti*
Rex J. Rowley
Jonathan B. Thayn
Henry Alexander Way*
Steven Daniel Sloan*
Germanic Languages and
Joerg Meindl
Deepthi Mohankumar
David Lynn Adams*
Christine Aliisa Anderson*
John Michael Curatola*
Jerritt James Frank*
Lester Wynn Grau
Benjamin Forrest Jones*
John N. Mack
Maddalena Marinari
Debra J. Sheffer
History of Art
Sherman Reed Anderson*
Elissa Anderson Auerbach
Martha Lynn Fowler
Brett K. Knappe*
Joni L. Murphy*
Roberta J. Gorden
Emily Elise Stamey
Saad Nasser Aldwayan*
Jongil Kwon
Yuwen Lai*
Bradley Bramwell
Jude H. Kastens*
Neelakandhan Manoj Kummini*
Kabe Albert Moen
Jila Niknejad
Lynne Christine Yengulalp
Molecular, Cellular and
Developmental Biology
Yang Wang
Anne Marie Morgan
Kara W. Y. Tan Bhala
Jie Chen*
Rainer Wolfgang Schiel*
Political Science
Matthew Beverlin
Mark Allen Ferguson*
April Dawn Fugett-Fuller*
Benjamin Joseph Kluck*
Jaehoon Lee
David D. Luxton*
Stacy Candace Parenteau*
Gita Murli Sawalani*
Vincent Stephen Staggs
Audra Marie Sterling
Matthew C. Wassom*
Slavic Languages and
Michael Duane Johnson*
Jason S. Capps
Ann Marie Hickey*
Shelley Lee Koch
Ophra Leyser-Whalen
Eduardo Acuna-Zumbado*
Erin Shea Finzer*
Special Studies
Elif Yilmaz Dalkir*
Jayne Michelle Brandel
Melinda Sittner Bridges
William Matthew Gillispie*
Shari Baron Sokol*
Theatre and Film
Jae Yoon Park*
Manuel Antonio Perez

*Degrees granted since May
18, 2008
Aerospace Engineering
Michael Christopher Altenhofen
Carl Joe Amerine
Emily Julianna Arnold
Gerald Austin Beine
Jakob Andrew Bowden
Matthew Alan Brown
Devon Austin Cartwright
Kodi Elizabeth Ann Caster
Scott E. Cravens
Travis Ryan Cravens
Rodrigo Alfonso Duque*
Nicholas Joseph Garcia
Sarah L. Jarvis
Joshua Tyler McEwen
Carolyn A. Medved
Piyush Mukesh Mehta
William P. Pflug
Philip William Rich
Adam Michael Saverino
Andrew Vernon
Leslie Ann Smith
Briana Rae Swigart
Aaron Thomas Terrell
Andrew Lake Wooten
Architectural Engineering
Kyle M. Adams
Scott Alan Bierwerth
Tyler D. Danforth
Erik George Dupuis
Ross Christopher Farris
Brian Thomas Garland
Clinton James Gechter
Todor Georgiev Gogov
Michael P. Graham
Shane Michael Hauschild
Stephanie Lynn Hoeman
William Ryan Huff
Nicholas Bruce Hugeback
James Geoffrey Kay
Nicholas Yarsulik Knutsen
Dustin Matthew Kohrs
John Robert McGovern
Molly B. Parisien
Brandt Kevin Pyle*
Katherine M. Rozkuszka
Hannah Marie Schultheis
Andrew James Spitzfaden
Xiumei Su
Dustin William Tregnago
Brett Michael Walbridge
Danielle J. Wiesner
Triffin Nicole Zecy
Chemical Engineering
Jesus Ramon Alcantara
Corey Allen Bichel
Isbelia Del Valle Cardona Campos
Nyima Dansira
Meghan Ashley Easter
Ryan Joseph Ellis
Laura R. Francoviglia
Eduardo Fernando Galdo Cardenas
Curtis W. Haverkamp
Jonathon Phillip Holmes
Anthony Joseph Hoover
Katie LeeAnn Horner
Andrew P. Knight
Mihael Lazebnik
Nathan Markham
Kate L. Motter
Catherine Wangling Peng*
Christopher Howard Roatch
Christopher A. Sharpe
Man Chio Tang
Lauren L. Tice*
Bradley Andrew Trost
Gonzalo Javier Valdez Olivari
Tyler Cole Westerman
Civil Engineering
Becky Lorraine Anderson
Matthew T. Becker
Samuel Curtis Beever*
John Paul Bertrand
Cheryl L. Bornheimer
Daniel Paul Brauch*
Phillip Abram Brown
Kyle Morgan Clarke
Jesserend Gerald Conrad
Joshua F. Davis*
Reuben Dietrich Dermyer
Jeffrey S. Drees*
David Andrew Ehret
Jessica Ann Falbe*
Colby L. Farlow
Kristofer Scott Finger*
Daniel Anderson Finn
Jessica L. Fox*
Walter Michael Griewing*
Kyle Kenneth Guenther
Garrett Joseph Hages
James Dalton Heaney Jr.*
Connor J. Hill
Emilie Anne Humbarger
Thomas John Hussa
Talitha Grace Jennison
Hillary Francine Kaplan
John Dannley Kenny
Samuel J. Klein*
Kyle Jeffrey Kukuk
Eric Dale Long
Alan Wayne Moore*
Kieran McGill Rush Neary*
George Dray Nicely*
Joseph P. Pattison*
Joanna Prince
Brandt Kevin Pyle*
Aaron Michael Reinke
Thomas Adam Risch*
Edwin Albert Rothrock
Eyad Safadi
Anthony J. Sands
Kevin Charles Sawtelle*
Jared Daniel Schippers
Mark Meina Sedarous
Haley Elizabeth Tanquary
Brian Thomas Turk
Hilary Dawn Urkevich
Nicholas C. Voss
Isaac Andrew Willems
Computer Engineering
Michael E. Chatman
Cory James Chermok
Jacob Michael Olson
Gino Pedro Enrique Rea Zanabria*
Matthew Kyle Reineman
Kunjan Shah
Bryan R. Swallow
Jonathan Giles Versino
GideonAlbert vande Liefvoort
Computer Science
Evan C. Austin*
Yucem Cagdar
William Stryker Clausen*
Gavin Mitchell Davis
Paul Taylor Fast
James A. Ford*
Randall James Friesen*
Ryan C. Hartel
John Joseph Heideman
Justin Lee Hendricks*
Jonathan Edward Lanning
Kristin Joy Lynch
Kevin Joseph Matlage
Kristin Michelle Moody
Anthony Russell Newnam*
Truc Anh Ngoc Nguyen
Victor Stephen Prechtel
Stephen C. Prokopiak
Sean E. Sanders*
Jeffrey S. Shafferman
Jordan Robert Shaw*
Jared K. Straub*
Nicholas Lee Studt*
Adam Kenton Van Horn*
Steven Thomas Warinner*
Christopher Michael DavidWirgler*
Electrical Engineering
Saad A.M.S. Alnahedh*
Earl James Amerine
Scott David Andrews
Henry Alan Brown
Christopher K. Bubeck
Kyle J. Byers
Ryan Lee Challacombe
Leung Chun Chan
Michael Ryan Cribbs
Ronald Mark Davis
Lindsey Christine Demaree
Jamieka S. Hines*
Christopher Andrew Holub
Sang Kyo Kum
Joseph Raymond Littich
Trevor Lee Mitchell
Thomas Scott Northup
Esnath M. Ochweri
Paul Darby Pansing
Jacquelyn Marie Paschang
Thanima Pilantanakitti
Tanner T. Polzin
Thomas Edward Rhein
Nicole L. Schnell*
Devin Wesley Scrogum*
Christopher Ryan Stewart
Satyanarayana Telikepalli
Samuel Jerrard Thompson
Marc Benedict C. Tinio
Ryan Christopher Trader*
Alison Marie Womack
Engineering Physics
Edward Charles Dickerson
Cory S. Doolittle
Eric Dale Fattig
Thomas Cooper Obrien
Gabriel F. Schmidt
Jessica Gayle Snyder
Andrew Lake Wooten
Mechanical Engineering
Abdullah B.M.Q.J. Alsarraf
Darin Amsberry
Caleb Adam Baker
Corey Michael Bryant
Cory Jonathon Buckingham
Brian Gene Butler
Kaitlin Anne Carr
Jason Aaron Carter
Brett Robert Courtney
Andrew Garrett Cross
Mark Alan Darling
Jericho Lim Datu*
Carlos Eduardo De
Zamacona Caballero
John Patrick Domann*
John R. Dye*
William Spencer Faltas
Umar Firman
Gregory Robert Gaumer*
Andrew Michael Gayle*
Frances Geeneel Glass
Timothy John Gornik*
Stuart William Hembree*
Joshua Lee Holmes*
Jacob David Homer
Scott Anthony Jelinek
Kayla Marie Klein
Jason Allen Knight
David Patrick Kowal*
Matthew R. LeGresley
Erin M. Lewis
Ryan William Lierz
Robert Miller Lutz
Wade Michael Mahanay
Beau Christopher Malan
Harshi Ishara Ayomi
Kaitlyn Victoria Manning
Sally Jane Mayer
Louis James McKown
Erika Lynn Meza-Zerlin
Nady Nassir Osmat
Kyle M. Owens
Paul Victor Patton*
Brittani LeAnn Perry*
Ryan Christopher Phelps
Brian Michael Pike
Craig Thomas Ohler Potthast
Michael Andrew Puckett
Robert John Rielly*
Joel Edward Schomo
William Clark Seitter*
Karl Arthur Smith
Ryan Colby Soden*
Charles Edward Sprouse
Eric A. Sternberger
Grant Taylor
Seth Rollins Turner
David Lewis Upton*
Stephen Andrew Vincent*
John Preston White III
Bryce Newton White*
Matthew David Wishall
Petroleum Engineering
Hanna Adenew Berhanu
Justin Virojanavat
Carrie Leigh Dilley*
Anthony Donnell Hall*
Elizabeth Marie Hughes*
Kimberly S. Jackson
Darcey Lynn Rapp
Michael Vaughn Schwab*
Sarah Albers Stewart*
David Scott Poirier
Jason Paul Romero
Aerospace Engineering
Nukta Bhatia*
David Nelson Borys*
Andrew Timothy Hiatt
Ken Thye Lee
Hou In Leong*
Architectural Engineering
Angela Christine Evers*
Leon Lewis Foster*
Oliver Galen Meade
Bradley S. Petri
Chemical Engineering
Roland Friedmann
Madhav Ghanta*
Brandon M. Long
Zahra Mohammadi
Carl Joseph Plumley*
Zhuanzhuan Xie
Civil Engineering
Mohammad Abdulla*
Jeffrey Dean Barnard*
Ryan A. Corey*
Luca Deangelis*
Ashwani Gautam
Daniel Peter Gruman
Ashok K.C.*
Benjamin Nicolaas Kaan*
Kin Yip George Kwok
Lisa Marie Matchulat
Matthew Erwin O’Reilly*
Ismael Ibrahim Saifan*
Chen Fei See*
Charles J. Woods
Fan Zhang*
Computer Engineering
Ankit Agarwal*
Ashok Kumar Reddy
Joseph Sylvester
Harish Mitra Panamgipalli*
Abhinav Peddi*
Adam Randall Smith
Computer Science
Namrata Abhijeet Barve
Jason Matthew Bengel*
James R. Blakeslee II*
Mark Calnon
Adam Lynn Doyle
Jordan Matthew Ehrlich
Aravindkumar Ilangovan*
Arif-Ur-Rahman Joarder*
Matthew Lee Jones*
Andrew Paul Kannenberg*
Shravan Kumar Kuchikulla*
Ravi Teja Kundeti*
Seak Fei Lei*
Shruthi Mohan*
Andrew Chibuzo Ozor
Dinesh Raveendran*
Aaron Matthew
McClacherty Smalter*
Mark Edward Soenen*
James F. Vallandingham
Supriya Vasudevan*
Lin Yi
Electrical Engineering
Supreetha Rao Aroor*
Tsz Ping Chan*
Priyanka Cheerala*
Madhuri Devaraju*
Michael Ryan Hughes*
Manasa Keshavachandra*
John P. Ledford*
Rabat Anam Mahmood
Rabih Touma Mrad*
Leela Kumari Parimisetty*
Aqsa Ejaz Patel
Bogdan Amaru Pathak*
Kanagaraj Porur
Deepthi Puthalapat*
Qian Shi*
Peter Clark Speer
Dennis Stanley
Vidya Tirumalai
Piyush Upadhyay
Madhuri Velugotla*
Bahman Aghdaie*
Abdulrahman Saleh H.
Naveed Anjum
Kewchappa L. Babu
David Elroy Beachy*
Scott K. Beadleston*
Annie Bittaye
Galen Kirk Blakeman*
Shome Satya Brata*
Kevin D. Briggs*
Matthew Brungardt*
Steven John Calandrelli
Franklin Harold Cid
Erik Cotter
Christina Renee Elliot*
Craig Steven Gates*
Roberto Cavalcanti Gois
Eric James Gorman*
Manoj Punnoose Jacob
Jeremy Kissell*
Aaron D. Kuehl
Justin Richard Lyons
Ejaz Malik
Nathan Brent Malone*
Bradley David Matt
Kara Adrienne Miller-Karns
Karene Danielle Mitchem
Yasser Abdullah Mousa
John Jay Mudd
Jawad Ahmed Obaid
Rajanikanth Polikepati*
Adeel Ur Rahman*
Joshua Conrad Reeson
Jeffery Scott Robichaud*
Elaf Ibrahim Saifan*
Jesse Jay Schriner*
Shafeeq Ahmed Shaikh*
Sean Everett Shatto
Anthony J. Streletz
Ganesh Swaminathan
Brandon Douglas Wikoff*
Erin Rose Bellassai
Xiaolu Chen
Jodi Lorraine Gentry
Kurt A. Ronnekamp*
Wen Zhang*
Environmental Science
Xi Chen
Sarah Cathryn Lacy
Shelly A. Rios La Luz
Information Technology
Richard Kwame Peasah
Mechanical Engineering
Mashud Ahmed
Arturo Clodoaldo
Benavente Alva
Dileep Kumar Bhogadi
Charles Geoffrey Haning*
Francis Lee Hitschmann
Bin Hu
Joshua Eddie Johnson*
Leighton Joseph LaPierre
Farhana Lamis*
Sudarshan B. Singh*
Aerospace Engineering
Wonjin Jin
Kyung Pyo Kim
Wonjoong Lee*
Wanbo Liu*
Chemical and Petroleum
John C. Eslick
Jing Fang
Sayyed Mojtaba Ghoraishy*
Kening Gong*
Joseph Lomakin
Elim Rosalva Myers
Mehdi Salehi
Milind Singh*
Limin Wang*
Civil Engineering
Santiago Antonio Bonetti*
Yuan Fang
William Joseph
Seonghoon Kim*
Will David Lindquist*
Heather Anne Kirkvold
Computer Science
Heather Alecia Amthauer*
Sandhya Beldona
David Orville Johnson
Garrin Marc Kimmell*
Christopher M. Taylor
Electrical Engineering
Qi Chen
Pradeepkumar Mani*
Mechanical Engineering
Chadd W. Clary
Min Hou*
Nicolas Vincent Jaumard*

*Degrees granted since
May 18, 2008
Emily Ellen Bertels
Sarah Jane Birmingham*
Alexander P. Dworkin
Hannah Caroline Mott*
Shannon Elyse Sullivan
Dhyana Michele Coil*
Danielle Nicole Lawrence*
Kirby Rae Ann McGovern*
Cortnie Lynn Zieske*
John Alan Babcock
Colin Doyle Blunt
Gina Christine Lorenz
Bailey Nicole Pike
Charlotte Nichole Berry
Emily Rose Bucher
Lauren Elizabeth
Megan Elizabeth Davis
Jennifer Ann Hamil
Clinton Patrick Jackson*
Lilli Ann Johanning*
Andrea Elizabeth Siemsen*
Erica Diane Allen*
Garrett Anderson
Michelle Erin Archambault
Casey Carlson Aull*
Whitney P. Bones
Carol Ann Bradbury
Kami Marie Brant
Jordan R. Briceland
Andrew Aaron Burkitt
Christopher Michael Clark*
Dominique Nicole Crain
Rachel Andrea Elwood
Matthew Dominic Farley*
Samuel Paul Flinders*
Louis Joseph Garavaglia III
Diane Renee Gast
Joshua Harry George
Molly Gordon*
Monica Linnel
Lori Jean Hanson*
Lauren Bonebrake Howard*
Andrew Keith Jilka
Megan Ann Johnson
Rachel L. Kirkendoll
Joseph Michael Knight*
Matthew Landaal Kuhlman*
Jennifer Lynn MacKay*
Lindsay Erin Major
April Elizabeth Matthews
Casey E. Millstein*
Katherine Marie Mingle
Kenneth Matthew Morton
Jessica Marie Neusitz
Cassandra R. Peters
Madison Scott Rhea
Christopher Erickson
Daniel Paul Scannell
Craig Philip Spitznagle
Anson Weeks Stancliffe
William Luther Stewart-Starks
Cher Ulrich
Sherri Lee Williamson
Jean Louise Enns*
Marcus Israel Hurst
Marquette Lia Shannon
Emanuel Luke Adams
Brooke L. Alexander
Merrill Faith Alley
Angela Megan Arnone
Lauren M. Balestrieri
Paul Stephens Becker
Richard Spencer Bergstrand
Ann Margaret Biddison
Lindsey Marie Blodgett
Jason Christopher Boggs
Beatrice Bonanno
Catherine Sarna Brashler
Amanda Louise Carroll
Hoi Lam Cheung
Juliet Elaine Cline
Kendra M. Craig
Kristi Lee Crawford
Bonnie Clare Croisant
Logan Ashleigh DeLange
Whitney Kathleen Devine*
Danielle Louise Dragan
Jonathan Perry Dubin
Kelly Kristine Ecker
Sara Pauline Edwards
Brett Ryan Epp
Sara Diane Erb
John Patrick Fitzgerald
Brian Paul Lupe Godinez
Trevvor Thomas Gorman
Heather Courtney Grice
Brooke Lindsey Grimmett*
Alice MiYoun Hahn*
Ali Louise Hansen
Raven Delena Harper
David Roblin Hawley
Kayla Marie Heckman
Chad Christopher
Kaylin Marie Hertel
Leah Marie Hoelscher
Kevin Daniel Honan
Candace Lynn Howell
Kathryn Eileen Hunt
Lesley Ann Hunt
Megan Marie Illgner
Cara Shannon Jaffee
Cherrelle Brenae Jarrett*
Ian D. Johnson*
Jill Marie Judd
Allison Sue In Kim
Mary Teresa King
Lauren Jill Krumholz
Andrew Raymond Kuttler
Pui Chi Lam*
Jill Renae Lock
Shintaro Maeda
Mollee Catherine March
Kathleen Renee
Amy Marie Masters
Alison Lane McAfee
Megan Elizabeth McAtee
Molly E. Meisenzahl*
Josefina Yin Ling Mok
Erin Myone Monfort
Lisa Anne Moore*
Erin Michelle Mulligan*
Carla Marie Norton
John Francis O’Nelio
Patrick Guy O’Neil
Marley Maitland Parsons
Arnold Phommavong
Bianca Nicole Pitts*
Lauren N. Porter
Norapat Prapassorn*
Sarah Fate Quimby
Alison N. Radke
Bradley Neal Resnick
Casey A. Roberts
Amy Lynne Rottinghaus
Abbey Leigh Saathoff
Bailey Renee Scanlan
Samuel Joseph Schlageck
Jessica Marie Schomaker
Ashley Lynn Scott*
Lee S. Sewell
Cassie Dawn Sines
Carey Jordan Spesard
Krista Suter
Meredith Elizabeth Tack
Yuki Takahashi
Kathryne Renee Tatum
Britta Letitia Tobias
Anh-Linh Hoang Trinh
Amanda S. Umholtz*
Michelle Nicole Vogt
Lucas B. Weller*
Joseph R. Wertzberger*
Stephen Craig Wilson
Lindsey Brooks Yankey
Chi Hiu Yim*
Alexander Stewart Young
History of Art
Michelle Erin Archambault
Michaela DeNae Ayers*
Suzanne Elizabeth Baus*
Ashleigh Nichole Ferguson*
Amanda Sellers Intravartolo
Jill Marie Judd
Angela Marie Kerner*
Joanna Morning Star McCloud
Jessica Greenleaf Moeller
Tara Kathleen O’Connor
Hannah M. Peterson*
Patrick James Pozezinski
Rebecca Anne Raynes*
Abbey Leigh Saathoff
Zoe Caroline Salditch
Jessica I. Thompson-Lee
Megan Rene Turner
Matthew J. Wygal
Dorrie Frances Young
Theatre Design
Robert Jay Figueira
Erin Colleen Juliff
Melanie Georgeann McCoy
Cory Sims, Topeka senior
Where do you see your major taking you after college?
“I’m going to start a microbrewery and market it with my
sales experience.”
Favorite class in your major?
“Sales strategies.”
—Daniel Heady
School of Journalism
Bob Lutz, Overland Park senior
Where do you see your major taking you after college?
“I would say I see myself managing a small group of
technical professionals.”
Favorite class in your major?
“ Microcontroller applications.”
— Daniel Heady
School of Engineering
2009 graduation guide 10C thursday, may 7, 2009
Erin Marie Neidenthal
Ann Elizabeth Sitzman
Jayme N. Walden*
Theatre and Voice
Christopher Charles Paul Trepinski
Alyssa Marie Boone
Tamar R. Wolkenfeld
French Horn
Lauren Elizabeth Kerrick
Kyra Michelle Sims
Music Composition
Justin Michael Blackburn
Bryce L. Ingmire
Bailey M. Vazquez
Nicholas Frazier Bideler*
Michael Shane Nickels
Bryce L. Ingmire
Brianna P. Matzke
Russell G. Ronnebaum
Nicholas J. Susi
Zachary John Turner
Eric M. Beahan
Scott Michael Matson
James Robert Henry
Julie Marie Wilder*
Thomas Christopher
Music Education
Ryan Michael Bogner*
Brittani Kay Boyd*
Nathan Alden Craft*
Carlos Espinosa-Machado*
Amanda Brittany Faletra
Natalie Marie Jones*
Lindsay Erin Link
Jennifer Lynn Potter*
David James Price*
Kristin Leigh Salanski
Paul Dennis Schapker
Emily Claire Seifert*
Rebecca Lynn Streeter*
Andrew Thomas Trites*
Emma Catherine Willis
Kody Noel Willnauer*
Music Therapy
Megan Elizabeth Adams
Anna Nicole Jungers*
Sung Shim Kim*
Interaction Design
Ting-Jui Chang*
Ann K. Fitzgerald*
Special Studies
Barbara Alves*
Charles R. Carpenter*
Visual Arts Education
Katherine Graham Ledbetter*
Katherine Martha Thompson
Mikhail Borisovich Kligman
Minerva Esmeralda Ortiz Gonzalez
Jody Carolyn Wood
James Richard Eddings
Aimee M. Howard
Nicholas Gene Kostner
Jeffrey Robert McGee
Madison Elizabeth Spencer
Crystal Dawn Alexander
Daniel Jared Bruggeman
Cecilia Marie Csanaky*
Meaghan Frances Deiter
Andrew James Farina*
Michael Aaron Gersten
Kerry Katherine Gotschall
Kristee Michelle Haney
Mark Austin Harries
Laura Hrivnak
Jo Ellen Kraus
Joshua David Lawlor
Kai Han Li
Tzu Nung Lin
Laura Elizabeth Marsh
James M. Plante
Benjamin Dale Shellhaas*
Lucas Matthew Tappan*
Music Education
Megan Elaine Earney*
JeremyNorbert JohnsonManternach
Music Therapy
Yi-Fen Chou*
Jenny E. Memmott
Stephanie Rae Seagren
Matthew John Allison
Brian W. Campbell*
Sharon O’Connell Campbell*
Tod W. Fish
Cosmin Teodor Harsian
Kyeongmi Lee
Johnson Joanesburg
Anchieta Machado
Nathanael A. May
Jeffrey Scott McEvoy*
Abby Rae Musgrove
Martha Summa-Chadwick*
Lara Louise West*
Jessie Fillerup
Music Education
Michael Karl Dove
Robin Celise Edwards
Ashley Blythe LaGasse

*Degrees granted since
May 18, 2008
Marla Kay Aboujawdeh
Emily Colby Adams
Kaylee Marie Adams
Seth Austin Alford
Virgil Scott Angleton
Gail Renee Barrett
Lisa Ann Becker
Tricia Marie Beelner
Tonya Marie Booze
Lisa Eileen Bouchard*
David Patrick Bowers
Michael A. Bracchi
Mahlet Brook
Mitchell Lee Brown*
Frederick Taylor Burch
Mary Katherine Burch
Mark T. Burns
Mary Frances Callarman
Angela Sue Campbell
Amanda Kay Carpino
Joseph M. Carr
Erick Damien Carter
Lance Antone Cheney
Juliana Chin
Nicole Renee Churchwell
Christine Diane Clisham
Kami Elizabeth Colyer
Edwin L. Crawford
Teresa Hayman Crum*
Virginia Marie Cummings
Matthew Steven Davis
Clyde Norris Dearman Jr.
Marcia A. DeCoursey
Jennifer Marie DeVos
Amy Jennifer Do
Alicia Sue Dudley
Maegan Nicole Easter
Brenda A. Egan
Leslie Ann Eidem
Dina Christine Elder
Jacob Alexander Enlow
Laura Ann Freeman
Scott Freeswick*
Charles Thomas Gerlach
Eric Scott Gourley
Christina Renee Graham
Emily Hearne Green
Katherine Griffith
Krystle Loreal Gross-Roberts
Ashley Jo Hallagin
Micah Elliott Halton
Matthew Joseph Harrison
Teresa Katherine Hemmen-Davis
Jacob Simon Hirsekorn
Ross Michael Holst
Tai B. Houtz
Paul W. Huffer
Brandon Michael Huninghake
Patricia LaVonne Hunter
Genevieve Margaret Kautz
Tamara Leigh Kemplay
Marwa Imad Khamis
Leah Marie Kiser
Karen Mae Kobs
Kelsey N. Kohman
Torey C. Lam
Ashley Nicole Langford
Geoffrey C. Lawton*
Kelvin Trieu Le*
Yuri Lee*
Meei-Huey Li
Larissa Marie Lies
Jordan Matthew List
Regan Charles Lofgreen
Christopher Paul Loucks
Michelle Marie MacDonald
Bryce Aaron John Martens
Samuel Jeffrey McCarty*
Mary Anne Miser
Matthew Dylan Monical
Robert Preston Moore
Max Solomon Morris
Matthew Richard Morrison
Tyson Wade Mullen
Kenneth R. Mullins*
Joseph Anh Tuan Nguyen
Zizi Hang Nga Nguyen*
Deborah L. Overcash
Mariam A. Papa*
Kristi Lynn Parry
Elham Parsayan
Mnesha Rajesh Patel
Stephanie Nicole Peterson
Kristen Marie Powell
Jennifer Irene Powers
Brenda Dawn Pracht
Marcus Terrell Rainge
Courtney Christina Reddell
Matthew Madison Reed
Kristin Layne Repp
Chase Wilson Rice
Emily Anne Richards
Sandra Richardson
Earl Wayne Robertson
Melissa Sue Rufenacht
Ojas Ajit Sampat
Allyce Kristine Schenk
Rebecca Karen Schonemann
Nancy Salvina Serrone*
Scott Matthew Shank
Rebecca McDole Sloan
Noah Benjamin Smith
Joey Steven Speth
Megan Marie Spurling
Mark Andrew Stanfield
Lawna LaShell Staven
Michael James Stecklein
Ryan Andrew Stratmann
Lucy Stun
Crystal Alaine Thompson
Ray Glenn Thompson
Darin William Treiber
Eric Michael Trompeter
MaureenIjeoma Uche-Uwakwe
Angela D. Valadez
Bethany Star Vallandingham
Kenneth J. Washkau*
Amanda Kay Wasinger
Kari Ann Wiesen
Xiao Tian Yaw
Sung Eun Yoon
John L. Yost
Aimee Ann Zeller
Bo Zhang
Hospital Pharmacy
Christopher Lee Bell
Benjamin Jared Jung
Steven Ray McClure
Medicinal Chemistry
Karen L. Beckman*
Natasha Mary DeVore*
Kendra Nelson Dresner
An Na Kim*
Donna J. Lubbers*
Patrick R. Porubsky
Adwait Ravindra Ranade*
Chad Everett Schroeder
Nikunj Shukla*
Mimi Marie Urish*
Pharmacology and
Robert L. Baker*
John C. Hughes*
Francisco Vasquez
Hongsheng Zhang*
Medicinal Chemistry
Weijie Fang*
Huijong Han*
Brooke S. Barrett
Sung Jung Hong*
Allyn Michael Kaufmann*
Sumit Majumdar*
Pallabi Mitra
Kwame Wiredu Nti-Addae*
Sandipan Sinha*
Pharmacology and
Kristin Nicole Lichti-Kaiser
*Degrees granted since
May 18, 2008
Athletic Training
Benjamin Jacob
Reifschneider Anderson
Kristin K. Barnett
Sarah Nancy Beville*
Monica Lynn Bissonnette
Douglas Charles Cooper
Annalea Kristine Epp
Jonelle Forshee
Tyler John Fox
Justin O. Goff
Philip Anthony Jones
Kevin Christopher Kalm
Meghan Michele McCaffrey
Peter William Meier
Haley Anne O’Neal
Erin Ilene Sample
Brooke N. Slatten
Community Health
Nicholas J. Blume*
Jamie Sue Boyd
Mary Josefa Bryde*
Jessica Marie Bush
James Francis Carter*
Brooke Castrop
Jessica Chase
Ashley Elizabeth Clark
Jamie Lynne Crouse
Tanya Sue Eckman*
Kara Lynn Gallagher*
Alicia Ann Gourley*
Lauren Nicole Hommell*
Laura Noelle Horton*
Kelsey Marie Kunz*
Elizabeth Irene LaBoda
Jessica Beth Lally*
Uyen Nhu Le*
Kara Caroline McCall*
Erin Marie McKinley
Katherine McMillan*
Meghan Kathleen Miller*
Elsie Mayzarr Mohammadpour*
Sadiq Ikram Muhammed*
Brandi Nicole Munoz*
Abbey Kristine Murray
Savannah Rene Noyes
Marissa Palacios
Leah Kathleen Pharr*
Travis Stephen Riffel
Ashley Jo Roberts*
Ashley Marie Roedel
Rachel Lenae Schieber
Casey Lynne Sherman*
Jessica Nicole Smith
Jessica Elsbeth Stein
Elementary Education
Lauren Ann Azorsky
Elizabeth Ruth Brown*
Lauren Michele Burns
Kevin William Colson
Kristen L. Dexter
Monica B. Dutcher
Constance Luisa Evans
Adriane Marie Ferbezar
Lauren Elizabeth Fiehler
Elizabeth Yvonne Fowler
Alexandra Lynn Fuller
Katrina Denise Courtney
Mallory Kay Gawith
Ryan Marc Haggerty
Stephanie M. Hart*
Emily Christena Heldstab*
Elena Rachel Hermanson
Cassandra Ila Hollmann
Teresa Anne Jablonski
Christie Ann Jones
Kristin Michelle Kasten
Lauren Ashley Kaufold
Erica Marie King
Jordan Marie Krouse
Nicholas G. Martinez
Jenna McFarland
Hannah Elizabeth McMacken
Mackenzie Elizabeth Meier
Darian J. Nave
Torre C. Norton
Alison Elizabeth Pitney
Dylan G. Porter
Whitney Lyn Runer
Ofelia Schepers*
Kristine Anne Schmidt
Britt Erica Sjostrom
Emily Page Trapp
Sarah Kathlyn Truex
Tiffany Marie Wambsganss
Jamie Renee Webb
Allison Kaye Weber
Lindsey L. White
Brittani Melissa Wilton
Stephanie Diane
Addie Jo Ziegler
Foreign Language
Rebecca Lyn Ashley
Jennifer Ann Mayer
Thomas M. Myers
Sylvia Dawn Niccum
Sarah R. Peterson
Spencer W. White
Health and Physical
Adam Paul Gantenbein
Scott Allen Gray
Shannon T. Howard
Stephanie Renee Newell
Lisa Christine Ordway
Heather Lynn Pardee
Kristen M. Sheahen
Bradley D. Witherspoon
Middle-Level Education
Erin K. Cook
Stephanie Anne Filardo*
Amanda Mae Howard
Elizabeth A. Lilley*
Micah Francis Louis
Melissa M. Murphy
Drew Fabean Szyszkowski*
Brandon Christopher Abbott
Christine Annette Allen
Rachel L. Anderson
Brian A. Bechard*
Arcadia E. Beery
Danielle Marie Bergeron*
Stefanie Leigh Berry*
Valerie A. Chapple*
Dominic J. Cozzi
Kristen Reed Cunningham
Holly Currie
Amanda Leigh Davis
Taylor Robert Davis
Mallory Blythe Deines
Laura Ann Draxler
Ryan Anthony Durant*
Liane Oneata Eisenbart
Katie Marie Ford
William Andrew Ford
Geoffrey Alan Gleason
Adam Loren Goldfine*
Amy Finette Gress
Hayley Michelle Harbert*
Stephanie Maureen Heady
Renee J. Henke
Maryanne Leigh Hett
Daniel Bryant Holmes
Luke Bernard Hosler*
Jacob John House*
Levi Talon Huseman*
Rebecca R. Ingraham
Bryce A. Jones
Christopher R. Klager
Christian Larsen
Brandon J. Lytle*
Stephen Cole Miller*
Ashley Kay Million*
Kelley Lynn Neises
Megan Lynn Niemann
James Grant Noble
Timothy J. Northup
Andrea Lee Pearce
Amanda N. Pennuto
Joseph Paul Polise*
Samantha Lynn Rist*
Kathleen Roane
Alex Randall Rock
Amy Dawn Rousselo*
Carolyn Elizabeth Sears*
Kendra J. Shamburg*
George Farrell Shannon*
Nicholas John Sixta
Joshua A. Spradlin*
Courtney Dawn Steele
Carmen Claire Terry
Jacob Matthew Thibodeau*
Karson K. Thompson*
Kesiena June Uloho
Kylee Jame Grace Wright
Sport Science
Constance Marie Abbott
Shawna Elaine Allen*
Stephanie Christine Barrett*
Craig D. Bates*
Stephanie Michelle Baugh
Jacob H. Beard*
Brennan Bechard
Brandon Joseph Beebe
Kevin Joseph Bell*
Lyndsay Nicole Bettlach*
Emily Meredith Bofetta
Mathew David Bradbury*
Joshua Aaron Breger
Molly Elizabeth Brescia*
Daniel Jacob Brumley*
Amy Renee Buscher*
Ryan Call*
Ryan Thomas Carpenter
Sarah Nadine Carr
Raymond Carrera*
Karen Cason
Laura Elizabeth Cecil
Jocelyn Fay Coady*
Keshia Lynn Coleman
Joseph M. Coletta
Dane Parman Cousins
David Judson Cowser II*
Joseph Christopher DeLissio
Megan Elizabeth Dietel
Veronica Rhea Dowthard*
Erin Nicole Ellison*
Benjamin Montgomery Engle
Alex Blake Eshelbrenner*
Eric Daniel Falke*
Victoria Inez Faulkner
Melissa Erin Feeney
Kyle P. Flinn
Lindsey Nicole Funk*
Erica Jean Garcia*
Jessica Renee Gerard*
Antoinette Josephine Giangrosso*
Megan D. Gier*
Ashley Kathleen Gilstrap*
Nathan Gonser*
Tyler J. Graves
Marco Anthony Griego*
Timothy W. Groth
Scott Michael Hahn*
Mitchell Patrick Hall*
Chelsie Dawn Harper
William Colin Hecht*
Chance W. Heinz*
Brianna Hess*
Matthew Brett Hoover*
Jacob T. Hunt
John Michael Jacoby
Megan Elizabeth James
Lauren Ashley Jenkins*
Arjun Kanmanthreddy
Lauren Stacy Kanter*
Steve Norbert Kappenman
Jordan Kristine Kerschen
Megan Rhea Kinney
Kyle Kline
Amy Elizabeth Koehler
Michael Robert Kowal
Ronald Thomas Kunz
Elena Anne Larson*
Brett Lee Leonard
Brian Scott Lewen*
Brian M. Lewis
Manisawn Luangamath
Landon Mills Lukens
Kathryn Elizabeth Lydick
Megan Leigh Mackey*
Kaitlyn M. Mallo
Eric J. Marshall
Emily Dianne Martin
Scott Hudson Martin
Michaela Nicole McCann*
Erik Dain Morrison
Bret Allen Mott
Trenton J. Nelson
Jamie Elizabeth Neugent*
John D. Nicks Jr.
Andrew Dean Nissen*
Zachary David Nudelman
Rebecca Grace Nye*
Derek Edward O’Dell*
Peter Richard Olarian
Nicholas Michael Oldfather*
Jennifer Nicole Orgas
Samuel Jungho Park
Natasha L. Parman
Molly Jean Patterson
Kaylie Shea Pearce
Zachary James Pederson
Nicholas Andrew Pellant
Daniel Antonio Perez*
Bret S. Perry*
Caitlin Michele Phillips
Darcy Anne Pine
Meghan Marie Pollard*
Jordan Ross Poskey
Austin D. Pratt
Zachary Matthew Proctor*
Vanessa Ellan Radeke*
Kimberly A. Redlin
Nicolas Tyler Reese
Brendan Thomas Reilly
Jason Richard
Brian James Rodriguez
Derrick Kyle Rowland
Mitchell G. Russell*
Whitney Nicole Samuelson
David P. Sander*
Matt P. Scanlon
Sara Louise Schemmel*
Brett Edward Schulte
Mahyar Suarez Shahbazi*
Judd Paul Shea*
Kyle Mathew Sheahon*
Brett Matthew Shelton*
Emily Kay Sherwood*
Corey Levi Shetler
Joseph Jeremiah Simecka*
Wade F. Souza*
Jacob William Spinka
John Richard St. John*
Cory Stein
Jeffrey Scott Stevenson
Abbey Belle Stockstill
Sarah Elizabeth Stokowski*
Sarah K. Thompson*
Joshua David Toomey*
Travis Nathan Tow
Thomas M. Towle
James Patrick Tracy
Ashley Nicole Trent
Preston Lee Troyer*
Ryne William Tusten*
Jessica Leigh Ventura*
Amanda Marie Vielhauer
Andrew Price Visintine*
Robert Tyler Voorhies
Brandon James Walker
Gregory Williams Wallace
John F. Walter*
Kristen N. Wesche*
Kyle Kimbel Winchell*
Lance Michael Windholz
Yacey Kay Young
Stephanie Ann Zanatta*
Christopher Allen Zeller*
Unifed Early Childhood
Alison Faye Bahr
Jessica Marie Bell
Ashley Elizabeth Biondo
Karen Ruth Buhler
Alexandra Ann Chebuhar
Alexis Brianne Childs
Ashley M. Hersh
Ashlee Lynne Hundley
Alli Marin Jones
Lacey N. Leitner*
Danielle Marie Loch
Ashlea Ann Orrell
Ashlie Michele St. Clair
Asya Ibrahim Al Hassan*
Marwah Abdulelah Alhabobi
Sara Elizabeth Asher
Kelly Elizabeth Hyer
Gabriella Nina Kusko
Katherine L. Laird
Sarah Nicole Meyer
Julie Anne Michaelson*
Jing Shen*
Joshua Stephen Shireman
Sean Andrew Stacey
Lonna S. Summers*
Amber Joann Taylor*
I-Chieh Wang
Leslye Audriana Wilhm
Courtney Williams
Lacey R. Anderson
Melissa Ashley Bernstein
Michael L. Brown
Cheryl Kathleen Burns
Rachel Jean DeGarmo*
Diane Yvonne Genther*
Ryan William Hansen*
Ashley Nicole Hutchison
Caitlin Marie Kazelis
Donna L. Krueger
Laura Anne Lavoie*
Genevieve Makovec
Katherine Louise Marchin-Tomlin
David M. Martin
Thomas Charles Motl*
Rhea Lillian Owens*
Deena Kae Rodgers*
Kathryn Diane Ronan
Amberlea Renee Shelton
Jeremiah C. Thomas
Donna J. Adams
Nicholaus B. Adams*
Elizabeth M. Allen
Audra R. Asher
Alemayehu Asnakew Ayanaw
Jennifer M. Aytes
Renee Suzanne Babin
Jaime Leigh Baggett
Megan M. Baker
Lauren Margaret Bammel*
Neil Evan Barnett*
Kindra Lynn Bartz
Lindsey Lea Bassin
Jenna Lindsey Beahm
Bryce Tyler Blair
Brandon L. Blakely
Allison Renae Blanchard*
Melinda Marie Bleish*
Kristin Andrea Bock
Christopher L. Borchers*
Elizabeth Diane Brandsted
Jennifer Dawn Branscum*
Andrew Richard Bricker*
Carin Sue Bright
Hans Joseph Broers
Allison Blaine Budimlija*
Tiffany Rae Burke*
Barry Eugene Casey*
Catherine Anne Caslow*
Stephanie Kathleen Cerritelli*
Evan Marie Cherone
Sara Nicole Clayton
Alicia Marie Cody
Hilda Cokrojoyo*
Kaitlin Theresa Connealy*
Megan M. Connerly*
Kayte Rachelle Cormack*
Kathryn Ann Crandall
Sally Marie Crumb
Bradley David Curthoys
Ashley Jane Curtis
Naomi Ohenewa Danso*
Jennifer Harlow Day
William Patrick DeWitt
Erhan Delen
Kimberlee Ann Demaree
Kaylene DeAnne Devena*
Wanda Liz Dickenson*
Laura Lee Diede
Sarah Elizabeth Dodge
Robert Vincent Dudek*
Michael David Dudley*
Tuerxun Duolikun
Ryan Patrick Dupree
Summer Marie Eglinski
Ahmed Yahya Fagehi*
Landra Lynne Fair
Sally Eilene Farrell
Leonora Maybelle Feldman
Sarah Hanna Fields
Kimberly Pittman
Laura Elizabeth Galler
Ford O’Neill Galvin
Sharon Sze Yin Gan
Christopher Mitchell Gayler*
Melanie Ann Gile*
Sarah Dolores Gonzalez*
Crystal L. Gregory*
Tina M. Griggs
Joel Benjamin Grillot
Jaclyn Michelle Grimes*
Rachel Terese Haggerty*
Pamela J. Hall*
Elizabeth Marie Harris
Shanda C. Hayden
Christopher Louis Heatwole*
Connie Sue Hefner*
Stephani Christine Heider
David Patrick Heller*
Cara Carmel Herbison*
Megan Elizabeth Herting
Amy Michelle Hewitt*
Nadine Marie Hickey
Pamela Sue Hodge*
Shannon Brady Hodge
Jessica Ann Hodges*
Amber Elizabeth Holloway*
Ashley Renee Holm*
Kathryn Cecilia Holmes*
LaVonne Rose Holmgren
Joo Young Hong*
Wooseung Hong*
Benjamin Howard Huebsch*
Courtney Rae Iverson
Laura Jefferies*
Ying Jia
Heather Wood Johnson*
Kimberly Lynn Johnson
Kristin Johnson*
Mary Elizabeth Johnson
Maureen Elizabeth Johnson
Kim K. Johnston
Lauren Ashley Jones
Stephanie Louise Jones*
Tonda Lavedella Jones*
Shelly Sue Journey
Hyun Wook Kang
Leah Rachel Karchin*
John Hunter Kearney*
Gayle Mathews Kebodeaux*
Linda Kelly
Erin Ashley Kilgore
Chin Sun Kim*
Kimberly A. Knight
Emily J. Knopp*
Mary Susan Koehler
Ashley Cloud Kostus*
Allison Dawn Krautmann*
Allison Marie Kubiak*
Kari Marie Lammers
Caitlyn Rochelle Lamport
Keri L. Landry*
Eunjoo Lee
Melissa Joye Lewis-Jones*
Jaclyn Marie Lippelmann*
Shannon Kay Lockwood
Richard M. Lofgren
Melinda Sue Looney*
Amy Kathryn Lovell*
Rachel Marie Luptak*
Emily Jan Mahlios
Brian Daniel Malm
Cynthia L. Manske*
Brian Harrison, Overland Park senior
Where do you see your major taking you after college?
“I think it will give me a leg up in law school, specifcally
corporate law.”
Favorite class in your major?
“Security analysis.”
—Daniel Heady
School of Business
Lauren Azorsky
Gina Goldman
Alissa Goldstein
Ashley Gerwitz
Sarah Mann
Stephanie Meyer
Jacquelyn Miller
Heather Zwick
Rachel Silvestain
Elena Hermanson
Jamie Levy
Becky Wasserman
Becca Sparling
Dena Hart
Diana Spathis
Stephanie Wubbenhorst
Caitlin Tew
Marni Green
Lauren Krumholz
Heather Levin
Samantha Raisher
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That’s Right on Target.
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2009 graduation guide 11C thursday, may 7, 2009
Lisa Marie Marino
Natalie Christine Mark*
Rachel A. Marlett
Amy Annette Martin
Jocelyn E. Maul
Seth Andrew McCall*
Sandra Diane McCormick*
Barbara Jo McDade
Brian Daniel McDow
Cortney Arin McKay
Erin Lee McMahon
Megan D. McMullen
Abby J. McNaught
Lindy Jo McNicoll*
Kathleen Marie Meitl*
Pilar Mejia*
Birgit Mengel
Michael Corey Chism Meredith*
Layne Michael Meyer*
Adrianne Beth Miller
Darryl Lynn Monteau
Randall Clayton Moore*
Cara Lynn Morgan
Celeste Morgan Yaluk
Christine Fay Morlan
Devin D. Moss
Samantha Marie Kiyoko Nakama
Amy Rachelle Neal
Nasima Noor
Cali B. Nossaman
Barbara Kay Parker*
Lindsay Ann Peacock
Mark Patrick Perry
William Heath Peterson
Mary Margaret Pittman*
Nicholas Simeon Platko
Lia Elissa Pogioli*
Ashley L. Pollard*
Benjamin Kitchel Prahl
Michael R. Prewitt
Shaun Jacob Priesgen
Gabriela Torrey Quiggle
Christina Renee Quint
Katharine Elayne Ragon
Janiece LaNay Richard*
Beth L. Richards
Chastity LaTrese Richmond
Aaron T. Rife*
Jerome Charles Arthur Riscovallez*
Kristina Marie Roble*
Scott William Douglas Russell
Sarabeth Rose Sack*
Evelia Sandoval
Phillip Michael Schaefer
Elizabeth Lorene Scheibler*
Danielle Renay Schmidt*
Jesse Allen Schmidt*
Cassidy Marie Schneweis
Abigail M. Schwind*
Payal Pradip Shah
Megan Kathleen Shannon*
Jill Elizabeth Shatto
Megan R. Shellhorn*
Erin Marie Shimanek
Jane Louise Shirley*
Aminath Shiyama
Thomas Alan Shorock
Catherine J. Short*
Quin Allison Showalter*
Tara R. Simmons
Jamie Lloyd Simpson*
Jarrett Daniel Simpson
Vandana Singh*
Christine Hana Skoda*
Eric C. Skoglund
Jason Daniel Smethers
Jessica Marie Smith*
Michelle Renee Smith
Scott Michael Sponholtz
Alicia Ann Stoltenberg*
Molly Ann Strathman*
Benjamin Carl Sutherlin
Hollie C. Swindler
Lyndsey M. Thompson
Anthony Daniel Thorup*
Linda Tsevi
Trent S. Ulrich
Mandolin R. Veerkamp*
R. Steven Wallace
Jeremy M. Ward
Carrie Elizabeth Warner*
Emily Ann Weatherford
Lindsay M. Wegener
Mary Elizabeth Wells*
David Kevin Wheeldon
Stephanie Lynn White*
Jacklyn Jo Wiechman*
Erin Rae Wiley
Dustin William Wilke
Heather Genevieve Wolf
Jacob Arthur Wolf
Leah Marie Yates*
Bree Danielle Yeates*
Deborah Ann Young*
Kelley Rose Young*
Jared Joseph Zuckerman
Steve B. Cook
Devin L. Doll
Tammara L. Durham
Debbie J. Elder
Kelly J. Gernhart
Eric John Punswick*
Thomas A. Wheeler
Neil Odell Friesland
Josh Saunders
Counseling psychology
Cindy L. Buchanan*
Neal Eric Christensen*
Angela Michelle Lipschuetz
Brenna Elizabeth
John Sebastian Augusto
Susan Patricia Harvey*
Jamie Joellen Hunt
Cheryl Ann Reding*
Susan Carol Rufledt
Blair Allyn Thornton*
Education Curriculum
and Instruction
Reem Ali Aldegether
Margaret Anne Berg
James Arthur Bliven
Lisa Ruth Dinner
Hsiu-Chiao Fan
James L. Foil*
Jeanine Lee Haistings
James E. Kilpatrick Jr.*
Teresa Lee Kriley
Carrie Leigh La Voy
Kristen Marie Maceli*
Marcela Patricia Quintana Lara
Kristen Murray
Holly Jeanne Yager*
Rashida Banerjee*
Steve A. Bock*
Virginia Holmes Cook
Mary Donna Dunbar*
Maya Israel
Deokhyo Kim*
Hyo Jung Lee*
Jerald M. Liss
Thomas Charles Manthey*
Trisha Denise Steinbrecher
Nena Raschelle Theoharis*
school psychology
Skylar Ayn Bellinger*
Erin Michele Bennett*
Abby Anne Bowen*
Tara Dawn Hamilton*
Erica Marie McCormick*
Jessica Sue Newell*
Jessica Marie Oeth*
Heather Audrey Schroer*
Lauren E. Symmonds*

*Degrees granted since
May 18, 2008
Bryan John Adams*
Larissa Rose Amundson*
Heather N. Ardery*
Emily Jo Ashcraft*
Carter Lee Atkins*
Casey Ryan Atkins*
Allison D. Atwood*
Thomas Matthew Bailey*
Jordan M. Bates
Tara M. Bergman
Raymond Allen Berrens*
Carlie Sue Bittel*
Brandon Dean Blaylock*
Anna Yung Mar Bliss
Steven Joseph Blustein
Scott Andrew Bond
Amber Dawn Bortz
Christine Cook Boushka
Brett Andrew Boyle*
Jessica Renee Bracken*
Jason Lee Brammer*
Matthew Brantner
Brian Joseph Brost*
Jordan M. Brown*
Kevin Lee Brown
Samuel Warren Adam Brown*
James Daniel Carroll
Octavia Feri Chang*
Wai Chee Melanie Cheung*
Man Ting Chow*
Leah M. Chura*
Allison Kay Clark*
Leah R. Cole
Maureen Elizabeth Collins
Katie Lee Cook
Meghan Dianne Cotton
Lindy Marie Coyle*
Keeley Marie Crawford
Weston Crawford
Sean Mathias Daley*
Daniel James Davis
Christina Danielle Dean
Dayon Godfrey Denic
Aaron Karel Deree*
Kyle Robert Derstler
Benjamin Kirke Dorweiler*
Ryan Allan Dreher*
Ryan Patrick Drigans
Jessica Rae Dunn*
Evan D. Dylla
James Alton Eason III*
Christopher Alan Eckard
Bret A. Elliott*
Ashley Lynn Ellis*
Thomas M. Ellis*
Gregory Alan Faltermeier*
Colin J. Feeney*
Rebecca Lynn Feickert
Jennifer Ann Felts
Rebecca A. Fenili
Thomas Joel Fevold*
Matthew Dennis Fletcher*
Xiaoting Francoeur*
Travis William Free*
Blaine Alec Gambrel
Roman Adolph Garcia*
Randal Joseph Gerstner*
Stephanie Goings
Blake Matthew Goodman
Benjamin Arnold Grashoff*
Thomas Kirke Grutzmacher
Kristen Laine Hageman*
Nicole Jean Hanefeld*
Suzanne Marie Hansen
Erik William Harms
Jesse Richard Hart
Elizabeth Delores Hatch
Meredith N. Hazelton*
Rachel Raelene Helker
Alexandra Marie Helmuth
Jacob E. Hill*
Clayton Thomas Hodges
James F. Holswade
David Samuel Holzman
Kuan-che Hung*
Joseph D. Isaac
Joshua Christian Jabbour
Eric Michael Jameson*
Jonathan Michael Jines
Jessica Ann Johnson*
Parker Landon Johnson*
Bradley Stephen Jones
Robert J. Kaleal*
Christopher D. Kavanaugh*
Sean Patrick Kennedy*
Morgan Whitney Ketchum*
Bora Kim
Jessica Leah King*
Kyle Alexander Klem*
Richard S. Klingman
William Charles Koch
Darren Michael Koehler
Sarah J. Krattli
Kiyohito Kurihara
Martinus Martin Kurniawan*
Ian Wilson Lang*
Lindsey Elizabeth Leonard
Phillip Richard Linville
Eddrena Ollisha Littleton
Yupeng Liu*
Stephen Michael Lofing*
Leigh Long*
Benjamin Schirmer Machen
Alexander Thomas Mack
Erica N. Madrueno*
Jack Jeremiah Maier*
Emily S. Maness
Shaktivir Manohar*
Stephen James Martinat
Candice McCalla
Molly Frances McCann*
Terrence E. McMahon Jr.
Rebecca Glea McManness
Caroline Catherine McNally
Nicholas Peter Meyer
Lauren Ann Michalski
William Brent Miller*
Alex James Mincher
Emily Irene Minion
Katie E. Minion*
Faisal Mirza*
Manish Kumar Mistry*
Casey Jonathon Mitchell
Ryan Jeremy Mitchell
Michael Vincent Moore
Nichole Susanne Moss
Andrew David Mutert*
Dustan L. Nalder
Benjamin Newberg
Emily Danielle Nicks
Alicia Ann Oswald
Callie M. Owen
Monica Maire Owens
Molly Rebecca Page
Matthew Ryan Palen*
William Andrew Panning
Jamie R. Paul*
Foster Rhea Paulette
Jonathan Charles Peters*
Taylor D. Petty
Alysha Marie Phillips*
Brian Alexander Pipkin
Amanda Lauren Puhak
Brandy Leigh Rau
Jacob Paul Records
Whitney Shelton Reed*
Michael Francis Rehor
Ross William Reichenberger
Michael Remmert*
Adam James Renfro
Amanda Christina Rivera
Marcus Kyle Rivers
Peter G. Rodriguez
Brian Kyle Rose*
Bryan Spencer Rosner*
Patrick Vickers Roth
Lauren Rowland
Ashley Marcia Rubin
Jennifer L. Sanders*
Alicia Jill Schmitz
Shane Joseph Schneider
Joshua Ryan Schoenfelder
Michael Andrew Scott
Thomas Gregory Scott
Hyeon J. Shin
Meagan Kathryn Shober
John Matthew Shoemaker*
William Joseph Shull
Rachel Ann Silvestain
Everett Pierce Smith
Dale Joshua Snell*
Christopher Michael Sobba*
Jessica M. Spinelli
Nicholas G. Squier*
Matthew Reed Stephan*
Stuart Nelson Symmonds
Brian G. Teefey*
Marc Templin
Jeremy Eugene Terrell
Scott Clayton Terry Jr.
Kara Mee Sun Terstriep
Brian A. Thies*
Erin Marie Thomas
Mara Lynn Thornton
Brian R. Tomlinson
Kaylie Ann Trabon
Tsz-Chung Tse*
Danielle Marie Uzelac*
Tamla Rochelle Valtierra
Ryan Holiday
Rohit Subramanian
Edwin Lee Vohland
John Thomas Vohs*
Leslie Louise Volmer*
Marc Duncan Waller
Erin Kayleigh Washford
Bryan Joseph Wassenberg*
Grant Edwin Waters
Peter Nicholas Wazlawik
William Joseph Webster
Brad J. Werner
Benjamin Matthew Westerman
Bryce Randall Williams
Katherine Winkelman
Nicole M. Witt
William Eric Wyer*
Spencer Raymond Wynant*
Samuel Keith Zerger
Lingxing Zheng
James William Zoeller
Business Administration
Jason Bentley
Brian Gene Butler
Christina Renae Culp
Mark Alan Darling
Addam Fulson
Brent Travis Gerard*
Keith Guertin
Gerardo Guzman
Michael Hannan
Reed Eric Hensel
Vidhi Amrit Jalavadia*
Brian T. Kantor
Shaylyn Rae Laufer*
Jared William Rhodes*
Alfonso Sanchez*
Kayle Slattery
Grant Taylor
Kelly A. Vincent
Stephen Andrew Vincent*
Jonathan Neal Zeitz
Yan Zhang
Ahmad Al-Gibaly
Andrew Mark Albers
Jenna Maureen Allred
Kevin Joseph Anderson*
Allison D. Atwood*
Jung Hyun Baek
Thomas Matthew Bailey*
Patrick Michael Balint
Ryan Edmond Ball*
Eric Michael Bambick
Chet Batson
Laura Nicole Beasley
Brodie Alan Beck
William James Beck
Scott Carlton Bird*
Christine Elyse Brady*
Kevin Lee Brown
Samantha Nicole Brown
Michael Mayer Bruchis
Michael Kevin Burns
Kevin Vincent Burrell*
Stephen Patrick Burtin
Richard Joseph Butsch*
Kathryn Elizabeth Byerly
Tyler E. Cammack
Christopher W. Carr
Jared Ross Clark*
Gary Wilson Clay
Kelsey Lynne Coady
Leah R. Cole
Ariel Lisabeth Connaway
Todd C. Crawford
Benton Greenley Crumpley*
Jill Britton Custer
Brandon B. Davis*
Colin Robert Davis*
Haley Ann Davis
Nathan W. Davis*
Kristin Anne DeRosa*
John Phillip Duesing*
Evan D. Dylla
Alex Joseph Earl
Christopher Alan Eckard
Charles Matthew Barnard Erhart
Andrew P. Erwin
Gregory Alan Faltermeier*
Colin J. Feeney*
Brian Wayne Fesler*
Benjamin Alan Fields
Eric Ryan Fitch
Xiaoting Francoeur*
Danielle Raylene Gabel
Zachary Tyler Gale
Shalie Lyn Gaskill*
Douglas Matthew Geer
Stephanie Lanae Gerber*
Charles W. German Jr.
Andrew Dean Gillenwater
Robert Clay Grant*
Christopher Joseph Grover
Thomas Kirke Grutzmacher
Matthew Timothy Gurbacki
Erik William Harms
Sarah Elizabeth Harris
Brian P. Harrison
Jesse Richard Hart
Jay Edward Haupt
Jennifer Renee Hayes
Jacob Luke Hodge*
Elizabeth Ann Hoffman
David Samuel Holzman
Megan L. Hughes*
Meghan Renee Hyde
Lacy Marie Imhoff
Ikkei Itoku
Henry R. Jackson*
Claire Marie January
Jonathan Michael Jines
Thomas Alan John
Tiffany Marie Johnson*
Jackie Ann Jorland
Carol Michelle Journey
Brian T. Kantor
Jeffrey Spencer Katz
Christopher D. Kavanaugh*
Thomas Michael Kelley
Paul Park Kim
Thomas Henry Kirk IV
Kyle Alexander Klem*
Justin M. Klenda
Richard S. Klingman
Anthony M. Knipp
William Charles Koch
David Jonathan Kohtz
Kalem Keith Kopf
Megan Elizabeth Kopff
John Michael Krenger
Joseph Robert Krsnich
Louis Rocco Krsnich*
Bon Kyoung Ku
Amy Rousselo, Basehor senior
Where do you see your major taking you
after college?
“Personally I plan to teach in the classroom for a long
time, then maybe branch out to other areas of
Favorite class in your major?
“Multicultural education.”
— Daniel Heady
School of Education
2009 graduation guide 12C thursday, may 7, 2009
Kiyohito Kurihara
Wai Ho Lam*
Ian Wilson Lang*
Ryan Lantz
Kelly Nicole Larkin*
Lacy Louise Lincoln
Phillip Richard Linville
Anthony Charles Liolios*
Joshua Thomas Lorg*
Benjamin Schirmer Machen
Alexander Thomas Mack
Joseph Lee Madsen*
Christopher Matthew Martin*
Patrick Henry Mazzei*
Megan Crawford
Lucas Jeffery McKee
Terrence E. McMahon Jr.
Charles Alister Miller
Devin P. Mirfasihi
Manish Kumar Mistry*
Andrew Steven Mitchell
Michael Vincent Moore
Julianne Ashley Murray*
Theodore Robert Mutert*
Jacqueline Elizabeth Myers*
Randi Michelle Myers
Hitomi Nakamura*
Ann N. Nickelson
Daniel Thomas Nied*
Edel Aluoch Oduol
Lee Charles Oliff
Anthony Robert Onofrio
Nicholas A. Paisley
Bradley Mohon Papineau
Jamie R. Paul*
Matt David Pfeifer
Nicholas Michael Pham
Pamela L. Pham
Nathan Charles Pirie*
Landon Brian Plumer
Denver Scott Porter
Javier Dario Portillo Bertinat*
Jessica J. Puljan
Ross William Reichenberger
Brian Frederick Reynolds
Jared William Rhodes*
Jennifer Betty Rich
Evan Granrath Ridenour
Brian Patrick Rooney*
Brett Anthony Rose
Andrew W. Roth*
Curt Patrick Roth
Marc Reed Ruiz
Sean P. Ryan*
Jason Samayoa
Joseph Witt Santaularia
Allen Dee Schlup
Shane Joseph Schneider
Joshua Ryan Schoenfelder
Garrett Lee Schwede*
Michael Dwaine Shorman
Charles Ferguson Shreve
Anna Magdalena Slomka*
Stephanie Joy Smith*
Dale Joshua Snell*
Brittney Joann Stapel*
Caleb Michael Sternadel*
Scott Vernon Stingley
Alex Moore Sullivan
Alexander John Svoboda*
Sachin Pankaj Teli
Scott Clayton Terry Jr.
Scott P. Thompson
Zachary Craig Timpe
Louis To*
Jeffrey Bryan Truitt
Mary Anne Van Allen
Ryan Holiday
Jason Christopher Walton
Leila Beilei Wang
Erin Kayleigh Washford
Peter Nicholas Wazlawik
Matthew John Weber*
Max Weis
Bryce Randall Williams
Douglas Mason Williams
Tanner John Yager
Andrew Bernard Zarda
Lingxing Zheng
Information Systems
Alexander G. Babst
Ryan Edmond Ball*
Brian Joseph Brost*
Keah M. Cunningham
Brady William Greig
Parker Landon Johnson*
AndrewChristopher Langford*
Drew Robert Miller
Brian Joseph Nixt
Kali Marie Platt
Samuel R. Prentice
Ramy F. Rahman
Trace Ryan Rodgers*
Brett Anthony Rose
Tyler Jeffery Rutschman
Sara Renee Sidebottom*
Brett W. Sills
Zachary Coleman Stephens*
Tucker J. Stransky*
Scott P. Thompson
Leila Beilei Wang
Travis Lewin Wasser
Aaron Anthony Webb
Gregory James Ziebell
Justin Patrick Allen
Emily Ann Ashworth
Alexander G. Babst
Elizabeth A. Bartkoski
Andrew T. Bergman
Courtney S. Brax
Nathanael E. Bruns
Thanh Duy Bui
Sarah Lindsey Catlin
Tyler J. Chadwick
Brooke Alexis Cohen
Stuart Frazier Conklin
Michael Richard Cook
Andrew John Cortez
Kelly Jeanette Cover*
Jessica Diane Crouse*
Kristin Anne DeRosa*
Zachary Jacob Eicove*
Douglas Michael Fleming*
Alyssa A. George
Matthew Lee Gilbert
Mark Harlan Hamman*
David Matthew Hammer*
Meghan E. Harris*
Anthony John Henry
Mindy Marie Hodson*
Stephanie Anne Holcomb
Andrew David Holder
John Arthur Irvine Jr.
Chad Patrick Jowett
Matthew Blake Kaushal
Kevin Michael Kelly
Walter Robert Koelbel
Tyler James Kuehn*
Roberto Gianni Laratro Bosch*
Joshua David Lawrence*
Brandon Matthew Link
Adrian Quincy Mayes*
Isidro Ismael Melgarejo Curtido
Zackary Tyson Kyle Orr
David Scott Patrzykont
Brian W. Powell
Colleen Quinn*
Mitchell David Ross*
Ashley Morgan Ryan
Minhyuk Shin*
Thomas Derin Stewart
John D. Stillings*
Lauren Brooke Tallent*
Allison Katherine Tucker
Tamla Rochelle Valtierra
Michael Vanlerberg*
Molly Elizabeth Wayne
Tracy V. Young*
Madeline E. Allen*
Mara L. Ankerholz
Brooke M. Badzin
Alex Carl Bilimoria*
Jaclyn Joy Blake
Antonia Maria Bolger*
Shay M. Bonser
Kara Michelle Brack*
Molly Ellen Brammer
Sarah E. Brown*
Thomas L. Broxterman*
Scott M. Bryant
Lauren Elizabeth Calovich
James Brendan Camey*
Sarah Lindsey Catlin
Silvana Cayo
Kelly Mckeone Cure*
Colin Robert Davis*
Kyle Stephen Doherty
Conor Samuel Dreher
Bradley John Eland
Jordan Kay Ferguson*
Anne Marie Fitzgerald
Megan Mary Fleming*
Vaishali J. Gala
Shalie Lyn Gaskill*
Stephanie Lin George
Jordan R. Gilbert
Lauren Elizabeth Gray
Brian Mitchell Grosdidier*
Lauren Marie Gross
Joshua Alain Ground*
Emma S. Hall
Krystle Rose Harsch
Joseph Brian Haugh
Paul Joseph Hefferon
Lauren Elizabeth Heist
Sherry R. Her
Lindsay Nicole Herre*
Lauren Carol Hodge
Adam D. Hofmann
Michael Loren Holland
Claire Marie January
Bradley David Johnson*
Paul Matthew Johnson*
Kevin Tyler Jones
Carol Michelle Journey
Lindsey Kaufman
Kevin Michael Kelly
Paul Park Kim
Justin M. Klenda
Daniel Francis Kraft
Jacob Daniel Krouse*
Erica Ann Lathrop
Erica Alexandra
Adam Bernard Lovelace*
Erica Francine Magnuson
Eric James Marrello*
Tyler Brett Martin*
Paul Martin Mattli
Candice McCalla
Devin Renee McCarthy
Kevin Michael McKernan
Matthew Carrier Metz
Bradley Marcelles Miller
Bret Samuel Miller*
Brooke Nicole Myers
Marissa Lynn Nathanson
Daniel Thomas Nied*
Ashlie Lynn Noland
Calvin Dennis Norwood III*
Amy Lynn O’Dell
Jennifer Lynn O’Neal
Maureen E. Oliver
Stephanie A. Patyk
Christine Anne Peterson
Kyle J. Peterzalek
Jennifer Leigh Pratt*
Travis Hamilton
Marc Reed Ruiz
Stephen Michael Sahli*
Jacquelyn Leigh Samp*
Megan R. Sanders
Rachelle Kristine Schneider
Rachel L. Schulte*
Kevin Thomas Severin*
Adam Reid Shartzer*
Kazufumi Shinjo*
Charles Lawrence Sinks
Jeanette Alexandra Smith*
Paul Joseph Smyth
William David Steinke*
Jeffrey Tyler Stroud
Alex Moore Sullivan
Carolina Taborga Claure*
Emily Elizabeth Todd
Valerie Beth Trombetta
Christina Leigh Tuohy
Robert Michael Unger
Tara Shae Unrau*
Mary Anne Van Allen
Rachel Nyman Vaughan
Christy Vongphakdy
Jason Christopher Walton
Andrew Michael Wank
Jaclyn Paige Ward
Adam Tyler Whelan
Luke William Wiedeman*
Sarah Michelle Wilson
Katelyn Ann Young
Tracy V. Young*
Katie Elizabeth Zeller*
Supply Chain
Brendan Michael Doran
Douglas Michael Fleming*
Stephanie Goings
Rachel Marie Held
Ali Iyican
Andrew Frank Mykel
Sachin Pankaj Teli
Courtney Adair Wilson*
Yan Zhang
Sira Konare Andrews*
David Michael Arndt
Emily Jo Ashcraft
Xiaoling Bai
Nicholas Rigby Barnes
Whitney J. Beaver
Justin Steven Belozer
Raymond Allen Berrens
David Shawn Biller*
James Patrick Boland*
Brett Andrew Boyle
Lindsey A. Brake*
Michael Dean Bretches*
T’Lane Balue Briggeman
Aaron Chase Burns*
Martin H. Chan
Ryan J. Channell*
Benjamin Gerard Cindrich*
Brittany Noel Claassen*
Ashley Kay Clark
Jeffrey Jerrod Commerford*
Sarah E. Conklin*
Laura B. Crowe
Alex James Dack
Jenna Leigh Deines*
Ryan Craig Drake*
Julia Christine Dusch
Lauren Elizabeth Egnatic*
Mariam Fei*
Brian Andrew Fisk*
Meryn L. Fogt*
Lauren Ann Ford
Janice Lynn Fung*
Ryan Nicolas Gegen
Keith Mitchell Gersh
Sammy Mwangi Gitahi
John Michael Gordon
Jennifer Ashley Haynes*
Jennifer Anne Hoffman
Ji Hong*
Amanda Marie Houghton*
J. Tyler Kemp*
Sean Patrick Kennedy
Natalie Marie King
David Andrew Kitchens
Jason G.B. Kolich
Christopher James Kopel*
Michael Kosier Krattli
Kristen Faye Kuhn*
Stephanie D. Lavicky
Kevin Thomas Leggio
Eleanor Grace Lloyd
Leigh Long
Nicholas Graham Maese
Lance Howard Mall*
Katherine Marie Marsh
Sandra L. Mayle
Molly Frances McCann
Joseph William Meier
Lauren Marie Miller
Jason Konrade Moore
Lindsey D. Moore
Jenna Marie Morris
John Robert Mullen
Pamela Sue Old*
Darin Anthony Olivarez
Courtney Nicole Oliver
Matthew Ryan Palen
Jamie R. Paul
Grant Conley Pate
Jennifer Ann Pecis
Anne Marie Podany
Leiyang Qian
Whitney Shelton Reed
George Dale Reichert*
Timothy B. Robbins
Rosalina Marieke Romero*
Marcus L. Roque
Jordan Reichl Samples*
Raheema Michelle Sampson
Theresa Anne Schramka
Kelly A. Schroeder
Thomas Robert Scuderi*
John Matthew Shoemaker
Samuel Brian Siegal*
Anne Kennedy Simmons
Adam James Sipe*
Benjamin Joseph Smith
Nicholas G. Squier
Sarah Elizabeth Callan Stanclift
Sara E. Strunk*
Patrick W. Sweet*
Brian G. Teefey
Mariana Proenca Traetta
Justin Michael Voiles*
Kristen K. Wehkamp
Mark D. Whittemore
Spencer Raymond Wynant
Sarah Ashley Zurovsky
Joseph W. Adcock*
Abdullah Salman Y Albrahim
Jeff Allen Aleshire
Andrew James Argetsinger
Veronica Maria Ayala
Haedo Acosta*
Gregory Ballenger*
Aaron Christopher Blanchard
Brian Edward Boeger
Elliot Phillip Botten*
Matthew William Buchanan
Aaron Matthew Bush*
Amy J. Buss
Jay William Carter*
Julia Chappel
David E. Cisneros*
Jonathan Stuart Cline
Travis J. Coberly
Alyson Faye Collins
Arianna Colombari*
Zachary Allen Combs*
Geoffrey Michael Cook
Benjamin Mickael
Stefano Daneluzzi*
Marjorie Moore Davis*
Britt A. DeTienne
Simone Donadel*
Sergio Donadello*
Renee Christine Dowis*
Allen Nelson Doyel*
Paul Thoburn Dundee
Lowen Noy Exum
Michael C. Fehr
Jonathan W. Ford*
Kathryn E. Frieze*
Erin Rae Gfeller
Thomas C .Gifford*
Clifford Prescott Gill
Luca Girotto*
Clinton Don Glidewell*
ToniaElizabethGonzalez James*
Paul Jason Gottesburen
Paul Lewis Gregory*
Debashis Haldar
Justin Stanley Hall
Burton Matthew Harding
Jennifer Lynn Harlow*
Elizabeth Jene’ Hines
Ryan Charles Hodapp
Jason Gerald Hoftiezer
Ian Christopher Holladay
Anthony Houchin*
Marlena D. Jahn
Nicole Marie Johnson
Holly Jane Keller*
Kevin Christopher Kelley*
Bridget Marie Kennedy
Daniel David Kibler*
David James Linhardt*
Joshua J. Loeffert
Antonio Longato*
Justin Francis Lueger
Chi-Man Stephanie Ma*
Mariza Elize McCann*
Aaron Michael Meyer*
Jean Paul Gary Michaud
Diego Miglioranzi*
Jean-Marie L. Miller
Eva Murko*
Scott M. Nelson
Hoang H. Nguyen
Ethem Can Oral*
Nicholas Jay Orens
Andrea Peruch*
Giuseppe Piatto*
Abby Scanlon Pringle
Jason David Regehr*
Alberto Revolfato*
Molly Marie Rothove*
Julie Ann Rush
Mesut Sakal*
Thomas Lacey Sanford
Silvia Sartori*
Leslie Anne Shea*
Methin Tim Siengsukon*
Madhumeet Kaur Singh*
Alan Thomas Sitzmann
Nancy Leah Skinner
Erin Marie Smith*
Kelly Renee Smith*
Michael Lee Smithyman
Shiloh James Solomon
Thomas Alan Stripling*
Saleem Kasem Tafish
Luca Tomasella*
Jennifer Rene Trusler
Robert Tudisco*
Krishnan Viswanath
Adaryl Lamont Wakefield
Ameya Warty*
Robert Jason Willette*
Michael Robert Wilson
Blake W. Wood*
Amit Yadav
Viswanath Kasi Yella
Sung Eun Yoon
Philip Stephen Zacharias*
Muhammad Shahzad Zafar
Joseph Ralston Caldwell
Woodward Hilliard Caldwell
Bing H. Chen*
John Quang Dang
Alban Jason Guzman
Dane B. Hanson
Nicholaus Kaszczuk
Matthew Yrjo McCulley
Brian Lee Smith
Marc David Staats
Nathan Matthew Swartz
Zhou Xu
Lin Yi
Leonardo Arcadio Zarza
Alexander Ross Zehnder
Qinghua Zhang*
Miguel IgnacioAguirre Urreta*
Patrick Lyn McClelland*
Jake G. Messersmith*

*Degrees granted since
May 18, 2008
News and Information
Matthew Aaron Bechtold
David Christopher Bell*
Kelly Patrick Breckunitch
Matthew T. Bristow
Bethany Joy Bunch
Rachel E. Burchfield
Kyle A. Carter
Elizabeth Nicole Cattell
Bryan Daniel Cisler*
Julia dos Santos MelimCoelho*
Courtney M. Condron
Rebecca Catherine Rose Cremer
Christine Susann D’Amico*
John T. DeVore*
Mark Jeffrey Dent
Rustin C. Dodd
Mandy Marie Earles*
Matthew Dean Erickson
Nicholas McIntyre Finnegan
Asher A. Fusco
Shaymarie Kristen Genosky
Rachael Ellen Gray
Andrew Donald Greenhaw
Patrick J. Griffith
Andrew Lee Gryszowka*
Kendra Dawn Hall
Carly Rae Halvorson
Kelsey L. Hayes
Christopher J. Hickerson
Matthew J. Hirschfeld
Megan Marie Hirt*
Kristin Lynn Hoppa*
Christopher Aaron Horn
Danielle S. Hurst
Madeline Ellis Hyden
Case B. Keefer
Samuel Aaron Lamb
Abby Nicole Leo
Nina Elizabeth Libby
Nicholas Daniel
Ian D. Mason
Wendy E. McCart
Heather Lynne Melanson
Sachiko Miyakawa
Courtney Michelle Montle
Luke Steven Morris
Sarah Elizabeth Neff*
Andrew Ellis Neubauer
Michael James Nolan*
Helen Pavlik
Joseph C. Preiner
Robert J. Rains*
Daniel Alexander Reyes*
Sasha L. Roe
Realle Ann Roth
Deepa Sampat
Brieun Shantel Scott
Rachel Anne Seymour
Ann Virden Simmermon*
Marisa McKelvy Simons
Tara Michelle Smith
Caleb Thomas Sommerville
Mary Sorrick
Jesse L. Trimble
Brett William Turner
William S. Walberg
Yanting Wang
Andrew B. Wiebe
Lara Ann Wilinsky
Allie N. Wilmes
Irina Yakhnis
Strategic Communication
Heather Berg Anderson*
Cori Elizabeth Ast*
Megan Leigh Atkinson*
Michael Yaw Awua-Duah
Hali Mae Baker
Kristen D. Banocy
Anna Elizabeth Bassham*
Joshua Daniel Becker*
Morgan Diane Bell
Toni D. Bergquist
Samantha Jo Bindrum
Robert Hesse Blaker
Kara Elizabeth Boeshaar
Heather Dawn Bratton
Christopher John Bristow
Katlin Ann Brosious
Stephanie Nichole Brungardt
Adam William Brunsen*
Samuel Scott Buhler
Jennifer Lynn Bulmash*
Bonny Rose Burke
Scott Reilly Burrus*
Jarell Cardoza
Jordan A. Cerminara*
Kristen Marie Cink
Andrew James Clark*
Carter Stewart Collins*
John Arthur Conner
Kristen Marie Conway
Jared Elliott Cook
Amanda Jean Cox
Sean Kelly Craven*
Amanda Lynell Cromer
Abigail Leigh Cunningham
Catlin Danielle Curtis*
Curry Ann Curtis
Kelly Elizabeth Daigle*
Adam Lee Davis*
Lauren L. De Graw
Hong-Thanh Le Do
Lauren Michelle Duchscher
Kelly A. Dunville*
Amy M. Eastin
Victoria Marie Endersbe
Kenneth Justin Erickson
Morgan Lyn Escott*
Brendan Scott Farrell
Krista Marie Fisher
Lucas Aloysius Murray Foley
Dana Clare Foremsky*
Jaclyn Evers Frankenberg
Margarita Fuksman
Allison Renee Garavaglia
Kathleen Marie Garman*
Mallory Elizabeth Gaunce*
Stephanie Anne Geddie
Melissa Ann Geha
Stephen Jake Gibbs
Case Michael Gilbreath
Jared Michael Goff
Emily Rose Golden
Kirsten Bell Gradinger*
Andrew Donald Greenhaw
Brian Thomas Gronniger
Kendra Dawn Hall
Lacey Ann Hargrave
Christine Therese Hartigan
Hannah Susan Hartman-Frost
Erica Jill Heiden*
Emily E. Hendricks
Trevor W. Hensley
Dominique Catrine
Amanda Kay Hessler
Cody Alan Hill
Kelli Marie Hindes
Lindsey Alexis Hirschorn
Amanda Huebner
Adam L. Hurly*
Melissa Lynn Jenkins
Jennifer Jo Jensen*
Brittany Mae Jeter*
Hailee G. Jones
Kathrine Lindsay Kahn
Steven Jeffrey Karlin
Betty Renee Kaspar
April Elizabeth Keleher
Morgan May Kelly
Danielle Christine King*
Lauren Korb Kingston
Lindsay Marie Kirkpatrick
Hannah Elizabeth Klamann*
Adam D. Knoernschild
Abigail Burke Koehler*
Jaclyn C. Kostek
Jamie Rae Kratky
Aaron Evan Landis*
Lauren P. Larsen*
Etienne Luc Laubignat*
Jennifer Marie Lawhorn
Lindsay Robyn Lazar
Kimberly Shane Lear
Jessica Lynn Leiker
Catherine Anne Lerner
Jodi Ilise Levine
Jamie Sarah Levy
Emily C. Limpic
Rebecca A. Losey
Kristen Michelle Low
Jacqueline Ann Lumsden
Christopher David Lyons*
Ashley Elizabeth Malson Serrano
Lindsay Marie Martin*
Lindsey Fox Martin*
Cristina M. Martinez
Kendall Marie Matous
Kate Elizabeth McConnell*
Katelyn M. McGill
Traci Nicole McMaster
Sarah Beth McRoberts
Tyler Bruns Mertel
Batya Lea Meyer
Stephanie L. Meyer
Emilee Jean Miller
Kelley Anne Mitchell
Jennifer Lynn Mohwinkle
Daniel Roy Molina*
Lucas Jordan Monaldo*
Kathleen Ann Murray
Grace Musat
Elizabeth Marie Napoli
Christopher Brian Nelson
Christopher Thomas Nelson
Sarah Katherine Nelson*
Shane Steven Norris*
Leslie Ann O’Brien*
Ryan Timothy O’Leary
Megan Anne O’Malley
Dorothy Caroline Owen
Allison Meryl Owens
Angela Ruth Wright Palacioz
Evan James Palmer
Sonia Maricela Pantoja
Helen Pavlik
Carlos Daniel Perez Beltran
Lauren Elizabeth Ponchur
Dana Marie Porter
Kelly Suzanne Potter
Ashley Jennifer Powell
Lisa Paige Ramsey
Stephanie Anne Rhoads
Alison Lynn Rhone*
Matthew James Roberson*
Holly Nicole Robertson
Kelly Elaine Rockey
Carly Renee Rodgers*
Rebekah Paige Romm*
Lauren M. Ruddick
Elizabeth Anne Russell*
Katie Ann Rust
Sarah Nicole Said
Anne T. Schlagel
Angela Marie Schmidt
Meghan Elizabeth Schmidt
Brian Christopher Schneweis*
Joseph Allen Schremmer
Rachel Schulteis*
Mary E. Schuring*
James Nikolaus Schweiker
Lindsey Marie Scott
Thomas Joseph Seymour*
Jessica Marie Shannon
Whitney Lee Shapiro
Lindsey Ann Shirack*
Angela Marie Shukert
Cory Michael Sims
Nathaniel Joseph Sito*
Sarah Nicole Skelnik*
Alyson Lyn Slack*
Amanda Kay Steinle
Rachel Present Stelmach
Marcela Leal Telles
Lauren Nicole Tevis
Caitlin Shea Tew
Leah Denae Thrasher
Nathan R. Totten*
Kelley Payton Traub
Nicole Leigh Traylor
Hannah Michelle Tripp
Derrick Robert Vernier
Jose Miguel Villafana*
Benjamin Daniel Voran
Mitchell George Voth
Sarah Elisabeth Waldschmidt
Brooke Michelle Walther*
Kristin Irene Wark
Kristen Michele Watkins
Colin Thomas Weber
Sarah Ashley Weston*
Kimberly M. Westphall
Malarie J. White*
Allison Rene Willis
Allie N. Wilmes
Jacob B. Wittler
Jill Marlene Woelfel
Sara Elizabeth Wolfe
Amanda L. Wright*
Kelli Lynn Wurfel
Kara Kathleen Young*
Brea Ann Ziegler
Ranjit D. Arab
Rauf Arif
Adrienne Nicole Banks
Jill Barton*
Uyanga Bazaa
Karen S. Blakeman*
Adam Carl Bowman
Christopher Brott*
Brooke Ashlee Connell
Lindsay D. Crupper
Angela Jane Dasbach
Joseph Jasmer De Simone
Matthew William Ellett
Elaine Gail Garcia*
Denzyl E. Janneker
Nicole Kirby
Kelly Renee Loganbill
Stephanie Renee Manning
Patrick Ryan McGeeney
Christopher Michael Raine*
Soleak Seang
Nickolas Samuel Skelton*
Jessica Lynn Skinner*
Abigail Jeanette Stutzer*
Jesse Nathan Temple
Dan Wang
*Degrees granted since May
18, 2008
Jeremy Alpert
Henry M. Bernberg
Catlin Albert Wayne
Burkett Crist
Laura Swick, Senior, McPherson Kansas
Where do you see your major taking you after college?
“Eventually working with international refugees and some
sort of international social work.”
Favorite class in your major?
“Intimate partner violence.”
— Daniel Heady
School of Social Welfare
Kelsey Allen
Katie Barnes
Sam Brown
Jessica Dotter
Danielle Dragan
Anne Marie Fitzgerald
Laura Foster
Sara Freeman
Madeline Fry
Megan Geimer
Margaret Gremminger
Katherine Huseman
Ceri Loflin
Ashley Powell
Alicia Schmitz
Angie Shukert
Katelyn Stroud
Stephanie Tierhold
Kristen Watkins
Katelyn Young
Christy Vongphaakdy
Eilis Seide
Christie Jones
Your source
for diploma
framing and
graduation gifts!
819 Massachusetts • 842-4900 • jaydreaming.com
Don’t forget
to frame
2009 graduation guide 13C thursday, may 7, 2009
Linda K. Culp
Brenda Grace Dostal
Sarah N. Fitzgerald*
Christopher Martin Foral
Tigest T. Frew
Jonathan Frederick Hartner
Kathryn Eileen Hunt
Saeyeon Hyun
Nathan Matthew Korkki
Allison D. Lohrenz
Aleah Marie Menefee
Keith William Moore Jr.
Weston Summers Norwood
Daschie Renae Ouellette
Carolyn Anne Reid
Charles Foster Rombold
Amber Rucker
Brian Whittier Sifton*
Meghan E. Skornia
Steven Michael Sutlick*
Kenji Uegaki
Zachary Joseph Arndt*
Emily A. Barth
Ryan Craig Beebe*
Austin Powell Berke*
Erik Anderson Biggs
Danielle Seung Mee Blodgett
Katie Lynn Bohl
Jesse J. Brubacher
Timothy Michael Burns
Eleanor Marie Butler
Mark Patrick Cahill*
James William Carr
Hoi Wang Chan
Benjamin Gregory Chapman
Matthew Robert Clapper
Carole Marie Cline*
Terra A. Cummings
Andrew Jason Davis
Danielle Rae Dobsch
Steven Bishop Dragan
Jared Michael Eder
Amanda Jo Elkins
Jenifer M. Essen
Rodney Raymond Fager*
Molly Catherine Fogarty
Brent Derek Forget
Kathryn Anne Henry Frick
Gerilyn Christine Goeddel
Katherine M. Hamilton
Erik Austin Heironimus*
Abigail Marie Henson*
Ashley Dyan Hicks
Christina Hoxie
Richard Yuan-Shih Hu
Grant Chien-Hao Huang
Collin J. Jacobs
Boyd Leight Johnson
Scott Alan Johnson
Allison Sue Kapsner
Jonathan Lee Kaufman*
Jennifer Kenne Kivett*
Matthew Ryan Kleinmann
Justin J. Kreikemeier
Kuong Hou Lai*
Alison Lampier
Frank Wayne Lindemann
Allison Kristin Macon
Michelle Ann McGown
Katherine Ann Meeder
Jennifer Renee Meyer*
Ryan Christopher Montana*
Richard James Mulhern*
Aric J. Naeger
Patrick Benjamin Noble
Timothy John Overstreet*
Sarah Kathleen Pastora*
Blake Aaron Perkins
Melissa Megan Porazzo
Caleb John Reed
Kyle Alan Robinson
Megin Brook Rux Sevier
Jason Lee Sadler
Annie Pietrina Labruzzo Smith*
Joshua Michael Somes
Zachary Bruce Stoltenberg
Jin Tang
John Tarr
Andrew David Thomas
Megan Thompson
Sarah Maria Thompson
Ricky Allen Thrash
Jennifer Burgess Tierney
Ashley Lauren Trunnell
Kyle D. Walker
James C. Warden
Ashlen Victoria Williams
Stephanie Dianne Winn
Scott William Wright
Robel Yemane
Tong Zheng*
XiaoSen Zhou
Pamela Jane Harght*
Eric Bror Anderson*
Kelsey Dawn Barr
Ester Bedard
Duane W. Buscher
Daniel J. Carey*
Gabriel Scott Casner
Tristan Harris Cook*
Richard Grant Crandall
Kaely Marie Dawson
Susan Anne Gelvin
John William Greenwood
Mary Beth Hart
Kara Rae Lock
Katherine Elizabeth Mckain
David Murray
Hai Thanh Nguyen
Joseph Nicholas Nickels
Matthew Thomas Raplinger
Amanda Michelle Ripstra
Lisha Shangguan
Lance Christopher White
Erin Leigh Wurfel
Jordan L. Zenger

*Degrees granted since May
18, 2008
Clinical Laboratory
Gail Denise Allen
Douglas Robert Bonebrake*
Heather Dyanne Bushnell
Noel Lynn Clay
Megan E. Corazzin
Jennifer Lyn Courtney*
Kara Nichole Dunlap
Carol M. Foret
Kelsey J. Grist
Deborah Kathryn Hamilton
Erin M. Helms
Carrie Elizabeth Hodges
Ashton R. Howell
Patrick Morgan Ketter
Melissa Dyanne Link
Cherry Leah Lynch
Rupesh Mishra
Ashley Beth Newcomer
Suong Thi Nguyen
Anh Kha Tang
Rani A. Waugh
Rachel A. Young
Annette Louise Edmisten*
Benjamin Michael
Christopher Joseph Leto*
Health Information
Deborah Jo Blue
Steven M. Butner
Robyn Alyssa Crane
Ashlee Elizabeth Davis
Katherine Kelly Elvig
Noah James Groshong
Katherine Biddle Isbell
Jacqueline Nthenya Kivuvani
Mariah Bailey MacKinney
Kelsey Marie Moffat
Erica Elizabeth Pinder
Scott William Rollheiser
Amanda Joelle Winkelman
Occupational Studies
Jessica Ruth Adams
Megan Jill Amos
Amy Nicole Andrejack
Ashlen Richelle Angelo
Gala Lynn Banks
Laine Marie Bassham
Karalyn E. Boston
Kendall Cathrin Carithers
Amy Therese Chapman
Jodi Marie Curry
Laura Elizabeth Dunford
Debra Kate Fricker
Gabrel Adam Fuller
Angela Kay Garman
Kirsten Linnea Larsen*
Lindsay Michele May
Kasey Lorayne Nelson
Tressa Rene Newberry
Dawn Michelle Pabst
Amy Lynn Payne
Jessica D. Payne
Stephanie Marie Roths
Sarah Elizabeth Salzman
Erin Michelle Schnabel
Lauren Marie Vallier
Rachel Lauryn Weltman
Nicole K. Wright
Respiratory Care
Denise Lee Anderson*
Kyle Curtis Byard
Paul Joseph Crockford*
Morie Shea-Lynne Dotson
Jonathan Ko
Heather A. Mandl
Gladis O’Toole
Christopher William Perry
Komica Lynntrese Purnell
John Edward Sorrick
Kundai Kelvin Tanganyika*
Debra Kay Altenhofen
Lauren Anne Bowers
Jennifer Ann Braley
Jessica Lynn Campbell
Kimberly Anne Dickey
Rachel Bailey Duncan
Lauren Hartmann Foster
Kenna B. Grigorov
Meghann Jeanette Hesse
Molly Therese Hilboldt
Laura Ann Huslig
Keysa Lynne Johanson
Sarah Renee Joy
Kelli Kristine Levendofsky
Jenna Lyn McAnarney
Sharoon Noorani
Kindle Ann Rose
Melissa Elaine Rosin
Jessica M. Schuler
Jessica Ruth Sprott
Shelly Diane Unruh
Laura Diane Vallier
Josie Diane Vanwey
Jennifer Lynn Vennart
Brittany Ann Waldo
Leah Trone Walter
Joni Renee Warner
Kelisha Ann White
dietetics and Nutrition
Megan C. Ernst
Alisa N. Funk
Savannah Joell Goldsbury
Megan Nicole Hamby*
Jennifer Marie Hirt*
Jocelynn Marie Jacoby
Susan Ann Kary
Lara R. Kunz
Wing Yan Leung*
Tammi M. Linnebur
Alissa J. Riesselman
Tara L. Sallee
Yungjing Audrey Snell*
Corissa D. Stephens
Jennifer Suzanne Stone*
Melinda S. Storm
Lindsey Michelle Thompson
Molecular Biotechnology
Michelle Elaine Kovac
Suzanne R. McIver
Nurse Anesthesia
Timothy John Brady
Tyler Jack Caldwell
Allison Morgan Coil
Steven Robert Davis
William Eric Gray
Amanda Jo Jordan
Richard Steven Linnarz Jr.
Todd Kenneth McAllister
Ian Frederick Miller
Heidi Louise Pastor
Ryan Patrick Peters
Christy Ann Riordan
Kim Marie Schorer
Samuel Taylor Schwegler
Tiffany Taylor
Mary Catherine Tee
Julie Ann Valle
Grant Ryan Van Scoyoc
Rajesh Vemulapalli
Occupational Therapy
Jessica Saiter Clark*
Carola Maria Elizabeth Dopp
Sara Ann Gabriel
Rebecca Lynn Hanneman
Dana Nicole Jacobson
Sandra K. Keener*
Jennifer L. Montgomery
Kathryn Ann Plum
Katey Ruth Staeben
Susan Michelle Ternes
Hilary Beth Turner
Rehabilitation Sciences
Sandra Anne Billinger*
Kendra Leigh Gagnon
Neena Kumari Sharma*
Benjamin Yichen Tseng
Brooke Alexandra Archer
Lauren Elizabeth Bass
Christina Danae Bausch*
Melanie Diane Berry
Sarah Beth Bracciano
Katherine Sue Breneman
Emily Ann Bretz
Sadie Jo Culver
Natasha Irene Curry
David Sean Dowdy
Sarah E. Edwards
Aaron D. Franklin
Ashley Brooke Friend
Melissa Jean Gaunt
Julie Ann Gawith
Emily Jo Graham
Jennifer Nichole Guhde
Annie Beth Harms
Stacy Lee Hood
Elizabeth Jean Kellerman
Kayla DeAnn Kennedy
Micaela Rostine Kramer
Shawna Lee Lister
Nicholas Michael Long
Sarah Elaine Mattson
Daryl L. Menke
Aubree Louise Mullinix
Lyndsay Kaye Myers
Jamie Lynn Nordstrom
Christopher Max Peterson*
Matthew LeRoy Pfizenmaier
Kacie L. Rognlie
Lisa Michelle Rohrbaugh*
Allison Ruth Sapienza
Sasha Jean Schippers
Scarlett Renee Sharp
Melissa Denny Sindt
Daniel Aaron Smith
Kurtis Clifton Springstead
Stanley Walker Stanhope II
Brittnie Amanda Stevenson
Laura Ann Thoreson
Jackie Noreen Turner
James Currah Whitford*
Kayla Ann Wilhelm
Nicole Diane Windsor
Kelli Lyn Wong
*Degrees granted since May
18, 2008
Corrie Frances Adams
Stacey Lynne Alexander
Anna Alley
Gregory Anderson
LeeMarie Louise Ash
Senait G. Asmelash
Belinda Bagby
Susan Carol Baldwin
Sally Jean Bascom
Jordan Randell Bedford
Tara Michelle Blackburn
Amy McCarty Blaise
Whitney Nikole Blau
Dianne Elizabeth Bollig
Kasey Rae Bowden
Frank L. Boyd
Brittany Nicole Bright
Adrianne Brinker
Jessica Anne Brous
Martha Anne Bryant
Leslie Alane Cnossen
Virginia Allene Cohen
Melissa Lee Cooper
Alicea Jaklyn Cottingham
Kidist Daka
Annalise Marie Daly
Anne Desmornes-Pierre
Alysse Barrett Doane
Joanna Marie Dolezal
Erika Lynn Dunbar
Christine L. Dupree
Samantha Kay Ellis
Whitney Helen Fasbender
Lauren Elizabeth Fry
Mia Georgann Gallagher
Amanda Kathryn Galyardt
Jill Ann Gardner
Emily Lorraine Garza
Rebecca Givens
Emily Margo Gray
Jacqueline Mae Grubb
Jennifer Lee Gwaltney
Danielle Ann Hammes
Aubrey K.M. Heckman
Katrina Beth Heinrich
Ashley Dianne Heise
Carissa Mary Helvey
Katherine A. Herrera
Arlene L. Higgins
Lindsey Michelle Hitchcock
Alexandra J. Hoskins
David A. Huddleston
Le M. Huynh
Reid Henke Jagels
Kelsey K. Jensen
Alexis Nicole Johnson
Lakin Nicole Johnson
Shawna Leigh Johnson
Kay Marie Johnston
Heather Jones
Lindsay Nicole Jones
Katelin Karlin
Erica B. Kingsley
Megan Nicole Klaus
Mollie Meck Layton Krantz
Teresa Marie Kuehn
Jennifer Lynn Lawrence
Tu Cam Le
Ashley Beth Leonard
Janice Lc Lin
Shawna M. Lincoln
Heather Susanne Lingner
Kathryn Gayle Locke
Brianna Marie Mann
Susan Lynn Marr
Joseph Gabriel Martin
Mary Aileen May
Kathryn R. Mayer
Patricia V. McKenna
Katie McQueen
Jessica Renee Miles
Lindsey Nicole Miles
Brent Jordan Miller
Sheila Marie Miller
Megan Kathleen Millhouse
Angela Diane Mullis
Liza K. Murray
Sarah Myers
Trista M. Nordyke
Hannah M. Oberkrom
Emeka Ogwudile
Melissa Dawn Oliver
Susan Page
Jeffrey Peters
Anne Marie Pracht
Megan F. Prince
Jacqueline Marie Pyle
Jennifer Anne Quinn
Julie Marie Golbov
Marianna Marie Reasons
Meagan C. Redman
Tiffany Anne Relph
Michelle Nicole Remmich
Bethani Jean Rhodes
Amanda Kate Rice
Tory Alexander Richmond
Mary Rodriguez
Johnathan Antonio
Jessica Lynn Scharff
Abby Michel Schrag
Mindi Schwartz
Cheryl Lynn Seacat
Noelle Marie Seraphin
Stacey Erin Shields
SaraLynn Elisabeth
Cara M. Smith
Christina Ruth Sobek
Ashley Dawn Speck
Lindsay Lee Stewart
Megan Christine Stidham
Sofia Margaret Stoll
Stacey Leigh Stout
Ashley Michelle Studebaker
Julie Elizabeth Sudbeck
Kathryn Reyne Sutton
Amy Lynn Tajchman
Gladys Tanui
Allison Christine Taylor
Ashley Roxanne Taylor
Joy Taylor
Katherine Ellen Towner
Rhonda S. Truschinger*
Bryce M. Uhl
Shawna Lee VanLeeuwen
Sounithta Amanda
Lorri Kaye Voth
Pamela Weber
Timberlyn Mae Weeks
Marion Adams West
Lacey Lynn Whisenant
Monica White
Alison Adele Wilcox
Ronald Williams
Robin Aaron Wilson
Cecilia Anne Winter
Erin Michelle Wood
June Joohong Yi
Tiffany Kay Yowell
Robin Melissa Albrecht
Leslie Ann Arnold
Kathy Jo Asbury*
Ann Lauren Barrows*
Bella Michelle Birdashaw*
Kimberly M. Blassingame
Heidi Fair Boehm
Carlene Marie Breen*
Summer A. Bryant
Kimberly Ann Campbell*
Erin E. Carroll*
Janet Lynne Cellitti*
Karen Lee Clark*
Alison Lyn Coats*
Jeanette Lynne Coltharp*
Kathi Corral*
Karla Kay Currie*
Amber Dee DeWald*
Jamie L. Easum*
Krista Renee Estes*
Jeffrey L. Eye*
Kristian Lea Fowler*
Heather Dawn Harper
Traci Dawn Harsch*
Ryan D. Hartman*
Kari Jean Hess
Kelly Jo Hewins
Kara Lynn Higgins
Angela Marie Holt*
Julie A. Hough*
Rachel Deann Israel
Brenna DeAnn Johnston*
Laura Kane*
Cara Dee Knipp
Jessica Ann Kreitler*
Elizabeth Marie Kroll*
Yu-Ching Karen Lee*
Norma Kathryn Linde*
Alison Michelle Lindsay
Erin Nicole Lovewell*
Eva LaVerne Manos*
MacKinzie Jan Maxson*
Susan Diane McGeeney*
Stacy Dawn Morast*
Karen Lynn Morrison*
Angie Dee Murkins*
Cheryl Lea Myers*
Ashley Marie Nimz*
Tiffany Jo Noller
Kelly Ann Novosel*
Rachel Ann Pepper
Christina J. Phillips*
Catherine Lynn Powell*
Gomathi T. Ramakrishnan*
Shawna Rochelle Ricks
Shari Diane Riley
Michelle Lee Robison-Sabata
Liza Angelica Rodriguez*
Heather M. Sambol*
Qiuhua Shen*
Melissa Sue Shinkle*
Kara M. Spurling*
Cynthia L. Steen*
Amanda Lynn Styers*
Britny Dawn Sutulovich*
David Anton Thomas*
Audra Louise Walter*
Mary Renee Walters*
Kathleen Elizabeth Williams*
Amanda Rene Winrow
Carol Ann Kemper
*Degrees granted since
May 18, 2008
Emmi Genevieve Adler
Jenna M. Allegre
Dana Beth Amitin
Elizabeth Ann Armstrong
Margaret G. Aus
Kimberly Ann Baker
Megan D. Barrett
Christina M. Beilke-Casper
Molly Ann Berthold
Lauren Kaitlin Bonfe
Hilary Elizabeth Bowker
Jennifer J. Bruns
Jessica Noel Clatterbuck
Whitney Beth Condie
Michael Ashton Copp
Andrea Michaele Cox
Catelin Christina Cunningham
Vernon B. Downing
Stephanie Anne Elliott
Brittany Robynn Ersery
Nicole Marie Farris
MacKenzie Bell File
Michael Brandon Fletcher*
Antoyia C. P. Fortune*
Effie Dana Freeland
Kelly Marie Geraghty
Margaret Haddon Glenn
Elizabeth Marie Goering*
Traci Deann Goldsby
Marni Beth Green
Nicole Dicie Green
Debbie Diane Greenfield
Whitney Leigh Gudgel
Ashley Marie Hamamy
Lane Sarah Hermreck
Melisa A. Higginbotham*
Emily Kay Hutfles
Tyea Bethany Johnson
Chelsey Kaylan Keim
Yeon Jung Kim
Rebecca D. Koehlhoeffer*
Kari Lynn Kurenitz
Rebecca Ann Labat
Jessica Lauren Levy
Natasche Amelia Lewis
Jennifer Lynn Lichtenauer
Amy A. Lindgren
Elizabeth Ashley Lindner*
Rebecca Lynn Lockwood
Jennifer Marie Luse
Kyli Susan Maddox
Molly Kathleen Maguire
Dacia McCabe Maher
Jenna Christine Merkel
Justine Brown Ogdon
Ji-Yeon Oh
Bethany Campbell Pace-Danley
Erin Frances Pearce*
Katie Marie Pope
Amber Jean Rollins
Chelsea Leigh Rorabaugh
Kathleen Elizabeth Scopel
Elise Marie Seely*
Shala Marie Sicard
Jennifer Louise Simpson
Kristen Marie Soetaert
Diana Carolyn Spathis
Samantha Gay Strobing
Sara Lyn Swenson
Laura J. Swick
Jennifer Ann Thomas
Kaluki Wambua
Carolyn Lea Wilson
Antwan De’andre Winkfield*
Lauren Ashley Winkler
Elizabeth Bradford Yingling*
Matthew Scott Achenbach
Kimberly Susan Adams
Mellody Anne Ainsworth
Abigail Jane Alberts
Tina Marie Allen
Akilah Dacarem Alleyne
Nicole Larissa Anderson
Keeja Ayn Andrews
Susan Gwen Arnold
Tara Atkinson
Lynn A. Bartlett
Patricia Ann Becher
Jamie Lynn Bergman
Amy Kathleen Bertrand
Randy Eugene Bradford
Mandy Lee Bruns
Christine H. Bulley*
Amanda Marie Bunnell*
Carrie Jean Catterson-
Emily Elaine Chadwick
Claudia Kay Cipo
Jennifer Ellen Clark
Matthew Corbin Clark
Tamara L. Clemmons*
Gentry Michelle Cobb
Haylie Suzanne Colby
Jennifer Suzanne Colby
Janet Cookie Cook
Cheryl Allison Cowley*
Rachel Elnora Cropp*
Selena Delao
Patricia Denton
Lydia Kathleen Diebolt
Jennifer Dodson
Tara Kay Doerfler
Ebony Jean Duncan
Stephen Scott Durkin
Kellie A. Elliott
Laura Elizabeth Enders
Megan Dawn Endres
Shelley Ann Endsley
Jessica Enriquez
Emily A. Farmer
Tamara Janell Finlen
Tokunboh Efe Folake
Jackie Elizabeth Fuller-Wooster
Susila Christine Gabbert
Kellie Marie Galley
Carmen Renee Gattis
David B. Gerson
Anna Celsea Giles
Krista Claire Gloe
Jamie Lynn Gordon
Natalie Susanne Gorman*
Cynthia Grace Grenke
Cathy L. Griffith
Anna Linnea Gude
Paul Gutierrez
Brandon S. Gwilliam
Elizabeth May Haire
Amy Elizabeth Hance*
Rachel Ann Harmon
Heather Dawn Hawkins
Carrie Michelle Held
Kimberly Marie Herring
Chauncey Deone Hester Sr.
Micaela Leigh Hill
Emily Hissink
Rebecca Joanna Holmes
Amber Marie Holter
Janette LynnAnne-Marie Howe
Nicole Hutton
Andre Demond Jackmon
Reginald Christopher Jackson
Sonia Ayodele Jegede-
Robyn Joya Johnson
Alicia Erin Jones
Kelly Ann Jones
Leigh Dixie Jordan
Jamie M. Kalwei
Maggie Anne Kelly
Kaley Kettlewell
Sonja Eleanor Kristiansen
Amber Michelle Layne
Megan Mary Leihy
Matthew Robert Leiste
Jenna Lynn Lopez
Kelly Denise Lowe
Lungile Patience
William Robrick
Jenny Lee Mahieu*
Maria Teresa Mahoney
Ashley Dawn Marple
Rebecca McIntire-Goff
Mark Allen Mikel
Wesley Wayne Milburn
Staci Rae Miller
Lindsay Nicole Mills
Tara Mitchell
Nicole Marie Monk
Rebecca Beth Nachlas
Shelly Sue O’Connor
Amber Dawn Osburn*
Anissa S. Pedram
Jennifer N. Phillips
Erin Elizabeth Potanas*
Jennifer Lynn Preston
April Marie Rand
Kara Ellen Rechterman
Laurie A. Reinhold
Rena Ann Reynolds
Andrea Kelcey Ridings
Kayce Leann Riggle
Kelly Leigh Roepka
Christina Lorine Romo
Kelly Ray Ross
Lindy Rayanne Russell
Shannon E. Russell
Fiordaliza Pena Sandoval
Heather Marie Schuller
Mary B. Sheridan
Shelly Richelle Shetley
Kathryn Elizabeth Shoemaker
Alissa Marie Shull
Linda Marlene Siemens
Cynthia S. Siemers*
Danielle Diane Sigler
Jennifer Davis Simpson
Vivica Yvonne Snype-Stewart
Jeff Alan Sosinski
Cynthia Dawn Spencer
Rachel E. Stanton
Amanda Leigh Stasi
Cristin L. Stice
Kelly Dawn Stidham
Jennifer J. Stoll
JoAnn Stovall
Meghan Sullivan
Lora L. Swartzendruber
Amber Lucille Thomas
Timothy Charles Thomas
Adam Frederick Timberlake
Torre Christine Tipton
Samantha Joy Underwood
Hillary Alexandria Unrein
Jalie Edwards Uzynski
Kavya Velagapudi
Loren Maxine Whitehorn
Catherine R. Wilcox
Candice Penny Wise
Danielle S. Wright
Mary Elizabeth Yandura
Felicia Ann Zoffka*
Social Work
Jennifer Wheeler Brooks
Susan R. Campbell
Devyani Chandran
Jung Jin Choi*
Doreen Kay Higgins*
Emily Louise McCave
David Okech
Robert E. Prue*
Kimberly Laurene Rosa

*Degrees granted since
May 18, 2008
Jared Thomas Abel
Anne L. Alexander*
Hissan Anis
Brutrinia De Aquanitia Arellano
Andrew James Argetsinger
Caroline Ann Bader
Vedrana Balta
Kasey Alanna Barton
Matthew Robert Batzel*
Brandon O. Bean
Jonathan Edward Benevides
Nathan J. Betzen
Gregory Stephen Joseph Beuke
Stacey Lynn Blakeman
Marcela Cristina Blanco-Mendoza
Carrie Anne Bond*
David Clay Britton III*
Ashlyn N. Buck
Caden Luke Butler
Yih-Cheng Chang
Eugenia J. Charles-Newton*
Laci Lee Clark
Jonathan Stuart Cline
Travis J. Coberly
Karen Rebecca Collier
Christopher Philip Colyer
Jerald James Cook*
Shawnah Kae Corcoran
Michael T. Crabb
Danielle Nicole Davey
Christopher M. DeBacker
Michelle Alexandra Delgado
Janki Desai
Michael Edward Dill
Allen Nelson Doyel*
B. Tad Dunville
David N. Elliott*
Christina Dawn Elmore
Ashley Michelle Epperly
Matthew Richard Erb
Alison Lin Erickson
Jacob Gibian Fishman
Kelly Hupp Foos
Jerome Barton Foster*
Christine Judith Garner
Lisa Ann Gilbreath
Ameline Gillet
Dennis Andrew Golden*
Dana Nichole Good
Jeremy Lynn Graber
Kelly Ryan Graham
Monika Lynsey Groom
Burton Matthew Harding
Brian J. Hardouin
Stacy Nicole Harper
Lindsey K. Morse Heinz
Justin A. Hendrix
David A. Hickey
Joshua Thomas Hill
Kasey Joan Hollinrake
Cullin Bren Hughes
Ronald Gene Huston Jr.
Beau A. Jackson
Nick Ryan Jaskolski
Ellen Marie Jensby
Neal David Johnson
Stephen Moreing Johnson
Seth Austin Jones
James Michael Jordan
Maria Grazyna Kaminska
Alex Joseph Ketzner
Rachel J. Kibler Melby
Alicia Marie Kirkpatrick
Paul Randolph Klepper
Jerome George Korkoya
Anna Lee Kowalewski
Jason Ryan Krejci
Joanna Labastida
Laura Elizabeth Lane
Julie Marie Larson
Earl Dean Lawson
John Matthew Leavitt
Yoonjae Lee
Cody Ray Lindenberger
Jackson Louis Lindsey
Kelcie Lee Longaker*
Ryan Andrew Ludwig
Mariza Elize McCann*
Jeffrey Christopher McCombs*
James M. McKain
Casey Young Meek*
Charles Daniel Miller Jr.
Katie Ann Morgan*
Daniel Morris
Shane Michael Morrisey*
Daniel Benjamin Moskowitz
Catherine Frances Mulvaney
Austin Tyler Murrey
David Nekunazarazad
Scott M. Nelson
W. Robert Nelson
Brian Michael Nye
Robin Kathleen O’Roark*
Sean J. Ostrow*
Demetrius Joachim-Jorel Peterson
Sara L. Pfeiffer
Sagun Govind Prabhu Moye
Jomana Jihad Qaddour
Lloyd William Raber
Wissam Rashid
Aaron C. Reeves
Jared Lee Reeves
Jessica Leigh Reyes
Danielle Alyssa Rider
Jason Carl Robbins
Jason Paul Romero
Devin Kyle Ross
Daniel Day Royce
Daniel Theodore Porterfield Runge
Tarik Sahin
Maria Rosa Salcedo
Timothy M. Schapker
Sara Elizabeth Schwermer
Bradley David Serafine
Heidi Leigh Shadid*
Benjamin D. Sharp
Andrew Robert Shaw
Bethany Munyan Shelton
Amanda Christine Sheridan
Kenneth Thomas Short
Madhumeet Kaur Singh*
Nancy Leah Skinner
Michael A. Slack
Rachel Diana Stahle
John Matthew Sterling
Benjamin Nicholas Sumner
Timothy Michael Swanson
Brett David Sweeney
Jesse Daniel Tanksley
Nathaniel James Thompson
Hani Tobassi
James Eric Todd
Heng Tech Tran*
Nha-Trang T. Truong*
Stephen McConaughey Turley
Molly Elizabeth Walsh
Burton William Warrington
Brian W. Wathen
Patrick Reid Watkins*
Anna Gilbert Wells
Helen Harriet White
Robert Charles Whitney
Samuel Ray Wilkerson*
Graham Douglas Winch*
Christopher Paul Winters
Lucas C. Wohlford
Alexis Anne Zayas
Jin Zhu
Ethan Christopher Zipf-Sigler

*Degrees granted since
May 18, 2008
Jared Thomas Abel
Florence Ramatu Adegoke
Kevin Thomas Arnhold
Lafe Michael Bauer
Dale Martin Baumbach Jr.
Richelle Dawn Beckman
Rohit Chander
Kevin Kwanghui Choe*
Amy Lorrea Christensen
Christina Lynn Dinger
Margaret Wood Dyck
Joseph Edouard
Danielle Marie Forbis
Joshua Scott Gall
Stacy Nicole Harper
Michelle R. Horne
Dorothy Jane Hughes*
Laura A. Jones
Erica Kloehn
Nicole Marie Ladesich
Claire Rachel Lockwood
Veronica T. McDaniel
Clayton E. O’Connor
Kelsi Ann Remmert
T. Paul Rohrer Jr.
Neha Sharma
Alison Delores Starks
Dacy Elizabeth Suellentrop
Mark Andrew Van
Melissa Lynn Wolken
Jerry W. Briscoe*
Emily M. Bullard
Janete A. Eaker*
Ashley Gail Farmer*
Sharon Ann Fitzgerald
Tomas Lindor Griebling*
Ryan E. Hodge*
Erin L. Janke
Kimberley R. Jones*
Scott Michael Koertner
Kelly Dalton Kreisler
Sai Shivaji Ganesh
Nga Thuy Thi Le*
Aura Maria Morgan
Rachel Anna Moses
Angela Leigh Myers*
Florence Maboh Ndikum-
Heather M. Newhard*
Emily N. Ngugi
Timothy Patrick Orford*
Elizabeth Reum Palmer
Laura M. Quick*
Venkataprasanth Reddy*
William J. Salyers*
Jessica Kay Sand
D.V.M. Selzer
Joanna Claassen Toews*
Durghesh Nandhini
Andrew Armstard Warlen
Clinical Research
Jeffrey M. Burns
Benjamin Bradley Cronk*
Catherine Marie Womack*
Molecular and Integrative
Stephanie D. Fiedler*
Lindsay Elise Abbott
Durant Barrett Abernethy
Toluwalase Ayodele Ajayi
Holly Marie Allen
Veronica Lynn Amey*
Andrew L. Barker
Judd Philip Bauer
Kallie Marie Bechtold
Shaun Robert Best
David Gregory Biller
Emily Anne Blankenship
Amber R. Bledsoe
Alison Garrett Blevins
Michael Paul Bloustine
Justin Robert Bond
Caleb Jesse Bowers
Jeffrey Lee Brewer
Tyler M. Buser
Matthew Ross Carazo
Joel K. Carey
Mitchell James Challis
Thomas Wayne Champion
Kayla Danielle Chapman
Eric Prasith Chau
Kimberlee Dian Clark Reetz
Paige Erin Clark
Alan Wayne Clement
Kari Rose Clouse
Melissa Ann Colgan
Christian P. Conderman
Tarah Lynne Cook
Ebony Rose Copeland
Sonder Michele Smith
Heather Dianne
Brian Terry Cuthbertson
Kristen S. Dalton
Lan Thi Dang
Numukunda Darboe Jr.
Jared Michael Davis
Roger Vernon Dietz
Christopher Douglas Doll
Julianne Donnelly
Neil Curtis Dunavin
William Harrison Elton
Anna Elise Esparham
Shaun Ashley Fay
Miranda Michelle Feagan
Jennifer Lynn Fink
Mark Joshua Foland
Ruben Font Jr.
Laura Kathleen Frye
Melissa Kay Garber
Julia Renee Gaston
Nicholas Orion Gatz
Joseph Andrew Gillespie
Philip Odartey Hansen*
Emily Margaret Wiebe
Justin Arman Haynes
Nathan R. Heckerson
Anita A. Hegde
Stephen G. Hersperger
Jacob Taylor Hodges
Bryce Adam Hoffman
Anju Anna Idiculla
Gregory James Isaac
Gayla Estelle Jackson
Geneva Lynn Jacobs
Landon Michael Johnson
Mila Hui Ju
Jennifer Anne Kaufman
Aaron Matthew Kaus
Jeremiah Robert Kempke
Stefanie Michelle Kempke
Michael Jonathan Khadavi
Sara Catherine Kinsey
Joel Friedrich Koenig
Megan Louise Krause
Nicholas Wayne Krehbiel
Neil Gupta Kumar
Janna Marie Lang
Travis Ryan Langner
MyChi Han Le
Dwight Ross Leggett II
Jennifer Ann Liebenthal
Angela Marie Link
Ana Marie Liolios
My Yen Luu
Edwin Robert Malone Jr.
Megan Jane Manthe
Kathleen Rose Marzluf
Shriti Masrani
Ashley Rae Mathews
John Nicholas May
Abigail Suzanne Maze
Scott David McLaren
Mary Margaret Mitchell
Jason W. Nugent*
Adam Jacob Obley
Jodi Michelle Palmer
John Ho Park
Cornelius R. Peterson
Andrew William Pope
Alison Kyley Raymond
Ashley Megan Robertson
Clark David Rogers
Simon Roh
Lindsey Leigh Saint
Andrew Brian Schlachter
Matthew Jordan Schmidt
Kirstie Anne Schneider
Stephanie Michelle Seiler
Janaki Neela Sharma
Steven Joey Sherman
Susan Manning Sifers
Jeffrey Ray Simpson
Evelyn Lidia Slomka
Lance Craig Smith
Telemate A. Sokari
Jennifer Ann Spiegel
Cole R. Spresser
Ashley Elizabeth Stallbaumer
Latasha Kaye Steele
Ourania T. Stephanopoulos
Curtrina F. Strozier
Bryan Kent Stucky
Darin Lyn Swonger
John A. Tanksley Jr.
Laura Ann Thomas
Joanna Claassen Toews
Adam Michael Tritsch
Le Truong
Robert Leroy Ullom
Jorge Abner Valdivia
Amanda Michelle Valliant
Christina Lynn Veenstra
Ali Elaine Wait
Amanda Helen Regier Waltner
Daniel Edward Warren
Rebeka Leigh Weber
Nicholas A. Wessling
Cameron E. West
Courtney A. West
Daniel Aaron West
Laura Christine Westfall
Cynthia Cecilia Wheat
Laura C. Whisler
Joseph M. Wierzbicki
Christopher J. Wilbert
Benjamin Clay Williams
Beverly M. Wilson
Joella Elizabeth Wilson
James Bret Winblad
Erin Kathryn Zahradnik
Joseph R. Zenisek
Jennifer J. von Fintel
Biochemistry and
Molecular Biology
Raymond Anthony
Benjamin P. Weaver
Cell Biology and anatomy
Rachel R. Buckley*
Christopher S. Liverman*
Elizabeth S. Taglauer*
Ryan Joseph Schulze
Molecular and
Integrative Physiology
Darcy Michelle Griffin*
Anisha A. Gupte
Lynda Kay McGinnis
Anh-Nguyet Thi Nguyen*
Alison Yuh Fen Ting
Adrianne Elizabeth Hontz*
Jerri Michelle Rook*
Scott A. Reisman*
Abebe Mulugeta Abebe, M.D.
Farhan Ahmed, M.B.B.S.
Nelson Nicolas Algarra, M.D., M.S.
WeesamKassimAl-Khatib, M.D.
Steven Burton Allen, M.D.
Samer I. Antonios, M.D.
Zalina E. Ardasenov, M.D., Ph.D.
John Henry Ashcraft, D.O.
Basem Awadh, M.D.
Srinivas Bandi, M.B.B.S., M.S.
Jay F. Banister III, M.D.
Jennifer FernandoBarbin, M.D.
EsamNuri Baryun, M.B.B.Ch.
Renuka V. Basavaraju, M.B.B.S.
David Warren Becker, M.D.
Mark Allen Birdsong, M.D.
John Anthony Bonino, M.D.
StevenWilliamBormann, M.D.
John Ryan Bracken, M.D.
Richard Ryan Brewington, M.D.
William S. Burnett, M.D.
MatthewA. Caldwell, M.D., Pharm.D.
Jason Stuart Campbell, M.D.
Jason Patrick Cassidy, M.D.
Benjamin M. Chen, M.D.
Jason Andrew Cheney, M.D.
Hyon Y. Cho, M.D.
Jo Laneé Choudhry, M.D.
Vineet Choudhry, M.D.
Ryan D. Christensen, M.D.
Joey Lawrence Christmas, M.D.
Alexander K. Chung, M.D.
Clint Matthew Colberg, M.D.
Amanda Lee Colgan, M.D.
Zachary Seth Collins, M.D.
Jesse L. Courtier, M.D.
Michael S. Crosser, M.D.
Scott David Culbertson, M.D.
Benjamin S. Davis, M.D.
Keisha Yvonne Davis, M.D.
Ryan Glenn Davis, M.D.
Robin Laurel DeCoursey, M.D.
Katie Lynn Dennis, M.D.
LeAyn J. Dillon, D.O.
Martin W. Dillow, M.D.
Marsha R. Ditto, M.D.
Nathan B. Dobbs, M.D.
Jill M. Doerfler-Iniguez, M.D.
Maria Lourdes Donato, M.D.
Stephanie Dreiling-Whaley, M.D.
Andrew Michael DuBois, M.D.
Lee Mong Duong, M.D.
James Tan Dunlap, M.D.
Matthew B. Earnest, M.D.
Leigh M. Eck, M.D.
Boutros El Haddad, M.D.
Jamie L. Elliott, M.D.
Suzanne Essengue-Belibi, M.D.
Kerri L. Fellows, M.D.
Sarah Diane Folscroft, M.D.
Deetra Y. Ford, M.D.
Robbyn L. Franklin, M.D.
Elizabeth Ashley Garwood, M.D.
Jon-Thomas Gertken, M.D.
Selina Annette Gierer, D.O.
Mazhar Hasan Golewale, M.B.B.S.
Christina Lorraine Goodwin, M.D.
Meera R. Gopaul, M.B.B.Ch.
Philip L. Gorman, M.D.
Stephen M. Graham, M.D.
Valerie Audra Grau, M.D.
Brooke Bishop Grizzell, M.D.
Troy Daniel Gust, M.D.
DavidAnthonyGutschenritter, M.D.
Hemalatha Gutta, M.B.B.S.
Ziad M. Haddad, M.D.
Malik A. Hamid, M.D.
Soheila Hamidpour, M.D.
Kassem A. Hammoud, M.D.
Jeremy Armien Handy, M.D.
Christine Harms, D.O.
Dana Joseph Hawkinson, M.D.
Gina Beth Hendren, M.D.
Jason Eric Himmel, M.D.
Melanie R. Hoehn, M.D.
Glenda K. Holzman, M.D.
John A. Hornback, D.O.
Gregory James Horwitz, M.D.
Timothy P. Hoskins, M.D.
Whitney Allison Hounshell, D.O.
Jeremy L. Howes, M.D.
Daniel J. Hulse, M.D.
Clinton Dale Humphrey, M.D.
Molly C. Imber, M.D.
Srinivas S. Iyengar, M.D.
Dory Abou Jaoude, M.D.
Blake Wilson Johnson, D.O.
Rogena K. Johnson, M.D.
Stanley Preston Jones, M.D.
Jeffrey B. Jorgensen, M.D.
Amy M. Juelson, M.D.
Rahul Kapur, M.B.B.S.
Brian C. Kelley, D.O.
Rachel C. Kelly-Hornback, D.O.
Mark L. Kerr, M.D.
Ramzi William Khazen, M.D.
Zartash Zafar Khan, M.B.B.S.
Antoinette Khowong, M.D.
Shane Christopher Kim, M.D.
Darren Steven Klish, M.D., M.P.H.
Jennifer Scott Koontz, M.D.
Jennifer Krejci-Manwaring, M.D.
Benny Kusuma, M.D.
Patricia Ellen Ladd, M.D.
Heath Edward Latham, M.D.
Charlene Lava, M.D.
Paul James Leahy, M.D.
Colleen G. Lechtenberg, M.D.
Adam M. Leight, M.D.
Melissa Lipford, M.D.
Lynn R. Ludvigson, M.D.
Roger Elias Maalouf, M.D.
Heather J. Male, M.D.
Ali Mansour, M.D.
Thomas R. Marcellino, M.D.
Ira William Marsh, M.D.
Lekha Mathew, M.B.B.S.
James S. McIntosh, M.D.
Victor Stewart McNerney, D.O.
Kelly J. Meier, D.O.
Matthew G. Meschke, D.O.
Jeffrey Patrick Michalak, D.O.
Susanna Barrett Mierau, M.D.
Krista Lynn Williams Mijares, M.D.
James Douglas Mitchell, M.D.
Thomas Mitchell, M.D.
Matthew James Moll, M.D.
James Lloyd Morgan, D.O.
Mark Morishige, M.D.
Teran Ray Naccarato, M.D.
John D. Nachtigal, M.D.
Ethany L. Nelson, M.D.
Sara J. Nelson, M.D.
Gregory George Niederauer, M.D.
Lincoln Todd Olsen, M.D.
Maura O’Neil, M.D.
Matthew Bennett Ostrowitz, M.D.
Justin Aurel Overmiller, M.D.
Zaheer K. Pajnigar, M.D.
Sushil Raman Patel, M.D.
Vijay M. Patel, M.D.
Mukul Vasant Patharkar, M.D.
Susan Louise McNaughton Pence, M.D.
Danelle Lin Perry, M.D.
Daniel R. Perry, M.D.
Micah G. Pescetto, D.O.
Joan Sybell R. Petalcorin, M.D.
John D. Peterson, D.O.
Elizabeth Pitts, M.D.
Lucas Ryan Pitts, M.D.
John Brian Pope, M.D.
AndrewScott Thomas Porter, D.O.
Eleana M. Price, M.D.
Vesna Radivojevic, M.D.
Faisal M. Raja, M.B.B.S.
Justin Wayne Ramsey, M.D.
KrishnaViswaramRangarajan, M.D.
Scott T. Rawson, M.D.
Vinod Raxwal, M.D.
Robert Ray, M.D.
Kevin K. Raymer, M.D.
Jennifer K. Raymond, M.D.
Jill L. Riffel, M.D.
Michael Rippee, M.D.
Kyle Patrick Ritter, M.D.
Jill Marie Rosbrugh, M.D.
Abbey Elizabeth Rupe, M.D.
Sheila M. Scheffe, M.D.
Kevin E. Schoenhals, M.D.
Eric S. Schweiger, M.D.
Tanya Scurry, M.D.
Dar Bharat Shah, M.D.
Muditha Kirit Shah, M.D.
M. Rafique Shaikh, M.B.B.S.
Kristi Kim Shaumeyer, M.D.
Jaswinder Singh, M.B.B.S.
Kathryn Lang Smock, M.D.
James Lawrence Southwell, D.O.
Benjamin Stephenson, M.D.
Angela Marie Stueve, M.D.
Jason Michael Sugar, M.D.
Carl L. Van Tasell, M.D.
Angel Teck, D.O.
Deanna Dakhil Ternes, D.O.
Benjamin Todd Thatcher, D.O.
Meenakshi Thirunavu, M.B.B.S.
Marija Tonkovic-Capin, M.D.
Christine Ann Trueblood, M.D.
Joseph A. Ursick, M.D.
Susmitha Vaka, M.B.B.S.
Murari Vasudevan, M.B.B.S.
Natalia Villate, M.D.
Anh H. Vinh, M.D.
Matthew Todd Voth, M.D.
Julie Khanh Vu, M.D.
Chad Alan Waits, M.D.
Robin A. Walker, M.D.
Bradford Alan Wall, M.D.
Xiao Yun Wang, M.D.
Warren Eugene Weston, M.D.
Erik Michael Wetter, M.D.
Robyn Freidman Wetter, M.D.
R. Brad Whinery, M.D.
Kenneth John Whipple, D.O.
David M. Wichman, M.D.
Sheila K. Williamson, M.D.
2009 graduation guide 14C thursday, may 7, 2009
with gifts
to remember
college by
college by
Mark the Milestone
928 Massachusett
downtown Lawrence
New Appetizers
New Drink Specials
8 9 6 / 9 4 9 / 4 4 : : 3 : 1 8 ! x / ! 7 u i ! t u /
2009 graduation guide 15C thursday, may 7, 2009
Where do
you line up?
Graphic by Nick Gerik/KANSAN
Graduates who want to be part of the Commencement procession down Campanile hill to Memorial Stadiumshould line up on Memorial Drive at 2 p.m. on Sunday, May 17. The above diagramshows where graduates fromeach school should gather. The procession will ofcially begin at 2:30 p.m.
1. Pharmacy
2. Engineering
3. Fine Arts
4. Education
5. Business
6. Journalism
7. Architecture
8. Social Welfare
9. Allied Health
10. Nursing
1. College of
Liberal Arts
and Sciences
2. Law
3. Medicine
GAmE dAy
Cities across the US have KU sports watch sites for alumni
Madison, Ala.
Indigo Joe’s Sports
Pub and Restaurant
Tucson, Ariz.
Fort Lowell depot
Bar and Grill
Bentonville, Ark.
Bufalo Wild Wings
Fresno, Calif.
Victory Grill
Fair Oaks, Calif.
Players Sports Pub and Grill
Windsor, Conn.
Bufalo Wild Wings
Fort Meyers, Fla.
Nick and Stella’s
Family Sports Pub
Miami, Fla.
Orlando, Fla.
JB’s Sports Restaurant
Tampa, Fla.
Beef O’Brady’s
Wildwood, Fla.
Beef O’Brady’s
O’Fallon, Ill.
Hot Shots Bar
Lexington, Ky.
Beaumont Bar and Grill
Livonia, Mich.
Chammps Americana
Springfeld, Mo.
Classics Sports Café
Las Cruces, N.M.
The Game
Charlotte, N.C.
dilworth Neighborhood Grill
Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
King’s Street Grill
Cincinnati, Ohio
mulligans Hyde Park
Tulsa, Okla.
Nashville, Tenn.
Sam’s Sports Bar and Grill
Amarillo, Texas
Hummer’s Sports Café
Arlington, Texas
Midvale, Utah
Iggy’s Sports Grill
Milwaukee, Wis.
The Irish Pub
Graphic by Nick Gerik/KANSAN
— www.kualumni.org
If you’ve ever wondered where
you’ll watch KU games once
you’ve graduated and moved away,
take comfort in the knowledge
that many bars pride themselves
in serving as KU watch sites for
sporting events.
Alumni around the country
confirm that watching KU games
with hundreds of other fans does
not end once you leave the hill.
There are bars all over the
country decked out with KU
flags and bartenders wearing KU
stickers, who in some cases make
special drinks named after the
In Chicago there are quite a few
KU watch sites, including Junior’s,
which is owned by KU football star
Gale Sayers.
Will Cook, 2001 graduate and
Chicago native, watches the KU
games at a bar called Kincade’s.
“All of the KU bars in the city
are special in their own right, but
for me the bar of choice has always
been Kincade’s,” Cook said. “The
back room, called Lucille’s, better
known by KU fans as Lucy’s, is the
best place to watch a KU game in
If you show up at Kincade’s
hoping to watch the game, you
may want to get there early.
Cook said there can be up to
300 people for a regular season
game and double that for more
important games.
In Chicago, there are also
alumni events throughout the
year, including a cruise for Big 12
alumni, Cubs games and even the
Chicago Blues Festival.
Scottsdale, Ariz.
If graduation takes you to the
Southwest, you can find many
alumni gathered at The Upper
Deck in Scottsdale.
Carol Hilbert, fourth-generation
KU alumna, said that the two-story
bar filled up entirely with KU fans
for big games, and a small number
even come out for preseason
The bar was especially full on
the day of the championship game
last year — one of Hilbert’s favorite
“It would be hard to beat
feeling like we were all instantly
transported to Lawrence, Kansas,
when Mario hit that three-pointer.
People were hugging and crying
and jumping up and down just like
at any Lawrence bar packed with
KU fans,” Hilbert said.
So even if you aren’t watching
the game in Lawrence, you can
still feel like you are at the Upper
Alumni who find themselves
thousands of miles away, in Miami
can gather to watch games at one
watch site, located on South Beach,
called Quarterdeck.
Sean Maher, managing partner,
said he had seen Jayhawk fans in
his establishment and called them
a good group with a recognizable
Maher, an alumnus of the
University of Florida, said that
Jayhawk fans came out in their
school colors to Quarterdeck and
that they made a good showing.
“Loyal fans stay loyal after
they graduate,” Maher said. “I’m
from Gator Nation, so for KU I’m
assuming it’s similar.”
New york
New York is home to two KU
watch sites where bartenders wear
KU stickers and fly KU flags. David
Griffith, KU alumnus, goes to The
Backpage in the Upper East Side
of Manhattan. Walking into this
bar feels like walking into any of
the bars on Massachusetts Street,
he said.
“We have had a Jayhawk flag
hanging on the wall for a number
of years. Subsequent to this year’s
basketball season, the owner bought
a KU national champions banner
and has it hanging prominently
over the middle of the bar,” Griffith
Another KU watch site in the
city is the Village Pourhouse in
lower Manhattan. Carrie Coulson,
KU alumna, attends this bar for
every game. When Mario Chalmers
hit the magical three that sent the
championship game into overtime,
the Village Pourhouse went crazy.
Coulson said the best part about
watching the games there was
seeing familiar faces, which can be
hard in a city so big.
New York alumni also get
together for events outside of
games, such as an outing to the
Bronx Zoo and Jayhawks on
Broadway, where alumni go out
to eat and see a Broadway show
If you head south post-
graduation, you will find alumni
watching games at The McKinney
Avenue Tavern (or the MAT, to
regulars) in Dallas.
Laura Veazey, KU alumna, said
this bar was where many younger
alumni watched the games, but
that other watch sites in the city
are good for families. Veazey said
the MAT has been a watch site for
six years.
Veazey said that being a Jayhawk
meant a lot to her and that “it’s
a great feeling to see someone
in KU apparel, tell them ‘Rock
Chalk,’ and get a ‘Rock Chalk’
right back.”
Orlando, Fla.
Orlando is home to JB’s Sports
Bar, which is a KU watch site, as
well. Kirtus Bocox, 1996 graduate,
said that the turnout there was not
quite as large as at other KU watch
sites across the country, but that
the bar attracted several tourists
because of its location.
“I had just moved from Kansas
City and maybe my over-optimistic
enthusiasm about the crowd size
caused me to set up enough tables
decked out in crimson and blue to
be able to seat about 100 people,”
Bocox said. “When 15 people
showed up I was disappointed, but
at the same time it was great to hear
all of us cheering and screaming
for the Jayhawks. It might as well
have been 100 fans with the way we
were cheering.”
To Bocox, KU means more than
just great sports.
“Being a KU alumni to me
means feeling proud about where
I went to school, knowing the great
academic reputation it holds as
well as the great sports tradition
the school has as well,” he said.
So whether you end up on either
coast, move south or stay close
to Kansas, know that an place to
watch KU games is always within
— Edited by Justin Leverett
A Few KU Sports Watch Sites
David Jones grew up seeing how
hard life could be without a college
education. For much of his child-
hood, he lived alone with his moth-
er, Lisa Lewis, who never went to
college and always worked hard to
provide for her son.
“My mother made infinite
amounts of sacrifice to ensure that
I might have the option of attend-
ing college,” Jones said.
This spring, Jones, Kansas City,
Kan., senior, will pay her back as
the first person in his family to
graduate from college.
“When I graduated from high
school, I felt that
going on to pursue
a higher educa-
tion would be the
one way I could
provide a return
on her immense
investment,” Jones
“I didn’t have to
push him,” Lewis
said. “It was always
something that he wanted to do for
Lewis said that she knew that
Jones would be successful.
“David has a personality that
draws people to him,” Lewis said.
Jones applied to several schools
but chose the University because of
the large campus and proximity to
his home. Initially, he was pre-med
because of the potential to make a
lot of money in the medical field.
Like many students, he eventually
switched his major and found an
interest in political science.
“Pursuing a degree in political
science at KU has been a great expe-
rience,” Jones said. “It has allowed
me the opportunity to understand
where I stand politically and most
importantly the views of others —
in Lawrence you get both sides of
the rope.”
Looking back on his years at the
University, Jones said he sees him-
self as a changed man.
“Lawrence was my oasis for aca-
demic and personal growth,” Jones
This summer, Jones will go to Rio
de Janeiro, Brazil. He plans to work
there for a year in a volunteer group
called the Two Brothers Foundation,
co-founded by Paul Sneed, assistant
professor of Spanish and Portuguese.
The group provides an after-school
program for children in the com-
munity. After Brazil, Jones hopes to
attend Howard University of Law in
Washington, D.C. In a bigger city,
Jones said he will be able to fulfill his
passions for education
and public service.
With his mother’s
hard work as an exam-
ple and his educa-
tion at the University
almost behind him,
Jones has realized the
importance of the two
things that brought
him to where he is
“Education and work are the
levers to uplift a people,” Jones said.
“Work alone will not do it, unless
inspired by the right ideals, guided
by intelligence.”
In a world submerged in socio-
economic unbalances, Jones said
he views education as the guide to
his ideals.
“Education does not simply teach
work — it teaches life,” Jones said.
David Jones will graduate with
a profound message — no lon-
ger will the past dictate the future.
Regardless of a person’s back-
ground, anyone can give life to a
“I know that with a little hard
work and ambition, the sky is the
limit,” Jones said.
— Edited by Carly Halvorson
2009 graduation guide 16C thursday, may 7, 2009
a family first
Student starts a new tradition with college degree
“I know that with a
little hard work and
ambition, the sky is
the limit.”
Kansas City, Kan., senior
Senior would make family milestone
by becoming first university graduate
Caleb Sommerville/KANSAN
Graduating fromcollege is already a proud
moment for students and parents. But David
Jones’ graduation is even more special because
he is the frst person in his family to graduate
with a college degree. Jones, Kansas City,
Kan., senior, credits his mother’s dedication
for helping himgraduate and succeed. “When
I graduated fromhigh school, I felt that going
on to pursue a higher education would be
the one way I could provide a return on her
immense investment,”Jones said.
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