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Roger Gribbins

Language Arts Instructor

E-Mail: Phone: 031-751-3738 Address: Songpa PO Box 47, Seoul, Korea, 138-600

Recruiting with my wife Amber Hutton, Elementary Teacher

Teaching Credentials
California Clear Credential: Single Subject English, Grades 7-12

2009 2013 High School English Teacher, Seoul International School Seoul, Korea Developing a new school wide assessment policy with department heads, curriculum leaders, and administration that utilizes formative assessment to communicate student performance and areas for growth with students and parents through a standardized vocabulary on Power School Facilitated department wide goal of a vertically aligned Essay Feedback and Self-Reflection Form aimed at improving student meta-cognition throughout Secondary Language Arts

Head of English Department, 2011-2013 o

Advanced Placement Language and Composition Teacher o

4.34 Average Score on the 2012 AP Exam (College Board Released Scores)

Freshman Communications Teacher (Public Speaking and Collaborative Presentations) Technology: o o o o Collaborating with administration to promote successful implementation of 1:1 initiative Revised freshman Communications curriculum to incorporate digital citizenship and technology organizational skills for easier transition to 1:1 initiative Maintained Atlas Rubicon curriculum maps for all classes instructed Providing grammatical and stylistic feedback to students through the Grademark program on Using formative assessment to target students needs and differentiate instruction Creating summative assessments that target the expected learning outcomes and demonstrate an accurate benchmark of student achievement Utilizing Google docs as a form of digital conferencing during essay drafting for a more individualized and streamlined revision process Creating tutorial videos posted on class website to provide research and formatting assistance Incorporating the Diigo website into unit plans for transparency and individualized guidance during research projects High School English Teacher, San Benito High School Hollister, California

Assessment Policy: o o

Differentiation: o o o

2007 2009

Sophomore General Literature and Freshman Composition Instructor Managed an average classroom size of 40 students through cooperative learning groups and a highly structured and organized classroom

(EXPERIENCE CONT.) 2002-2007 Teacher/Program Coordinator, Natures Classroom Wakefield, Rhode Island

Instructed student groups in Ecological study and team building exercises that promoted the community based philosophy of the program Promoted to Program Coordinator: trained and supervised teaching staff, organized and facilitated weekly curriculum from 2004 - 2007

Graduated 2011 Masters in International Education (4.0 GPA)

Framingham State University - Framingham, MA via Seoul, Korea

Graduated 2002

Bachelor of Education and Social Sciences, Language Arts Concentration (3.7 GPA, HONORS: Deans List)

University of Vermont Burlington, VT

Extracurricular Involvement
Junior Class Advisor, 2012 2013 Kaleidoscope Literary Magazine Advisor, 2012 2013 Aperture Photography Club Advisor, 2011 2013 Grade 5 Flag Football Coach, 2009 2011 Grade 5 Basketball Coach, 2009 2011 Elementary Soccer Coach, 2009 2011

Professional Development
IB Training: MYP Category 1 Language A, Pat Watson 2012 The 21st Century Classroom, Kim Coffino 2012 Assessment in the Differentiated Classroom, Bill and Ochan Powell 2011 AP Training: AP Language and Composition, Dr. Vincent Lankewish 2011 Successful Teaching in the Differentiated Classroom, Carolyn Coil 2009 KORCOS Conference (Korea Council of Overseas Schools): Attended 2009-2012 o o Presented - Using QuickTime Player and iMovie to Create Flipped Videos, 2012 Presented - Writing College Letters of Recommendation, 2010

Peter Corcoran Head of School at Seoul Intl. School,, (82-031) 750-1200 Jarret Lambie High School Principal at Seoul Intl. School,, (82-031) 750-1200 Cindy Cordova Former Director of Educational Services at San Benito H.S, Currently Maze Middle School Principal,, (831) 636-4480 2