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An LP problem with a feasible region will have- D.

an optimal solution at some extreme point Models which are setup in an intuitively appealing, logical layout tend to be the most- Modifiable What does the Excel =SUMPRODUCT(A1:A5,C6;C10) command do?- Multiplies each pair of cells and sums each product. Scaling problems-can cause Solver to consider a linear problem as nonlinear, can cause problems in accuracy of solutions returned, and is caused by small numbers and large numbers used in the same problem. How many decision variables are there in a transportation problem which has 5 supply points and 4 demand points?- 20 Which of the following is the type of model used throughout this textbook?- Mathematical model The specification or description of the relationship between the dependent and independent variables is generally called- function Which of the following problem solving steps is often considered the most difficult?- Implement the solution. The ultimate goal of the problem identification step of the problem-solving process is- identifying the root problem or problems causing the mess Which of the following categories of modeling techniques includes simulation?- Descriptive models What are the three common elements of an optimization problem?- decisions, constraints, an objective Limited resources are modeled in optimization problems as- constraints The number of units to ship from Chicago to Memphis is an example of a (an)- decision A production optimization problem has 4 decision variables and resource b1 limits how many of the 4 products can be produced. Which of the following constraints reflects this fact?- f(X1, X2, X3, X4) < b1 The first step in formulating a linear programming problem is- Understand the problem A payoff matrix depicts ________ versus ________ with payoffs for each intersection cell.- decision alternatives, states of nature. Which decision rule pessimistically assumes that nature will always be "against us" regardless of what decision we make?- maximin decision rule A circular node in a decision tree is called a(n) node.- event The scores in a scoring model can be thought of as subjective assessments of- utility Which of the following correctly describes the focus of the Critical Path Method?- C. To determine when a project should be completed and to schedule when each activity in the project must begin in order to keep the project on schedule. There are various similarities between the CPM and PERT methods. Which of the following is not one of those similiarities?- Both techniques use the same method to calculate the time element of the activities in the project Which of the following is true regarding projects?- Everything in this list is true regarding projects. Slack represents the amount of time by which an activity can be delayed without delaying the entire project, assuming that- all predecessor activities start at their earliest start times A strength of Gantt charts is that they-provide a timeline-based, graphical view of when activities can begin and end.