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30 Watts Audio amplifier Circuit

A 30 watt audio amplifier circuit using TDA2040 is shown here. TDA2040 is a Class AB monolithic integrated audio amplifier available in Pentawatt package. The IC has low harmonic distortion, low cross over distortion and has a built in circuitry for short circuit protection. In the circuit two TDA2040 ICs are wired in BTL (Bridge Tied Load) configuration in order to deliver 30W output into an 8 ohm speaker at +/-16V DC supply. Capacitor C1 is the input DC decoupling capacitor. Network comprising of components R2, C4, R3 provides feedback for IC1 while R7, C6, R8 network provides feedback for IC2. Network C5, R5 and C9, R9 provides high frequency stability. Capacitors C2, C3 filters the positive supply rail while capacitors C7, C8 filters the negative supply rail.

30 Watts Audio amplifier circuit diagram.

Audio amplifier circuit diagram-30 Watts Notes.

A well designed and good quality PCB will always improve sound quality. Use +/-16V DC dual supply for powering the amplifier. Heat sinks are necessary for IC1 and IC2. Load can be an 8 ohm speaker. C2, C7 must be rated 25V and other electrolytics can be 10 or 15V.