Here is a list of some books that i have.... Abra Ebner - Feather.pdf Adele Ashworth - My Darling Caroline.

pdf Aimee Carter - The Goddess Test.pdf Page 8 Thanks to pherananda Alex Flinn - Beastly.pdf Alexandra Ivy - Darkness Unleashed.pdf Alison Croggon - Pellinor 1 - The Naming.pdf Alison Croggon - Pellinor 2 - The Riddle.pdf Alison Croggon - Pellinor 3-The Crow.pdf Ally Carter - Gallagher Girls 01 - I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You.pdf Page 9 Ally Carter - Gallagher Girls 02 - Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy.pdf Page 9 Ally Carter - Gallagher Girls 03 - Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover.pdf Page 9 Ally Condie - Matched.pdf Page 9 Alyson Noel - Everlasting.txt Amanda Hocking - My Blood Approves.pdf Amanda Quick - Dangerous.pdf Page 3 Amanda Quick - Ravished.PDF Page 3 Amanda Quick - Reckless.pdf Page 3 Amanda Quick - Scandal.pdf Page 3 Amanda Quick - Seduction.pdf Page 3 Amber Kizer Meridian.pdf Amy Plum - Die For Me.pdf Page 8 Thanks to shelby20125 Anne Bishop - Shalador's Lady.pdf Page 7 Anne Bishop - Shadow Queen Anne Gracie - Tallie's Knight.pdf Anne Gracie - The Perfect Rake.pdf Page 4 Anne Mallory - Seven Secrets of Seduction.pdf Page 11 Anne Osterlund - Academy 7.pdf Page 10 Anne Stuart - Devil's Waltz.pdf Anne Stuart - Hidden Honor.txt Anne Stuart - Lady Fortune.pdf Anne Stuart - Lord Of Danger.txt Anne Stuart - Reckless.pdf Page 10 Anne Stuart - Ruthless.pdf Page 10 Anne Stuart - The Wicked House of Rohan.azw Annie Burrows - The Earl's Untouched Bride.rar Annie Burrows - The Viscount and the Virgin (html).rar April Lindner - Jane.pdf Page 10 Beautiful Disaster - Jamie Becca Fitzpatrick - Hush,Hush.pdf

Hourglass.Steel.Night Play.Tiger's Curse.Spellbound.pdf Page 4 Candice Hern .pdf Canavan.Taming The Wolf.L Wilson .Fallen.pdf .The High Lord.Lawless.pdf Catherine Anderson .Bridal Favors.The Masquerade.Falling In Love Again.Crown of Crystal Flame.pdf Deborah Simmons .pdf Page 10 Cat Patrick .pdf Diana Palmer .Shrinking Violet.Sherbrooke Bride.epub Cross My Heart .Once a Dreamer.pdf Christina Dodd .Simply Love.Once a Gentleman.lit Catherine Fisher .pdf Christina Dodd .pdf C.pdf Dark Hunter .Katie Klein.Secrets Of The Heart.pdf Page 3 Chloe Neill .pdf Page 10 Cathy Maxwell .pdf Danielle Joseph .Annie's Song.Calhoun.Priceless.Rebecca.pdf Deborah Simmons .mobi Catherine Anderson .Black Magician Trilogy 3 .pdf Page 11 Daphne Du Maurier .pdf Candice Hern .Lord Ruin.The Novice.pdf Page 1 Diana Palmer .The Devil Earl.pdf Page 1 Diana Palmer.pdf Page 1 Diana Peterfreund . T .Ascendant.The Patient Nurse.pdf Page 1 Diana Palmer .pdf Deborah Simmons .pdf Connie Brockway . T -Black Magician Trilogy 2 .pdf Charlotte Featherstone .pdf Page 11 Bryan Davis .Clockwork Angel.pdf Carrie Vaughn .Airborne.The De Burgh Bride.pdf Page 4 Candice Hern-Change of Heart.pdf Catherine Coulter .mobi Cassandra Clare .The Last Mercenary.pdf Candace Camp .Hexbound.The Perfect Bride.pdf Page 1 Diana Palmer .pdf Constance Sharper .Incarceron 2 .epub Carolyn Jewel .htm Cara Lynn Shultz .pdf Colleen Houck .pdf Brenda Joyce .That Scandalous Evening.Dragons of Starlight.Beverly Barton-Gabriel Hawk's Lady.Sinful.Circle of Gold.pdf Claudia Gray .pdf Page 11 Celeste Bradley .Sapphique.pdf Canavan.Forgotten.pdf Brenda Joyce .

pdf Eileen Dreyer .pdf Page 1 Holly Black .My Immortal.txt Page 11 Gena Showalter .mobi Page 12 H.Stacey Wallace Benefiel.Chronicles Of The Warlands 02 Warsworn.To Seduce A Sinner.Frederica.The Quiet Gentleman.Wuthering Heights.Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex.Howl's Moving Castle.Enchanting Pleasures.Vampire Kisses .Chronicles Of The Warlands 03 Warlord.Chronicles Of The Warlands 01 Warprize.Abhorsen 1 .txt Elizabeth Boyle .pdf Page 1 Holly Black .pdf Page 12 Elizabeth Vaughan .Changeless.pdf Page 12 Elizabeth Vaughan .pdf Page 3 Georgette Heyer .Abhorsen.Dance With A Vampire.pdf Page 6 Garth Nix .A Civil Contract.Beyond Seduction.pdf Emily May .pdf Page 6 Gayle Callen .Houston We Have A Problem.pdf Page 4 Donna Fletcher .Sabriel.Diana Wynne Jones .Lirael.txt Holly Black .pdf Page 12 Ellen Schreiber .pdf Page 3 Gaelen Foley .A Modern Faerie Tale .pdf Georgette Heyer .mobi Erin McCarthy .pdf Page 6 Garth Nix .mobi Elizabeth Hoyt .pdf Page 11 Griffin's Shadow .A Modern Faerie Tale .pdf Page 1 Garth Nix .The Serpent Prince.A Modern Faerie Tale .Black listed.pdf Page 7 Erin McCarthy .pdf Page 7 G.Butterface.epub Elizaveth Vaughan .This Rake of Mine.Ironside.pdf Eloisa James .Aiken .Perfect You.pdf Page 11 Gail Carriger .Devil's Cub Page 3 Georgette Heyer .pdf Heather Cullman .Never A Gentleman.A Perfect Scoundrel.Something-Borrowed.pdf Elizabeth Scott .Demon Kissed.pdf Gail Carriger .Tithe.Devil Takes A Bride.pdf Elizabeth Scott .The Earl's Dilemma.azw Emily Giffin .The Lord Next Door.Soulless.Isle Of Lies.Ward .pdf Emily Bronte .Jennifer Echols.pdf Page 7 Forget You .doc Emma Holly .pdf Eoin Colfer .txt Elizabeth Hoyt .Leslie Ann Moore Page 6 Gwen Hayes .A.Leslie Ann Moore Page 6 Griffin's Destiny .What A Dragon Should Know.The Unwritten Rule.pdf Page 3 Georgette Heyer .M.pdf Glimpse .Valiant.pdf Page 1 .

mobi Page 9 Jayde Scott .The Accidental Bride.pdf Page 4 Jo Beverley .pdf Page 10 James Patterson .pdf Page 11 J.The Candidates.This Side of the Grave.txt JR Ward .Magic Bites.Job From Hell.Tall Tales and Wedding Veils.pdf Joanna Wylde .School's Out .A Kingdom Of Dreams.pdf Johanna Lindsey .An Arranged Marriage Page 4 Jo Leigh .Wishes.The Proposition.pdf Page 6 Johanna Lindsey .Persuasion.Endless Summer.pdf Jessica Verday .pdf Page 4 Jo Beverley .Golden Girl.Maximum Ride 04 .pdf Ilona Andrews .Angel.pdf Jeaniene Frost .txt Jenny Downham .pdf James Patterson .Ward.Forever.pdf Jacquie D'alessandro .pdf Jacquie D'Alessandro .pdf Jude Deveraux .Magic Burns.Ilona Andrews .pdf Jessica Sorensen .You Against Me.pdf Page 9 Joan Wolf .Starcrossed.pdf Jane Graves .pdf Jane Feather .Maximum Ride 05 .Kate Daniels 02 .The Least Likely Bride.Sleepless at Midnight.pdf Ilona Andrews .Kate Daniels 03 . Match.pdf Inara Scott .Lover Awakened.pdf James Patterson .pdf Judith Ivory .The Final Warning.The Cinderella Deal.pdf Jennifer Crusie .Glimmerglass.Price of Pleasure.lit Page 4 Jo Beverley .The Hidden.pdf Jane Austen .Mansfield Park.Untie My Heart.Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports.pdf Josephine Angelini .pdf .Maximum Ride 3 .pdf Judith Ivory .pdf Jane Austen .Doomed.Hazard Page 4 Jo beverley .Something Wicked.Max.pdf Jenna Black .The Bride Thief.Secret Fire.The Fallen Star.Maximum Ride 2 .Kate Daniels 01 .The Devil's Heiress.pdf James Patterson .The Angel Experiment.pdf James Patterson .pdf Page 7 Jennifer Echols .pdf Judith Mcnaught .Magic Strikes.Maximum Ride 1 .An Unwilling Bride.pdf Jude Deveraux Legend.R.Ms.pdf Jane Feather .Lover Jo Beverley .pdf Page 8 Jayde Scott .

pdf Page 8 Laura Kinsale .Meredith Gentry 02 .Meredith Gentry 06 . Hamilton .Vampirates 2 Tide of Terror.A Lick of Frost.Weatherly .Seduced By Moonlight.pdf Laura Lee Guhrke .Meredith Gentry 05 .Riley Jenson Guardian 1 .Angel.Vampirates 4 Black Heart.The Bride's Awakening.pdf Justin Somper .Flowers From The Storm. Hamilton .I Only Have Fangs For You.pdf Page 12 Laurell K.pdf Kate Hewitt .And Then He Kissed Her.Lost It.pdf L.The Iron Daughter. Hamilton .pdf Justin Somper .Willow.Vampirates 3 Blood Captain.Vampire Huntress .Wanting What You Get.txt Laurell K.pdf Karen Robards .txt Karen Marie Moning .My Only Love.The Shadow And The Star.pdf Kristen Tracy .pdf Justin Somper .Into Temptation.Banks .Meredith Gentry 03 .Perfect.Compromised.pdf Page 11 Kathy Love .txt Karen Hawkins .Judith McNaught .Meredith Gentry 04 .pdf Kelley Armstrong .pdf L. Hamilton .pdf Page 13 Laurell K.pdf Page 8 Laura Lee Guhrke .pdf Karen Robards .The Reckoning.pdf Page 12 Laurell K.Megan Meade's Guide To The McGowan Boys.pdf Page 12 Laurell K.Something Wonderful.pdf Page 3 Laura Lee Guhrke .The Bride's Awakening.rar Kate Noble .pdf Page 12 Laurell K.pdf Keri Arthur .The Viscount Who Loved Me Page 13 Thanks to Paige77 Julie Kawaga .A Caress Of Twilight.pdf Page 13 .pdf Page 9 Julia Quinn .The Abduction Of Julia.Vampirates 5 Empire of the Night.Minion.A.txt Judith McNaught .pdf Kody Keplinger .A Stroke of Midnight. Hamilton .txt Page 14 Katherine Sutcliffe .pdf Page 4 Julia Quinn .Guilty Pleasures.Shadowfever.txt Laura Kinsale .txt Kathryn Smith .pdf Justin Somper .pdf Julia Quinn .txt Page 6 Justin Somper .Irone Fey 02 .Dark Torment.Meredith Gentry 01 .An Offer From A Gentleman.Mistral's Kiss.For The First Time.Romancing Mr Bridgerton.A. Hamilton .mobi Kate Brian .Vampirates 1 Demons of the Ocean.pdf Katie McAlister .pdf KATE HEWITT .Nobody's Angel.The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend).pdf Page 11 Kathryn Smith .pdf Julia Hoban .A Kiss Of Shadows.Full Moon Rising.The Wicked Ways Of A Duke.pdf Kathy Love .A Girl's Guide To Vampires.

lit Page 12 Thanks to rinazone Lisa Kleypas .Guilty Pleasures.Scandal in Spring.pdf Lynsay Sands .Wondrous Strange 2 Darklight.pdf Page 3 Linda Howard .lit Page 12 Thanks to rinazone Lisa Kleypas .Laurell K.The Greek's Chosen Wife.txt Mandy Hubbard .Elizabeth's Wolf.The Fallen.lit Page 12 Thanks to rinazone Lora Leigh .Hummingbird.Annabelle's Courtship.pdf Lori Foster . Hamilton .pdf Lisa Kleypas .Wondrous Strange 1.Meredith Gentry 08 .pdf Lucy Monroe .pdf .Meredith Gentry 07 .Mackenzie's Mountain.pdf Page 4 Thanks to jnj0620 Lynn Kurland .Bride of Willow Creek.Shades Of Twilight.pdf Linda Howard .pdf Page 14 Maggie Osborne .Speak.Swallowing Darkness.pdf Laurie Halse Anderson .TXT Page 3 Lisa Cach .Too Much Temptation.txt Maggie Stiefvater .txt Lynne Graham .Prada and Prejudice.pdf Lisa Kelypas .This Is All I Ask.txt Maggie Osborne .Silver Lining.The Perfect Wife.Hamilton .Love in the Afternoon.Bittersweet Passion.pdf Page 13 Laurell K.pdf Lisa Kleypas .mobi Lesley Livingston .The Changeling Bride.Forever.pdf Mari Mancusi -03 Girls That Growl.Prince Of Dreams.pdf Page 13 Laurell K.pdf Lucy Monroe .A Wallflower Christmas.pdf Lynn Kurland .lit Page 12 Thanks to rinazone Lisa Kleypas .pdf Lauren Kate .Fallen Angels 3 .Married by Morning.Dark Heart Forever.Moon Craving.Music Of The Night.Anita Blake .Bond of Hatred.If I Had You.pdf Lori Foster .pdf Page 3 Linda Howard .pdf Lucy Monroe .Caught In The Act .Devil In Winter.It Happened One Autumn.pdf Lydia Joyce .pdf Mari Mancusi -02 Stake That.txt Lynne Graham .pdf Lisa Kleypas .Open Season.The Shy Bride.Secrets Of A Summer Night.pdf Lynne Graham .txt Lavyrle Spencer .pdf Lavyrle Spencer .pdf Page 10 Lee Monroe .pdf Lesley Livingston . Hamilton .Dreaming Of You.txt Lisa Kleypas .Morning Glory.Divine Misdemeanors.pdf Page 14 Lori Foster .pdf Page 12 Thanks to rinazone Lisa Kleypas .Treat Her Right.

Mari Mancusi -04 Bad Blood.pdf Page 3 Mary Balogh .pdf Mary Balogh .PDF Mary Balogh .pdf Mary Balogh .pdf Mary Balogh .A Waltz Among the Stars.Dark Angel 6 .Longing.Dark Angel.Silent Melody.Daring Masquarade.Lord Carew's Bride.pdf Page 7 .pdf Mary Balogh .Dark Angel 1 .No Man's Mistress.pdf Mary Balogh .One Night for Love.Bedwyn 5 .pdf Mary Balogh .More Than a Mistress.Simply Perfect.pdf Marjorie M Liu .pdf Mary Balogh .Georgian 1 .Slightly Wicked.Dark Angel 7 .The Famous Heroine.pdf Mary Balogh .pdf Mary Balogh .Bedwyn 7 .Frazer 2 .Mistress 1 .pdf Mary Balogh .Slightly Dangerous.Indiscreet.pdf Marjorie M Liu .Simply Love.pdf Mary Balogh .Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 3 .Beyond the Sunrise.No Room at the Inn.pdf Mary Balogh .Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1 .Dancing With Clara.pdf Mary Balogh .Irresistable.Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2 .Slightly Married.A Christmas Bride.pdf Mary Balogh .An Unacceptable Offer.The Plumed Bonnet.pdf Mary Balogh .pdf Mary Balogh .The Ideal Wife.Irresistable.Simply Magic.Simply Unforgettable.A Summer to Remember.pdf Mary Balogh .Red Rose.pdf Page 7 Mary Balogh .Bedwyn 3 .Slightly Scandalous.pdf Mary Balogh .Dark Angel 5 .pdf Mary Balogh .Christmas Belle.Lady with a Black Umbrella.pdf Page 7 Mary Balogh .pdf Marisa Chenery .pdf Mary Balogh .2 Darkness Calls.Slightly Sinful.Bedwyn 2 .A Precious Jewel.Bedwyn 1 .pdf Mary Balogh .Dark Angel 4 .Mistress 2 .pdf Page 3 Mary Balogh .Bedwyn 8 .Georgian 2 .pdf Mary Balogh .1 The Iron Hunt.Unforgiven.pdf Page 13 Mary Balogh .pdf Page 13 Mary Balogh .pdf Mary Balogh .pdf Mary Balogh .pdf Mary Balogh .pdf Mary Balogh .pdf Mary Balogh .pdf Mary Balogh .An Unlikely Duchess.Heartless.Lady Gallant.Bedwyn 4 .Dark Angel 2 .PDF Mary Balogh .The Black Cougar of Vernon Secondary.pdf Page 13 Mary Balogh .pdf Mary Balogh .Dark Angel 3 .A Masked Deception.pdf Mary Balogh .

Alpha and Omega.Taken Over.Wicked Lovely.pdf Mary Balogh .His Brother's Child.pdf Page 3 Rachel Caine .pdf Patricia Briggs .The Ideal Wife.pdf Night Star Alyson Noel.pdf Page 7 Melissa Marr . Mary Jo Putney.pdf Page 13 Thanks to Paige77 Patricia Briggs .Queen Of Babble Gets Hitched.A Counterfeit Betrothal.Goddess of the Rose.pdf Mary Balogh .Morganville Vampires 01 .pdf Mary Balogh .Living in Eden 01 .The Famous Heroine.pdf Mary Balogh .Tempting Harriet.pdf Mary Balogh .Glass Houses.Snow Angels.Burned.Abandon.pdf Page 7 Melissa Marr .Ungrateful Governess.pdf Mary Balogh .Waite 2 .pdf Patricia Briggs .Hunting ground.pdf P C Cast & Kristin Cast .pdf Mary Balogh .pdf Page 13 Mary Balogh .The Incurable Matchmaker.The Princess and the Hound.Truly.pdf Page 7 Melanie Rawn .Goddess Summoning 04 .pdf Page 13 Thanks to Paige77 Patricia C.pdf Mary Balogh .pdf Page 4 Melissa Marr .Mary Balogh .Radiant Shadows. Wrede .pdf Pamela Morsi .Dead Girls' Dance.Stronghold.pdf Penny Jordan . Melinda McRae.pdf Meg Cabot .txt Page 13 Thanks to Paige77 Patricia Briggs .pdf Nicholas Sparks .The Last Waltz.Queen Of Babble In The Big City. Maura Seger .To Wed A Wicked Earl.The Obedient Bride.Waite 3 .txt P C Cast .The Demon in Me.pdf Mary Balogh .Dragon Prince.Cry Wolf.The Trysting Place.pdf Page 13 Mary Balogh .pdf Mary Balogh.Morganville Vampires 02 .pdf Page 7 Meg Cabot 03 .pdf Mary Balogh .pdf Melanie Rawn .pdf Mary Balogh .pdf Page 1 Pat Ballard .pdf Page 10 Michelle Rowen . Anita Mills.Ink Exchange.Fragile Eternity.The Notorious Rake.House of Night 7 .pdf Page 3 .Silver Borne.pdf Page 7 Mette Ivie Harrison .pdf Rachel Caine .The Forbidden Daffodils.The Last Song.Courting Miss Hattie.Thief of Dreams.Mercy Thompson 05 .pdf Melissa Marr .The Secret Pearl.pdf Olivia Parker .A Matter of Magic.pdf Meg Cabot 02 .pdf Mary Balogh .The Temporary Wife.Rakes and Rogues.Waite 1 .pdf Page 13 Mary Balogh .

Sea Of Monsters.The Secret Swan.The Lover.pdf Rebecca York .Morganville Vampires 06 .Killing Moon.txt Sarah Dessen.pdf Page 14 SL Naeole .pdf Simone Elkeles .Trouble With Kings.pdf Page 11 .Percy Jackson and the Olympians 2 .pdf Rick Riordan .Rebecca Rogers.The Battle Of The Labyrinth.doc Page 10 Sherri King-Fetish.pdf Page 3 Rachel Caine .Goose Girl.txt Robin Schone .pdf Simone Elkeles .Reckless.pdf Page 11 Richelle Mead .pdf Sabrina Jeffries .See Jane Score.pdf Rachel Hawkins .Red Riding Hood.Carpe Corpus.The Titan's Curse.Falling From Grace.Rules of Attraction.pdf Silver Moon .Beautiful Stranger.pdf Page 3 Rachel Caine .Morganville Vampires 09 .Enna Burning.pdf Page 3 Rachel Caine .Kiss of Death.Leaving Paradise.pdf Page 4 Ruth Wind .pdf Page 3 Sarah Dessen .Fade Out.Chalice.pdf Rick Riordan .Percy Jackson and the Olympians 3 .pdf Robin McKinley .Ghost Town.pdf Sherry Thomas .pdf Ruth Ann Nordin .Black Halo.Return To Paradise.pdf Page 3 Robin McKinley .Lord of Misrule.Midnight Alley.Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5 .Spirit Bound.Along for the Ride.pdf Rick Riordan .Eye of the Beholder.Morganville Vampires 04 .Rachel Caine .Demonglass.pdf Sarah Blakeley-Cartwright .Percy Jackson and the Olympians 1 .rar Ruth Wind .Feast of Fools.The Blue Sword.pdf Page 3 Rachel Caine .mobi Page 12 Ruth Wind .In The Midnight Rain.Bite Club.txt Shannon Hale .Morganville Vampires 07 .pdf Page 1 Rachel Caine .txt Robin McKinley .The Last Olympian.pdf Page 3 Rachel Caine .Morganville Vampires 08 .pdf Page 1 Rachel Caine .Not Quite A Husband.html Shannon Hale .pdf Simone Elkeles .txt Sherwood Smith .pdf Page 12 Robin McKinley .Morganville Vampires 10 .txt Rhonda Nelson -The Loner.Rose Daughter.pdf Rick Riordan .The Lightning Thief.Beauty.Percy Jackson and the Olympians 4 .pdf Page 1 Rachel Gibson .pdf SL Naeole .A Notorious Love.Morganville Vampires 03 .Morganville Vampires 05 .Just Listen.pdf Rick Riordan .pdf Shana Abe .

pdf Susan Elizabeth Phillips .The Sword Thief (pdf).pdf Wendelin Van Draanen .Twilight 03 .Hereafter.pdf Page ------------------------ Books I HaveIf you want any of these contact me at aj79226@yahoo.Hunger Games 3 .Twilight.New Suzanne Robinson .pdf Susan Wiggs .pdf Stephenie Meyer .pdf Susan Mallery .pdf Page 7 The 39 Clues 03 .Halfway To Heaven.Make the subject scribd(Fantasy) (Author)Hunter Kiss: Marjorie M.pdf Stephenie Meyer .Beyond the Grave (pdf).comMake sure you email me or I won't know what you want.Flipped.Heather & Velvet.Eclipse.pdf Suzanne Enoch .The Charm School.pdf Page 5 Suzanne Collins .Lady Valiant.Stephenie Meyer .Jude Watson .pdf Stephenie Meyer .pdf Page 5 Susan Wiggs .Twilight 02 .Peter Lerangis .The Care and Taming of a Rogue.Tender Loving Care.pdf Stephenie Meyer .pdf The 39 Clues 04 .Mockingjay.The Host.pdf The Diary of Anne Frank.pdf Tara Hudson .pdf Teresa Medeiros .Twilight 04 . LiuTwice as Hot: Gena ShowalterThe Darkest Passion: Gena ShowalterThe Darkest Lie: Gena ShowalterThe Darkest Facts: Gena ShowalterThe Amazon Curse: Gena ShowalterWhen Darkness Comes: Alexandra IvyEmbrace The Darkness: .Breaking Dawn.Twilight 01 .Heaven Texas.

C. WardLover Avenged: J. C. Dark and Hungry: Lynsay SandsA Bite To Remember: Lynsay Sands Bite Me If You Can: Lynsay SandsAccidental Vampire: Lynsay SandsVampires Are Forever: Lynsay SandsVampire.Alexandra IvyDarkness Everlasting: Alexandra IvyDarkness Revealed: Alexandra IvyDarkness Unleashed: Alexandra IvyBeyond The Darkness: Alexandra IvyBeneath The Skin: Adrian PhoenixYou Slay Me: Katie MacAlisterFire Me Up: Katie MacAlisterPlaying With Fire: Katie MacAlisterDragon Heat: Allyson JamesHunting Ground: Patricia BriggsIron Kissed: Patricia BriggsSilver Borne: Patricia BriggsAt Grave's End: Jeaniene FrostFirst Drop Of Crimson: Jeaniene FrostDevil To Pay: Jeaniene FrostBlood Coven: Mari MancusiMark of the Demon: Diana RowlandThe Demon's Daughter: Emma HollyCatching Midnight: Emma HollyHunting Midnight: Emma HollyFrostbite: Richelle MeadCovet: J. WardStefan's Mark: Jaden SinclairCurse The Dawn: Karen ChanceThe Reckoning: Kelley ArmstrongThe Summoning: Kelley ArmstrongBitten: Kelley ArmstrongStolen: Kelley ArmstrongDime Store Magic: Kelley ArmstrongFull Moon Rising: Keri ArthurKissing Sin: Keri ArthurTemping Evil: Keri ArthurDangerous Games: Keri ArthurA Fistful Of Charms: Kim HarrisonLast Vampire Standing: Nancy HaddockMarked: P. CastBurned: P. R. R. C. R. WardLover Mine: J. CastA Quick Bite: Lynsay SandsLove Bites: Lynsay SandsSingle White Vampire: Lynsay SandsTall. CastBetrayed: P. Interrupted: Lynsay SandsThe Rogue Hunter: Lynsay SandsPack Challenge: Shelly LaurenstonDemon Captive: Stephanie SnowLucinda Darkly: SunnyLucinda Dangerously: SunnyMona Lisa Awakening: SunnyMona Lisa Three: SunnyMona Lisa Blossoming: SunnyMona Lisa Betwining: SunnyMona Lisa Craving: SunnyMona Lisa Darkening: SunnyRadiant Shadows: Melissa MarrStray: Rachel .

VincentRogue: Rachel VincentPride: Rachel VincentThe Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: Stephanie Meyer(Historical Romance)Duke of Sin: Adele AshworthDuke of Scandal: Adele AshworthThe Duke of Indiscretion: Adele AshworthAfter The Abduction: Sabrina JeffriesA Perfect Rake: Anna GracieA Perfect Stranger: Anna GracieA Perfect Waltz: Anna GracieA Perfect Kiss: Anne GracieThe Duke And I: Julia QuinnThe Viscount Who Loved Me: Julia QuinnAn Offer From A Gentleman: Julia QuinnRomancing Mr. Bridgerton: Julia QuinnThirty Six Valentines: Julia QuinnTo Sir Phillip. With Love: Julia QuinnLady Whistledown Strike Back: Julia QuinnWhen He Was Wicked: Julia QuinnIt's In His Kiss: Julia QuinnOn The Way To His Wedding: Julia QuinnA Tale Of Two Sisters: Julia QuinnGretna Greene: Julia QuinnCarnal Deceptions: Scottie BarrettThe Earl Claims His Wife: Cathy MaxwellThe Marriage Ring: Cathy MaxwellBedding The Heiress: Cathy MaxwellThe Lady Is Tempted: Cathy MaxwellThe Seduction Of An English Lady: Cathy MaxwellAdventures of Scottish Heiress: Cathy MaxwellVelvet Song: Jude DeverauxTo Desire A Devil: Elizabeth HoytMaster Of Desire: Kinley MacGregorClaiming The Highlander: Kinley MacGregorBorn In Sin: Kinley MacGregorTaming The Scotsman: Kinley MacGregorMidsummer's Knight: Kinley MacGregor A Dark Champion: Kinley MacGregorReturn Of The Warrior: Kinley MacgregorThe Warrior: Kinley MacGregorBeyond Innocence: Emma HollyBeyond Seduction: Emma HollyLuisa's Desire: Emma HollyThe Wedding: Julie GarwoodBride: Julie GarwoodThe Secret: Julie GarwoodRansom: Julie GarwoodHighland Lover: Hannah HowellWager Of Sin: Jess MichealsHow To Abduct a Highland Lord: Karen HawkinsConfessions Of A Scoundrel: Karen HawkinsMaster Of Surrender: Karin TabkeHow to Seduce a Duke: Kathryn CaskieWhen Seducing a Duke: Kathryn SmithTaming The Highland Bride: Lynsay SandsFirst Comes Marriage: Mary BaloghMore Than .

A Mistress: Mary BaloghSimple UnForgettable: Mary Balogh30 Nights with a Highland Husband: Melissa MayhueThe Passion: Nicole JordanTo Bed A Beauty: Nicole Jordan Ravished by a Highlander: Paula QuinnThe Naked Duke: Sally MacKenzieThe Naked Marquis: Sally MackenzieOnce Upon A Wedding: Sophie JordanOne Night With You: Sophie JordanSins of a Wicked Duke: Sophie JordanTemporary Mistress: Susan JohnsonMy Fair Mistress: Tracy Anne WarrenA Husband Trap: Tracy Anne Warren(Anthologies)Bitten By Cupid Inked Dates From Hell .