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POLITICAL LAW Books: Bernas Primer Nachurra Poli Law Reviewer Bernas/Nachura for PIL Handouts: Jack Jimenez Notes / Case digests Agra Handouts LABOR Books: Everyones Labor Code Alcantara Reviewer Handout: Manuel Reviewer (or attend Manuel Pre-Week) CIVIL LAW Books: Jurado Civ Law Review Persons by Sempio Diy Jottings by Balane (usually Oblicon) Land Titles by Aquino CODALS is absolutely essential! TAX Books: Vitug-Acosta or Mamalateo Co Untian Q&A or Sundiang Aquino Tax Bar Reviewer if it has a more recent edition of book Domondons Cut and Paste reviewer (if still have timeprobably pre-week reading) Note (main text): choose between Vitug-Acosta or Mamalateo. Note (supplement text): choose between Co Untian or Sundiang Aquino Note (supplement notes): your law school notes, to help out understand forgotten topics that cant be sufficiently explained by textbooks.

MERCANTILE LAW Books: Villanueva Commercial Law Review very thick, but very comprehensive. If you choose this, be sure to quick read only, because the next following books will be more concise and less stressful to use since its not thickdi nakakaLula) Perezs Insurance, Corp, NIL, and Transpo Sundiang-Aquino Commercial Bar Reviewer Catindig Reviewer on Commercial Laws Note (main text): Choose between Villanueva or Sundiang. Note (supplement text): Perez, Catindig, or Jack transcript and/or handouts for your supplement. Handouts: Jack transcripts (have this bound!) Jack handouts on cases CRIMINAL LAW Books: Gregorio Crim Law Review or Boado Crim Law Review Sandoval Pointers on Crim Law Handouts: Ortega Notes (I and II) REMEDIAL LAW Book: Regalado Volume I or Feria-Noche Regalado Volume II CODALS is absolutely essential! ETHICS / FORMS Book: Aguirre, Legal Ethics (buy early, this is not Rex or Central publication) Ethics the latest San Beda Memory Aid Reviewer is very good supplement CODALS is essential. Forms- Use the latest San Beda Memory Aid Reviewer

SUGGESTED BOOKS TO READ FOR THE BAR Political Law - Nachura Labor Law Alcantara Civil Law Albano and Jurado ( Succession ) Tax Law Bisquerra, Co-Untian and Dimaampao ( gray areas ) Commercial Law - Aquino Sundiang or Miravite Criminal Law - Sandoval and Arellano Memory Aid Remedial Law - Riano and Bautista Legal Ethics and Forms Vyvva Aguirre and Arellano Memory Aid