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Administrative Service Organization (ASO)

Administrative Service Organization

Complete and customized Payroll and HR services are provided by HR&P. The client maintains their sole employer status and utilizes their business tax IDs for federal, state and local purposes.
The client is responsible for procurement of workers compensation or occupational accident insurance.

Core Services
Calculation, preparation and distribution of payroll checks Provide direct deposit Reporting, withholding, and remitting payment of payroll taxes Process and distribute all W-2s and 1099s Web-based time submission system & record keeping Administer all wage garnishments and child support deductions Process certified payrolls Provide Workers Compensation claims Prepare Employer reports(Job costing, vacation, sick time and other requested reports) Single source billing (Administer all payments and payroll deductions) Provide consultation on employment practices Facilitate pre-employment screening Customized employee handbooks & applications Compliance assistance with Federal and State laws Provide employment verifications Federal/State required postings and reports Facilitate employee training and testing (Online & Onsite) Benefits Administration COBRA notifications and record keeping Safety & Risk Management Assistance Credit Union

Enhanced HR Services
1 Pre-Employment Screening
Web-based Computer Skills Testing Employee document management system available via the web (Including Microsoft Windows and Office Products) Drug Screening (DOT & Non-DOT) Personality Profiles Motor Vehicle Record Check County or Statewide Criminal Check (if available) Nation Scan Criminal Index Check Personal/Professional Reference Check Professional License Verification National Terrorist Check Education Verification Social Security Number Check Child or Elderly Abuse Registry Check Physical Examinations Workers Compensation Claim Check

Enhanced HR Services cont2 Training (Online & On-site)

Work Expectations Profile DiSC Personal Profile System Software Time Mastery Profile DiSC Indra Role Behavior Analysis Management Strategies Sales Strategies Customized Training Seminars

Enhanced HR Services cont3 Safety & OSHA Compliance

Customized Safety Manuals Customized Safety Videos In-Depth Safety Analysis Assistance in OSHA Compliance Loss Analysis Prevention Awareness Plans

About HR&P
Since opening our doors in 2000, HR&P has offered the highest quality human resource outsourcing and payroll services to a diverse pool of clients. By processing your payroll, managing your benefits and overseeing your human resource issues, HR&P makes your workforce flexible and able to meet your changing business demands.

HR&P understands outsourcing requires a great deal of trust in a provider. And this is especially true when it concerns the payroll and human resources departments of your business.
We take seriously the belief that we are only as good as your last service delivery, and we work hard to ensure things are done right the first time, every time. For small or mid-sized companies looking for intelligent solutions from a company you can count on, HR&P is your perfect service provider. We welcome the opportunity to prove how we can meet your needs better than the competition.

1. Administrative Service Organization (ASO) 2. Professional Employer Organization (PEO) 3. Payroll Services

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