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EL001 EL002 EL003 EL004 EL005 EL006 EL007 EL008 EL009 EL010 EL011 EL012 EL013 EL014 EL015 EL016 EL017 PLC Based Performance Analysis Of Range Sensors For A Real-Time Power Plant Coal Level Sensing System (IEEE 2010) Mine Water Level Fuzzy Control System Design Based On PLC (IEEE-Nov 2009) A Web-Based Remote Access Laboratory Using SCADA (IEEE-Feb 2009) PLC Based Fault Detection And Protection Of Induction Motors Using Sensors (IEEE-Sep 2008) Mine water level fuzzy control system design based on PLC (IEEE 2009) PLC based fault detection and production of induction motor by using sensors (IEEE 2008) PLC Based Industrial Timer Controller PLC based phase sequence indication and controlling system PLC Based Automatic Industrial Drainage Timer PLC Based Industrial Monitoring system PLC Based Temperature Controller PLC Based Traffic Density Control Using Sensor PLC Based Pressure Controller PLC Based Elevator Controller PLC Based Automatic Bottle Filling System PLC based multi-channel fire alarm system PLC based automatic guided vehicle

EL018 EL019 EL020 EL021 EL022 EL023 EL024 EL025 EL026 EL027 EL028 EL029 EL030 EL031 EL032 EL033 EL034 EL035 EL036 EL037 EL038 EL039 EL040 EL041 EL042

PLC Based Automatic Car Washing System PLC Based Pick And Place Robot PLC Based D.C Motor Speed Monitoring system PLC Based Filter Reactor In Sugar Factory PLC based automatic packing control machine PLC based multi-channel temperature monitoring and controlling system PLC based door open and closing system PLC based four axis welding robot PLC based traffic density controller using sensor PLC Based Energy Saving System PLC based double axis crane PLC based automatic dam shutter open/close system PLC based industrial timer controller for multiple machines PLC Based Automatic Car Parking System PLC Based Automatic Coffee Vending Machine PLC Based Online Inspection Machine Boiler Automation Using PLC PLC Based Plate Cutting Machine PLC Based Material Trolley Controller PLC Based Powder Coating Machine Controller PLC based industrial or home security system PLC based A.C motor controlling system PLC based automatic punching machine PLC based wireless energy meter PLC based automatic industrial or school or college time management system

EL043 EL044 EL045 EL046 EL047 EL048 EL049 EL050 EL051 EL052 EL053 EL054 EL055 EL056 EL057 EL058 EL059 EL060 EL061 EL062 EL063 EL064 EL065 EL066 EL067

PLC based irrigation controller for garden PLC based automatic traffic and street light controller PLC based injection Moulding machine controller PLC based home appliances controlling system PLC based automatic Multi-machine Lubrication System PLC based Finger print based voting machine PLC based automatic power factor controlling system PLC Based Automatic Track Guided vehicle (ATGV) PLC Based Automatic Vehicle Accident information system PLC Based Moving Message Display PLC Based Automatic Humidification system PLC based automatic visitor guided vehicle PLC based banking system PLC Based Incubator PLC Based voice controlled Machines PLC Based Railway track crack Detecting Vehicle PLC Based Unaided Guided Vehicle (UGV) PLC based automatic paint marking machine PLC Based multiple transformer fault detection and production system PLC Based Gas leakage detection and auto dialing PLC Based Railways Accident Avoiding System PLC Based Intelligent Braking System PLC Based Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) PLC Based Self centering Four-jaw Chuck PLC Based Automatic Water Level Indicator and Controlling System

EL068 EL069 EL070 EL071 EL072 EL073 EL074 EL075 EL076 EL077 EL078 EL079 EL080 EL081 EL082 EL083 EL084 EL085 EL086 EL087 EL088

PLC Based Digital Fuel Level Indicator Sensor Based Automatic steering control system for Automobile PLC Based Automatic Electro-Plating Coating System PLC Based automatic glucose flow rate controller PLC based mini-computer dictionary PLC Based mono rail system Coin box based water filling system PLC based wireless energy transmitter with power cutoff system PLC Based Fire Fighting AGV PLC Based Automatic medicine announcement system PLC Based Power Management System Automatic Vehicle Over Speed Indication and Controlling System PLC Based Automatic Traffic and Street Light Controlling System PLC based talking key pad for blind people PLC Based Phase sequence indicator and controlling System PLC Based Two Wheeler Automation with Security System PLC Based Automatic college bell with announcement System PLC based digital gear level indicator PLC Based Sensor Operated Path Finder Vehicle PLC Based Dam water level Indicator and Controlling System PLC based boiler pressure monitoring and controlling system